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The Quest for New Inspiration Podcast w KT Gates | Shannon Dunn Business Coach Perth
The Quest for Inspiration Podcast | Shannon Dunn Thrive Factor Archetypes | Business Coach Perth Australia

I had a lot of fun recently connecting with KT Gates, host of the Quest for New Inspiration podcast.


I didn’t realise it when we connected and KT invited me to join her as a guest but she is a huge fan of She Leads She Thrives and the Thrive Factor Framework® and Archetypes and admitted it is the only consistent business podcast she listens to!  We had a fabulous conversation that’s now live and available for you to tune into. .


Here’s the show notes from the episode, followed by links to tune in.


“In this episode, join us for a deep and insightful conversation with Shannon Dunn, the CEO of Thrive Factor Co. With over 18 years of experience in business and self-leadership coaching, Shannon has guided incredible women worldwide to make a meaningful impact on their terms.


Shannon introduces the concept of the “Thrive Factor,” a framework of 12 unique self-leadership archetypes that empowers women to unlock their effortless success zone. Learn to take the Thrive Factor assessment, discover your archetypes, and harness your innate wisdom.


Discover Shannon’s journey from being a registered nurse to a thriving entrepreneur, and find inspiration in her approach to helping women realize their full potential. Shannon shares her insights on the importance of wisdom, celebration, and the role of intuition in making decisions that align with your true path.


Explore Shannon’s books, “The Thrive Factor” and “Bragudacious,” and delve into the wisdom she imparts through her podcast, “She Leads, She Thrives.” This episode is a must-listen if you’re seeking guidance, inspiration, and the key to self-leadership.


Join us in unlocking your wisdom and thriving with Shannon Dunn, a woman dedicated to helping others become their best selves.


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