Navigating Self Evolution & Becoming Redefined – She Leads She Thrives Podcast Episode 40

She Leads She Thrives Podcast | Business coaching | Shannon Dunn | Redefined
She Leads She Thrives Podcast | Business coaching | Shannon Dunn | Redefined

Something fresh this week inspired by my recent masterclass, Redefined. In this current era of recognising the constant evolution we all find ourselves in I wanted to showcase the best of this masterclass experience.


On the daily, I see more and more coaches and OSPs talking about their awakening to change, their personal evolution, and what they are doing to navigate the redefining process.


I believe that to be redefined is to become more of who you are destined to be, by intentionally influencing your personal evolution. In this episode, we explore it all and recognise the incredible influences impacting our experience and how to claim back our personal influence.


It is time to reconnect, realign, rediscover, redefine, and refocus on exactly who you are and what you are here to do and share in the world.


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Episode Transcript


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I’m Shannon Dunn, a true OG of the business coaching space, with an obsession with thriving. You are so welcome here. Let’s dive into today’s episode.

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Shannon Dunn  00:03

So a huge welcome everybody. Here we are at episode 40. Another milestone achieved as we get close to our nine months since we launched our first episode of She Leads She Thrives back in October 2022. I hope you’re having an amazing week, whenever you’re listening to this. Welcome, I’ve got another really cool solo episode share with you. 


Shannon Dunn  00:26

So I’ve got a couple of questions to get us started though. Have you ever found yourself in a space in business or life where you were questioning what was happening? And goodness, I know I have. Have you found yourself experiencing all kinds of things that felt like puzzling or unexpected, or even where there was a lot of uncertainty again, I have definitely been there. And it’s, I feel to be expected that you’d also question in an attempt to create understanding. That my friends is a regular human response to finding yourself in an unfamiliar space or in an experience that you may have navigated before and thought you’re done with and yet here you are back there again.


Shannon Dunn  01:08

 So just last week, I hosted a free masterclass my community to share my thoughts and wisdom on the topic of redefining and being redefined. I have found it something many in the online service provider space are referring to. And I’ve seen and heard increasing reference to business owners, I should say reflecting on where they’re at how they lead their businesses and how they want to show up in a service kind of a space in different refreshed, redefined ways. 


Shannon Dunn  01:35

For me, it’s felt really monumental, and its taken a while to get clarity on and has so much more to unfold in time. Like it’s still an evolutionary expansion. And I’ll share more about why that is and why it’s something that we are all experiencing. But that in itself was one of the things that I loved about redefining claiming redefined moments is the reality and celebration of the continuous evolution we’re all in. 


Shannon Dunn  01:35

So there’s definitely a trend, I’ve been in it as well. So when I got a clear message during one of my many reflection sessions in Bali after the recent business retreat hosted last month, I knew that the Redefined masterclass was ready to be shared. So today, I’m going to extend that sharing to all of you, the She Leads She Thrives global community, and I have something exciting to share with you too about my own redefined moment. 


Shannon Dunn  02:29

So as a reminder, I’m Shannon Dunn a wisdom infused business and leadership coach supporting the ambitious impact driven legacy creating souls of the world. Women determined and destined to leave their mark and have their destiny speak their story of belief, inspiration, wisdom, courage into the world forevermore. And I’m your host here at She Leads She Thrives. Before we get stuck into the highlights of the Refined masterclass. I also want to say in case I forget that I will share a link where you can get access to the replay for free. This is for you as a podcast listener as the masterclass will be transitioned to one of our paid ones very soon. And only available beyond this community via a small investment. So that’s your chance to get the access to that for free if you want to.


Shannon Dunn  03:10

 So quick additional celebration. And then I promise it’s redefined time. This, as I mentioned at the beginning is our 40th episode. Yep, 40! Feel like we’re kind of coming into a middle of life milestone and yet, the reality is I plan on there being hundreds of episodes over time. And on the 6th of July, it’ll be nine months since we launched and any moment now – definitely, by the time you listen to this episode – we will have surpassed the 35,000 downloads. Now, if you’re not really into all the stats and things for podcasts, you really don’t care, you just love listening -good on you. Thank you for being here. I’m so pleased that you are. 


Shannon Dunn  03:48

But this is actually significant. And I’m so grateful to share with you in this way and to be able to have this platform to share my thoughts, my wisdom, my learning, my insights, but also to bring some incredible guests forward and to share them with you. I really adore podcasting and can’t wait to see where we’re at at our one year mark. Now my podcast team and I are already planning what episodes we will have to share at that time in early October. And there are also a couple of different styles of episodes that will show up in our second year to expand the way that She Leads She Thrives wisdom is shared with you. I can’t wait to tell you more. 


Shannon Dunn  04:24

Okay, and oh yeah another thing I wanted to add. How fabulous of our recent episodes been?! Last week in Episode 39 with Amy Towle talking all things feminine Queen energy, Amy’s business Temple of She and how she claimed her space and navigate social media bans with her seemingly disruptive content. I say seemingly because you know I think having known Amy a long time and we talked about this in the episode. I don’t really see her content as disruptive. I see it as necessary. And if you haven’t listened, then definitely go make time to do so. 


Shannon Dunn  04:55

And the week before that, episode 38, I had a conversation with Thrive Factor Coaches Kerryn Slater and Rachel Gardiner about the 12 Thrive Factor Archetypes on retreat. It was such a fun thing to capture that and from the messages I’ve received, after it went live, many of you loved the two and found it so interesting to hear more about the Archetypes, and how they showed up on retreat. 


Shannon Dunn  05:15

So I promise we’d get to today’s topic. so here we are – redefining. Becoming redefined, evolving, pivoting, changing, aligning, and seeing, as I said, so much of this happening in the coaching and online service provider space. And it doesn’t surprise me at all seem that I’m also in this era at present. So you know, why do I think it’s happening? I think that there is been a wave of rapid, personal evolution occurring across the world. And it’s happening in an even – feels, for me anyway – at a faster rate for many business souls who have been, or have come to realization that the way that they were doing things is no longer how they want to lead business, or life for that matter, moving forward. 


Shannon Dunn  05:57

In the last week alone, I think I’ve seen maybe about 10, maybe more connections of mine in business, who I’ve seen mention bold, sizable changes to their business model, their services, their client group, their pricing, or something else, or a combination of all of those. I actually saw one of my fabulous connections wipe out hundreds of pieces of content on her Instagram that she felt none of it aligned. And she is actively in a redefining space, and sharing that she will be back in the near future with the outcomes of her current era. 


Shannon Dunn  06:28

So I was surprised, initially to see this, to see that happen. But you know what, at the same time, it also made sense, and I’m excited to see what’s next for her. I think this is a very exciting time to be in. And for those that I’m seeing in this redefining and becoming redefined space, I’m loving, that there is a quiet confidence that is along for the experience. It’s like if I liken it to a claiming of “I used to do or offer this, but moving forward, things are going to be different”. For some there is, as in the case of my business buddy mentioned, no clarity as to what the future looks like. But she’s confidently claiming being in the metamorphosis is something. 


Shannon Dunn  06:28

And I’m so inspired by seeing that because we do not need to have it all figured out at every step, turn on moment to be able to lead incredible businesses and lives. In fact, I think that’s a myth that, you know, for any of us that we have been misguided to believe we need to have it all figured out, need to know everything. So it is, I believe, a healthy thing to reflect, to refresh, to reclaim, to redefine and to do that at reasonably regular intervals. So in the Redefined masterclass, there were some key things that I shared. And I want to share the highlights that feel most important with you today in this episode. 


Shannon Dunn  07:44

So first up my definition of being redefined. You may have heard me share this before in previous episodes, I love defining things. I know that 100% is a combination of the influence of my Mentor Teacher Archetype, the wisdom woman who kind of knows a lot and as always seeking more knowledge and information. And my Liberator Engineer who is the engineering part of that Archetype. You know, she creates solutions, outcomes, frameworks make sense of things. So those two together love to create definitions. 


Shannon Dunn  08:12

So I share on my socials and then the masterclass that to be redefined from my perspective, is to become more of who you are, more of who you are destined to be, by intentionally influencing your personal evolution. I feel it’s also important to highlight that redefining and becoming redefined is not something that occurs because you or your business needs fixing or is broken. Becoming more of who you are is such an important reality we can all harness. It’s also I feel an optimal form of self leadership. You know, that’s the way I see it. So redefined. It’s an evolutionary thing, a shift, a change and a realignment often. It’s something that we all experience, sometimes by choice, sometimes not. It happens to each of us at one time or another. Perhaps at many times. I know I have had many moments that have lasted for more than a moment of redefining and being redefined. And at Thrive Factor Co, in the quest for a more ease-ful life in business, there’s something new coming soon. And I will be telling you a bit about it later on in the episode. But it is the impact and outcome of my era of redefining how I connect with the ambitious wise souls I’m here to coach and support as you create impactful legacy businesses. 


Shannon Dunn  09:28

Right now, let’s explore why redefining matters. And you know, there’s so many things that I could add here, but I did say we’d be sharing the highlights. So why is it important to understand what the redefining experience and being redefined means? I think that also is a question that you could ask yourself if you’re a journaler or if you’re like to reflect or do meditation or visualization, ask that question. Why is it important to understand what the redefining experience and being redefined means for me?


Shannon Dunn  09:56

But I do also want to add that without this understanding, I’ve seen so many clients create beliefs about who they are, and what they’re destined to experience, not to the outcomes or disintegrate, but what they’re destined to experience. And these beliefs have often lead to decisions and assumptions that when challenged, may just not be your truth at all. So how often do you make meaning of something? Even though there’s a part of you who may suspect this meaning is not your reality or truth? Yeah, we all do it. Thanks, ego. Yeah, definitely can. No, not cast blame, but we can say that the ego is at play there. 


Shannon Dunn  10:31

It’s part of being human to make sense of meaning of things. So many of us do it. And many of us, I’m included in this group, are “why” people, who are the ones that want to understand on a next level, and as incredibly creative soul you can come up with all kinds of stories that you attach to those beliefs. But what if you took back your influence, and we’ve said gratitude and reverence claimed who you actually are. This, I feel, is part of being redefined. You deserve to lead a life and business that fill you up with love, that you are all inspired by, know where you get to express the innate wisdom and have and powerfully and in alignment with your vision, your vision of success and thriving, influence your lived experience in every moment. 


Shannon Dunn  11:19

So I see being redefined as you truly authentically and in an aligned way, becoming more of who you are more of who you were born to be. It’s things like choosing what works best for you, even if it’s not the trend of the moment. And let’s face it, the trends in business, and the messaging around that is often something that creates a lot of angst, anxiety, confusion, and drive for so many people where they feel that they have to do whatever, to achieve a certain result, because they’re told that in the content that they’re absorbing or interacting with. 


Shannon Dunn  11:58

It’s also focusing on building your confidence and trust, so you’re unbothered by the things that previously consumed your thoughts, feelings and behaviors and really also influence your beliefs. It is not always easy to carve your own path in the world and to choose you. So this being able to focus on building your confidence and trust, as I said, so you’re unbothered by things that previously consumed your thoughts, feelings and behaviors, is such an important thing. And when you are redefining or being redefined or claiming your redefined moments, that is what is happening. It’s also celebrating your uniqueness. By embracing and embodying the gifts and wisdom of your shadow self. Instead of denying these parts of you. 


Shannon Dunn  12:39

I’m going to have to do an episode coming up at some point in the near future around the shadow of the Thrive Factor Archetypes, because I’ve run an incredible program all about this. And there’s so much that I can share with you around that space. Also doing some more teaching with the Thrive Factor Coaches in the coming month or so around shadow and how they can better support their incredible clients that come to them for coaching around the Thrive Factor Archetypes so that because it’s such an important thing. It’s not that I don’t talk about it, but I feel like it’s time to talk about even more. 


Shannon Dunn  13:12

This being redefined is also coming to the realization nothing is fixed and carved in stone and actioning your ability to always make a choice. Now, I would suggest you always choose you. But also I’m realistic enough to know that’s not always easy. Not at all. But if you can focus on choosing what works for you, then that is going to, or what feels like it will work for you, what feels good to you, what feels expansive inspiring to you, then I feel like you’re on the right track with that. 


Shannon Dunn  13:39

And it’s also about claiming how powerfully influential you actually are. I think it’s important to always remember that we have a purpose. I have a purpose, you have a purpose, we all have a purpose, and that you started your business for a reason. You choose to do the things you do each day for many reasons. And here’s some other things to always remember – that there is a choice in every moment. But here’s a couple of questions I want you to also consider in this episode today as we’re talking about redefining and claiming your redefined moments. Are you intentionally tapped into your innate potential and purpose? And using these attributes of your soul expression to guide how you lead your life in business? Or are you allowing the world and all of its noisy influences to lead you? Are you leading? Or are you being led?  is pretty much how we can start those two questions. 


Shannon Dunn  14:33

It doesn’t matter what your answer is right now. It’s just something that I feel is important to be aware of. And something else of importance to know, that you can be the influencer, which I feel is a form of ultimate self leadership or be influenced. There are so many internal and external things that have the potential to influence you in any moment. I bet if you wrote a list with say two columns, one for internal influences, things like your thoughts, your feelings, responses, beliefs, and a column for external influences, others opinions, things you read, learn, respond to and more, you would have two lists full of what I would consider is noise. 


Shannon Dunn  15:14

But who is the most important or what is the most important thing for you to listen to? I think you are always the influence and I believe claiming your influence and remembering your ability to choose is of key importance in all that you do. That you may not feel that you have a choice about an experience you find yourself in, but you always have a choice about how you respond to that experience or situation. Like always. We can forget that so often. When there is so much noise, all those influences impacting you, how can you hear through your own influence. I was just talking with a client yesterday. And it was like being either in touch with and able to use your intuition as guidance, or being so influenced by all the things that you are disconnected from your inner truth, your innate wisdom, your internal guidance system. 


Shannon Dunn  16:08

There is so much going on for so many of us, for really all of us I think living as a human in this time. It’s not like it’s easy to create your own bubble and protect yourself if that’s what the maybe that’s not even the right language to use, but what’s what’s coming to mind right now. But here’s a reality check in relation to redefining, we do exist in an environment where there is constant evolution. I feel this is part of being human. I kind of said that already. But here’s a few things to consider. You’re always in evolution, so is your business. Responding, you’re always responding, activated, both internally and externally. So by that, I mean that those influences, those things that are influencing you, whether they come from the internal space or the external space, we respond to those in an activated way all the time. We’re making choices, we’re making changes, we’re questioning, perhaps judging, criticizing, making meaning of things that perhaps don’t deserve to have meaning made of them. Often we’re forgetting our personal power and our magnitude of influence. We’re deciding we have to accept what is you know, this is it this is my lot in life. This is my lot in businesses, how it’s going to always be. And sometimes we find ourselves in chaos or flux instead of momentum. They’re very different energies to be in and I think if you wanted to explore that more again, great journaling prompt to have a look and go what is chaos kind of look and feel like to me? and what is momentum look and feel like to me? just so you can get to understand the differences and I’d take it to that next level of not just writing the words and thinking about it and using your intellect in and your brain space but feel it How does it feel in your body? 


Shannon Dunn  17:48

Know that becoming the influencer starts with – in my opinion – self leadership and knowing with reliable trust, exactly who you are. So you know by now, if you’ve listened to any of the podcast episodes for She Leads She Thrives, that I created a framework of 12 Archetypes, the Thrive Factor. I use that as the primary way that I support my clients to understand who they are. We’re tapping into psychology because we’re using Archetypes. It is a reliable, trusted system that I’ve been using for over 14 years. That’s how long ago was that I created it, now that where we are in 2023, it was 2009 efforts began defining the Archetypes and consistently over time, it is referred to as such a reliable accurate way of understanding. 


Shannon Dunn  18:38

But in the recent Redefined masterclass, it also talks through the eight phases of thriving self leadership. It’s a model I created that we use in the Thrive Factor Coach Self- leadership Coaching certification. So, let me just share with you at a high level now, what the highlights of those eight phases are. So the first one self awareness, this is around activation, this is that coming to the space of like, I am aware that something is different, or is changing or is evolving or shifting. 


Shannon Dunn  19:06

The second phase is self understanding. And this is what I would refer to as a reflection phase, a time when we go from that awareness and considering what that is, that activation where it’s like, okay, something needs to be different, or something is going to be different. And we start to reflect a little bit more to deepen our understanding of who we are. The third phase self regulation, this is where we have choice, or this is where I feel that we become aware of the choice. This is where the influencer space really kicks in.


Shannon Dunn  19:37

Phase four of the eight is self motivation. This is where there is action taken to create momentum takes a degree of motivation and it takes action. So I tend to find that with that expanded awareness that expanded understanding, that acknowledgement of choice and that self regulation that really beginning to understand self responsibility, even though that’s another phase and further down, we then get to a space of motivation, this is where action is taken. So kind of a busier time, for some people. 


Shannon Dunn  20:10

The fifth of the eight phases is self responsibility. And this is about taking ownership. Self leadership is very much an ownership kind of experience. And it is something that I find can be quite, not confronting, but expensive for a lot of people, when they come to that space of of that, oh, wait a second, I can actually take responsibility for this, I can take ownership and I can influence what is happening for me, what I’m actually experiencing. 


Shannon Dunn  20:43

The six of the eight phases is self confidence. This is like a version of empowerment, where you kind of know that you are a powerful individual, you have understood the impact of the influence that you have claimed, you understand that power of responsibility and ownership and all the phases that have come before. And from self confidence and that empowerment space, you can move to self celebration. And this is a space of recognition. In fact, I think this is a value at every different space. But often it takes those, in my experience through observation and my own lived experience, but working with clients on this as well, is that it can take some time for us to get be able to get to a space where we are able to self celebrate, and to really recognize all that we’ve accomplished rather than focusing on as an example, whats still not yet working or we haven’t yet achieved. 


Shannon Dunn  21:33

And the eighth phase is self leadership. This is a space where I see and feel and sense incredible amplification. To amplify something is to turn it up like to turn up the volume. And this doesn’t mean that this is a loud space, where you kind of get out on your platform and share your voice or what matters to you or your opinions and your thoughts and your beliefs in a loud way. Not at all. But it is about turning up your impact and your impression in the world. Turning up your influence on yourself. Definitely. And then often, certainly for the women that I tend to find in my community. The self leadership is not noisy at all. It’s quiet. Yeah, I often refer to it as a kind of a rebel leadership. Just going about your own business doing your own thing keeping to yourself. Yeah, I love it.


Shannon Dunn  22:22

So I invite you to consider whether you are in these eight phases. Also know that I don’t see them as linear phases, even though I’ve just gone through, you know, one through eight. So depending on where you find yourself, you may traverse through all eight phases, and then come back to number one, or you might start in the first few phases and then move so to phase six or eight and then go back to three. Like we are cyclic beings as women not linear ones. And as ambitious wise business souls we are also cyclic. Yeah. When has something that you’ve experienced been a single straight line? Never, I imagine or certainly hasn’t been for me. 


Shannon Dunn  22:59

In fact, talking about this now, it makes me think of an image that you often see showing up in social media. It’s a meme that has two different lines. One is a straight and often a steady incline and has the label what people think entrepreneurship is. And the other line is one that looks like a maybe a child scribble. It’s twisting, turning back on itself crossing over itself looking like a jumbled mess so many times, but also heading in an upward trajectory, most of the time. It’s labeled what entrepreneurship actually is. And honestly, I’ve always laughed when I’ve seen it because it feels so accurate. A straight line in one direction might feel secure, predictable and even safe. But isn’t it more interesting with variety and unpredictability, maybe, maybe not. Something you choose for yourself. I know for me doing the same kind of thing over and over again, does not work for who I am. Some people I know it does work for and there are certainly some archetypes that need that predictability and security in a different way to other combinations of Archetypes. 


Shannon Dunn  24:03

So I’ll include an image of the eight phases of thriving self leadership with the show transcript. So we’ll link to where this is on my website is always going to be included in the show notes. So if you are like me, a lover of the visual, you can go there and you can see all eight phases. But let’s explore another reality in this moment. Often when things aren’t working, so perhaps they don’t feel good, about motivating, not flowing, something has to change. And you’ll be called to amplify yourself, which is a form of deepening your trust, your belief and certainty in your potentiality. This is also frequently the time things can feel increasingly harder, that you can have a sense of more insecurity, of uncertainty and it’s often not a nice space or doesn’t feel like a good space to be in. One that we don’t want to there. 


Shannon Dunn  24:54

But I see, sense and have experienced a number of instant blocks to ease. So I shared these all in the masterclass. And I felt like it was such a great conversation with those that were there live, or being able to explore these. These are things – not an exhaustive list, there are so many more we could add to it. But the key things I see time and time again, that show up and block our ease, impact our effortlessness, interrupt our flow, make us feel like things are not easier, but they could be. 


Shannon Dunn  25:25

It things like the have-tos, the shoulds, the musts, the go tos. When have you ever felt you have to? When have you ever heard yourself like listen to what you’re saying? Is it I should? I know for me, I catch myself if that comes up, doesn’t mean I stop doing it. Again, part of that being human thing. Another block I see that’s an instant block to ease is those fail proof strategy system solutions that we see touted all over the interwebs for business owners. Are they really fail proof to you? Perhaps they are for somebody else. But if you’ve tried those kinds of things, and you felt disappointed or let down by your experience of them, I think it’s important just to know they probably weren’t for you. 


Shannon Dunn  26:11

I think another instant blog to ease is the essentials to your successes. Again, these kind of relate to the ones I just mentioned, the fail proof strategy system and solutions. This when you’re like you have to do this kind of thing. Ah, big red flag. Back right off from that. Yeah. Also, we can add in anything amplifies your self judgment or criticism. Those things will block whatever you are trying to create. Anything that activates comparison. I’ve got to do another whole episode on that one as well at some point in time. 


Shannon Dunn  26:44

You can also add all the things that have you questioning, second guessing, mistrusting yourself, assumption making, denying your instincts and your instinct being or wherever it is that you feel or sense things. So might be your gut, might be your heart, might be a vision that you get, you might hear things, which is your instincts talking to, your intuition talking to you. On this list of instant ease blocks, we can also add making meaning of things that don’t mean anything. We’ve mentioned that already a little bit. How often do we find ourselves doing that. Making meaning of something? And really, is there any meaning to be made? Often not. 


Shannon Dunn  27:23

And tuning into the noise,  both the internal external? Yeah, these are things that are going to get in the way of you being able to feel that you can flow forward, in a momentum, in a spacious kind of time space that works for you, that feels ease-ful, feels effortless. And effortless is not free from effort, it is feeling easier.


Shannon Dunn  27:46

So we all have a path forward. And I think it’s important to be able to take ownership and choose our own path or paths of ease. And define a unique path of ease comes down to a few different things. So these are different considerations that I look at when I am doing this for myself and supporting clients to do the same. 


Shannon Dunn  28:03

Unlocking and understanding how to access your Effortless Success Zone. You may have heard me talk about the Effortless Success Zone in relation to the Thrive Factor framework and Archetypes in previous podcast episodes. I’ve mentioned a lot. Yeah, that it is that space where things feel easier. When you’re actually activated in a psychological state of flow. You can also define your unique paths of ease by focusing on developing and fully only your instinctual intuitive wisdom, we all have it. But I feel instinctively just to kind of work with this, that there’s a very small percentage of us that are actually in touch with it. 


Shannon Dunn  28:41

We can also invest in expanding our sense of trust itself, in others and the Universe because trust happens at many different levels. And I feel that a combination of that holistic trust in self, others and the Universe is the most supportive form of trust that we can work on and develop. It’s a practice. You can choose you as a priority always, not always easy to do, particularly if you’ve had a lifetime when choosing you has not been something that you’ve done, but it is possible. And also, choosing your path of ease can come through committee to self awareness, self understanding and self leadership by tapping into something like the Thrive Factor Framework and your unique profile. Use what works for you. Now if you want to know more about the Thrive Factor, you know you could always reach out to us and I would love to support you to understand more about who you are through the lens of your Archetypes. 


Shannon Dunn  29:32

Now, I’ve mentioned a number of times that something new is coming. The first reveal will be available from the beginning of July, and probably the third to be exact so on the Monday the first week of July, and each week during July, there will be different parts of this new offering shared and there will also be a range of bonuses revealed with different bonuses shared each week. The bonuses you receive will really depend on when you join the Ease-ful Business Brainery, because that’s what’s coming. 


Shannon Dunn  29:57

So let me share the highlights. This is a spspace of learning, of self leadership and legacy creation. I kind of thought about it. It’s like a different, you focused way of being supported in business and life, not just about your business. Because if you are an entrepreneur, if you’re in a small business, if that’s how you define your business, you know, with full impact, the influence that business and life have on each other, so you can’t separate them. This is where I’m so grateful that I can tap into my background in not just coaching from a business perspective, but coaching from a life perspective and my therapeutic counseling background also. Ease-ful is an abundant spaciousness, a grounded sense of ease, of effortlessness, of generous and flowing momentum and thriving and Brainery. A community where curious thinkers amplify wisdom, while sharing their lived and learned experience for the benefit of all. 


Shannon Dunn  30:52

This is going to be a community like you haven’t seen before. Well I certainly can’t see anything out there, having done a lot of research over a number of months now. By using the entirety of July to share all of the ins and outs I’m welcoming to the community, my intention is to create a spacious and easeful experience for you to understand what it is in store and make an informed and inspired decision to join the community.


Shannon Dunn  31:16

 Here are a key a few key infusions so that I can share with you now and a bit about why I’ve included each. So firstly, there going to be eight unique business and self leadership programs delivered over 12 months. They’re going to be self paced for you to work through which your own spacious speed and focus on you defining and leading your ideal ease-ful business and life. The Thrive Factor Archetypes  will show up in all the programs because that is one of the most profound differences in the way that I coach. 


Shannon Dunn  31:50

Group coaching calls most months of the year, I say most months, because around the kind of the end of the year where a lot of people have time with family, depending on how they celebrate the different holidays around that time, we’ll probably have a little bit of space off, time off, they’ll still be support available. But you know, group coaching calls most months of the year. Now Thrive Factor profiling, including a one on one session with me to meet your Archetypes, is going to also be included because you need to know your Archetypes to be able to make the most of the content in those programs and the conversations that we will have in those group calls. 


Shannon Dunn  32:25

There’s going to be quarterly visioning using the Effortless Success Framework. Again, if you haven’t listened to the episode way back around that you can go and do that we’ll try and remember to tag it in, but I love planning, visioning and being in an expansive space of what’s possible with that Framework. So hosting those quarterly is going to be lots of fun.


Shannon Dunn  32:46

 There’s going to be as I said, lots of bonuses. A couple of them I can share with you. You’re gonna get access to the Thrive Factor Co masterclass vault, I’ve been teaching masterclasses for years. So some of the highlight ones, the best ones, the ones that I absolutely adore, that are usually you can only access by investing in them, by paying for them, they’re going to show up in that vault over time. We’re not going to give you all of them all at once, I’m going to really think about which ones feel most important and useful for the community of women that are going to be coming together and sharing those and then just continuing to add more in over time. 


Shannon Dunn  33:21

And you’re also going to get instant access to two additional self paced programs to that I absolutely love and we’re going to tell you what they are just yet, but you’re going to love them. Even if you’ve done them before. I create my programs so that they are also highly suitable to take again, because you get – well I know I do – new insights, new understanding, every single time I take something again. 


Shannon Dunn  33:43

There will be a VIP upgrade to one on one coaching available. And there’s going to be a minimum commitment of six months but then you can cancel anytime with 30 days notice and that is so that way you can really immerse yourself, with time and space, into this experience into understanding, into defining, into creating, into whatever works for you, in terms of being in this space of ease for business and life. 


Shannon Dunn  34:08

So as I mentioned, you can join any time but know that the launch bonuses will only be available in July. There will be no pay in full investments,  a monthly payment plan – payment plans are so important. And in Thrive Factor Co world there is no financial penalty for payment plans. I don’t believe that it’s important or necessary I think, not even important its not necessary, to hike up the price because you choose to spread out how you invest. I love a payment plan and use them often when I’m investing. 


Shannon Dunn  34:35

So you’re gonna be able to check out the link in the show notes to get yourself on the welcome invitation list and be the first to receive an email with all the key details. And we can learn about the Ease-ful Business Brainery. Its going to an all new community focused experience, as I said, is a different you focus way to be supported in business and life. 


Shannon Dunn  34:54

So I’d love you to join me if you feel called to do that. It’s going to be a global community. No doubt I will make sure that times for calls are going to work with as many time zones as possible. And we’ll be sharing reminders about this in our July episodes as well. As I  said you can join anytime and a couple of times a year I’ll probably host one or more live events and offer a bonus or two for those who joined at that time. But think of Ease-ful Business Brainery as the ebb if you like – EBB – to the flow that you can and will create ease-ful, spacious flow, being more you each and every day. 


Shannon Dunn  35:28

So as we wrap up for today, I will say we’ve got an incredible guest coming next week for episode 41. Can’t wait to share her with you. But as always superstar wise soul, remember you were born to thrive and to follow your dreams, your visions, your ambition, your desire to lead your life and business with ease and spaciousness, to know you are in fact a leader, a self-led soul making waves, creating impact and legacy and I will always believe in this reality for you for us all. And know that if you don’t yet sense a possibility and potentiality all around you, I’ll hold that space for you too. Have the best week.

Thank you

Thanks for tuning into today’s episode. You are so valued and appreciated.


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