Your business is an expression of you, living your purpose & making an impact, profitably!


Hey superstar. I’m Shannon Dunn and my mission is to help ambitious, wise, enthusiastic, freedom loving women take their ingeniousness (their smarts, expertise and experience!) and package it into a thriving, profitable, meaningful business. You can do this without the hustle, self doubt or complexity you believe and are told is necessary to make money, an impact and create a life you truly adore and celebrate every day.

I'm not a regular business coach & that is both a superpower & accelerator when it comes to you thriving.

Coaching when you’re a business owner is about you and your business. The growth is an integration of personal and business expansion. Be clear about the kind of support you want and need. Chat to coaches you resonate with. Understand their experience and expertise. Check in with people who have worked with them.


If you want to know you’re going to get a genuinely transformational experience – one that allows you to meet your obstacles and overwhelm with grace and intelligence – and expand beyond your real and perceived limits to new levels of success and money, then I’d love to be your cheerleader.


I see you with your big dreams, wild ambition, desires for a magnificent thriving life and business and I’m here to work in collaboration with you so thriving becomes your new, reliable reality.


A small group of my incredible client community started calling me Biz Yoda a few years ago. My heart overflows with joy every time I hear someone call me their Biz Yoda and invites me to step into my inner Wisdom Woman, tapping into my 16+ years of business and leadership coaching, teaching and transforming businesses and the women leading them.

You’re here to do incredible things Ingenious Woman. You are here to become ‘she who thrives’


I am blessed to have listened to hundreds and hundreds of stories about the things you want to achieve. I feel intensely grateful to have had the opportunity to coach, teach and cheer business women from every walk of life and corner of the globe.

As a coach, a consultant, a health professional, a woman working with other women, you are here for something significant.

I know that in every part of my soul as I hear you, see you and cheer you.


You want to do that with the best support you can find. You want to learn from someone who gets what it’s like to feel stuck and frustrated but who has persisted with tenacity and refuses to settle for anything other than her bold visions for herself and others becoming a reality.


You’ve found me!

  • I am a coach who will meet you where you are at
  • I see your magnificence and shine the light for you to see it also
  • I hold space for you to rise to and expand into your innate potential
  • I support you with all the things; mindset, marketing, money and your magnetism so you confidently claim your space and lead a thriving business for years to come.

Contributing to creating a more diverse, equitable and inclusive world for all matters to us.


A core value underpinning everything we stand for at Thrive Factor Co is related to providing opportunities for underrepresented individuals and groups. While the way we honour this value is evolving all the time, one way we have supported this value is to regularly donate to inclusive organisations focused on the advancement of individuals and groups where there is inequity from a financial and education perspective.


Considerable time was invested to ensure the organisations we donate to are truly making a difference on the ground where it matters, not just from afar. We are proud to donate to the following organisations.


Read my Inclusion Journey Statement here

Reading Opens Doors – that is, doors to future opportunities and choices.


The Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF) organisations purpose is to invest in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander remote communities to provide the tools and resources they request to shape the direction of their children’s literacy future.


ILF supports remote Communities across Australia. Find out more about their valuable impact here.

Supporting the education and wellbeing of primary school aged children in the Siem Reap area in Cambodia is the core mission and vision of this organisation.


I got to see their work first hand whilst in Siem Reap after completing a charity bike ride to raise funds for Plan Australia’s Because I am a Girl education initiative.


Thrive Factor Co have consistently sponsored 3 students each year since 2013. Find out more about Building Brighter Futures Foundation here.

“We envision a financially inclusive world where all people hold the power to improve their lives.

More than 1.7 billion people around the world are unbanked and can’t access the financial services they need. Kiva is an international nonprofit, founded in 2005, with a mission to expand financial access to help underserved communities thrive.” Kiva


Thrive Factor Co first began supporting Kiva microloans in 2008 with that initial loan reinvested hundreds of times.

We recently added another two loans to support business women. Exciting to see where they get reinvested when the loans are paid back. Find out more about Kiva here.

Michelle Daw Testimonial Business Coaching Shannon Dunn

“As a new start up, my experience in business was limited and it was scary. I wasn’t sure if I was on the right track or how to use my knowledge and passion to create a business that would meet the needs of the community (as I intended).


Given this, I wanted to connect with a business coach who would listen to me, challenge me, support me and most importantly help me realise my business dreams. I had experienced some business coaching, but was feeling disheartened.


Then I met Shannon!


She helped me shift my concept of needing to “sell” based on pain points and discomfort to a place of compassion and nurturing. This aligned with me and my business and allowed me to present my services to people without guilt and frustration.


Shannon continues to give her time with generosity and passion. She buys in to me and my business. She has helped me realise my priorities, while still challenging me to consider my own need for self-care and compassion and that I don’t have to be a 24/7 business owner to be successful.


She has helped me identify and develop boundaries personally and professionally, so that when I need to be “switched on” to my business, I have the energy to do that. I work in mental health and the emotional and mental fatigue can be exhausting and can reduce my capacity in my business, so understanding my own need for self care has been critical in the success of my business and Shannon has supported me with this.


Learning and understanding my 4 Thrive Factor Archetypes (Liberator Engineer (I love her), Advocate Rescuer, Mentor Teacher and Inspirer Believer) has provided me so much insight into who I am and what I need… it is truly empowering!


With Shannon in my corner, I recognise and embrace my learning, my business and my “very lofty” goals!”


Michelle Daw | CEO, Brave Heart Wellbeing |

Kerryn Slater Testimonial Business Coaching Shannon Dunn

“I was drawn to your intelligence, wisdom and totally inspired by what you had created for yourself in business and with the Thrive Factor Framework® and its Archetypes when I was looking to work with a business coach.


I have found there are so many points of difference compared to my experience working with other coaches in the past. The Thrive Factor Archetypes and how you relate to me from that perspective has provided the most profound shifts for me personally and in business.


Your genuine desire to see me succeed and the support you provide motivates me and the fact you walk your talk on all levels and in all areas.


I love telling other women in business looking for a coach about you. I say how amazing you are to work with, how I appreciate your ability to see the potential and where it can lead and how effortlessly you provide the tools and support to achieve it.


Thank you Shannon your support and guidance has given me the courage and the tools to step out in the world in a completely different way.


I would still be dreaming of creating a program if I hadn’t started working with you and now it’s a reality and that’s just one of the things that I have in my business because of our time together.


A huge added bonus for me was training with you in 2020 and becoming a Thrive Factor Coach® because it has provided me with a framework that further supports me in empowering women to love, value and believe in themselves.


It is a way for them to discover more of who they are, what their strengths are and how to show up in their lives in an empowered way. It’s such a unique point of difference I can offer as a coach. Thank you Biz Yoda.”


Kerryn Slater | Holistic Essentials |

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