Inclusion Journey Statement


I acknowledge the Whadjuk people of the Noongar Nation as the custodians of the lands where Thrive Factor Co is based. My team and I wish to pay respect to the Whadjuk Elders of the past and present as we connect and learn. We also acknowledge the traditional owners of the lands on which our clients and community are based as consumers of our content, programs and coaching.

As a privileged white, educated and physically able cis woman, I recognise I have not always considered the barriers faced by Black, Indigenous and People of Colour, members of the LGBTQIA+ community and disabled people when it comes to access and opportunities.


I’m not sure when I first became aware of the inequity that exists for people of colour and marginalised groups the world over. I remember traveling through southern Africa in my 20s and witnessing so many examples of what I now know to be inequitable systems. I was shocked at the time and know something stayed with me that sat within, waiting to be explored and understood through lenses I didn’t yet have access to. Throughout my years traveling I met people from culturally diverse backgrounds and others living with disability in ways I’d never had the chance to connect and interact with growing up in Australia at a time when my experience was very white and able bodied. 


This time in my life is one I know was one where my eyes and heart were opened in new ways and my curiosity about people and the world significantly expanded. It would be some time before it became an increasing awareness that I had both unlearning and learning to do. 


I was unsure what to do with my observations of the inequities that existed and how those experiences made me feel. I wasn’t sure what to do with how people I met and got to know talked about the impacts on them. I wasn’t sure what to do with the things I observed in the media that I knew weren’t ok. I remained curious and began the process of educating myself about diversity, equity and inclusion. I have inquisitively and consciously chosen to expand my awareness by listening to more diverse voices through podcasts, books, masterclasses and programs in the last few years. 


I am aware I have privilege and this provides an opportunity I cannot ignore. I am committed to expanding my awareness of the impacts an inequitable world poses. I desire to be an inclusive leader and I am here to be a work in progress in this space.


I believe in a world where the voices and actions of all people are listened to, heard and valued. As an inclusive leader I am discovering what it means to be who I am as a white woman and what this means in relation to diversity, equality and inclusion. I want to positively contribute to supporting marginalised individuals and communities to be included in ways they have not been before. 


I believe every person has a birthright to thrive, irrelevant of their colour, gender, sexual preferences or how they identify. I am aware thriving is not a reality for all people. I believe that it is time to change this and make it a possibility and I know that a more inclusive world is one where more people will have the potential to thrive. I choose to positively contribute to making change by using my influence.


I am committed to leading a business and community that is welcoming of all individuals and groups. I am committed to proviiding a space to learn and grow that can support personal and business thriving.


I am committed to seeking out and supporting individuals and groups whose work is inclusive by actively learning from them. I choose to invest in their programs and teaching, and to donating to organisations who are consciously making a difference – the Indigenous Literary Foundation in Australia, the Building Brighter Futures organisation supporting the education of children in Cambodia, and the Kiva microfinance platform. I commit to continue learning with DEI specialists including Annie Gichuru of Uplifting Studios.


I commit to including DEI in the coaching programs and certifications I lead through Thrive Factor Coach School so that as a community all licensed Thrive Factor Coaches can expand their awareness, learning and support of others through the lens of DEI education.


I want to be part of a future that is at minimum, gender and racially equitable and where no gender, race, culture or identity is discriminated against. I commit to learning and expanding my awareness so I can lead with integrity. I know there will be times where I won’t get things right but being right is not the primary focus. Being intentional as a leader discovering what it means to be genuinely inclusive is more important than being right. I commit to doing better today and every day moving forward.


Shannon Dunn, CEO Thrive Factor Co

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