The Thrive Factor Archetypes on Retreat w/ the Thrive Factor Coaches – She Leads She Thrives Podcast Episode 38

She Leads She Thrives Podcast Episode 38 | Thrive Factor Archetypes on Retreat | Thrive Factor Coach Kerryn Slater, Rachel Gardiner, Shannon Dunn
She Leads She Thrives Podcast Episode 38 | Thrive Factor Archetypes on Retreat | Thrive Factor Coach Kerryn Slater, Rachel Gardiner, Shannon Dunn
One of the many things I adore about hosting group experiences, and particularly in-person ones, is seeing the individual Thrive Factor Archetypes play out. And play out always true to type. 

My recent self leadership and legacy retreat for women in business was such a wonderful opportunity to lean deeper into the machinations of each of the 12 Archetypes. Seeing as two licensed Thrive Factor Coaches had joined me on retreat as participants, it felt like a not to be missed chance to catch up and chat about our observations of all Archetypes on retreat. 

Kerryn Slater, Rachel Gardiner and I had a blast capturing this conversation to share with you. You don’t need to know your Archetypes to benefit from listening in. I have no doubt you will be able to recognise yourself in some of the stories we share.
In this episode, you’ll hear us reflect on how the 12 Thrive Factor Archetypes showed up on retreat in all their innate potential. It’s always such a joy to me to witness.

She Leads She Thrives, the podcast for ambitious, ingenious, impact driven souls is hosted by Shannon Dunn of Thrive Factor Co.

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Episode Transcript


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Shannon Dunn  00:02

Great big hello superstars I am, as always, as always, excited to be back with a new episode for She Leads She Thrives podcast, and today mixing it up a little bit, doing something a little bit different. I have got two guests with me. And there’s a very specific reason for that, so I’m going to share that with you now. As you will know, if you have listened to episodes very recently, or follow me online in any way, shape or form, you’ll have seen that I’ve just been in Bali hosting my first retreat in three and a half years. It felt like the longest time coming to finally get there. And I did a episode couple of weeks ago, which was a retreat episode, to share with you kind of a bit about behind the scenes, what retreats are all about, things to think about with regards to retreats. 


Shannon Dunn  00:44

Now I may have shared with you at that time too that two of the participants on retreat with me were also Thrive Factor Coaches. So I have both Rachel Gardiner and Kerryn Slater with me today, and what we thought we would do is have a conversation about how the Archetypes I was not going to say all 12 of them because there were only 11 amongst the group of us that were on retreat together. There was one Archetype that wasn’t represented we will talk about her but we will go through the others first and and talk about how these Archetypes played out on retreat. In the most of course loving diplomatic way possible because there were some that were not as comfortable as others being away and being on retreat. 


Shannon Dunn  01:22

And before I forget, I also will say that if you don’t know your Thrive Factor Archetypes, you are still welcome to listen and I know that you will resonate with some of what we’re going to share today.  You’ll be able to recognize some potential archetypes that you may have. There is a free assessment that you can take online. We’ll make sure the link is in the show notes, where you can go and learn one of your potential three to six archetypes of the 12. 


Shannon Dunn  01:22

We saw some interesting observations of the interactions between Archetypes we may not talk about those so much because we’ve got a lot to cover when we talk about going through all 12 Archetypes in the Thrive Factor Framework. I will just also mention that if you have not listened to the Archetypal focused episode back in or would have been late December/ early January where I introduced you to all 12 Archetypes. That would be a good one to go and listen to at some point in complement to this episode just if you want to get a bit of an idea. [listen here to episode 16]


Shannon Dunn  02:12

And also if you’re interested in actually being profiled and doing some Thrive Factor coaching, I’ll make sure there was obviously links to connect connect with me always in our show notes, but also to connect with Rachel and Kerryn, as licensed Thrive Factor Coaches. Both incredibly gifted individuals, with so much to give and share when it comes to their Thrive Factor coaching. Very different to me, I’m the only coach in our community that focuses on women in business and leadership.  These two ladies I’m going to get them to introduce themselves in a moment, share their love of the Thrive Factor and their guests in relation to the Thrive Factor in different ways because they are different individuals with different backgrounds. 


Shannon Dunn  02:48

So before we get to some intros, I will just also say that the reason that this felt important is that when we are in different environments, or different situations where it’s not our normal, it’s not every day, so like going on retreat to another country, even if you’ve been there before, we tend to default to our innate patterns of mindset, of feeling states, also of behavior. So this is where I say or use that phrase “play out true to type”, we revert back to things in a way where we’re maybe not as conscious or intentional in how we’re talking. how we’re thinking, how we’re feeling. what we’re doing – it just kind of happens. And I think people can be quite surprised how different attributes that they have show up in different environments. 


Shannon Dunn  03:34

Now someone could be completely at home at ease on retreat, love the group that they’re in, feel like they’re getting on with everybody loving all the activities we’re doing. But it doesn’t mean that they necessarily are controlling to just be in their strengths all the time. The potential shadows get actualized no matter what. And when you are in a space – and I know that the ladies are going to be able to share their insights into this – when you’re in a space in a group together for a whole week you see it, like you can’t help but see it right. It just shows up in such an interesting way. And it’s been a such a great thing, this time round, for the first time to have Thrive Factor Coaches with me on retreat and for, not that we were going and chatting about everybody because that wasn’t what was happening. but just to be able to have a different conversation with both Rachel and Kerryn about what we’re observing and for the two of you to share with me how you were learning so much more about the Archetypes and their interaction with each other and individually, by being able to see it in that kind of intense environment. 


Shannon Dunn  04:33

So, so much to talk about. Very excited. So let’s start with Kerryn, come on and do an intro. Tell us a little bit about you. How long have you been a Thrive Factor Coach because it’s for you it’s been a little while now. It was probably a we were at four years probably since I profiled you and you first met your Archetypes. So tell us a little bit about you and how you’re using the Thrive Factor Framework in your business.


Kerryn Slater  04:57

Well, hi, my name is Kerryn Slater. You just put me on the spot there too, because I’m like, Oh, when did I finish that I know that I was doing that during 2020. So it has been a couple of years now. And I just love this framework. I use it with coaching with my clients.  I focus mostly on self discovery. You know, self love, self acceptance, self awareness, really supporting women to tap into their innate magic, and the divine essence of who they are. 


Kerryn Slater  05:13

And I also have a program called Awaken. So that is based also on the Thrive Factor Framework. And I just love it. It’s just such an incredible tool for self discovery. And that’s, as you know, that’s been so much of my personal journey as who am I, why am I here, where’s my purpose, and, um, being able to have a framework that actually supports women through coaching, through my healing modalities, through all of the other modalities, as I Shapeshifter Alchemist. You know, I’ve just found it to be a really strong foundation and it never ceases to amaze me how incredibly accurate and spot on it was. And, you know, I really saw that during the retreat week as well,


Shannon Dunn  06:27

Right. And it still blows me away how accurate this thing is that I created. And with that, together, we’ve evolved. And but you know, I think this is also part of the gift of it being focused in this space of psychology, not other kinds of things. So it’s very, very cool. When we get to the individual Archetypes, we will talk about the ones that we have, I think rather than going in each right now. So over to you, Rachel. Tell us again, a bit about you. You’re the newest Thrive Factor Coach, but have been qualified about a year now, I would say. Yeah.


Rachel Gardiner  07:00

So I was just trying to remember as well, like, Kerryn, I think it was mid last year. That’s right. Yeah. So I’m fairly new into the whole Thrive Factor Coaching scenario, but like Kerryn  I truly, truly love it. Mine’s all about, you know, helping women to discover their spiritual Thrive Factor Archetypes. And I absolutely really love it. I’m learning so much, even on retreat, opened up my eyes to a whole new world, whole new environment, I’d been on Shannon’s previous retreats. So I was in a different space back then. Yeah, I’d only just learned my Archetypes when I went on that retreat. So going on this retreat, I was so much more relaxed, and I was able to really sort of observe the women around me a whole lot more. 


Shannon Dunn  07:54

Yeah. And it was so good to see that. Kerryn, you did a retreat with me a couple years ago, and you managed to get over to the West Coast of Australia when we couldn’t travel. And we did a little bit of Thrive Factor stuff there. But that was only three days, so it’s harder to observe so much. 


Shannon Dunn  08:09

But I really noticed the difference with you, Rachel, because, let’s say four and a half years ago, you just learnt your Archetypes, probably the thought of being a Thrive Factor Coach wasn’t even on your radar at that point in time. It was all new to you that learning through that – even though that’s a spiritual development – learning through the lens of the Archetypes was so new. So for me to see the difference in the two of you this far on and see you sit there in that space of curiosity, observing and listening and supporting the other women that are on retreat with us because of your different depth of knowledge and understanding of all the Archetypes even though you’re also both in the process, as am I,  still learning our own. Right, such an interesting thing. 


Shannon Dunn  08:50

So alright, let’s get dive dive into the Archetypes. Because we have got 12 to talk about and while the episodes can easily be an hour,  I don’t kind of want it to be an hour and a half. So let’s see. I’ve got the cards for the Thrive Factor Archetypes in front of me. So often when we’re talking about archetypes, I’ll go through them alphabetically. The Thrive Factor Archetype alphabet, not that I ever forget one. Some of them like to hide themselves every now and again. Won’t happen today so much because usually that one is a Shapeshifter, and we have two Shapeshifters in the room here, I’m not the shapeshifter archetype, but both Kerryn and Rachel have that. 


Shannon Dunn  09:29

So I thought we just want to shuffle the cards and see what we get and just go through them in that particular order. So let’s see what we get, see what shows up as our first one. All right, so I’m just going to shuffle it a little bit and I’m just gonna pull one out. So the Mother Nurturer. That’s the first one that’s come up. So the Mother Nurturer Archetype and we’re not going to go into much about the Archetypes themselves, because it’s not the right kind of space and time to do that. As I said, we will link in the Archetypal focused episode from late 2022 to early 2023, where you can go and listen and learn more about the Archetypes because there’s a lot of information on. If you Google the Archetypes, you’ll find information about them. But the Mother Nurturer in a nutshell, is the Archetype that’s all about family.


Shannon Dunn  10:17

 Now, that’s probably isn’t it, ladies, the easiest way to talk about her, and we had in our small group of eight, we actually had two Mother Nurturers on retreat with us, which is unusual in all these years, we’re at like 14 years now that I’ve been working with the Thrive Factor Framework and evolving and getting to know and understand the different archetypes. We might, in a group, even a larger group have one show up or none. It’s not uncommon for this to be the archetype that is not in a group of any kind that I’m doing. So we had two. 


Shannon Dunn  10:52

So what did we see in terms of the Mother Nurturers. They also both had the Advocate Rescuer Archetype, which there’s similarities in the traits of those two Archetypes except that the Mother Nurturer is purely family focused. And that’s both in relation to their real and perceived family. So I would say, I don’t know if you ladies agree with me, but for the context of us being on retreat together, we were probably taken on board the collective group as the family for the Mother Nurturers.


Kerryn Slater  11:22

Yeah, absolutely. Definitely.


Shannon Dunn  11:26

Yeah. What do you want to add to that Kez?


Kerryn Slater  11:29

I, well, it was just that, you know, Mother Nurturers have that beautiful warmth, and they want everyone to be watched over and looked after, and making sure that everyone’s comfortable. And everyone is, again, with the combination of the Advocate Rescuer is included, especially when it came to meals and what we’re all doing and where everybody was. And  that’s one of the things that I observed. Yeah,


Shannon Dunn  11:59

What jumps out for you around the Mother Nurturer?


Rachel Gardiner  12:02

So I found that too Kerryn. And I also found, when we were in, we’re doing our business side of things on the retreat. It was very focused on family. Yeah, mainly on their children more than anything else. 


Shannon Dunn  12:19

And they both are actual mothers with their own children. Because not every Mother Nurturer will have had her own children. So that’s something to also note. And because the focus of the retreat this year was on self leadership and legacy, when we talked about legacy, and they’re kind of what is the imprint that we’re leaving or the impact we’re creating in the world? What are we leaving behind when we are no longer physically here, it very much focused more than the rest of us on their family, wasn’t it? 


Shannon Dunn  12:48

And that, again, those that were perceived family, not just their literal family that they are related to by blood. Kerryn, I just think about what you said about meals, because Mother Nurturer like to feed. They love to, they don’t necessarily love cooking, depends on their other Archetypes, but they like to be involved in the process of people being fed. And I agree. They were very much both of them were very focused on where were we eating? What was everybody having? How was everybody’s meal today? What are you ordering? Were they there was a lot of conversation from our Mother Nurturers around food. 


Kerryn Slater  13:24

I mean, I love that, because that was them wanting to ensure that we were all well nourished, and well nurtured, which is you know very much in alignment with the Mother Nurturer archetype.


Shannon Dunn  13:35

And Mother Nurturer archetype is not always great at self nurturing. And that’s actually her key theme in terms of her learning in this lifetime, is to self nurture. They will put everybody else first on it and like another scale compared to what a parent would do, for example. And I loved being able to observe them both allowing themselves to receive. More than perhaps they will do in their every day. And that was a you know, another part of the focus of retreat even why  we include spa time, and we go and we receive massage and enjoy different treatments so that everybody gets a chance to have had some experience of that. But those ladies, our Mother Nurturers, you could tell that they really did. Wasn’t always comfortable for them, but they did enjoy allowing themselves to receive which was lovely. It was a real, I feel like a gift of that self nurturing.


Kerryn Slater  14:28

They definitely glowed. 


Shannon Dunn  14:30

Yeah, didn’t they? They did. 


Shannon Dunn  14:32

Alright, so we’re going next we have got the Pioneer Seeker showed up. So we did have a Pioneer Seeker on retreat. The Pioneer Seeker is the Archetype that’s the innovator, the disrupter. She’s often kind of the lone journeyer in the world out there looking for where she fits, trying to find where she belongs. The seeker is about looking for her treasure, thinking it’s outside of herself and actually, the true reality is that it’s within. So self value is a big theme for the Pioneer Seeker. And as I said, we did have one. And again, that’s not an uncommon thing for there just to be one, because it’s such an Archetype that is kind of travels and journeys solo in the world. 


Shannon Dunn  15:09

So Rachel, we’re gonna go to you first, what did you observe with our Pioneer Seeker and that kind of energy on retreat? And again, there was Pioneer Seekers, one, maybe two that were on retreat with us the first time. So I don’t even know if you remember back then to what they were like, you’ve seen a couple of iterations of that archetype play out.


Rachel Gardiner  15:27

Yes. I found with this lady that was on retreat, I think she was just sort of struggling with the fact that I think she felt quite alone in her own journey. And so she felt a little bit triggered when things would come up. So but  she embraced it, and she understood it and just allowed herself just to feel those feelings.


Shannon Dunn  15:52

Yeah. And that is, again, a classic expression of the Pioneer Seeker is to often feel lonely, or talk about feeling lonely or isolated, for various reasons. And it’s not a bad thing, it’s not a good thing. It’s just that Archetype, isn’t it? So, Kerryn, what did you observe? Or what do you want to add in terms of the Pioneer Seeker? 


Kerryn Slater  16:16

I agree with what Rachels saying. And I also loved seeing the kind of mischievious sassy sense of humor come out in the group, which I just loved observing that. And, of course, that really came out after  she’d had a couple of days to get comfortable and feel that sense of belonging within the group, because there was such a beautiful sense of belonging overall within the group. So yeah, that was awesome to see.


Shannon Dunn  16:46

And that is something that I love about Pioneer Seekers is that when they do feel comfortable, they can have a beautiful, cheeky, playful side. Sometimes when they feel uncomfortable, and like they’re not sure, or they can get bored very quickly, again, depending on the influence of their other Archetypes. That playful, cheeky side can almost be a little bit, it’s not nasty, it’s just got a different tone to it.  But we didn’t see that because there was a beautiful, as you pointed out, a beautiful sense of belonging that showed up, which was really lovely to see. Pioneer Seekers, as I said, they do come on retreat, but they are often the only one as we had this time around. And it can take them a little while to come to terms with the fact that there is nothing wrong with them. That they are actually not an outsider and to lean into their other Archetypes to really show themselves where they do belong in the world, and that they do have incredible value to offer. So it was lovely to see that. 


Shannon Dunn  17:41

Yeah. All right, let me have a flow flip through and see what we’ve got next. Didn’t even talk about with the Pioneer Seeker also has an element of the Queen, the Queen of the Underworld. So that’s where the cheeky kind of playful thing interested in different things plays out. So that’s always fun to see. 


Shannon Dunn  17:58

Our Advocate Rescuer is the next one. So, Kerryn, you’re a resident Advocate Rescuer of the three of us here, Rachel and I don’t have this Archetype. And of our group of eight on retreat, from memory, we had five or six Advocate Rescuers and I know Rachel and I are not Advocate Rescuers, I think everybody else was from memory. It was a well represented Archetype. What did we see in relation to the Advocate Rescuers? What did we see with this Archetype? 


Kerryn Slater  18:26

What I loved observing was, again, that making sure that everybody was included. But that desire to help, the desire to help, to support to make sure that everybody is okay. And just that really compassionate, gentle heart as well. And what I did love also observing was the openness that each of them had, again, like the Mother Nurturer, to receive, and to allow themselves to be taken care of, to be compassionate with themselves. And then  I did also observe the sensitivity of the Advocate Rescuer. And you know, when you’re in an environment, you’re in another country, it’s a new environment, you’re around new people, there can be the tendency to be quite sensitive to whatever’s going on, what conversations are going on. So yeah, just observed that sensitivity, but also the openness to allow each of them to be supported by each other, which was lovely.


Shannon Dunn  19:34

It was a beautiful thing to observe. And you’re right, the sensitivity is present in the Advocate Rescuer regardless, that can certainly be heightened when they’re in a space where, you know, am I going to belong? Am I going to fit in? Am I going to be acknowledged? How do I ask for what I want to need? You know, there’s so many different things that play out with the Advocate Rescuer and one of the greatest gifts of self learning for the advocate rescuer is that understanding what self advocacy is. Which is to get clear on what you actually want and need and to be able to ask for it. And I don’t know if you both agree with me, but I certainly was able to see that play out as the week went on, in terms of the Advocate Rescuer of women getting clearer on, I’m going to ask for this, and also not seeking the external validation as much from the rest of the group. Not the one that probably played out the most in terms of seeking approval, that was another Archetype, we’ll get to her. But there was a little bit of that at different times for Advocate Rescuers, which is, again, classic expression of that Archetype. Rachel, what do you want to add in terms of Advocate Rescuer.


Rachel Gardiner  19:36

You just took the words out of my mouth, I was gonna say exactly the same things. And I noticed as the week went on, they just got more and more comfortable, to be able to have those open conversations, really express what they really, really needed for themselves as well. And it was lovely to be, I don’t have that Archetype and neither do you Shannon, but sometimes it’s really nice to be in that space around those women.


Shannon Dunn  21:03

Because literally feel the love. Yeah, the depth of compassion and love for others that this Archetype has, the way that you women that have this Archetype feel is next level to any of the other Archetypes. As I said, there’s similarities with the Mother Nurturer, but the Mother Nurturer is focused purely on family. But the Advocate Rescuer it’s kind of focused on everybody and everything, and can be very sensitive to what’s going on around them in from an environmental perspective, from a nature perspective, from a human perspective, from an animal perspective, and different places, we’re in a third world country that you’re observing,you know, there were people that were begging and not in a good financial situation to support their children. You know, there are there are animals that clearly not really well taken care of through just the nature of the the way that things are and in different place, environmental impacts, and I could see some of the women kind of you could almost I could almost feel that the way that they were feeling into that and trying to be okay with some things that didn’t necessarily sit well with them. But they did it. And I feel like it’s such a beautiful way. 


Shannon Dunn  22:13

All right. So where are we going next, let’s have a look and see what Archetypes kind of jump out for us. Next time around, oh the Inspirer Believer? Well, we all have this archetype. And of the eight women that we were on retreat with, there was only one woman that didn’t have the Inspirer Believer and again, that’s not uncommon in my community, I have always said that 95%+ of women that come and do anything with me, no matter what the scale of the group is, have the Inspirer Believer Archetype. 


Shannon Dunn  22:39

What I immediately observed was that the one that didn’t have, it wasn’t as obvious that she didn’t have it. There was aspects of Inspirer Believer that came through. And this also reminds me, and it’s great to share here, that we have aspects of all 12 Archetypes within us, But we have our own Thrive Factor Archetypes, which influences how we express ourselves in the world, both the strengths of the Archetypes and the potential challenges and where they become actualized. 


Shannon Dunn  23:07

So, you know, I think with the collective energy of  Inspirer Believer, she was definitely tapping into that. And were sharing some aspects, but certainly this is an Archetype that gets very excited. We saw that and I’ll get you two talk about that in a moment. And our non-Inspirer Believer certainly had moments where she didn’t get as excited as the rest of us and I did see her kind of looking a few times like they’re getting a bit over the top here, which is classic non-Inspirer Believer response. So Rachel, what did you observe in the Inspire Believers collectively on retreat?


Rachel Gardiner  23:38

Oh, the energy was amazing. Just you know, it’s lovely to have that support around as well when you’re with other Inspirer Believers. They just Yeah, they just sort of, you know, rev up, and I just enjoyed being in their company and the person, the lady who wasn’t an Inspirer Believer. Look, she she handled the whole situation really well. She really enjoyed being around all of us. I know, at times, she did find it a little bit overwhelming. She mentioned that to me, as well. And she said that she felt a little bit out of place sometimes because she wasn’t one and didn’t really know where she belonged. But other than that, I just, I love the Inspirer believer.


Shannon Dunn  24:18

Yeah, yeah. And it is an archetype is a sort of a say always that the currency is energy, or it’s like her energetic state is like breathing. See that play out with energy. And it is an Archetype that we just mentioned, that gets excited very easily. And when you are not an Inspirer Believer, I can only imagine because of the feedback I’ve had over the years of women that don’t have this Archetype that it can be a little overwhelming or a bit like what is going on why they are getting us over the top about things. Whereas for the rest of us that have the Inspirer Believer Archetype we could keep going. This is like we’re not even scratching the surface of how energized and excited and enthusiastic we can get about stuff. So Kerryn, what did you observe about our Inspirer Believer collective?


Kerryn Slater  25:05

Definitely the contagiousness of the excitement. You know, like, it’s such an incredible energy to, like Rach said. Just being in Bali, the energy was incredible Being surrounded by other Inspirer Believers and their energy, and we kind of just fed each other – not fed off. We fed each other. And this is what I love about the Inspirer Believer energy is when you’re with someone who has that Archetype, you never walk away feeling depleted. 


Kerryn Slater  25:35

So it was so uplifting every day. And just to see each of the women, you know, really tapping into and tuning into each other woman’s strengths and supporting them in that way. And cheering them on really, and it was just, yeah, it was awesome. We can be amongst groups of women, and we can have an idea that they potentially have the Inspirer Believer Archetype, but to actually be consciously aware, in that space and to feel that and to see it was it was inspiring. I was very excited the whole time I was there.


Shannon Dunn  26:18

Inspirer Believer you know, there is inspiration in everything for a woman that has this Archetype. Even in the times where, because this is an Archetype who can have extremes of energy, both a lot of energy, an abundance of it, and then a great depletion of it. Usually, when she’s not allowing herself to be inspired by who she is, what she’s creating, and what she’s sharing in the world is where her energy will be depleted. 


Shannon Dunn  26:41

And I will often say when I’m working with a client, and I’m sure I’ve said it to the two of you, as well, and we’ve talked about it with the Thrive Factor Coach community, that if you have an Inspirer Believer woman and she does feel like she’s in her cave, and she’s got no energy, and she’s not motivated, to spend time with other Inspirer Believers, not just one to tap into, but just go and find others out there that have that energy. Because when we share what we’re excited about, others will get excited for us. So it’s not about I don’t have to be fully engaged with the things that the two of you are excited about. But because you’re excited, I will get motivated and inspired and fuel my energy. Rather than feeling like you said Kez depleted when you walk away. I feel like the Inspirer Believers that we were away with managed their energy very well. Again, it was a great topping up every day of energy because of the relationships we were in with the other women in learning and sharing and experience. 


Shannon Dunn  27:40

And in times in the past, I have sometimes seen in Inspirer Believer, you can kind of watch them almost getting unplugged some in some way, shape, or form. I didn’t notice that that so much this time, I felt like it was a more of an added inspiration and energy every day rather than a depletion going on. 


Shannon Dunn  27:58

All right. Next Archetype. Well, we’ve got lots to talk about with this one, the Mediator Diplomat. So the Mediator Diplomat Archetype. This is the archetype is all about things being fair, right, just and equal.  She’s the truth teller. She likes things a certain way. She has incredibly high standards for herself and can be the one Archetype that’s more likely to have the perfectionist tendency or trait than the other archetypes. 


Shannon Dunn  28:22

Other archetypes have high standards. But this one is a different level. We saw this Archetype play out really in lots of different ways on retreat. That need for things to be right and to get approved, was to me, I think, the most dominant expression I saw of the Mediator Diplomat. I also did see some beautiful expressions of the sharing of truth. So the women have this Archetype being able to really sink into their heart and share their truth from here rather than their intellectual headspace, which Mediator Diplomats can sometimes go into. Rachel you’re the only one of the three of us here who has this Archetype. So how did you find your Mediator Diplomat? And also, what did you observe from this Archetype in terms of what played out on retreat?


Rachel Gardiner  29:13

I felt really relaxed actually on this retreat with my Mediator Diplomat. I just didn’t have any plans, didn’t worry about everything being perfect. And I just went with the flow a lot more this time than what I did when I first went on retreat with you. I’ve learnt to just be really relaxed and just let it play out. But I did notice the other women who are Mediator Diplomats, it played out a lot more for them than what it did for me. 


Shannon Dunn  29:42

What examples did you specifically see play out? That’s classic Mediator Diplomat.


Rachel Gardiner  29:49

Just if you were giving instruction to do an activity or we’re going to be doing an activity they would be worried about how they were going to achieve it, perfect it and whether they are doing it right, or whether they are doing it wrong. They asked lots of questions. Because they just needed that clarification that they were doing it right. They’re just trying to seek approval all the time from others, which is fine. I still do that every now and again, but not as much as what I used to.


Shannon Dunn  30:21

Did you find that you lent into some of your other Archetypes, you’ve got five in total. Did you lean into those you think to support your Mediator Diplomat to be less focused on having to kind of be a certain way and follow all the rules and be compliant? 


Rachel Gardiner  30:36

Yeah, definitely, I think I let all my Archetypes shine through a lot more, put them more at the forefront, then my Mediator Diplomat. So my Mediator Diplomat really took a real backseat, while I was away for their whole duration, and it was actually really nice, because my head wasn’t spinning so much as what it normally does. With Mediator Diplomat, we think. 24/7, it doesn’t stop. Whizzes around, you know.


Shannon Dunn  31:05

If we could tap into and see a visual of the brain of a Mediator Diplomat, you know, the rest of us there, our brains are processing at a certain speed, for example, ebb and flow. Mentor Teachrs – it’s a accelerated speed. A Mediator Diplomat – it’s like it’s almost off the rails in terms of how fast it could be going in terms of that’s how my Visionary Creator sees a Mediator Diplomat, it’s spinning so fast, it’s almost not on its axes, it can’t be grounded at all, because it’s just non-stop. Yeah, interesting. So Kerryn, what did you observe with their Mediator Diplomat?


Kerryn Slater  31:42

The thing that most stood out for me, and again, I agree with exactly what Rachel has been saying. The  thing that really stood out for me was how crippling that self judgment with the Mediator Diplomat can actually be and to observe it, completely preventing them from just going with the flow and trusting themselves and tuning into their own inner wisdom and drawing on that to complete the tasks or, you know, to do what was asked, and, yeah, that really stood out to me. And then the downfall of self judgment. I could really feel and sense that that was going on internally. And so it really highlighted to me again, the incredible high standards that they actually do have. We’re aware of it, well I’m aware of it from a Thrive Factor coaching perspective, but to really see it in an environment like that,  it was like, wow, you know, it must be so difficult every day to do the things that they wanted to do when they have such an incredibly high standard, and how often they must actually get stuck and not do what it is that they really want to do.


Shannon Dunn  32:59

For sure. And that’s why I’ve seen play out with most Mediator Diplomat over the years that I’ve coached. And that’s been a reasonably, an Archetype that,  I don’t like the word common, but shows up frequently in profiles of the women that I have in  my world, and the perfectionism, the high standards, the things having to be right before they can proceed, has meant that frequently things don’t happen at all, because it’s still not quite right. And if they also have the Mentor Teacher, which is also a common patterning I see play out in my community, then it’s the not right is that I don’t have enough knowledge yet. I don’t know enough yet. 


Shannon Dunn  33:34

So until I have proof, like so there’s truth, you know, and having the right qualifications is important to them, having the right pieces of paper, having the compliance, to say that they have got what it takes to do the thing that they want to do in the world, means that often they don’t share their incredible brilliance. And yet its an Archetype that’s here to speak and share a truth, much like the Advocate Rescuer with the self advocacy, this is an Archetype that using her voice to share her truth is so important. So I feel like we’ve got there though with over some of our beautiful ladies were getting more comfortable with that. What we saw play out though I think a lot was the fact that of the women on retreat that have the Mediator Diplomat, they either also had the Mentor Teacher or the Queen Ruler, which is also two Archetypes that have standards. So that means Mediator Diplomat attributes and expression is often amplified because of that.


Kerryn Slater  34:33

I guess the additional observation as well was, you know, it was beautiful to see each of the women understand themselves on a deeper level because we were doing all of the work and everything was through the lens of the Archetypes, so to see them to actually soften in that and have more compassion and acceptance of themselves, that was a highlight for me.


Shannon Dunn  35:01

Heroine Adventurer. Yeah, so we had one little Heroine Adventurer. But again, it’s not an uncommon thing just to have one in a group. Certainly in my world, there will be different environments where you would have more Heroine Adventurer for sure. But this is the Archetype who loves nature, she loves animals, she likes being out there in the world showing her physical strengths. She needs to move, she needs to actually be in her physical body. She’s focused, she’s determined, she can come across as being very competitive, depends again on her other Archetypes how obvious that is, but from the outside perspective, her focus and determination to achieve and to win can look to the rest of us as being very competitive. 


Shannon Dunn  35:43

So what do we see in terms of Heroine Adventurer energy on retreat? So while we only had one, there was a couple of other ladies that have this Arhcetype probably kind of the middle of their profile if we look at all 12 archetypes, so there was some tendency to kind of fall in line to some of the Heroine Adventurer traits. So what did we see with this Archetype?


Kerryn Slater  36:06

Or definitely the need to get out in nature and exercise, like do actual physical activity, long, long walks.


Shannon Dunn  36:16

Heroine Adventurer, and one who’s very similar, were the only two that went on our actual hike. Right?


Kerryn Slater  36:25

Yeah, so that was very interesting. And also the need to move the body. You know, if there were periods of time where we were sitting, they needed to get up and  move around and stretch, but also the outdoors, they needed to be outside.


Shannon Dunn  36:42

Where we stay in aboard for a treat is such a beautiful surroundings in terms of nature. And it’s one of the many considerations I make when I choose where we’re actually going to stay is how we can actually tap into nature, because while a Heroine Adventurer needs it, the rest of us will benefit from it. So it was lovely to be able to see them be able to easily take their shoes off and go and stand on the Earth. Hug a tree or a palm tree or whatever it is that they needed to do. To get into the swimming pool and to swim. To get out there in nature. So Rachel, what did you observe in terms of a Heroine Adventurer energy on retreat?


Shannon Dunn  37:17

Now, the one Heroine Adventurer, and the one woman who’s very closely resembles a Heroine Adventurer, both have the Mediator Diplomat Archetype that we just talked about. So I’m not sure if the two of you picked it up, but I did notice an element of not necessarily having to win at our activities, because that wasn’t what it was about. It was such an individual journey and exploration. But there was a sense of accomplishment that I felt come through for both of those women. In terms of I’ve finished my thing, or I’m ready to share and a pride in terms of being able to say that they finished something, which is again, classic Heroine Adventurer energy, and show up. 


Rachel Gardiner  37:17

Exactly what Kez has just said, where they just had to be outside being in nature, be in the environment, soak it up, go on these big, amazing hikes, which none of us are else were interested in doing. And, you know, they were just swimming every day. I could just see, they were just so in their element of just being in that whole environment, in Ubud. Their real happy place there.


Shannon Dunn  38:24

All right, let’s go to our Mentor Teacher next. So our Mentor Teacher Archetype Again, I think there was from memory, there was only one of the group on retreat that didn’t have the Mentor Teacher Archetype. And again, that slight there Inspirer Believer, it’s the one Archetype that shows up in the high, 90% of women that tend to be drawn to work with me and to do things in my world. And the three of us have the Mentor Teacher archetype, we know it, we live it out all the time. 


Shannon Dunn  38:52

This is the Archetype that has an almost unquenchable thirst for knowledge. She loves to learn, she loves to immerse herself in different experiences, both lived and a learned experience, so her lived experience is equally important to her, or she finally gets that I think that’s where her wisdom kicks in. But it’s also an Archetype where the gift of really understanding your wisdom and sharing your wisdom, not your intellect, is actually where it all comes together when you’re in your Effortless Success Zone. So Rachel, what did we see in terms of the Mentor Teachers?


Rachel Gardiner  39:26

These women were starting to share their wisdom. 


Shannon Dunn  39:29

Yes, they were definitely.


Rachel Gardiner  39:31

..with the group. And that encouraged others to do that as well.


Shannon Dunn  39:36

It was great to see and my teaching style is very much to encourage others to share and I like to do it, you know, there was only eight of us together on retreat. There’s always a maximum of 10 on my retreats at this point in time, I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Because I like there to be a small intimate experience. You know, we could have broken up into smaller groups if we wanted to, but I feel like that that group of eight is actually quite intimate already. And being able to have a platform where you’re invited to share what you know, what you’re observing, what your insights are giving you, I think is such an important opportunity for a Mentor Teacher. She tends to share anyway, it’s an Archetype that can be an oversharer, right? But being given an opportunity where you’re encouraged to share your wisdom, not your intellect, is very different. So I love that too. Kerryn, what did you see in terms of, or feel, in terms of Mentor Teacher?


Kerryn Slater  40:34

Exactly that, the same as that. And what I also felt for myself and observed was, all of the women with this Archetype really absorbing, you know, the local culture, our experiences, like really embodying the experience, allowing themselves to step fully into that, and, you know, Mentor Teachers, we love a lived experience. And, yeah, so it was really awesome to observe that.


Shannon Dunn  41:02

It was fun. I know for my Mentor Teacher, I love the researching about what’s going on. And, you know, even for us to be out there, and I shared this in the retreat episode to discover that our first full day on retreat, where we went and did the water purification ceremony, was the day after Sarasvati Day, the wisdom goddess, which was the day we actually started. But to be, you know, the different days and different things and to be able to do a little bit of research, so it wasn’t going over the top and to share some links so that if the Mentor Teachers wanted to go and learn more they could. My Mentor Teacher loved the opportunity to do that. But then for us to have a conversation about what that meant for each of us. And what that meant for the group. So that we were tapping into the wisdom, not the intellect, about those different experiences was fun. But I did see Mentor Teachers sharing links to things, books, podcasts they were listening to, you know, talking about the different learnings that they’d done in relation to what we were doing on retreat as well, which was a lots of fun to see. 


Shannon Dunn  41:59

There was definitely some moments where some of the Mentor Teachers were kind of taking the almost the role of being the teacher in the group. And that is a classic patterning of the Mentor Teacher They’re not technically there as the teacher but that’s just what we do, right, with that Archetype we step into. And I love that opportunity to be able to invite women to step into their space, to share their wisdom, as I said that before, so that, you know, people are given a chance to actually do that and to feel what that’s like. Most Mentor Teachers have possibly a quiet, sometimes maybe a loud dream to facilitate the different levels. They have the ability to, but whether they actually do or not, it’s another thing entirely.


Shannon Dunn  42:40

 Okay. So four more Archetypes to talk about in terms of what was on retreat, then we’ve got our one that wasn’t on retreat. But let’s go to the Queen Ruler next. So we had, of our eight, we had three Queen Rulers on retreat with us. Yeah, this is a strong Archetype, she again is another Archetype that has high standards. So all of our Queen Rulers also have the Mediator Diplomat Archetype, so I thought that sometimes that was amplified in terms of their expectations. And it’s an archetype that often has a certain expectation, but she loves environment, and she loves like they all talked about, we’re gonna have a bit of a laugh about this, but in a beautiful, heartfelt way. They all were obsessed with their room and the design layout of their rooms, weren’t they? And when we went anywhere, they talked about how things looked, and the different things in terms of the layouts of the spaces and how it made them feel.


Shannon Dunn  43:29

 And so what do we want to talk about with that? So we’re laughing because it was such a common thing. Every time we were, it’s almost like which Queen Ruler is the first one who’s going to comment about about the beautiful design of the space we’re in. And watching them too when we did our art activity this year was Batik, watching them choose their design because design, this is a designer of the Archetypes, choosing their designs and their colors, was also a great joy. So what else did we observe in terms of Queen Ruler?


Kerryn Slater  44:01

I guess too like, even with the art, like the way that they were able to put all their colours together, you know,  it was beautiful. And the pride that they had in the final outcome, the final result what it looked like.  I just loved that two of them had a room side by side. And it was just, you know, the doors, the outdoor furniture, the way that it felt and how inviting it was. And it was just it was really interesting to observe the Queen Ruler in that environment and how much of their language and their mannerisms and their conversations and what mattered to them actually played out to type.  I just loved, absolutely loved watching that.


Shannon Dunn  45:01

I find that you can understand the Queen Ruler if there’s just one, but when you have three, and you can see different iterations of the query, because they each had different Archetypes, you really can get to know that Archetype in a whole different way. Seeing the common things that they loved together and the language they use, the things that were focused on the activities they enjoyed, and verbally shared, that they enjoyed more so. And then also the influence of their other Archetypes on that, because the Queen Ruler, it’s not the boss Archetype, but it tends to be very dominant when women have it, right? Yeah, Rachel, what do you want to add in terms of your observations of Queen Ruler.


Rachel Gardiner  45:37

Yes, I agree. I just loved watching them observe. Like they would sit out on their porch together and really love being in their whole environment. Whereas I’m like, yeah, just dump stuff in my room. And off I go and do something else. Didn’t particularly care. Just grateful I had a really nice bed and shower and toilet. You know, they’d sit there, they’d have their cups of tea and be chatting. It was actually really lovely to watch. And, you know, I really admire that they just admire or the beauty, as well of Bali and Ubud, not to say that we all don’t as well, but they really loved it.


Shannon Dunn  46:13

And they shared it, which was what the difference is. The rest of us may be loving what we’re seeing and what we’re experiencing, but they shared it. And I know that one of the Queen Ruler particularly wanted to see what everybody else’s rooms were like. And it wasn’t to see if she had a better room, she just was fascinated because the place we’re at is that no two rooms are the same. So she just wanted to see how everybody’s layouts were, what their designs were, if there was art in the rooms, what the color scheme was, what your front door was like, and it was just a pure, I want to see as much of the layout and the design of everything as we possibly can, which is great. It was really fun to see that. 


Shannon Dunn  46:51

Okay, so we’re moving to the Visionary Creator next. So I have this Archetype, I’m the only one that officially has it that was on retreat. But one of our ladies, it’s in kind of her next group of Archetypes beyond her actual Thrive Factor profile. And I certainly saw this play out a lot for her more than probably anyone else maybe was initially observing. Rachel, I know you picked up on it as well. And then we kind of highlighted it when I do we checked what her actual Archetypal assessment kind of results were and could see that it was there. But it was playing out a lot more than I necessarily thought that it may do. But, you know, rather than me talking about my Visionary Creator, what did the two of you observe in terms of Visionary Creator on retreat? I’m not immune to playing out true to type- we all do it.


Rachel Gardiner  47:38

You particularly did and the other lady, she did too, because she could always sense that she had those traits. And then when we watched her doing some of the activities, you could really really see that yes, definitely. She She does have elements of those traits, more than any of us. 


Shannon Dunn  47:59

Kez, what did you see in terms of Visionary Creator?


Kerryn Slater  48:02

Well, I guess I mean, all of the art, for me, that was like, you know, all of the beautiful experiences that we had, and being able to support women and tapping into, you know, the future visions that you potentially both could see what was available, should they choose to tap into that and, and bring it into their own lives.


Shannon Dunn  48:28

Yeah, for sure. And this is an Archetype that has a gift for vision. It’s not like a clairvoyance. It’s very different to that. And if anyone understands what clairvoyance actually is, but I know for me, I do see and I do get a sense of knowing that is, it’s like, I don’t question it. It’s so solid and clear for me, that it’s just, why would I question it? You know, I don’t sit in mistrust. In fact, one of the biggest gifts for this archetype is actually learning to trust in what you see, and sense, and know, in a way that you truly know it and own that. And that’s been a huge learning for me. 


Shannon Dunn  49:01

And my Visionary Creator is not the most dominant archetype, I really tap into all four of my Archetypes in terms of creating these experiences, but she plays a significant role, because when I’m like, okay, these are the dates for the next retreat. And like for 2024, we’re going to Cambodia as well as to Bali. Cambodia is a new destination, but it’s like, see, literally, I see, I have had dreams at different times. But I see what’s possible. And I play out the itinerary. It’s like I get a visual imprint of what the itinerary could look like, in terms of what we might do on particular days and where we might go and I can sense and see what’s possible with that. So it gets used in lots of ways and when I can’t see clearly, that’s why I know that my Visionary Creator has an opportunity to tap in into a different way and to amplify the trust more so. 


Shannon Dunn  49:51

All right. Liberator Engineer is next. So Rachel, you and I have this Archetype. We were the only two official Liberator Engineers on retreat, but another couple of the ladies it shows up a little bit more for them, than even though it’s not in their officially in their Archetypes. So, Liberator Engineer, what was it about this? And maybe we’ll ask Kerryn to share this, what she observed in terms of the Liberator Engineer, considering she’s not one. What did you see in terms of this Archetype? The freedom lover or the freedom weaver? What was going on for us with this archetype?


Kerryn Slater  50:21

The doors. So we had some doors in Bali that weren’t working right. But the Liberator Engineers could figure that out and get them working perfectly straight away. I guess with a sense of freedom. You know, everything about the retreat really felt free. We had open spaces. We had experiences outdoors. And I guess, you know, just that sense of being in your own element and having the freedom to be yourself and make your own choices. And just that expansiveness, I observed the expansiveness, in being in a setting that really was an environment of freedom.


Shannon Dunn  51:08

Yeah, Rachel, what about you? You have the Liberator Engineer. I know you commented to me that you felt really free being up there and being on retreat. But what else did you observe in terms of our Liberator Engineer playing out? Like, how do we kind of respond and work with what we had?


Rachel Gardiner  51:24

I think for, but I’ll speak for myself and possibly you that were just out in nature, and we could just be free. There was no structure to anything, which is probably more Mediator Diplomat. For me, but just yeah, just having that freedom to just be who we needed to be. Yeah, yeah,


Shannon Dunn  51:46

it’s an Archetype that also very analytical in terms of the way she processes. This is more the Engineer than the Liberator part of the Archetype. And I did see that like Kerryn what you said about the doors was quite funny, because there was, again, the configuration. If anyone’s been to Bali, no matter where you live in the world, if you’ve been there, and really any part of Southeast Asia, you may well understand that the architecture is very different to the Western world. Like there were some beautiful carved wooden doors that literally just had two metal handles on the outside that were attached. And you could literally close it with a lock that like you get from a hardware store. There were other doors where you literally had a key, but like the way that the deadbolt lock works, that you had to turn it, like more times than I’ve ever turned it in a Western country. And ways that kind of didn’t make sense or weren’t kind of obvious in terms of turning left or right.


Shannon Dunn  52:38

 So it was kind of there were some different things. But like you said, or I know, in our workshop room, there was one particular door that just kept getting stuck. And I know that someone said to me, I’ve tried to open it, it won’t work or another time I tried to close it. And I just went straight up to it and just kind of looked at it and just jiggled it and it worked, like of course because you’re a Liberator Engineer, so the engineering part of that Archetype, kind of understands how the mechanics of things work. Both those kind of how structural things are, they appreciate architecture and I know that I look at the way things are built. 


Shannon Dunn  53:10

I’m fascinated by the way things are built and come together both from that kind of technical, structural, but also people. My Liberator Engineer plays out in terms of the Thrive Factor Framework and the Archetypes, understanding how everything relates to each other, the big picture, and all the moving parts of the puzzle, like all the machination that goes into being who we are. It fascinates me. So I also found myself, I don’t know Rachel if you did this for yourself, but observing how we were fitting together as a group and how different Archetypes were fitting together and working in supporting or not supporting within an individual, how different Archetypes played out and the different exercises or activities that we did, how some responded with ease and with joy and others were a bit grumpy or a bit uncertain or be concerned because I didn’t know what we were doing. Like watching all of that was very much my Liberator Engineer was in a big a big process of observation. 


Rachel Gardiner  54:08

I agree. Definitely. I’d actually forgotten about the doors, Kerryn. Because it’s just sort of something that we just naturally just do.


Shannon Dunn  54:16

No, don’t even think about it at all.   Kerryn and I had a couple of laughs with some doors, a door to my room particularly, where she just couldn’t kind of get the key to work. And she’s like, here you just do it, your Liberator Engineer will work it out. And I was like, I can’t understand why you have a problem with it.  So again, that being able to say your Liberator Engineer will feel comfortable doing this, and this is frustrating me, I’m giving this to you. And you know, for my Liberator Engineer to go Yeah, bring it on. Like you know, it’s just a fun thing with that Archetype. 


Shannon Dunn  54:48

But logistics as well, like working out the logistics of things. That is an Liberator Engineer trait again, like the Visionary Creator with the vision of what we’re doing on retreat. The Liberator engineer for me as a retreat leader, working out the logistics and the planning and the driving and the timing and everything –  Oh, she is in her element. Happy, happy place. Big part of Rachel’s past business and some of the business she still does now is in our events. And again, I know your Liberator Engineer plays out in that all day every day.


Rachel Gardiner  55:19

Huge. Even when organizing stuff to come to Bali, I got landed with doing all the logistics stuff, you know, getting to and from the airport and all that. I love it.


Shannon Dunn  55:29

The Shapeshifter Alchemist and then we will talk about the one Archetype that wasn’t on retreat. So this is an Archetype that both Rachel and Kerryn have. The Shapeshifter Alchemist  – she’s the archetype of transformation. She’s mystical, magical. She’s spiritual, she’s ever evolving and changing. But you know, ladies, what do we observe? Because you weren’t the only Shapeshifter Alchemists on retreat, more than half of our group had this archetype. And I love seeing this play out. 


Shannon Dunn  55:58

But what did you both observe in terms of the different things we did and how the Shapeshifters responded. I did find that, just before I know I just asked you to both share and I’m gonna jump in again, this is an Archetype that sometimes can have challenges with visibility, I didn’t notice that as much this time, as I have on previous retreats, where there can be. There was one lady that didn’t, wasn’t maybe as tangibly visible and would be late more than others. Which is, again, a classic Shapeshifter Alchemist thing, depending on their other Archetypes. But in the past, I’ve literally had experiences where someone’s  felt like they literally were AWOL, like, which is a behavior that can show up for a Shapeshifter Alchemist. So what did you both observe through your own Archetypes, but more about what you saw with the other Archetypes? And did you learn or understand this Archetype more by observing the group dynamic of Shapeshifters?


Kerryn Slater  56:49

I can certainly say that, I mean, I fully embody my Shapeshifter Alchemist Archetype. Love her, she was just vibrating at such a high frequency the whole time that we were in Bali, because of the magic and the energy of Bali. But what I did observe was the deep curiosity that  some of the women who have this Archetype and haven’t potentially really tapped into it. Haven’t really explored that, haven’t really tapped into the innate magic of this Archetype. And so seeing that curiosity of want them wanting to know more and understand more, and understand how, you know, perhaps Rachel and myself were seeing things or feeling things. That to me was really exciting. I found that to be really exciting. And as you said, I didn’t actually observe any of the women who had this Archetype hiding or going into hiding or struggling with visibility. But I think that was the overall energy encompassing energy of the group, it was so open and warm and inviting.


Shannon Dunn  57:52

I know that one of the many reasons why having a small group where we can be intimate is to support Shapeshifters so that they can be visible. That was a conscious choice on my behalf, to support all the Archetypes to be themselves and to feel as comfortable as possible, knowing that there will be times when they won’t feel as comfortable or as maybe connected to who they are or embodied in who they are. If we had a group of 20, you, I can almost guarantee that there will be one or two women that we would lose, literally.


Kerryn Slater  58:27

And I also observed the love of this Achetype in the ritual and the intention. The daily rituals, the daily intention that Bali’s infused with, and I just saw that really shine through in the women who have this Archetype.


Shannon Dunn  58:47

Rachel, what about you? What do you want to add to that?


Rachel Gardiner  58:49

Yes, those rituals and intentions in Bali are just so beautiful. And I think even if you don’t even have the Shapeshifter, you just embody it anyway. And it just brings in that whole magic into your day, it starts your day off just beautifully. And just the energy and just the whole environment. There was a real vibration in Bali, especially in Ubud where we were and I think, all the Shapeshifters were just really feeling it. And they were learning about themselves too, which was amazing, and how they could strengthen it. Yeah. 


Shannon Dunn  59:26

And as you pointed out, Kerryn, I definitely observed where some of the ladies that are not as maybe aware or in touch or have as much of a strong relationship with the Shapeshifter Alchemist like yourself and Rachel do. They were seeking the two of you and they were asking questions, and you’re feeling comfortable to have conversations about things that they’ve maybe been curious about, but never voiced out loud before because it’s on there kind of the edge of fitting into that world of magic or something a little bit different than might not have been accepted or they weren’t sure how to ask the questions and you two were so open with all of your spiritual practices and learning and curiosity, that it  felt like such a beautiful gift of permission for them to also be more curious, which  just in general open up the conversation amongst a group of women around things that I think is so important to talk about. And everyone’s like, what do they talk about? Well, you just have to come on retreat and find out for sure. 


Shannon Dunn  1:00:25

Alright, so as we’re getting towards the end here, there was one Archetype that we haven’t talked about. The one that didn’t come on retreat this year, was the Networker Connector. And it’s not uncommon for one or two Archetypes to not show up in our small groups. So as I said, though, I have had Networker Connectors on retreat with me in the past. It’s an archetype that is a very social archetype. They love to literally be connected with other people, they like to make introductions, they like to kind of share their network and see  what is possible. 


Shannon Dunn  1:00:55

The thing that they often don’t do very well as is self connection. They’re very good at kind of externalizing their connection and very good at being connected to everybody in the world, but not necessarily to themselves. And I know in the past, through observation, the first year we were on retreat, there were two Networker Connectors, and they kind of buddied up every night and kind of did a bit of a party, which wasn’t necessarily conducive to the comfort of the rest of the women, because depending on whose room they chose to party in could be very noisy, as an influence on the other women that were trying to have some downtime and to rest and sleep. So that was, I find it a bit of a funny thing. And I do remember, I’m not someone who tells anybody off or asserts rules, but there was one time I know that there was some influence because they were down underneath me, I’m like, na I gotta say something.  So I did just say, ladies, just kind of keep in mind that other people are trying to rest and sleep and it’s late, you know, we’ve got a big day tomorrow. And, you know, could you just think about that, but they were in full party mode in terms of this hanging out with each other and socializing, which was funny. So how do you think aside from that example, how do you think Networker Connector may have played out on retreat, I think maybe I’d love to know your thoughts on the self connection, because a lot of what we do on retreat is about self connection, that’s not something that they’re necessarily comfortable with. 


Kerryn Slater  1:02:21

That was exactly where I was going to lead in with.  I can see the potential challenge that a Networker Connector would have in the exercises or the activities of that inward reflection of really connecting into themselves. And I could see that they would really need to be drawing on whatever other Archetypes they may potentially have to support them in doing that.


Shannon Dunn  1:02:47

Yeah. And that’s often what we talk about right when we coaching a Networker Connector is to lean into their other Archetypes to support that self connection. Because if they’re just relying on their Networker Connector, it often doesn’t really land in a way that’s useful and supportive for them. Yeah. Anything else want to add to that in terms of, you know, some Networker Connectors in  your broader community? How do you think they would have gone on retreat?


Rachel Gardiner  1:03:11

They love being around people as well. So doing all the activities and things would just really heighten what they love. But when you have that, that downtime, and then alone time, I just think that they tend to struggle a little bit with that, too. So they seek each other out. Yeah, I’m kind of glad we kind of didn’t had too many Networker Connectors, because I need my sleep every now and again, like everybody else does. So it’s good that they weren’t there.


Shannon Dunn  1:03:38

I know, the second year there was a Networker Connector, and someone that was quite swayed by the Networker Connector. And they were the two that were kind of heading off into town, to do things in the tightest windows of time was almost impossible to get there and back. But it’s like needing to go and connect with more people. Which was again, interesting to observe different to that way back in that first year when you were there Rachel with the kind of party girls. I find it fascinating to watch how they if they are the only one how they find someone who will lean into the socializing aspect to do it with them. Its like they can pick out their potential buddy to party with or to have fun with or to get out and to connect with more people with and be extroverted like that which is fun. 


Shannon Dunn  1:04:24

Awesome. We have gone through the whole of archetypes, which is great. Thank you for mammoth conversation, anyone who’s listening in Thank you for listening to Rachel and Kerryn and myself talk about the Archetype on retreat. Now this isn’t to say that every Archetype is always going to play out like this on retreat, but I have seen some consistencies over the years, both on retreats and in groups, but it definitely is heightened when we are, as I said right at the beginning, together for a week. 


Shannon Dunn  1:04:51

You know, different days, different activities, different requirements, different things happening, also influences from home going on and all sorts of different things showing up and, and influencing the way that we end up playing out true to type. And the way that we work with the Thrive Factor Archetypes and coach with them is that understanding in traditional archetypal psychology is that when we’re in a space of uncertain, potential overwhelm, a different environment that we’re not necessarily 100% comfortable with, different people we don’t know just yet, we tend to play out through the type faster in our defaults of our Archetypes then we are able to be consciously aware of. I’m using this strength today, or I want to lean into this attribute and this behavior or this feeling state of a particular Archetype that I really want to embody. We tend to find that often potential challenges show up and become actualized much faster than they may would in the kind of everyday environment in which we find ourselves in. 


Shannon Dunn  1:05:53

And that, for me is always something that I really appreciate being able to observe, and having the Thrive Factor Framework and the Archetypes then to support the women if things don’t play out, like they want them to, and they don’t feel and behave and respond and get excited, or whatever it is, like they wish that they could have or planned to be able to have something that’s so reliable to be able to support them to understand where that’s coming from, and what they can do with it, which is something such, again, one of the many gifts and assets of the Thrive Factor Framework and the Archetypes. 


Shannon Dunn  1:06:26

So Kerryn, Rachel, thank you so much for joining me. Thank you for joining me on retreat. But thank you for coming in being a part of this conversation. Anyone who’s listening in, I’ll make sure that in the show notes, as I said that you have links to connect with these beautiful ladies, both on their websites where you can do profiling and find out about the ways you can work with them with the Thrive Factor Framework Archetypes and coaching. And also their social media links, mostly their Instagram so you can connect with them and follow them there as well. 


Shannon Dunn  1:06:53

And if you have any questions about the Archetypes, so you have any questions about retreats, or getting profile or coaching, please reach out to myself or my team. Again, there’s always links in all the show notes so that you can make that very easy to do for you. I hope you found this interesting. I hope if you’ve got some insight into what your Archetypes could be, you’ve now imagined what you could be like on retreat. And uh, yeah, if you want to come to a Thrive Factor Co retreat in 2024,  there are still places still a handful, probably half the places in the Cambodia retreat for March and we have still August we will be back in Ubud. So we’re excited to see what next year, what we bring to the table next year. Have a beautiful day wherever you are in the world. Thanks for listening in to She Leads She Thrives podcast and remember that you were born to thrive. Thanks, ladies. Thanks everyone. 

Thank you

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