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Thriving is a birthright every woman deserves to experience. When you know what it means to thrive, on your terms, you activate a ripple effect that impacts you and the world around you.


Drawing on multiple decades of gathering lived and learned experience and layering that with innate wisdom, as host of the She Leads She Thrives podcast, I’m here to share thriving from every perspective.


From solo episodes sharing the kind of insights and inspiration my clients adore, to conversations with world class and up and coming guests, and with two previous podcasts, I know how to draw the best out of others.


As a business and leadership coach and mentor, host of transformational programs and retreats, and also leading the Thrive Factor Coach® certification via Thrive Factor School, a certification for women who desire to activate thriving in others, globally, I’ve got a lot to say and She Leads She Thrives is where you’ll hear all the goodness.


I’ve been coaching women in business and leadership in my own business since around 2006 and go from strength to strength focusing on core principles and beliefs that


💡 your wisdom – the intersection of your lived and learned experience and intuition – is an untapped asset filled with potential for profit
💡 hustle has its place in a well defined strategy but unhealthy hustle will undo you and your business, draining your energy and distracting you from your ingenuousness
💡 leading a business is a fabulous way to activate thriving for you, for those you love, for the community you are in, for the world
💡when you back yourself from a place of compassion, curiousity, trust, belief, and creativity anything is possible
💡investing in support and mentorship is a fast track to amplified effortlessness and it’s so much better doing business in community
💡there is no one way to create success – you do you!
💡there’s a rebel in every woman and unleashing yours takes you to a place of unbothered inner, embodied peace


Tuning into the She Leads She Thrives podcast promises you inspired conversations, practical and creative wisdom, foundational business insights, abundance Bragaudacious moments of celebration, and useful info you can actually do something with to amplify your business success.

She Leads She Thrives Podcast Statistics

She Leads She Thrives Milestones

This podcast has been so fun to track in her first year+ and it felt important to provide some context in terms of achievement.

For reference, according to a number of sites referenced as homes of online podcast expertise, we have discovered the following. January 2023 podcast success measures according to Buzzsprout, one of the biggest podcast hosts in the world, based on downloads per episode within the first seven days

  • Top 1% of Podcasts > 3994
  • Top 5% of Podcasts > 795
  • Top 10% of Podcasts > 335
  • Top 25% of Podcasts > 93
  • Top 50% of Podcasts > 30

She Leads She Thrives episodes consistently achieve between 800 and 1000+ downloads in the first 7 days after an episode goes live, so this technically places us in the top 5% of podcasts globally. More detailed  milestones are included below if you are interested.

Celebrating that in the first few days after launch on 6th October 2022

  • 688 unique downloads
  • listened to in 9 countries
  • countries with most downloads are USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada
  • ranked #16 in entrepreneurship in Apple Podcasts in Australia and #45 in business on the same charts!

Week 2 celebrations

  • total of 1800+ unique downloads
  • listened to in 11 countries
  • ranked #7 in entrepreneurship in Apple Podcasts in New Zealand and still ranking in top 20 in same category in Australia

Week 3 celebrations

  • 2800+ unique  downloads
  • first guest episode with Stasha Washburn live and in 1 week, achieves 800+ downloads in 7 days!

3 month celebrations

  • guest episodes are achieving between 800 and 1000 unique downloads – that is a lot of new ears our guest episodes are getting heard by! solo episodes are in the same league
  • top 5 countries based on downloads remain as USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and France
  • listened to in 16 countries
  • 8 guest episodes, 9 solo episodes
  • guests represent 11 different countries when you consider where they are from and where they are based, supporting our vision to create a global conversation and ensure inclusive representation
  • at our 13th episode, we have crossed the 9000 downloads milestone, in under 11 weeks since launch
  • at our 3 month since launch, on 6th January 2023, we achieved 11,621 downloads
  • on 9th January we crossed 12,000 downloads – for context, the podcast experts say most podcasts achieve about 150-200 downloads in the first 7 days for an episode, and on average less than 15,000 in a 12 month period
  • charted on Apple Podcasts in Australia at #40 in entrepreneurship

4 month celebrations

  • on 6th February 2023 our combined downloads for 20 episodes was 16,636!
  • 10 episodes with 900+ downloads, 1 episode with 1000+ and 1 with 1100+ downloads in total
  • listeners are in 23 countries, with top countries remaining as USA, Australia, Canada and NZ
6 month celebrations
  • 25,000+ unique downloads
  • 30 episodes published
  • 25 episodes with 800+ downloads, 16 episodes with 900+ downloads, 4 episodes with 1000+ downloads, 2 episodes with 1200+ downloads
  • listeners in 23 countries, with top countries being USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and United Kingdom
  • top 10 episodes featured 3 solo episodes, 7 guests, and represented women from 10 different countries taking into account their country of origin and current location – truly meeting our global voice representation vision
  • top 10 episodes total 10,096 downloads
8 month celebrations
  • 34,000+ unique downloads
  • 37 episodes published
  • 31 episodes with 800+ downloads, 23 episodes with 900+ downloads, 9 episodes with 1000+ downloads, 3 episodes with 1200+ downloads
  • listeners in 25 countries, with top countries continuing to be USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and United Kingdom
  • top 10 episodes total 11,526 downloads
12 month celebrations @ 6th Oct 2023
  • 49,000+ unique downloads
  • 55 episodes published
  • 28 guests shared incredible conversations
  • 15 individual countries represented by guests when you take into account where they are from and where they currently live, creating a truly global conversation
  • 42 episodes with 800+ downloads, 30 episodes with 900+ downloads, 13 episodes with 1000+ downloads, 5 episodes with 1200+ downloads
  • listeners in 35 countries, with top 10 countries – USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Finland, Singapore and Denmark
  • top 10 episodes total 13,094 downloads as of 6th October 2023, exactly one year since launch

13 month celebrations @ 6th Nov 2023

  • 55,000+ unique downloads
  • 60 episodes published
  • 46 episodes with 800+ downloads, 34 episodes with 900+ downloads, 20 episodes with 1000+ downloads, 8 episodes with 1200+ downloads
  • listeners in 36 countries
  • top 10 episodes total 15,000+ downloads

2023 vision

  • our goal by the end of 2023 is to have exceeded a total of 70K downloads
  • publish a minimum weekly episode

2024 Vision

  • total of 150K downloads by end of year 2 in October
  • continue episode frequency
  • paid sponsors
  • podcast awards

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