Liberator Engineer & Networker Connector, Thrive Factor Archetype Business Insights series part 5 – She Leads She Thrives Podcast Episode 59

Liberator Engineer & Networker Connector Thrive Factor Archetypes in Business | Shannon Dunn Business Coach Perth Australia
Liberator Engineer & Networker Connector Thrive Factor Archetypes in Business | Shannon Dunn Business Coach Perth Australia

The Thrive Factor Archetypes Business Insights series explores key business wisdom related to two of the 12 Thrive Factor Archetypes in each episode.


In this episode, part 5 of the series, we get to know the Liberator Engineer and the Networker Connector Thrive Factor Archetypes.


The Liberator Engineer is the freedom weaver. A capable, analytical individual, she has a gift for seeing and sensing the bigger picture and an ability to understand all the moving parts of something. She functions logically, is a thinker, and processes things both through her thoughts and how free she feels in relation to something. She has an instinct for sensing when ego is present and an ability to break it down, in herself and others. She comes across as competent, calm, and coordinated, and yet, the reality is she is a deep feeler with incredible depth of emotion. That emotion gives her the ability to be relatable and organised and she is a born leader. When she is not using her innate building mechanism, her inner engineer to create freedom and space for herself as a priority, the emotion can build and get to the point where it’s expressed in a bold way.


The Networker Connector is the social butterfly of the Thrive Factor Archetypes. With an almost unquenchable thirst for connection, she adores being with people. Even if she is naturally introverted, this part of her is the life of the party always. She has the ability to bring people together and loves to see what is possible when connections are made between those in her social and professional circles. Whilst an obvious connector of others and the person many turn to because “they’ll know someone”, she can actually be significantly disconnected from herself. She is wise to turn her love of connection inward and learn to fulfill her need for connection from within.


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In this episode:


06:42 Liberator Engineer (LE)

10:54 Mindset
12:08  Marketing
12:51 Money
13:24 Magnetism

13:58 Activation question for LEs
14:12 Profitable Wisdom Focus
15:14 Potential challenges for LEs
18:18 Strengths of the LE
20:39 Afformations for LEs
22:08 Archetypal Success Pathway of LEs
23:07 Do more of, do less of


23:41 Networker Connector (NC)

24:56 Mindset
25:24 Marketing
25:44 Money
26:16 Magnetism

26:33 Activation question for NCs
26:48 Profitable Wisdom Focus
27:32 Potential challenges for NCs
29:04 Strengths of the NC

30:04 Afformations for NCs
31:59 Archetypal Success Pathway of NCs
32:59 Do more of, do less of

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Shannon Dunn  01:05

Hey superstar, Welcome to a new episode. 59 and it’s our fifth in our Thrive Factor Archetypes Business Insights series. We’ve actually had a 10 episode gap between this and the previous episode in this series, mostly because of the busy series of episodes that we had for our first birthday earlier this month in October. 


Shannon Dunn  01:37

So if you haven’t tuned into previous episodes in the series, you can catch them when you tune into I think it’s episode 49, episode 42, 44, 47. Anyway, we’ll put all the links into the show notes so that you can make sure you can catch up with all of them. Being that this is the fifth episode, we’re focusing on two Archetypes each time, we have one more episode to share in the coming weeks to wrap up so that  I have covered and introduce you to all 12 Thrive Factor Archetypes through this lens of their business kind of influence. The episodes have been super popular, and I’m seeing that there are fresh downloads for each of them every week, which I absolutely love, and hope, hope I’m sure it’s the truth but that people are really tapping into this Archetype of wisdom that’s being shared. 


Shannon Dunn  02:29

Now, as I have shared previously, this series that focuses on sharing key insights and considerations for you as a business soul, so that you can expand, deepen your knowledge about the Archetypes in focus. Now if you’re a new listener to She Leads She Thrives, welcome. I’m Shannon Dunn, your host here and founder of the Thrive Factor Framework and it’s 12 unique Archetypes. Now the creation of them dates back to 2009. So they’ve been making an impact for quite a while now in the world. 


Shannon Dunn  02:55

I’m excited to focus on the Liberator Engineer and the Networker Connector today, but first let me share a few resources related to the Thrive Factor Archetypes and profiling. Now you can hear a high level intro to all of Archetypes in Episode 16 of the podcast. So that’s going back to around early January 2023. But episode 16 and again, we’ll link that up in the show notes. And this one is another one that gets lots of downloads,  makes sense to make as I mentioned every time we do one of these, and I often refer to it in just my general sharing about the Thrive Factor so people can go and listen and get that real high level introduction to all 12 Archetypes. 


Shannon Dunn  03:34

Now if you don’t yet know your Thrive Factor Archetypes there are a number of ways to connect with them. You could start with a free assessment. Again link will be in the show notes. This will confirm one of the possible three to six archetypes. As I’ve mentioned, there are 12 in the Thrive Factor Framework and your unique Thrive Factor or  profile as we often call it could have between three and six. I’ve got four for example. But you know, this free assessment will give you insight into one and it’s an ideal way to get started. But if you want 100% want confirmation of your Archetypes, there are three options to do that. There’s the Thrive Factor Insights, we can take the assessment receive a detailed personalized report, which is created by my team. These are not automatically generated in any way shape or form. We create them individually and uniquely for you. And also with that one, you can get insights into a couple of questions that you can ask. I’ll tap into your Archetypes to provide insights on your questions. And again link in the show notes. I’m going to say that a lot in this introduction. 


Shannon Dunn  04:33

There is also this Thrive Factor Experience which offers two options which include one on one sessions and coaching. The first is the Thrive Factor Experience itself. Again, access to the assessment your detailed personalized report, and a one on one coaching session to meet your Archetypes so you can understand your Thrive Factor in more detail. 


Shannon Dunn  04:51

And the second option is to Thrive Factor Experience Amplified this gives you access to three sessions. The first one is meet your Archetypes, the second one will explore your life or your career, your business through the lens of your Archetypes. And the third is to understand the nuances of the relationships between them. This is particularly focusing on points of harmony and potential disharmony. And you know what, I actually think that that final session is in many ways, the most valuable because when you understand what’s going on, in your personal psychology, it’s where you can truly meet yourself and both activate and amplify thriving on your terms. Because you’re now armed with valuable information about yourself that you can, you can’t unlearn this. And this is where the wisdom comes together and you can accelerate your potential to unlock and harness your effortless success zone. 


Shannon Dunn  05:38

Before we meet the Liberator Engineer, which is the first of our focus Archetypes for today. I do want to also add that this month, October 2023, you can still get access to each of the three paid Thrive Factor profiling options, as part of the podcast first birthday offers at 50% off like maybe once a year, I might do a kind of an offer like this, but it’s rare that I’ll have anything to do with profiling at this much of a savings. So again, we’ll make sure the link to the office pages in the show notes you can access the option best for you, and also the code to save that 50% But once we tick over into November 2023, these offers will no longer be available and everything goes back to full price. So if you’ve been intrigued at all of that, your Archetypes and getting to know your Thrive Factor, this is the time to do it. You don’t have to book the session straightaway. You have a little bit of time to do that. But you know, this is definitely the time to make the investment. 


Shannon Dunn  06:33

Okay. The Archetypes in focus for this episode are raring to be shared with you. As I said today’s focus archetypes are the Liberator Engineer and the Networker Connector.


Shannon Dunn  06:42

So let’s get into talking about each of these interesting Archetypes and discover why those with one are often mistaken or is believed that they have the other which I think is always fascinates me being that I have the one that is often thought about and you having the other so we’ll start with the Liberator Engineer. If you have the Liberator Engineer as part of your Thrive Factor, or maybe listening you might suspect you do. You are the freedom weaving solutionist. Your gift is 100% self liberation, which is all about living and thriving from your own definition of freedom. This is one of my fourth Thrive Factor Archetypes.  I so identified with the Liberator Engineer. In fact, it was no surprise to me that this one was in my profile at all like I remember defining the Archetype and oh my goodness, this is me, this is me, this is me, this is me. Well, I did get surprised by one of my four Archetypes which is again, it’s not an uncommon thing to have one Archetype in our profile that can be quite surprising to us. There was no doubt ever that I have the Liberator Engineer Archetype. 


Shannon Dunn  07:44

So key things to remember about the Liberator Engineer, she can be very systems focused, she’s an analytical thinker, and processor. So there’s a lot of thinking goes on with this Archetype. She builds – think about the word build in relation to engineer – she builds solutions. In fact, she builds anything and everything that can create freedom for herself and others. She can have intense emotions, even though she can appear intensely, incredibly calm and collected from the outside. Maybe saying intensely calm is kind of a bit of a contradiction there. But you know what, that’s what it looks like everything is kind of all put together for the Liberator Engineer on the outside. But if she’s not taking care of her freedom, she can, I refer to it as erupt. Think volcanic in nature, usually that is very much contained to her own kind of home environment, if it’s in front of other people at someone that she trusts and feels comfortable and safe with. And it’s usually happens in an uncontrollable way, she can erupt on an external level, but she can also so like an explosion, she can also implode. 


Shannon Dunn  08:51

And there’s an interesting kind of quirks around the Liberator Engineer and illness when she’s… but it all comes down to if you’re not taking care of your own freedom. She has a gift for being able to see parts of the whole one when I think about it in relation to sees the big picture of something and understand all of the moving parts. So she sees how things work together. If I think about one of my former kind of roles in corporate before being in my business, I was a project manager for a very long time. And if you know anything about project management, , being able to define a project plan with you know, all the fine detail of all the moving parts and everything that needs to happen in order for everything to come together. My Liberator Engineer was in heaven, doing all that kind of stuff and then kind of managing it all. She also has an ability to break things down and rebuild and it’s kind of a gift also, in some ways, a gift or not so much of a gift for breaking down technology. If you have the Shapeshifter Alchemist and Liberator Engineer archetypes, don’t be surprised if you have challenges with technology. A little bit of a breaking down thing. 


Shannon Dunn  10:01

The Liberator Engineer is also through that love of freedom and that determination for things to be and feel liberated, she’s a destroyer of ego, and can have some clashes with the more likely ego driven Archetypes at different times. And that’s something to be mindful of if you have those Archetypes within your own profile, because you can have some inner challenge going on there. And 100% she can over-engineer. She’s a bit of a tinkerer at times, loves to DIY stuff. So you need to be aware of that temptation to tinker with things just for the sake of it when you have the Liberator Engineer Archetype. 


Shannon Dunn  10:37

Okay, now, if you’ve listened to some of the other episodes in this series, you will know that we go through a pattern or I guess a process of sort of sharing certain information. And we will continue to do that for this one and the final part of this series. 


Shannon Dunn  10:54

So next, I want to share with you the summaries of the four M’s of momentum, mindset, marketing, money and magnetism for the Liberator Engineer. From a mindset perspective, freedom really does drive everything. And the less ego the better. This is an Archetype that is innately wise and she often focuses on her thoughts to create with and understand with intellect, but sharing her freedom, to create more is such an important thing of supporting her mindset. It’s as an Archetype that loves spaciousness, and openness. And I know say for example, my own personal experience of this Archetype, going and spending time at usually outdoors for me, in spaces that have like an uninterrupted view. So like I live near that coast, where I am in Perth in Western Australia, not far from you know, the beautiful beaches we have here. And going down and say listening to some training or doing some mindset work or journaling, or even just grabbing a cuppa, and sitting and looking at at the horizon of that uninterrupted sky and the uninterrupted ocean horizon, immediately can reset that sense of spaciousness from a mindset perspective that my Liberator Engineer craves. 


Shannon Dunn  12:08

From a marketing perspective for the Liberator Engineer, and natural problem solver and creator of systems and solutions that create efficiencies, productivity and freedom. So from a marketing perspective, show us how, so we can understand it’s possible to create freedom for ourselves, share how you take complex concepts and break them down into easier steps that others can take, you know, an achieve their own sense of freedom. It’s such an important thing I know many years ago, one of the I guess the kind of catch cries in my business was making business easier. I talked about or used the words effortless and easeful a lot this is very much my Liberator Engineer coming out in my marketing and what I stand for its values for me for sure. 


Shannon Dunn  12:51

Money so like mindset, money is linked to freedom. So for a Liberator Engineer, it’s about consciously using money to engineer ways to be free. And if whatever is calling you to invest does not feel free and easy. Then pay attention to those signs and be more considered when handing over any money. No matter whether that’s from a personal or business perspective. You’re very systematic, so you’ll love to record your money in all sorts of ways. So use that as well to map out things to keep track of your money, so that you’re able to see you know where it is and what it is and what’s going on to support your freedom.


Shannon Dunn  13:24

 From a magnetism perspective, showing freedom is possible, and how you build it for yourself and others, will effortlessly draw people to you. When you show how freedom is accessible to anyone who wants it, you’ll gain attention from those who resonate with your themes and want the same. And another thing I find with this Archetype from that magnetism perspective,  it’s not about showing exactly how I created my own freedom. It’s about showing people that there are ways to create freedom, based on their definition of freedom. That’s a really important thing to do, I guess, point out there. 


Shannon Dunn  13:58

Now the activation question for the Liberator Engineer, really great one to kind of get into her space, you know, where do I not feel free in my life in business? And what action can I take to change this? 


Shannon Dunn  14:12

The profitable wisdom focus. This is this is again, everything I’m going to share with you today about the Liberator Engineer comes down to freedom.  So the profitable wisdom focus. Freedom is like breathing for this Archetype. Like you have a gift for seeing that big picture of life and ability to understand all of its moving parts. And your ability to take people from lack of understanding or misunderstanding is such a treasure to others. So you want to lead the way lighting the path for others to become a leader, free of ego and all the traps that go along with that. Or just say maybe not free of ego but limiting ego or being aware of what could go on with that. You’re highly capable, quick to understand how things work and have an analytical mind that others often wish that they had. Use it to create opportunities for others to learn how to create their own freedom. 


Shannon Dunn  14:59

From a content an ideas perspective for the Liberator Engineer. Anything that aligned with your products and services where you can demonstrate your freedom and how you think or process to create or engineer freedom is going to make a significant impact in your business. 


Shannon Dunn  15:14

Potential challenge that could come up for the Liberator Engineer is that over-engineering, over-analyzing, getting stuck, getting that feeling of trapped, lack of space to feel free, bottling up intense emotions and not expressing them freely, adding complexity where it’s not needed, and any ego in relation to rapid ability to grasp things. Those kinds of things are challenges to be mindful of that could potentially arise for a Liberator Engineer.


Shannon Dunn  15:42

Common or key fears to be mindful of with this Archetype, that I will be trapped or I’m not free, or I’m not recognized for how capable I am. Any one or combination of those can often come up for a Liberator Engineer. I know for me personally, that whole feeling of being stuck in something and not feeling like I have any freedom to make a choice, to take action, which actually goes against my beliefs about choice and action. But you know, when a Liberator Engineer is kind of so either truly or perceptively walled in, she can really struggle to sense any kind of freedom at all. 


Shannon Dunn  16:18

So things to be generally mindful of for Liberator Engineers freedom first. The freedom first attitude can see her challenge with the complexity she’s created. But she really needs to be focused on that freedom as a priority and our foundation for everything. That overanalyzing and particularly when it comes to things like content, what to include,  the structure, the price, so much overthinking can go on for a Liberator Engineer. And that is the opposite of freedom. 


Shannon Dunn  16:18

So go back to what feels free about this content I’m creating, when it comes to what I’m going to include what feels really freeing and effortless, and spaciousness. From a price perspective, the same kind of things to consider- what feels really expansive and freeing around the price I want to add to this offer, this program or whatever it is that you are making available as part of your business. 


Shannon Dunn  17:07

Another thing to be mindful of for Liberator Engineers is changing for change sake,. This tinkering, over-engineering complexity creation that can happen when a Liberator Engineer does not feel free, can end up being changing or just making everything from continuous small changes to big changes. I see this happen with a lot of Liberator Engineers who DIY their content and their websites. It’s like everything is constantly being tweaked over and over and over again. Whereas you probably don’t need to be putting all that time and energy into that. Instead, what feels free about this, does it really need to be changed? Why am I keep going back and changing things, and really challenging yourself around that. And so, also, another thing to be mindful of is not fully backing yourself when your capability is in challenge. If you feel like you’re not grasping something, you’re not moving forward, it doesn’t feel free, then be mindful about that use and lean into your other Archetypes to support you to back yourself. 


Shannon Dunn  18:12

And really, you know, lean into the incredible strengths this Archetype has available to you. 


Shannon Dunn  18:18

The strengths to tap into regularly as a Liberator Engineer, your gift for creating ease and effortlessness and your belief in freedom. Your ability to find a multitude of solutions all the time. Intensity of emotion can connect you to the heart of things, which is incredibly important, then you know that you are really sharing from a space of your values. Use your definition of freedom to guide everything in your day. So if you don’t have one, explore that. That’s a really great place to start with this Archetype. Celebration of your freedoms and that you always have control over what you say yes to.  Share your freedoms with others who will be motivated to experience them too. 


Shannon Dunn  18:55

You want to document your processes, so it’s easier next time, rather than you know reinventing every time you do something. Spend time in nature to create expansive spaciousness I talked about that earlier. Stars, horizon gazing, sky, anything that really gives you that sense of openness. You want to structure to support your freedom. Whatever structures you put into your, your life in your your work. You want to make sure that they are all focused on what makes you feel free. Listen to your intuition about how you feel and what you want and act from that space with freedom as a key focus. Remember how capable you are   this is as an incredibly capable Archetype. 


Shannon Dunn  19:36

You want to rest to balance the intensity of emotion that you can feel. This can be such a busy doing Archetype, like the engineer is an action action action kind of space. So resting, finding that balance between the rest and the doing is also important. Your physical movement is a really great way to shift emotions in the body and also can get you out of your head which is something thats beneficial for every Liberator Engineer. You might want to keep a journal or a diary to express how you feel and externalize those frustrations. Frustration is a big thing for Liberator Engineers. So if you don’t feel free, or a Liberator Engineer doesn’t feel free and spacious, you will hear them talk about feeling frustrated, trapped, stuck, blocked,  key words to listen our for yourself and, and others if you are already recognizing perhaps those you know, that may have this Archetype. You want to use those analytical skills to systematically create a valuable solution for you and for others, and be the freedom weaver that you are. 


Shannon Dunn  20:39

Now, you may remember if you’ve listened to previous episodes in this series, that I share a number of afformations. These are not like affirmations, which are a statement of something you want to attain. Afformations are set as questions and really work with the way that our brain works from a neuroscience perspective to go seeking answers to our questions. 


Shannon Dunn  20:59

So for a Liberator Engineer, the ideal afformations to consider; 

  • What if my gift to the world so bear with me deeply and lovingly connecting to myself as a priority?
  • What if it’s safe for me to engineer freedom for myself? 
  • Imagine it’s safe for me to express my depth. 
  • What if being in my body was safe for me? 
  • Imagine if I was the epitome of spaciousness. 
  • What if my analytical gift was valued by others?
  •  Imagine if I had freedom available to me anytime I chose it. 
  • What if I could effortlessly build freedom for myself and others? 
  • Imagine I could easily let go of things I know frustrate me, made me feel trapped and controlled. 


  • What if there was no need to control anything.?


Shannon Dunn  21:43

So I love working with afformations they’re really great to, to kind of have a bit of a play with when it comes to things like your journaling prompts, reflections for if you’re going to do like a visualization or a meditation, or even just in conversation with yourself or others. Now I’ve also shared we’ve got a couple more pieces to share for the Liberator Engineer before we move on to the Networker Connector.


Shannon Dunn  22:08

 Firstly, the Archetypal success pathways and then the how to activate your effortless success zone; what to do less of and what to do more of. For Liberator Engineer, the archetypal success pathways, it’s about activating and amplifying, thriving when you embody your Thrive Factor success pathway of self liberation. Yeah, as a freedom-led soul, you filter everything through the lens of your definition of freedom, and analytical ways of discerning where to focus. You’re capable, you understand effectively the machinations of things. You see that big picture and know how the moving parts can create freedom for all liberating them from unnecessary complexities. When to activate self liberation daily for the desire to feel free and be the freedom weaver for others is something that can lead to creating limitations and barriers to personal freedom. Your Liberator Engineer truly thrives when she gives herself the spaciousness, deep emotional connection to freedom, on is just how capable she is and claims her role as a space creator and freedom weaver.


Shannon Dunn  23:07

Okay, activating your effortless success zone, do less of;  changing things for change sake, resisting investing in help thinking you can dry everything, do lists of building systems and things that trap you, less of exploding, less of controlling. You want to do more of building of freedom focused ways of being, doing and having  and just just more freedom the better I think you’ll pick that up from by now. Use your quick intellect to identify solutions and express your intensity, freely resting, having more breaks, that kind of thing. 


Shannon Dunn  23:41

Okay, moving on to the Networker Connector, the second Archetype for our focus today. She’s the introduction creator. She has a gift for connection and it’s generously valued by her community with the greatest value for Networker Connectors really coming with demonstrating the breadth and depth of that community. Key things to remember about this Archetype she’s a social butterfly, she does love people, she can adapt itself easily to new and different environments. She is confident in social settings often is considered an extrovert, even if the other parts or the other Archetypes within her Thrive Factor, and more naturally introverted. This part of her is an extrovert. 


Shannon Dunn  24:19

Creates partnerships and connections for others. Does well to focus on benefiting from her own network. Can struggle with self care and burn herself out with too  much people connection – there is such a thing as too much. For the rest of us that don’t have this Archetype well of course there a thing as too much people connection. For Networker Connector she can struggle to say that some sense that sometimes. She can benefit from time with herself. Although this is sometimes very uncomfortable for a Networker Connector to do is actually to build self connection and yet it’s essential that she does that because practicing self connection is a priority for greater mutual, genuine valuable connection with others. 


Shannon Dunn  24:56

So let’s talk about the 4 M’s of momentum for the Networker Connector. From a mindset perspective, connection is at the core of everything you do. And you are the master of introductions, you are energized by people. But it’s important that you do not forget to connect with yourself as well, as I mentioned just a moment ago, as an unconnected Networker Connector is not a happy individual, not a happy soul at all. She’s really out of place and out of alignment with who she is in the world. 


Shannon Dunn  25:24

From a marketing perspective, your network is 100% your greatest asset and it’s okay to benefit from it, as well as share it. So just connect in the way you feel compelled to, include yourself in the equation and you’ll be rewarded for your generosity. Want to share also how you create and nurture relationships, connecting people, for the good of all, it’s great content for your marketing as a Networker Connector. 


Shannon Dunn  25:44

From a money perspective, it’s all about connecting and staying connected to your network in whatever ways it needs to be for you. So really, it’s just about staying connected. And you’ll be able to then find it easy to make the money flow through your business. But also be clear on the cost of all that networking and social engagement as it can drain your energy and your funds. And being connected to your network is key to your money mindset also, but you know, when you’re not self connected, that’s something that’s ever going to have more impact on your money mindset. 


Shannon Dunn  26:16

From a magnetism perspective, being the social butterfly you are, again, your greatest magnetic gift. You want to get social but also balances time with you  to put the pieces of your own kind of puzzle together if you like to understand who you are and how you fit into the world – incredibly important. 


Shannon Dunn  26:33

Activation question for the Networker Connector, where am I not feeling connected? And how can I change that? Now you can look at that through the lens of your life and your business relationships, anything. That questions got a lot of different ways you can use it. 


Shannon Dunn  26:48

From a profitable wisdom focused perspective, your ability to bring a crowd of any size together and create a connected, appreciate experience is key. So in person as well as some online offerings are essential for you to consider. Community really is everything for a Networker Connector. You want to show others how to create community and how to leverage you know, by being connected with self and others. Themes of inclusivity honoring people as a gift, not a commodity, true connection are really valued. 


Shannon Dunn  27:16

Content ideas for a Networker Connector, and even is aligned with your products and your services where you can demonstrate your path to connection to self, and how you value and connect people all kinds to create community are really great things to focus on in your content. 


Shannon Dunn  27:32

Potential challenges. Socializing too much, literally doing too many events going out too much, or being all about others and disconnected from yourself, not valuing your personal network, not asking for help and guidance when needed. And you don’t do solo well. But it’s an important balance for all of your peopleing for sure to spend that time with yourself getting to know yourself. And a great way for Networker Connector to do that is to lean into their other Archetypes to assist if they’re struggling with their self connection. 


Shannon Dunn  28:02

Fear is commonly seen or show up for Networker Connectors. I’m only valued because of who I know not because of who I am. And I don’t know what I’ll find if I spend time with me, so I don’t. Yeah, there’s key key things to really explore there if you have these Archetypes. Also other things to be generally mindful of as as a Networker Connector, you can be so focused externally that you leave yourself out of the equation, including when it comes to money. Networker Connectors can really find it from a business perspective, a struggle to monetize the network and the introductions in the way that they connect people. So explore that. There’s a great opportunity for you there. Your disconnection with self can create disconnection with your self value. You can sometimes feel guilty monetizing your network and feel resentful though when the request for your network, you know, just keep coming through and you just keep being asked for stuff and you just keep giving it freely with no boundaries. There’s something to really be mindful of because it’s not really going to serve you that well in the long term. 


Shannon Dunn  29:04

But tapping into the strengths that you have daily is going to make an incredible difference in your life for sure. As we’ve said, you have an incredible ability to connect to start and end your days with self connection, whatever that looks like for you. Your charisma automatically draws people to you like they draws others in. So celebrate that. Let yourself be your magnetic self. You have no problem getting out or going out and being the life of the party, but celebrate your charisma, magnetism in a self connecting and self honoring way also. You want to dedicate if you can time to explore and understand who you are, who you are as an individual, and what that means to you. Consciously learn to celebrate alone time with the intention of deepening self connection. Learn things like grounding techniques, so that can support you to embody your personal power. It’s a huge gift making you know because you are such a role model to others, but if you are kind of floating all over the place and sort of so busy being connected to everybody else and not to yourself,  your people are going to feel that they’re going to sense that. 


Shannon Dunn  30:04

So afformations for the Networker Connector; 


Shannon Dunn  30:04

You are innately magnetic. So let your bubbly and energetic nature shine brightly. You want to really work on your trust and others deepen this trust because you do know how to activate it. Just sometimes if you have been, say, in an experience where that trust has been challenged by someone or people in your network, you may wonder whether you actually can trust others but you can. Support yourself with your relationship with that trust. Spend time alone during on your other Archetypes, as I’ve mentioned, to support you with this. That’s a really effortless way for you to build that self connection. And it’ll open you to create connection, creativity, expansion, and so much more. 

  • So what if my greatest value was my generosity instead of who I know? 
  • Imagine if I was the best me when I spend time alone. 
  • What if grounding by self connecting with a power move. Like self connection, you’ve probably picked that up? I’ve said it many times over now. 
  • Imagine of asking for and receiving help was mutually beneficial for all involved? 
  • What if I accepted help when it was offered and trusted the offer was genuine. 
  • Imagine if it was easier for me to receive reward from sharing my network. 
  • What if I could joyfully balance social time and being mice with myself? 
  • Imagine if I was never alone because I always have myself. 
  • What if I let myself be the magnetic soul that I am?
  • Imagine if I could celebrate being more self connected as I use my other Archetypes to support this  experience.
    What if my gift to the world started with me deeply and lovingly connecting to me as a priority? 


Such great things to work with afformations. I’m gonna always say that because I love them so much. 


Shannon Dunn  31:59

Archetypal success pathways for Networker Connector, you can activate and amplify thriving when you embody your Thrive Factor success pathway of self connection. That’s probably no surprise to you to be honest, as a soul with a gift for creating powerful connection between others. You filter everything through the lens of community. But until you’re truly able to be comfortable with your own self and create true self connection, your gifts will be limited. You can also be resistant to monetizing your networking connecting your gifts yet this is a key to your success as a business woman. You want to activate time with yourself regularly. So there’s opportunity to tune in to listen and benefit from your innate gifts that amplify you know when you’re alone, when you’re spending that time with yourself. Not when you’re out you know being in social butterfly mode. As a Networker Connector you truly thrive when you give yourself the time and space to truly connect to yourself. This makes the connections that you facilitate that much more valuable because you come from a place of self value.


Shannon Dunn  32:59

Now activating your effortless success zone. Do more;  of socializing to fill the gaps in your life, ignoring your intuition telling you to connect, giving to your network but not asking for what you want and need. 


Shannon Dunn  33:12

And do more of; practicing self grounding and connection daily, asking your network for what you want and need, and celebrating the powerhouse connector that you are. 


Shannon Dunn  33:21

So there we have it. That’s the Liberator Engineer and the Networker Connector. Now I did say I would talk about the link between the two of them. Now many Liberator Engineers when people particularly in a business setting meet them they automatically think that there are a Networker Connector. Liberator Engineers often will facilitate introductions just like a Networker Connector will. They both have a gift for kind of understanding how things work together. But when it comes to the what those things are, for  a Networker Connector the things in terms of what works together, it’s purely about people. How do the connections between people work. For the Networker Connector, that is the priority or the focus or the gifts that she has. 


Shannon Dunn  34:05

For the Liberator engineer, it’s not about people, it might be people, but it’s all things. It’s like that big picture and how all the moving parts work together. So that’s the key distinction in terms of that connection piece from those two Archetypes. Otherwise, hopefully from what I’ve shared with you today, you can see that there’s a lot of differences there. I know from a business perspective, and particularly when I am out networking, and you know, do introductions very freely because to me, it feels like a sense of freedom introducing people that I think will connect or could benefit from each other’s support and knowing each other is a Liberator Engineer. That’s just what I do. It’s about the kind of the freedom that’s possible there from that connection or that introduction. People assume that I’m a Networker Connector and I am definitely not not at all. 


Shannon Dunn  34:50

Okay, so that’s a wrap for today’s episode. Next week, we’ll move into Episode 60. I don’t think I have shared this yet, I did say it was coming. We’ve just passed our 50K downloads just after our first birthday earlier this month. So that’s another huge milestone to celebrate for She Leads She Thrives. And I know I always share how much excitement I have for each new guests that we have. And next week’s guest is no different at all, you’re going to get so much value out of the conversation that we created together, particularly if you’re if professionalism and ethical practice matters to you as an online business provider or online service provider. 


Shannon Dunn  35:24

So you want to turn on those notifications when you subscribe and get ready for a fresh episode overflowing with inspiration next week. But for today, you know, as always, superstar, so remember, you’re born to thrive and follow your dreams, your visions, your ambition, your desire to lead your life, your business with ease and spaciousness. You’re already a leader, a selfless soul making waves creating your path and legacy. And I know I believe this reality for you and for us all. And I will hold it while you lean into that for yourself. 


Shannon Dunn  35:51

So have their best week. Go out, celebrate you create a sense of freedom, have some fun, you know, maybe do some bit of networking lean into the Archetypes that we share today. Whether that you feel that you have them or not. Go and take that free assessment if you haven’t already. Go and check out the offers on the Thrive Factor profile experiences while they’re 50% off like through to the end of this month, then those offers will be gone. So it’s a great time to jump into those. But yeah, celebrate you all you are, all you’re creating,  all you’re sharing, keep shining and keep thriving and I will be back with you with a new episode very soon.

Thank you

Thanks for tuning into today’s episode. You are so valued and appreciated.


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