Author Shannon Dunn is an  international award winning writer and business woman.

With a profound belief that it is every woman’s (and person’s!) birthright to thrive, I love to capture my creations, thoughts and experiences in written form.


I always believed I’d be an author. Becoming an author was something I always knew was in my path. I turned many of my school projects at primary school into books. If the teacher brief didn’t say how the work had to be displayed I was going to make a book to share my young wisdom.


Shannon Dunn The Thrive Factor author | Business coach for women Perth Australia

As a true Mentor Teacher I focused on ensuring the content was the best I could convey.


As a true Liberator Engineer I focused on a construction that was as book like as I could make it with the tools I had available (glue sticks, stapler, tape, needle and thread all got a look in).


As a true Visionary Creator I focused on the design and illustration to showcase my work.


As a true Inspirer Believer I focused on my creation being inviting and interesting and threw myself enthusiastically into every aspect.


I self published my first book in 2013. It was the first introduction to the 12 Thrive Factor Archetypes. Called Personal Leadership Style it was a first experience in the world of authorship and I loved it.


My next self publishing foray was exactly 3 years ago when The Thrive Factor; Unlock your effortless success zone, came to life in Jan 2019! So much fun with that lil lady who’s made a big impact in the world.


I’ve also been a contributor to about 4-5 collaboration books over the years.


Now in January 2022 my newest installment, Bragaudacious; the art of bold self celebration. became a reality. I didn’t imagine it’d be a 3 year gap between these 2 recent books. I always underestimate the love and creative effort I put into each one.


Being an author and knowing my words are being read in book form by people all over the world is still a spin out. A huge thing to celebrate and that’s exactly what I do. Regularly.

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