Hey superstar!

I am so happy to welcome you to the Thrive Factor Co community.


It is an honour to have you visit this space. I hope you love what you discover.


Having been coaching in the business and leaderships space since early 2006 I am as enthusiastic as ever about supporting you, as a business owner and impact driven, ambitious, ingenious soul, to totally thrive.


I really am here #wavingpompoms for your success and look forward to cheering (aka coaching at Thrive Factor Co HQ) you sometime very soon because, why go it alone when you can leverage my business brain and Yoda style wisdom (the intersection of my lived and learned experience and intuition!).

Shannon Dunn | Thrive Factor Co | Business Coaching for women | Thrive Factor Archetypes

Discover all the latest masterclasses, programs, offers, ways to work with and connect with me when you click the button above. There is an abundance of options because I love variety and I have a lot to share. Reach out and connect with me on my fav socials – Instagram is my first place to share anything!! – and join my email community to get updates and wisdom infusions from me when I have something to share.

I know you’re so ready for more. More time, more income, more rewards for your effort, more profit, more freedom, more of anything else you want to add to the list!


There are lots of ways to get support at Thrive Factor Co HQ. I used to be the kind of business coach who had a single focus of 1:1 coaching and a signature program I hosted a couple of times a year.


That was fabulous. Until it wasn’t.


After some significant personal shifts and changes that created much needed space I realised, with the help of  my coach at the time, that things continuing the way they had done wasn’t working for me.


I am a highly creative individual. A nerdy collector of knowledge. I make fast decisions and act on them even faster. It’s not unheard of for me to have an idea early in the day and have it launched by the same afternoon. I share this to reinforce that you finding and following the right path for you is one of the most important influences on your current and future success.


You don’t need to do things my way.  Your uniqueness is one of the secret sauce ingredients to your effortless success. Let’s tap into exactly who you are, what you truly want to do, be, have and become and co-create a solution to bring your desires to life. In a thriving and profitable way.

“I can’t believe I even questioned having a business coach and fortunately for me I chose a fab one!


Shannon has helped me in so many ways and because I started working with her I am able to launch my Health Coaching business so much earlier than originally anticipated and already have clients I’m so excited to work with.


Systems have been put in place, website is up and running and online bookings can be made and I have a growing library of professional, on brand resources to share with my clients and community. But more than that, I feel confident in my own wisdom and have belief in my strengths and my knowledge.


I recently launched a new signature program and had the most incredible experience. From concept to welcoming 15 ideal clients to spend 3 months with me, there was effortless at every step. I know this is because I have invested in my learning, taken action to implement all I have learned from Shannon and trust her guidance and belief in me.


As a bonus, learning my Thrive Factor Archetypes and how to leverage my innate strengths has been the most incredible experience. And I love being able to access all of her amazing programs as I get them as part of our coaching.


Shannon is my cheerleader and my wisdom woman!”


Lou Carbone | Health & Hormone Coach @  The Peppermint Tree


Totally Thriving Business 1:1 coaching with Shannon Dunn | Perth Australia | Coaching for women

Want the private coaching experience where the focus is solely on you?

Then 1:1 coaching is the solution you have been looking for.


Totally Thriving Business includes

  • 2 x monthly virtual sessions (possible in person option available if you are in Perth, Australia
  • access to all Thrive Factor Co programs while we work together
  • an abundance of resources to support you and your business
  • plus a Thrive Factor Experience so you can meet your Thrive Factor Archetypes ($480 USD value)
  • Oh and you’ll also be able to connect with me with any questions and challenges between sessions via your private messenger channel on Voxer, my fav voice and message app. You’ll love it!


Your 6 commitment starts from $10,000 pay in full, or $1800 per month.


Or go all in with 12 months of Totally Thriving Business. $18,000 pay in full, or $1600 per month.

Tap Into Thriving Business 1:1 Voxer coaching with Shannon Dunn | Perth Australia | Coaching for women

If you’re not one for coaching calls but you do value having someone in your corner on “tap” then this is for you.


Tap Into Thriving is a message only solution. We connect on the Voxer messenger app and you have unlimited M-F access to ask me anything and get coached through whatever you’re working on or want to shift.


Voxer chats (written and voice!) are the ideal solution when you want to keep me in your back pocket to use when those questions hit you and you’re like ‘I wish I could ask Shannon!’


Now, you can. 

Tap in for 1 month, or back yourself and invest for 3 months at an incredible price.


I can help you with whatever you’re working on. We work through your challenges and frustrations as they arise!


Then you take action and as needed can ask follow up questions on the same thing or something new! Ideal if you want an expert to call on multiple times, instead of trying to save everything for your 1:1 sessions.


  • 1 month investment starts from $580
  • 3 months of Tap Into Thriving starts from $1580 pay in full, or $540 a month for 3 months


Includes access to the Thrive Factor Insights experience including the profiling assessment to discover your Archetypes (valued at $280 USD) and a personalised report.

Ingenious Woman Mastermind - Thriving Business group coaching with Shannon Dunn | Perth Australia | Coaching for women

Sometimes being a part of a group experience is exactly what you’re seeking. The benefit of a group is being able to leverage the varied experiences and expertise of the group, as well as your coach.

I know from personal experience that the right group experience is the ultimate in expanded learning, connection, opportunity and growth.


You feel genuinely part of a supported collective and get to grow your business with a whole sisterhood of cheerleaders.


You can join the mastermind anytime a space becomes available. Unlike a lot of masterminds you’ll find these days, this is limited to a maximum of 8 ambitious ingenious souls.


Includes 2 group calls and a group Voxer channel for support and cheering between calls.

All calls are recorded for your handy reference any time you want to tune in to immerse yourself in an abundance of wisdom.


An ingenious woman is one who knows she has a lot to offer, takes action and wants to create profitable income streams to leverage her ingeniousness.


Monthly audio training provided based on the key needs of the group at the time to add personlisation. Something I love.


Includes access to the Thrive Factor Insights experience including the profiling assessment to discover your Archetypes (valued at $280USD) and a personalised report.


Your investment is $3500 USD pay in full for 8 months, or $480 USD per month for 8 months.


Option to book 1:1 calls at the VIP Mastermind rate any time you want to tap in for a bit of you time.

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