Being Soul Rich; Energetic Money Transformation w/ Victoria Welsh – She Leads She Thrives Podcast Ep 41

Victoria Welsh_She Leads She Thrives Podcast Episode 41 Instagram Post | Soul Rich | Money mentoring | Shannon Dunn Business Coach for women Perth Australia
Victoria Welsh_She Leads She Thrives Podcast Episode 41 Instagram Post | Soul Rich | Money mentoring | Shannon Dunn Business Coach for women Perth Australia

In this episode Victoria and I talk about

Meeting Victoria Welsh in a shared online business community some years ago now was like being united with a breath of fresh air. She is sassy, kind, wise, and determined and creates the most beautiful connection with her expanding community.


In today’s conversation, Victoria shares her personal story of evolution and how she has become soul rich by learning the ins and outs of energetic money transformation. An episode that is, as is always planned, overflowing with abundant inspiration and wisdom from a woman who generously shares for the good of all.

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Connect with guest Victoria Welsh

Victoria Welsh is an Intuitive Business Coach + Conscious Money Mentor, helping women to connect to the soul of their business and the hearts of their audience to scale their business and income with a balance of conscious strategy and energetic mastery.


She is an energy healer, the founder and facilitator of the 𝐅𝐢𝐞𝐫𝐜𝐞 𝐅𝐞𝗺𝐢𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐞 𝐑𝐞𝐭𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐬™ (in person spiritual retreats) and the CEO of the Soul Rich Life™ brand, the brand for Business, Soul & Money freedom and liberation. She is also a two time Best Selling Author.


Connect with Victoria on Instagram, Facebook, her website, and in her Facebook group, the Soul Rich Society.


Victoria’s offer for all listeners can be accessed here. It is her monthly membership, the Church of Worth & Wealth.

Episode Transcript


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Shannon Dunn  00:02

Hello, great big hello everyone. I’m Shannon Dunn. A business coach and leadership coach for long term in the world. And your host here at She Leads She Thrives. Now I have another amazing guest for you today. I’m so excited to see what Victoria and I ended up talking about. We’re just having a quick chat to catch up and just said to her as well, like, I feel like this is like an extra level of selfish gifting to myself of getting to have conversations with incredible women that I know online and don’t get to talk to like this very often. You know, in the DM’s is great, right, but to actually have a conversation like this is the next level that’s so valuable, and then to share it with all of you. 


Shannon Dunn  00:37

So Victoria and I met a few years ago. Again, in the online space. She’s in the US. She’s in Florida. And here I am in the West Coast of Australia. And we’re in programs together with the same coach and I know we just connected right, we just kind of made sense to each other. We’ve got similar backgrounds, and we were both nurses way back when and now in the business coaching space, but she’s got so much to offer. So welcome beautiful soul, I’m so happy to have you here.


Victoria Welsh  01:06

So happy to be here with you.


Shannon Dunn  01:09

So let me share the bio, let’s get the official stuff done. And then we can dive into a conversation. So Victoria Welsh is an intuitive business coach, and conscious money mentor helping women to connect to the soul of their business. And the hearts of their audience to scale their business and income with a balance of conscious strategy and energetic mastery. She’s an energy healer, the founder and facilitator of fierce feminine retreats, which are in person spiritual retreats, and the CEO of the Soul Rich Life brand, the brand for business solar money, freedom and liberation. And she’s also a two times bestselling author, and a Mum and a devoted daughter and a granny. Like, all the things right.


Victoria Welsh  01:47

All those things.


Shannon Dunn  01:49

It’s very, very cool. All right, so I’m gonna dive into a big one, right? I’d love to you to share more on money traumas, and how they affect your income. As you sort of said, when you were sharing like, this would be a cool thing to talk about. Both sales and career, so it doesn’t kind of matter what it is whether you’re in business or not, but money trauma, like let’s go straight in for a big topic.


Victoria Welsh  02:10

Let’s go straight in. So there’s money traumas, like financial traumas, and then there’s traumas that affect your money. And I work with both. Financial traumas or money traumas can be anything from bankruptcy, foreclosure. What’s the the saying it’s “having more month than money”? Like, there’s always more month than there is money, right?


Shannon Dunn  02:47

Not enough to go around. Yeah.


Victoria Welsh  02:50

There can also be financial traumas, if the women are married, and the man controlled the money. And then they have a divorce and they’re left without money. Financial traumas or money traumas can also come from taking on our parents money blueprint, and not knowing how to manage money, and having a constant fear around money. 


Victoria Welsh  03:21

Now, this fear can be that the money’s not going to come in. This happens with women in business a lot with entrepreneurship. That the money is not going to be there. It could also be that I’m not a good money manager, I don’t believe I’m a good money manager and so I spend irrationally. There’s a lot of different things that can go into money traumas. Now, traumas that affect your money have to do a lot I find with worth and value. Especially for entrepreneurs, charging their value, charging their innate worth, or fear that clients are going to leave and not re-sign, fear of missing out. 


Shannon Dunn  04:09

So we keep the pricing low and yeah, or down.


Victoria Welsh  04:14

Pricing low. They use tactics of conversations that are chasing for the client because they’re afraid of losing the client. There are I was just speaking with one of my own clients today. She said, Should I just lower the price of my program so that I can get a whole bunch of people in it? And I was like, no, no, thats not what we do. We energetically align with it, so that you can charge what you believe, what you want to receive. But the problem is most people charge what they believe they will receive.


Shannon Dunn  04:51

Right? Isn’t that such a reality? And I find it so interesting too having the kind of pricing conversation, the money conversations with clients. Because most of us in the online business space, whether it’s coach, mentor, healer, you know some other thing, as you said, an entrepreneur, but in particularly in the online space, a lot of us are in, I guess industries for want of a better word, that don’t have a pricing guide. I kind of sometimes look at some industries where they have industry bodies guiding how to price and I feel that that because again, the market knows what to pay like or what the expectation is, and those that are delivering those services, or products know as well. 


Shannon Dunn  05:31

Whereas we, and you and I, in the business coaching space, go from everything from tiny investment for like a one on one coaching session, to multiple five or six figures for a one on one session. Like it’s just blows my mind. So I’m not surprised people get confused or uncertain about how do I price this? And all of those fears and the traumas related to all the different… I guess they would could interrelate together as well, right? People in the space of like, well, yeah, should I should I lower the price, and then I’ll get more people. No, not necessarily.


Victoria Welsh  06:07

It doesn’t work.


Victoria Welsh  06:10

And a lot of the time, like when I say I’m an intuitive business, like energetics coach, because I really work deeply with people around the energy, the energy of money, their energy, leadership, energy, how you are coming into a space, how you’re posting, how you’re creating, and that all. One of the things I say all the time, if it’s messing with your energy, it’s messing with your money. 


Victoria Welsh  06:33

So this seems like this means if you’re…I have a teenage son, if my son throws me off right before I’m going to go live and my energy is all discombobulated, it is going to affect the way that I sell. It is going to affect the way that people receive me. If you had a great day at the beach, and you laid out and you rejuvenated yourself, and then you went on to a sales call that is going to affect. That person is going to feel you being relaxed,  you are not chasing anything, it just like if it comes, you know, in a trusting space. Energetically if it’s messing with your energy, it messes with your money. So yeah, there is no pricing guide, however, energetically, energetically, you can feel what you’re comfortable with, our bodies give us clues.


Shannon Dunn  07:35

And those clues, people are like, Oh, really. And I’m like, for me, the clues scream at me, they’re not quiet. And when I find people kind of puzzled by that. I’m like, oh, okay, that’s something for us to work on. Again, I think people have just the way the world is and being a 3D human disconnected from listening to the messages, the signs, the often very clear signposts of go this way, do this, take this action they don’t. And also that I see the the whole notion of busyness not business. Yeah, which you have no space to breathe, you have no space to create, you have no space to allow yourself to hear to tune in, to pay attention to take action in that kind of a way.


Victoria Welsh  08:25

Yeah.  I could talk about that forever, because that’s the energetics of it. And also, for nurses, we know about muscle testing the study kinesiology, you literally can muscle test your body to with your prices.


Shannon Dunn  08:45

Yes, which I do.  Victoria might not might not know this, but you and I both silent counseling practitioners amongst many other things that we do as well as our nursing thing. And that for me was such a great thing to go and study and to really understand how I could work with my clients on a different level to I had been previously around that energetic release and reset, that’s kind of what I call that whole experience. But using the muscle testing aspect of that, going into an identifying where emotional things are stuck in your body, whatever it is, is just so rich in in terms of the gift it can give you of letting go of all that stuff. So you can trust yourself in a different way. Learn to trust your body and in the signs it’s giving you – so good.


Victoria Welsh  09:36

So good. So I didn’t know that you were silent counseling.


Shannon Dunn  09:39

Wasn’t sure if you had. So here we are talking with Victoria. It’s like early February in 2023. That was literally only a few weeks ago that finally all came together and did the study with Sam. So those of you that actually listened to the podcast, I think is probably about episode seven or eight was Sam Evans. So Sam’s kind of thing. That’s who Victoria and I studied with. And silent counseling is one of the big things that she does. And yeah, so it was it was kind of October last year, I did that training with her. I know you were a lot earlier than that. 


Shannon Dunn  10:15

 It was a year ago. Yeah. Yeah.


Victoria Welsh  10:17

So good. It’s such a good… You’re right for the reset, and it’s such an extraction process of what we’re holding on to and in our bodies.


Shannon Dunn  10:30

Yeah, it’s, it’s all there. Right? It is all there. So if you’re listening, and you think, what are these two talking about, like go and explore it a little bit more, reach out and talk to one of us. And we can help you to understand even with something like a, you know, a silent counseling session. As I said, for me, I call that an energetic release and reset. It is just such a phenomenal thing to experience. And I feel like if you’re a doubter – even more powerful, potentially, because you’ll get it finally. 


Shannon Dunn  11:00

So you focus a lot of your work on wealth embodiment. And I think, in the time that I’ve known you these last few years, this has just got richer for you in terms of your commitment to this space, right? And your own. 


Shannon Dunn  11:13

A lot of the incredible women that I do know, and that I have on the podcast, do practice what they teach, and but you definitely like there’s no…when I look at the word embodiment, and I think of you, Victoria is like, of course, right? But some other people talk about embodiment you like hmmm everything else, like what you’re saying what you’re doing, what you’re sharing, doesn’t kind of match up, right? It’s more like, you know, we’re hearing it, but we’re not seeing it and feeling it. And I think that’s really where embodiment is that you know, when you like you get what embodiment is, is when you go to those other dimensions. So, yeah, so the consciousness of wealth and its embodiment through mind, body and soul. Tell us more about that. And like how do we do it? Why is it important?


Victoria Welsh  11:55

Yeah. So I just want to back it up just a little bit two years ago, in February of 2020. So three years ago now. Wow. That’s February 2020. I had an experience where I had left nursing. Six months prior, I had taken out my 401K, I’m a single mom, I ran through my 401K in six months, and had no money coming in my business. Was only making about $1500 to $2,000 a month and I was in absolute fear. All of  the time. 


Shannon Dunn  12:33

 Because your whole security is just gone. 


Victoria Welsh  12:37

Gone. But I didn’t have parents that could help me out like that. I lived in a completely different state. Nothing. So a friend stepped up and said, You know, I want to pay two months of your rent because I believe so much in what you’re doing. And she did that. And it gave me a little bit of reprieve. But I had – you’ve been to Bali, if you know the story of Eat, Pray, Love where Elizabeth Gilbert has her bathroom floor moment where she is just crying out to God like,


Shannon Dunn  13:07

yeah, anyone who will listen, right? Yeah. 


Victoria Welsh  13:09

Right. And she hears this voice like go back to bed Elizabeth, go back to bed. Well, it was February 2020. And my son’s 11th birthday party. He was planning this big, elaborate party. And as he was planning it, I was adding up the numbers in my head, knowing that I only had $200 left in my bank account, and money coming in. But I didn’t want him to see the fear. But I’m getting upset. And I’m trying to deep breathe through it. And when he went to bed that night, I hit the kitchen floor, just in absolute tears crying. And said God, where? Who? Who’s out there?


Shannon Dunn  13:55

Definitely. whoever’s listening. I don’t mind who it is. But help, right? Yeah. And


Victoria Welsh  14:00

I was waiting to hear my like, come on. I was waiting down my Elizabeth Gilbert moment. And what I heard was my own voice in my head say get up. No one’s coming to save you. Get up now. And go figure it out.


Shannon Dunn  14:14

Oh, but what an empowering thing to hear though.


Victoria Welsh  14:19

Right? Yeah. So and I grabbed every book I had about money mindset and wealth consciousness off my shelves. And I spent six days locked in my bedroom, locked in my journaling, journaling the deep traumas of money that I had. All the stuff around my parents, my grandparents, I went back generationally, looking at the poverty consciousness that had come down the line. And it was three o’clock in the morning on the final day and I just was reading a book and journaling and it just dropped in. Like it dropped in  – the knowingness, the consciousness expanded. My awareness changed. In that moment I just said I get it now. I get it.  


Victoria Welsh  15:02

I get that I have created this situation up until this point. And if I created this, I can create something different. Yeah. Like, if I’ve created this, I get to create something different. And so I went on a journey of learning so much more because I wasn’t ready to teach it yet. And I spent about a year really studying every great speaker of wealth consciousness like Neville Goddard, and a lot of the old heads like 1920s, where they were speaking on stage,


Shannon Dunn  15:37

I think that gets missed so much. But that old school kind of basics around money, it’s been taught for decades. 


Victoria Welsh  15:50

Lauren Scovel Shinn, she’s another one,. They had the greatest consciousness when it came to prosperity. Who’s the other one? Think and Grow Rich. Napoleon Hill. I just studied, and I read and I just, I was like, Okay, this is what we have to do, we have to decondition the human, change the way we’re thinking, take action differently. But what I had come to understand in my own process from teaching it was that it wasn’t a singular process. That it wasn’t a linear process. That there was money traumas. And then there were traumas that were affecting the money. And that people had anchored in or my clients had anchored into these beliefs from childhood that money was not for them, or being wealthy was not for them. 


Shannon Dunn  16:52

And it does play out through your entire life. Yeah, no matter what you where you’re at age wise, it’s that stuff from their childhood, or it’s reinforced, I was just talking to a client yesterday around something similar. And it was around that whole…the way I like to describe it is that when those belief systems are set up, it’s like, we create an internal debt on the inside within us, right? So therefore, like the things we look for, the things we do, the things we pay attention to, just reinforces that debt in a way that just says, Yeah, see, I believe that I’m not meant for money, and then something happens to go see, it’s like the evidence, that we’re evidence stacking, we’re collecting pieces of evidence and proof to make that debt, the reality. No, it’s not at all, we can remove debt, like we can remove other debt. 


Victoria Welsh  17:44

Yes! That negative feedback loop, just as we have a negative feedback loop, we can then  – I call it excavation –  I do like mind excavations, we do this little mind excavation. And then we create a positive feedback loop, and then look for evidence there and reinforce it, and what you are reinforcing, you’re creating in your reality. So we start with the mind, when I work with my clients around money, we start with the mind, we then go into the body, meaning the embodiment of it, if I’m not doing silent counseling, silent counseling has morphed into something more for me because I got a whole bunch of certifications and created my own methodology now. And so if we’re not doing these release sessions to release this energy from the body. Release these traumas from the body, so that we can be the embodiment of our most abundant richest self, right. And then the soul, the soul part of money or prosperity is that our souls came here without that inner dialogue.


Shannon Dunn  18:55

That’s the lived experience of being a human, right? That adds all of that narrative. And we are reinforced in the way that we live no matter where you grew up in the world, that it’s like  – I’m just trying to think the right words, kind of like, where do I start with this here -but it is a narrative and it’s just reinforced because we see it being…. we’re told that this is how things are, like media, for example, right? Being told how devastating the world is for various reasons, particularly around financial things, like the media loves to reinforce that. And then we overhear conversations of others talking about their stuff. Even with us with clients. Our clients come and tell us about their reality and their situation. My former husband worked in accounts, but he worked in accounts receivable. So his narrative was that every single person was in increasing debt and didn’t know how to manage it. And I bring that home like that’s not our reality. That’s what you live in your paid employment world. That’s not our reality. But it’s reinforced in the world in so many different ways. 


Victoria Welsh  20:05

So true. And when you create a narrative and you buy into a narrative, again, you just keep reinforcing, because we have that part of our brain, the reticular activating system, always looking and seeking and searching to reinforce that belief, everywhere it goes.


Shannon Dunn  20:25

The evidence seeker who’s looking for evidence and proof, so it can say, see, I’m right. Like, that’s the kind of energy I think about with the the RAS (reticular activating system). It’s like see, I told you, you’re trying to do the other stuff. But let me find you something just to show you that you’re not really getting it.



Victoria Welsh  20:42

And then the soul part is like, I always say my kitchen floor story is a “rags to remember” it’s not a rags to riches, I have a story. And my remembrance was my divine identity, my soul, my essence is already rich, is already abundant. So the soul part of it is I always take people back to their essence, their soul, the soul rich life and living a soul rich life, because your soul is already, you came here as abundance, you already are that and, and when we can lean into that and truly trust into that, like, when we surrender, we’re actually surrendering to that part of us. 


Shannon Dunn  21:33

Yeah, yeah, totally. So this leads me to talk more about soul aligned entrepreneurship, which is something that you teach, you share, you’ve embodied it, you are a living, walking, kind of breathing, poster girl for soul aligned entrepreneurship. So extend on this kind of talking about soul, to bring it into business? What do you mean, and I think you also have said, or I’ve seen you share, that our business has a soul. So we’re looking at our own soul, but also our business. So again, tell us more about that.


Victoria Welsh  22:08

The business of your soul, yes. So when I say soul aligned business, what I mean is like for soul aligned entrepreneurship, we are leading from soul and not through ego, we are leading from soul in that aspect of I trust, first and foremost, that my soul came here with a purpose. I trust that not only do I have a purpose, that I have a mission, to take my message to others because my soul came here to deliver the message so that other people wake up to their own message, so that other people, their souls come online, and they’re like, Ah, I’m not meant to be sitting at this nine to five. I’m doing that’s right, my soul is..


Shannon Dunn  23:06

waking up isn’t it? It’s going wait a second, this is not… you find yourself in those moments like, what how did I get here? This is not for me.


Victoria Welsh  23:15

You know my best friend and I talk about this all the time. Talk about women who wake up in their 40s and are like, how did I get here? How did I get this life? Late 30s, early 40s. How did I get this like, it’s not a midlife crisis. It’s your soul yearning to come online, not a midlife crisis. It’s literally your soul going, I’ve been knocking at the door for years and years and years, and you’re finally listening.


Shannon Dunn  23:50

For me, if I reflect back, going into my business was my soul awakening for sure. But that for me was in my early 30s. So I kind of got at the time that it was ahead of time on a timeline. If you do look at that, of other people and two  things; I felt incredible gratitude that I backed myself and, you know, with courage and boldness, when this kind of lifestyle of being in corporate and doing the work, I loved it, I was good at it, but didn’t fulfill me. Know that there was more for me and to just to give back yourself, trust yourself and take the leap if that’s what you want to call it. And then sitting in gratitude of having done that, while I’m watching everybody else come to those awakening moments at different stages. 


Shannon Dunn  24:41

And like you and I I know are very similar in age, so over the last kind of couple of decades,  you see people and I still see some people now, you know, in their 40s and 50s who have not yet reached that. I kind of feel like this anticipation of excitement for them for when it will happen. And they go What else is there? Yeah, yeah, it can be scary for people. But I think it’s such an incredible opportunity because we only have the one life and we never know how long that’s going to be. Why keep doing shit that just doesn’t make sense and makes you feel terrible?


Victoria Welsh  25:18

Yes. And it’s like, you know it, you know it because you’ll be like, this is draining my life. Or this is soul sucking or this person is a soul sucker. We say the things. But that fear of taking that leap has people so bound and imprisoned. A lot of soul aligned business work is trusting that your soul already knows what it came here to do. I always say, look, I command the universe, listen, my soul chose this journey, so you’re gonna rise up and meet every need that I have, okay!? 


Shannon Dunn  25:59

Totally. I love it. Again, we’ve already talked about about money and wealth, it makes sense too that people can get stuck in that arrested state. That’s fear driven, scarcity driven. Because we live in a world, whether we like to admit it or not, where we need money. It’s the way we exchange things, goods and services. Money is part of that. 


Shannon Dunn  26:23

So when there’s that, but I don’t know where the money is coming from, and I want to trust, but I’ve still got bills to pay, kids to feed, myself to do different things for, I have obligations that require money. It’s kind of easy, isn’t it to see how people get so stuck, and go, can you stay at that nine to five job thats sucking their soul or even staying in a business that’s not right for them.


Victoria Welsh  26:46

Yes, yes. And so I’m going to tell you the two sides of this coin, because I was the one who I stormed the island and burn the ships. I said, there is no plan B. I will make this work. But some people’s nervous systems can’t handle that. It seems like I know that what I did it’s the exception, you know. But I just had so much faith in making it work. No, I kept saying no matter what, no matter what. If I have to drive Uber, if I have to whatever I have to do. So the flip side of that coin is to create some level of stability first before diving in. And if that means I set up passive income some way, there’s so many ways to make money.


Shannon Dunn  27:39

I love that, yeah, I’ve got a couple of friends who have the same, they don’t know each other, but they have the same ethos around that. And they both say things like, one of them said that her accountant said to her years ago, and it really stuck that it doesn’t matter where the money comes from, get the money, right, get the money. And it might not come from the places and sources that you want it to come from. But make sure the money’s coming in. And then you have the ability, once you’ve got that security from that financial perspective of covering the outgoings, hopefully creating some savings, whatever is important to you, then you can branch out into the things that you want to do. And the other friends said something similar but like yes, yeah, it doesn’t matter. Like you know, you’ve done other things. I’ve had part time jobs, very early in my business, I do random contracting that people wouldn’t even know about now, because I’ve got the skillset. And it’s nice to top up the income in different ways, irrelevant of what my business is doing. I like to get money from lots of sources.


Victoria Welsh  28:39

My son is, he’s about to be 14, I’m getting ready to set him up with a drop shipping business because he’s homeschooled so he can do stuff. More income coming into the house like and that’s something that I we can do as a family together like multiple streams of income, but setting yourself up in a way that…I have a client who just got a lot of money in a divorce settlement and we talked about investments so that she would be able to receive the interest that was coming in from those different investments so that she would have some stability and not have to run out and get a job but also not touch the big amount. 


Shannon Dunn  29:26

Again, that security that’s there and  use that if you get that kind of opportunity. Use it wisely. And this is where there’s such an opportunity for people to reach out for help, whatever that is. You know, there are so many financially savvy and financially wise individuals out there, there’s no kind of I don’t know what to do or I don’t know where to go. Yeah. Ask people that you trust and someone will have the name of someone that can help you know what to do with whatever your situation is. Whether it’s an abundant situation or one that’s not yet abundant. And you want to change it. Yeah. Yeah, so much.


Victoria Welsh  30:07

Because when we’re leaving the thing that feels like our stability, it is imperative that we set up some sort of stability meaning whether it’s trust, whether it’s surrender, whether it’s a friendship like that we have some sort of stability starting out in our business. A foundation, that’s the word I’m looking for,  a foundation starting out,  where it feels like stability, meaning like not just financial stability, it feels like I have something stable, something that’s there for me, something I can consistently go to. Some people go to their yoga studio, some people have a guru, some people have a friend, but some place that you can land, someplace that your heart can land, that you can land, that feels like stability, even if it’s not that level of financial stability that you had at the job. Someplace, you can land that feels safe, feel supportive, feel stable, so that you get fed into your soul what you need fed into and the reminders that you can grow, that you can do this, that you can create it, that you’re capable of creating anything, but have a place that’s stable for you to land.


Shannon Dunn  31:31

So, so important, and I love that there are so many people that are sharing around this now and that we have an opportunity to better understand what security truly means. Not just in our financial perspective, but in a body perspective and a mind perspective and emotional perspective. So, so valuable. So in talking about soul, is that opportunity. I want to hear more from you like how do we connect to the soul of our business? Like you know, what even is that?


Victoria Welsh  31:57

Yeah, so connecting with your soul, first of all, soul alignment work. And then what is the big mission? Something that’s greater than you. A lot of people say what is your why. You can do what is your why. I always look at what is the mission that is greater than me that my soul actually came here to do? So mine is helping people heal from financial traumas, or money traumas. 


Victoria Welsh  32:34

Wealth embodiment is what happens after we do this work, right? The embodiment of wealth is the end result. Being able to attract money, feeling safe with money, feeling safe to raise your prices, feeling solid in your innate worth and your value. That’s so beautiful, but what gets me out of bed, what is the soul of my business, is that I remember what it felt like to wake up with so much fear around money. Not knowing where it was coming from. And even when I still didn’t know where it was coming from, when I healed that fear and that anxiety, that was my stability.  I didn’t need to know where it was coming from. So connecting with my soul of my business, for you to connect with your soul your business, it’s your big why. Your big why. What gets you out of bed every single day? What is it that you’re changing on this planet? Who are you affecting? And how are you affecting them?


Shannon Dunn  33:41

I love that. I love it. I know you basically think of mine, I’m very clear on it. It is to activate and amplify thriving, particularly for women because I feel that – no disrespect to any males out there who may be listening to us -but women have such a different role as a connector in the world than men do. So that when a woman knows what it means to thrive on her terms – because every one of us are going to have our own unique definition and understanding of thriving depends on so many things like where we live in the world, our cultural background, our financial means, our education,  there’s so many influences, so know what it means for you. 


Shannon Dunn  34:18

But when you can do that and you can activate thriving within you and amplify that it creates this ripple effect out there can’t help but impact positively others around you who will like you know, it might take the whole inspiration and go oh my god, look what she’s doing. Maybe I could do that. Like often we don’t even know this is happening. But that’s my big why. Yeah. And there’s some other things around that. You know how that could happen in more the how, but that’s what gets me up every day. 


Victoria Welsh  34:51

It’s the soul of your business. It is your purpose work, and then you show up on a mission to We’ll help other women do that same. There you go. There’s the soul of your business.


Shannon Dunn  35:03

Right? I didn’t doubt that I would know what that was, because I’ve done a lot over the years. All right, so in a moment,  I’m going to ask you some questions that I ask every one of the guests to kind of bring us back into the leadership and thriving aspect of She Leads She Thrives. But I’ve got one more question want to ask you. 


Shannon Dunn  35:19

And I’ve been asking all of our guests to share what their superpower is here. And I’m loving  seeing all the answers that are coming through. And some of you I’m like, I want to know more about these. So Victoria, you said that one of yours was energy mastery. Yeah, and specifically helping others to embody the version of themselves they desire to be. Tell us more about your superpower, and how it supported you. Because I think more in the line that I see you as such a role model in your community, like you’ve built a beautiful community around you in your business. And we see other people say they’ve done that. But yours really is embodied from my experience of you, right? It’s not talk, it’s actually real, it’s tangible, you can feel the connection of the people in your community. And I’m not just talking about Facebook community, I’m talking even more broadly. So this whole energy mastery and helping others to embody their version of themselves, that they desire to be. How is this building and connecting others?


Victoria Welsh  36:17

So I just have this, when you asked what my superpower was….it’s one of those things where you’re like, Oh, well, I just always did that kind of thing.  I literally went to work with a coach, because I was like, I need to be able to, and she was like, you’re already doing it. I’ve always done that. So like, well, there you go, then you’re genius at it. Let’s amplify it, let’s get better. I’ve always been able to read energy. So I can read the energy, I read the energy of the room, I read the energy of people, and I am a social chameleon. So when I read the energy of the room, I’m able to shift my energy to help other people in their own energies, to uplift the energy of the space, like, I’m a bit of a connector also, like I love networking and connecting, but  I can read the energy when I read someone’s content, I can read energy in the book.  


Victoria Welsh  37:23

It really helps in my communities, because when we do come together for a call, or when we are on a call, I am really able to see where people might need an extra little bit of love or need a boost or need…. I can see their blind spots very easily by reading the energy. 


Shannon Dunn  37:51

It’s very, very cool. We all have a superpower of some kind. But often we don’t pause again to consider what it is. And like you just said earlier, it’s a thing we’ve usually done our whole lives. We don’t even realize how valuable it is to others who so appreciate when we actually take it on board, embody it, and share it. It’s such a gift. I love it. I love it. So my beautiful friend, what role does leadership play in your life and business?


Shannon Dunn  38:25

Where do you start? Yeah.


Victoria Welsh  38:27

So yeah, where do I start?


Victoria Welsh  38:35

I jumped into leadership very early in life, because I went into the military very early when I was just a kid. And I kind of took on leadership roles very early on. But here’s what I will say about leadership in business. I always saw myself as a leader, but didn’t realize that I had not fully stepped into it until I had a business of my own. There’s a big difference between people that desire to have a business, because a lot of us desire and I desired for a long time. And that’s what I did. I stepped into it. Like I want to have my own business. And people who are willing to show up every single day and have the hard conversations and do the hard things and make the tough decisions. Like that’s where leadership comes in. When you are still willing to show up on the days that you don’t feel like showing up because you said you were going to. 


Shannon Dunn  39:44

Makes me think that it’s that what you said much earlier Victoria was around that, no matter what, like you show up no matter what.


Victoria Welsh  39:54

Yeah. I think that that was the big thing that I that I understood differently. Just A year ago, because prior to that my business was, it was doing well. But it was built on a lot of quicksand. And it was built on me showing up when I wanted to. And even though I showed up a lot, it was still based on when I wanted to it wasn’t a guarantee. Of the things that do now. It’s a guarantee, if I give my word. I will be there. 


Shannon Dunn  40:30

Awesome. So the next question I have for you, how do you know when you’re thriving?


Victoria Welsh  40:36

Hmm. I know when I’m thriving, when I don’t need anything outside of me to create my joy.


Shannon Dunn  40:50

I felt that.


Victoria Welsh  40:52

It comes from within. I can feel it well up in me when I go to take the dogs for a walk. When I sip my coffee in the morning like embody thriving.


Shannon Dunn  41:09

It’s the whole journey to thriving, if you want to use that kind of phrase, for me has been one of curiosity. Of that what is what would it be like or feel like or look like? Or who would I be? Who could I become? If I’m thriving, but what even is thriving in the first place? Yeah. And I think, a lot simpler than a lot of people kind of get themselves caught up in thinking it needs to be this elaborate, complex definition. And it doesn’t have to be and it also doesn’t have to be similar to anybody else’s.  It’s unique to each of us.


Victoria Welsh  41:46

Yeah, I used to long ago think that thriving was when I was fully successful.


Shannon Dunn  41:51

Yeah. What is that? What is that anyway, though?.


Victoria Welsh  41:54

Right. Because you’re constantly chasing a new level of success? 


Shannon Dunn  42:01

Constantly evolving, learning, expanding, reflecting, growing, feeling like we might be going backwards at times. It’s just a part of living this life and choosing or not choosing to do what we’re doing. So, all right, we’ve got a couple of questions left, the important one now, but how can people connect with you like, where do we find you online?


Victoria Welsh  42:22

I’m online. Complimentary Facebook group called the Soul Rich Society. I dropped in there every single day. I’m always dropping like little soul rich life hacks in there. 


Shannon Dunn  42:36

I love them. It’s so cool. 


Victoria Welsh  42:39

Yeah, yeah, so you can find me there and on Facebook and on Instagram.


Shannon Dunn  42:45

So we will make sure as we do for every one of our guests that all of those links are in the show notes. But you will find Victoria easily. And as I say, there’s also often if for some reason, you can’t find one of our guests, you want to connect with them just reach out to Team Thrive Factor. And we will make sure we connect you with them. But always in the show notes. So that’s very easy.


Shannon Dunn  43:02

 And I am in Victoria’s complimentary community on Facebook. It’s lots of fun. A lot of it is busy while I’m asleep, because we’re in such a different time zones, but doesn’t matter. It’s still a place I love to spend time and to read your soul life hacks and see what’s coming up there. So based on what we’ve talked about today, which again, you know, beautiful, rich conversation as I was sure it was going to be, what’s one final piece of wisdom that you’d like to share with the, you know, ambitious, impact driven individuals that are tuning in today.


Victoria Welsh  43:35

All right, let me tune in and see what needs to come through


Victoria Welsh  43:45

You matter, your work matters. What you say matters. What you are meant to do in the world matters. Just keep moving. Keep moving forward to what your soul is pulling you to do, to what your soul is calling you to do. And you can’t get it wrong.


Shannon Dunn  44:09

Yeah, there we go. If you hadn’t used the word soul, I think I would have been like, wait a second. I’m so glad your soul bought that message through, that wisdom through? I love it. Thank you so much for joining me, I knew it would be lots of fun talking to you. And being able to co-create this beautiful conversation that we can share with the world is always such a blessing for me. So thank you, darling woman for doing that. 


Shannon Dunn  44:35

And to listeners, thank you for tuning in and listening to what Victoria and I had to say today. Whether you are someone  that follows the podcast, or you’re part of my community or Victoria’s or you’re new to both of us. We are delighted that you took the time to listen to what we had to share today. And if you feel you know something stirring your soul – listen to that. Hopefully that’s a big takeaway for everybody. Listen to it, do something with it. take an action. Doesn’t have to be a multitude of actions, just take an action that is really aligned with your soul. And you never know where you may end up right? Never know. In the best possible way.


Shannon Dunn  45:15

 So thank you, everybody. Again, if you’ve loved this episode, sure, go and find that friend that you could gift this conversation to. And that could even be one of your actions, listening to your soul and tuning in and going, Who do I know who would really, really value listening to what was shared today? Whatever feels fabulous to you, do that. And remember always that you were born to thrive. That is one of my beliefs that underpins every single thing that I teach and that I stand for. And again, know that thriving is different for all of us, as I shared earlier, so have a fabulous day wherever you are in the world and take care.

Thank you

Thanks for tuning into today’s episode. You are so valued and appreciated.


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