The Thrive Factor, Archetype profiling and coaching for women in business.

The Thrive Factor Framework ®  is an archetypal experience changing the way women interact with themselves and the world.

For business, it provides a magnetic, captivating edge you can have so much fun leveraging!

Your clients will adore you as you step into who you were born to be, a woman thriving, living her Thrive Factor, effortlessly of course.

Superstar, you deserve to totally thrive!


The Thrive Factor gives all women the kind of personal insights needed to

  • activate permission so you can be, do, have and become more of what matters most to you
  • unlock effortlessness so you can move forward with greater ease and less frustration
  • grow confidence so you can show up in your business and kick your goals while also having oodles of fun
  • embrace core strengths so you know where to put your time and energy to get results
  • understand potential challenges so they no longer hold you back and instead help you build unwavering trust in yourself and an added resilience you can rely on and be inspired by

All this leads to an experience of magnetism and when you’re in that space it is easier to know and express your innate potential.


The outcome? A state I talk of regularly.

You totally thrive.


The Thrive Factor Framework ® consists of 12 unique Archetypes, each with her own expression relating to Mindset, Marketing, Money and Magnetism; the 4 M’s of Momentum. You could have anywhere between 3 and 5 Archetypes, maybe 6!


Each Archetype has been explored and defined in a process spanning more than a decade by The Thrive Factor creator – yep that is me. Unlike many archetype and ‘personality’ frameworks, systems, solutions or assessments you’d find with a quick search online, the Thrive Factor Framework ® was created with grounded ancient psychology principles front of mind.


Based on the feedback of women all over the world it has been proven to be one of the most profoundly accurate ways for women to understand and honour themselves.


The most frequent word used in profiling experience debriefs where myself or a Licensed Thrive Factor Profiler introduces you to your archetypes?

So cool.

It is so time to celebrate how phenomenal you are!

Another of the unique benefits of the Thrive Factor Framework® is that is has been designed for women only!

Graduates of the Self Leadership Coaching Certification, using the Thrive Factor Framework®, offered by Thrive Factor School, have all shared that the female centric nature of the Thrive Factor Framework® was something that excited them immensely. Think of this as the icing on the metaphorical cake. It was a big YES factor when deciding to enroll to learn the art of Thrive Factor profiling and coaching.

They knew from their own experiences the difference knowing their Thrive Factor Archetypes had made to their businesses. Now, for the first time, they had a way to work with clients that actually spoke directly to her need and want to understand herself in a reliable and tangible way. Super powerful.

In your Thrive Factor Experience you will learn how each of your Archetypes relates to each other and how you can effortlessly access your innate potential by embodying each Archetypes strengths and understanding the impact of her potential challenges.

“Looking at what I want to accomplish in my business through the lens of my Thrive Factor Archetypes has made decision making easier for me. It’s helped me to understand how to speak to my community, of course, but it’s also helped me feel even more confident that I’m moving in the right direction. On top of all that, I’ve used it to help understand who I’m working with and to magnetise my clients. A valuable tool I highly recommend because it’s the best profiling experience for women I have ever encountered”


Stasha Washburn, The Period Coach, Founder of Period Coach School, Author of The Revolution Will Be Bloody

“I had the opportunity to dive into a Thrive Factor Experience with Shannon at a business symposium in Tuscany. I thought I had it all sussed out, I knew which Archetypes I was going to be……. boy did I get it wrong!! Shannon blew my mind!
There was a moment of…”no no, you have that wrong”, but that quickly unraveled with Shannon’s incredible knowledge, experience and what this profiling is actually all about.
In that single session, Shannon changed the way I see myself, not just as a businesswoman, but as a woman. I felt like I had full permission to actually be me, and do things my way. And that was ok, it would still be successful. I can not recommend this work enough, it truly is a game-changer. I also have the privilege of being in the Thrive Factor book, because, well you know, when you are a Queen Ruler and a cheeky Pioneer Seeker everyone wants a piece!”


Amy Towle, Temple of She

“Understanding my Thrive Factor Archetypes (Liberator Engineer here!) helped me see why I needed to let go of complicated systems and embrace simplicity in my marketing.
I was also able to leverage my other archetype, Queen Ruler which I was resisting because of its negative stereotype. Once I could see how I could lean into my Queen, I was able to step up as a better leader without turning my followers into a clique.
I am so glad that I did this with Shannon and got a better insight into what makes me, me!”

Swapna Thomas, Content Queen, Revolutionary Leadership and Business Coach


If you are looking for a genuinely unique business coaching experience that places you and your potential to thrive at it’s very core then you’re in the right place. Read more here or get in touch with Shannon and the Thrive Factor Co team.

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