I was born to be an entrepreneur & help women in business thrive, profitably.


I am a third generation small business owner (from both my Mother and Father’s side) and spent my childhood observing the various machinations of family business.


It’s given me a unique perspective and empathy for small business and particularly the entrepreneurial women of the world.


Thrive Factor Co serves as a platform to teach, coach, and develop businesses globally. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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I believe in the innate potential of all people & I believe every woman’s birthright is to know what it is to thrive.


From early on I voraciously collected and consumed knowledge. That excitement for learning hasn’t diminished at any point in my life. Curiosity around ‘how’ and ‘why’ have always been prime motivators for me and I continue on a committed quest for understanding.


I am a Business Coach, but at the same time so much more. I am focused on providing cutting edge, innovative coaching and business development and start with meeting you where you are at. Through teaching new skills, helping business owners identify challenges, showing the overwhelmed how to gain clarity and the unsure to find confidence, I afford my clients tangible insight into their own mindset around money, marketing, effortlessness, and thriving being 100% YOU.


When you realise your power & learn to express it, thriving is inevitable.


I know you are at your best as a business leader when you have balance as a person– which includes spending plenty of quality time with the people you adore and doing the things you love – learning something new, reading in the sun, dancing with your children.


I practice what I teach and lead by example, which is something you can only achieve by having a strong, secure, considered mindset and a solid plan for your business. I know you more than you realise.


By embodying the strengths and wisdom of my Thrive Factor Archetypes of Visionary Creator, Mentor Teacher, Inspirer Believer and Liberator Engineer, I have honed my innate gifts of


  • insight, clarity of vision, strategic thinking and action
  • wisdom and guiding transformation to connect you with your ingeniousness – your inner Wisdom woman
  • enthusiastic cheer leading and bringing your potential to the surface so you can bring it to life and
  • creating smart, engaging solutions that create freedom in every area of life and business.


These are just the start of what I bring to our experience. There is so much more. Personal leadership, energetics, strategy and action are my favourite focuses along with the 4 M’s of Momentum; Mindset, Marketing, Money and Magnetism. Oh, and the Thrive Factor Framework® and her 12 gorgeous, unique and powerful Archetypes.

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I know you’re right on the precipice – ready to thrive – but not sure if working with a business coach is the right choice.


Forget the coach label for a minute and consider this:


  • I’m a teacher, trainer, speaker, award winning business woman and Amazon best selling author a few times over, a consultant, artist, therapist, writer, and mindset liberator. I’ve over 25 years experience and expertise in the fields of the arts, health, psychology and business. I approach your business frustrations with an ability to see the big picture while meeting you at the exact place you’re stuck and collaboratively working with you to turn those frustrations into clarity, action and results
  • I’ll guide you to do what you do better – in a creative way, allowing you more time to live life and lead business on your terms
  • I’ll utilise my twin tools of the Effortless Success Framework – a business and life planning tool focusing on self, business, wealth and growth – alongside my Personal Leadership game changer, the Thrive Factor Framework®. We will discover your innate strengths and you’ll learn how to use them with confidence and purpose
  • I’ll meet you with genuine curiosity and I innately have a desire to understand. I’ll support you to understand how to leverage your time and your expertise so you can do less and achieve more in both your business and life.

Trina Sunday Testimonial Business Coaching Shannon Dunn

“When I first met Shannon I had gone for coffee and came away having booked a Thrive Factor Profiling Experience. I was there for the cake but came away with a coach.


She had me hooked with her genuine commitment to “meet people where they’re at”. Shannon was exactly what I needed having spent the 6 months prior feeling like I wasn’t achieving business growth because I couldn’t nail specific sales and marketing formulas.


Approaches that didn’t feel right for me but at the time I didn’t know why.


I found my Thrive Factor Profile and my 5 Archetypes so incredibly powerful in understanding myself better; and in turn, how to leverage my strengths to accelerate my business growth.


I was forearmed about the parts of my personality that might get in my way and through being a part of Shannon’s Ingenious Business Woman mastermind coaching experience I have got a better understanding of myself as a business woman, and I have strategies, tools and techniques to better manage myself and my business.


What I love about having Shannon as my coach is the space that she creates that allows me to be vulnerable (I’m not good at that) and to dive into things I don’t understand.


She has been in business herself for a long time and is a proper coach (actually qualified in coaching and business), who invests significantly in her own growth and learning.


She has extensive and proven knowledge, wisdom, connections and learnings that she has shared generously over our 6 months working together. The ultimate cheerleader, she is genuinely 100% behind everything I do and that plays out both privately and publicly. I have never felt so supported in my business.


Because of my Ingenious Woman Mastermind group coaching experience I feel like I have a team despite being a sole trader. I have a core group of women who are invested in my business success and that has been a game changer for Reimagine HR.”


Trina Sunday | CEO, reimagineHR | www.reimaginehr.com.au

The profesh bio!

Shannon Dunn has a singular purpose – to bring effortless success to business and life. But how she delivers her unique method of coaching is diverse, inventive, and consistently refined in line with each individual client she serves.


Combining over 25 years of coaching, mentoring, educating, and consulting along with a childhood spent in keen observation of family business machinations gives her a unique perspective and empathy for small business owners. At the core, her own small business, Thrive Factor Co (formerly Creative Possibility), provides innovative business coaching and strategy to her clients to learn new skills, identify challenges, gain clarity, and confidently create success. She’s a big picture business liberator with the specific gift of honing in on the small details – the best mix. Her clients love her wisdom and savvy and often call her Business Yoda! 


With her ground-breaking conception of the Thrive Factor Framework®, a personal leadership profiling framework, she affords the women she works with a tangible insight into their own mindset around money, marketing, self-promotion, and standing out from the crowd – a attribute Shannon calls magnetism. She’s all about you discovering your innate potential, embodying and celebrating your strengths and using them to create more effortlessness and ease as you lead your business. The result is you, leading your business from your effortless success zone. Sounds intriguing, right? It totally is.


When she’s not changing the very dynamic of struggling and up levelling businesses, Shannon can often be found practising a different kind of balance – on a standup paddleboard on the water, being a stand out Aunt to her nieces and nephew, painting up a storm filling a fresh canvas with colour, dreaming of her next travel adventure or sipping on a good chai. She totally loves chai! 



Is a genuinely unique experience.




Because infusing the Thrive Factor Framework®, coaching methodologies and your unique combination of Thrive Factor Archetypes – designed exclusively for women – is about tapping you into the psychology of you.


  • No more wondering or guessing who you are
  • No more feeling puzzled why certain things happened and you respond in a particular way
  • Releasing of the thought that something is wrong, missing or needs fixing in order for you to experience the success you desire
  • Reliable, fast track access to your effortless success zone
  • Learning to define your own success pathways so you do business your way, 100% of the time, if you choose
  • Expanded efficiency, motivating focus, energy and creativity when you let go of all you’ve been told you have to, must and should do and choose what you actually want to do – this is learning to do business your way
  • Confiden decision making, more effortless sales, fun every day in business, without the unhealthy hustle so many business coaches and programs glorify – at Thrive Factor Co we are into making business easier, which also makes life easier
  • More celebration as you understand what it means to be a self led soul, embodying your personal leadership style


Private coaching opportunities start from $2200 AUD per month investment. This is for high level support  plus access to ALL the programs I teach live in the month for no added investment.


Mastermind group coaching opportunities available in the annual Profitable Wisdom mastermind, beginning in January each year, along with an extensive range of live and self paced business expansion education programs.


Book a call to talk through the options available if you are serious about your success and thriving.

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