Queen Ruler & Mother Nurturer, Thrive Factor Archetype Business Insights series part 6 – She Leads She Thrives Podcast Episode 61

Queen Ruler_Mother Nurturer - Thrive Factor Archetypes Business Insights, part 6 - ep 61 | Shannon Dunn Business Coach for Women Perth Australia
Queen Ruler_Mother Nurturer - Thrive Factor Archetypes Business Insights, part 6 - ep 61 | Shannon Dunn Business Coach for Women Perth Australia

The Thrive Factor Archetypes Business Insights series explores key business wisdom related to two of the 12 Thrive Factor Archetypes in each episode.


In today’s episode, the 6th and final part of the series, we get to know the final two of the 12 Thrive Factor Archetypes, the Queen Ruler and Mother Nurturer.


The Queen Ruler has the potential to lead on a large scale and is often ambitious to surround herself with a large community of supporters. Not all Queen Rulers will aspire to this level of “empire” but every one has the potential. When she is honouring her desire for quality, leaning into the standards that support her, enjoying the finer things in life, and living and working in an environment overflowing with beauty she’s in her element. The Queen Ruler brings beauty and quality to the world. She loves exceptional experiences and will invest to create a lifestyle that is in alignment with her innate strengths. She can also be calculated and make quick decisions without being swayed by emotion. In some instances, it is challenging to imagine the Queen Ruler even having other Archetypes, but she 100% does.


The Mother Nurturer Archetype is 100% focused on family. Both her real and perceived family become the centre of her world, often to the detriment of her own well-being. She can be kind, generous, supportive, and the biggest encourager. She can also be smothering with her demonstrative love for her family members. In business, she thrives in a family style environment where she can surround herself with those she loves. She is determined to empower her offspring any way she can, but can also get caught up defining her self-value based on her perception of the accomplishments of her children, and extended family, including her clients as they can feel like family to her.

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In this episode:


0919  Queen Ruler (QR)

12:06  Mindset
12:46 Marketing
13:29  Money
14:22 Magnetism

15:29 Activation question for QRs
15:52 Profitable Wisdom Focus
18:06 Potential challenges for QRs
21:59 Strengths of the QR
23:53 Afformations for QRs
26:03 Archetypal Success Pathway of QRs
27:49 Do more of, do less of


28:20 Mother Nurturer (MN)

31:16 Mindset
31:42 Marketing
32:37 Money
33:04 Magnetism

33:42 Activation question for MNs
33:52 Profitable Wisdom Focus
35:49 Potential challenges forMNs
36:32 Strengths of the MN
37:37 Afformations for MNs
38:27 Archetypal Success Pathway of MNs
40:05 Do more of, do less of


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Shannon Dunn  01:16

Hey superstars.  Welcome to Episode 61 And the sixth and final in our Thrive Factor Archetypes Business Insights series. Now, let me say right up front. If you haven’t tuned in to previous episodes in the series, you can catch them at episode 42 where I introduce you to the Mentor Teacher and Shapeshifter Alchemist. Episode 44, we saw the Advocate Rescuer and Inspirer Believer featured. Now that episode alone – not saying that the others haven’t been popular – but that one is the most popular in terms of downloads, which I can see there’s a lot of Advocate Rescuers and Inspirer Believers out there. Episode 47, the focus was Pioneer Seeker and Mediator Diplomat.  49 for the Visionary Creator and the Heroine Adventurer. And then a couple of weeks ago episode 59 for the Liberator Engineer and Networker Connector. 


Shannon Dunn  02:06

Now all episodes have been super popular, and I love seeing that the downloads increase weekly as you tap into all the Archetypal wisdom shared. Every time I’ve shared a new episode in this series, I have tagged the episodes from the previous focuses on the Archetypes and also going back to Episode 16. Right? Oh, God feels like such a long time ago. It’s not a year ago now. But it’s getting close to that, where I actually did the very first introduction to all 12 Archetypes. So as I’ve also previously shared in this series of focuses on sharing the the key highlights and considerations for you as a business soul, so that you can expand deepen and embody your knowledge about the archetypes in focus. 


Shannon Dunn  02:47

Now, if you’re a new listener to She Leads She Thrives. Welcome, I’m Shannon Dunn, your host, founder of the Thrive Factor Framework and it’s 12 unique Archetypes, which we’ve been featuring in this series. Now the creation of these Archetypes and the framework goes back to 2009. So they’ve been making an impact for a while now. And the vision that I have, seeing that I have the Visionary Creator archetype is that they will be making a significant, rippling impact across the world, certainly for my entire lifetime. And this is my legacy work. So I intend on leaving this here in some safe hands, somewhere somehow, and being able to continue to ripple this work out into the world. 


Shannon Dunn  03:29

So today, excitedly, the focus is on the Queen Ruler and Mother Nurturer, the final two Archetypes in the series or to wrap us around up for the whole 12. Before we get into the Archetypes for today, I’m going to share as I have done in previous episodes focusing on the Archetypes in this series, a few resources related to the Thrive Factor Archetypes and profiling. As I mentioned, you can hear a high level introduction to 12 Archetypes in Episode 16. There are 12 so it really is a very high level but it’ll give you a sense of their names and a little bit about each of them. And this episode definitely gets new downloads every time I share one in this series and I love that I can see that people so many of you are going back and listening – such a fabulous thing, thank you. 


Shannon Dunn  04:17

And if you don’t yet know your Thrive Factor Archetypes there are a number of ways to connect with them. You can start with a free assessment which I am also seeing more and more people do. There’s always a link in the show notes to this. This will confirm one of a possible three to six Thrive Factor Archetypes that you could have. It’s such an ideal way to get started just to whet your appetite and get intrigued to get to know a bit about who you are. I literally was just messaging with someone on Instagram and Facebook because they shared their experience of taking the free assessment and meeting one of their Archetypes. But just messaging them in the last day. And she was saying this is just me 100%. Not going to share what her Archetype was, but I love that I saw a comment from someone in her community, or perhaps it was a friend on her Instagram that said, if I didn’t know, or you hadn’t shared that this was an Archetype, I would have 100% thought I was reading, like an insight into exactly who you are. So, you know, time and time again, I get this feedback and I’m so, so delighted that I do. That this one system, the Thrive Factor Framework and her 12 Archetypes, is so accurate, so onpoint so descriptive, so affirmative, so many, so many different things. 


Shannon Dunn  05:38

And often people will share with me that they’ve taken so many different types of assessments, quizzes, all the things, I know, I’ve done it, I still do it. I find it a lot of fun to get that personal insight. Even though I go back to my Thrive Factor Archetypes, the four of them over and over again. I’m always been a curious soul. But people will share with me that they’ve whatever it is that they’ve taken or learned about themselves, and they’re always like, but it didn’t quite resonate. There was too many things about it that yeah, a lot was me and a lot was like in that so not me. So I sit with gratitude every day for creating the Thrive Factor Framework and her Archetypes and being able to share it with you. 


Shannon Dunn  06:21

So if you do want 100% confirmation of your Archetypes or what we refer to as your Thrive Factor profile, there are three options for that. There’s a Thrive Factor Insights, where you take the assessment, receive a detailed personalized report that a member of my team creates. There’s no automation in this, we can’t automate the results and just spit out a report. And I love the fact that that time, care, consideration is taken to create your report for you. And this also gives you an opportunity to get insights into a couple of questions that you can ask. So I’ll tap into your Archetypes to provide insights to those questions. And I add those personally, spend the time to do that to add them into your report. So there’s a link in the show notes to access that Insights experience. 


Shannon Dunn  07:04

And the Thrive Factor Experience as we call it offers two options, which includes one on one sessions and coaching as well. The first of the Thrive Factor Experience, this is where you can access the assessment, detailed report is created for you and a one on one coaching session to meet your Archetypes so you can understand your Thrive Factor in more detail. 


Shannon Dunn  07:25

And then the second option is what we refer to as a Thrive Factor Experience Amplified. It’s a three session experience. First one we meet your Archetypes. The second is to explore your life, career or business through the lens of your Archetypes. And the third is to understand the nuances of the relationships between your archetypes, with a particular focus on the points of harmony and potential disharmony. I’ve said this many times over is this final session, I personally believe is the most valuable, they all have incredible value, but it’s here that you truly meet yourself. And you can both activate and amplify thriving on your terms. Because now you have valuable information about yourself that you can’t unlearn. And this is also where the wisdom comes together and you can accelerate your potential to unlock and harness what I refer to as your Effortless Success Zone. 


Shannon Dunn  08:16

So as always, links for those will be in the bio for today’s session. For today’s session. Pick up the coach in me here – for today’s episode, as they are for every one of the episodes in this series. In fact, there’s links around a Thrive Factor profiling and coaching in the main information that we share in the show notes every week. 


Shannon Dunn  08:39

Okay, let’s get into talking about each of today’s Archetypes. And I will just say that in terms of choosing which Archetypes to focus on, I’ve been very intuitively guided I have always been an intuitive soul. I can accredit that to my combination of my Inspirer Believer, Mentor Teacher and Visionary Creator Archetypes, not that my Liberator Engineer’s not intuitive, but the other three are more so inclined to be that way. And then over all these weeks that we’ve been sharing these episodes in this series with all the other different incredible episodes with guests and our first birthday series in between. It’s just the there has been two Archetypes that have just naturally come together. 


Shannon Dunn  09:19

So the final two then we have to wrap this series up, if you like, is the Queen Ruler and the Mother Nurturer. So let’s get into talking about each of today’s Archetypes. If you have the Queen Ruler as part of your Thrive Factor, this is the Archetype who is the inclusive leader. She has a gift of leadership that magnetizes a loyal following her way. So it’s important for her to hold that space for others. It’s key to things like her money prowess and also for her marketing. Things to know about the Queen Ruler, she’s a designer who sees and shares the beauty in her world. Her environment is incredibly important for a Queen Ruler. It’s got to be just so, it’s got to look a certain way for her.


Shannon Dunn  10:12

This is an Archetype that is not swayed by emotion when it comes to decision. Now, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have incredibly emotional other Archetypes in her Thrive Factor. She can be perceived as being quite cutthroat. Like that’s a big term to use, but it’s felt like the most appropriate one. But that really comes about when she feels threatened. And she will execute if needed. And again, another big word to use. But if a Queen Ruler believes that she’s been done wrong by, she will often very quickly remove the person, the group,  whoever, whatever it is from her life, and it’s done, decisions made, this isn’t working for me, move on. So that’s where the no emotion or lack of emotion comes in. As I said, even when she has other Archetypes. 


Shannon Dunn  11:01

She is naturally a leader of large groups, but doesn’t always end up leading large groups, but she has that potential. So an ability to lead an empire and I know there’s a lot of different aspects to that word that not isn’t necessarily an appropriate word to use. And I fully understand that through the lens of the DEI (diversity, equality, inclusivity) work that I have done and the incredible mentoring I’ve had in the past with an Annie Gichuru, who is an inclusive business mentor. But it was the right word for when we’re talking Queen energy, and certainly the word empire,  community. But more empire is used historically with the Queen kind of Archetypes. 


Shannon Dunn  11:45

She’s a decision maker. She likes high end things, quality and luxury. A key for the Queen Ruler. Doesn’t mean she’s materialistic, though, she tends to have a smaller number of things, but the highest quality she can buy. And her environment, as I mentioned earlier, is incredibly important to her and is often like her castle, if you want to think about it that way. 


Shannon Dunn  12:06

And now we’re going to move into a summary of the four M’s of momentum, mindset marketing money and magnetism for the Queen Ruler. From a mindset perspective, as I said, she is into things and has a thinking kind of space around things being decadent, quality driven, regal, generous, and presence is also another mindset thing that’s important for a Queen Ruler. They’re the key words to what you’re all about when you are a Queen Ruler. However, you want to remember to show that you care about others in all that you do, and to rule or lead from the heart. 


Shannon Dunn  12:46

From a marketing perspective, this is somewhere where you’re an effortless leader, people will look to you for direction. So you want to provide it generously and with beauty and style because that’s who you are and what you stand for. Simply allow yourself to lead and to accept this key role in your life in business, for denying it is where you’re going to kind of have challenges and frustrations arise, where the shadow will come up. You want to share the quality of what you create and how you work, so that the rest of us can relate to your high standards and the kind of regal high end VIP experience that we have a potential to experience in your world, as well as the leadership that we can benefit from.


Shannon Dunn  13:29

 From a money perspective, it is all about quality for you in all you do and all you own. And equally, owning your value in a generous, humble way can create more wealth and abundance for you. You really are a regal one at heart. Remembering you have additional Archetypes, you’re not just a Queen Ruler, I guess that’s why I thought to say that is that so many Queen Rulers I know only talk about themselves as a Queen Ruler and kind of forget, I don’t know whether it’s deliberate or, or just a playful way I’m not sure it doesn’t matter really. But kind of forget they have other Archetypes but you are not just one Archetype ever. But this regal energy that you have you get the importance of money and investing wisely, so keep doing what you’re doing and enjoy surrounding yourself with quality, quality things, quality experiences, quality people. 


Shannon Dunn  14:22

Magnetism-  when you allow yourself to be a leader and you nurture your followers, you will be a leader among those followers. It’s not about being out front and being seen as the one in charge. When you rule from a heart filled with generous compassion, that empire that you desire or that community you desire will be more effortlessly created or attracted to you and it will be filled with ideal followers eager to be a part of what you create. Just as a side note here, as well, I have seen so frequently the Advocate Rescuer Archetype show up when a woman has the Queen Ruler. One of the things I love about that is that when that’s the case, the potential to lead from the heart space and from a space of compassion and to be the compassionate Queen is amplified significantly. If you don’t have the Advocate Rescuer in your show, you’ve got the Queen Ruler Archetype. Don’t think you’re missing out, the combination of your other Archetypes will 100% influence your Queen Ruler and the way that you show up as a leader. 


Shannon Dunn  15:29

So at this point, I’ve been sharing an activation question for the Archetype and for the Queen Ruler, that is, where am I feeling threatened or challenged? So in any kind of situation, where a Queen Ruler really doesn’t kind of feel like things are in flow, where she feels a sense of maybe threat or unease? That is the question to go to. Where am I feeling threatened or challenged? And just to explore that ideal this question is activation question for things like journaling. 


Shannon Dunn  15:52

A profitable wisdom focus for the Queen Ruler. So as the designer of this sisterhood of Archetypes, you bring beauty to the world. So the solutions focused on high end products and services are your thing. Property is also something you love because your home and the prices of property that you are likely to own or desire to own, or like your castle, like we’ve got to use those queenly words here. You want to be the leader and show others how to connect to their own inner Queen, whether they have the Queen Ruler or not, you may have heard me share at different times, that I very much subscribe to a lot of traditional Archetypal psychology belief, that in an Archetypal system, or framework like this, we each have access to all of the Archetypes. So why you may not have the Queen Ruler, or the Pioneer Seeker, which is the other Queenly archetype that is defined as a Queen, doesn’t mean that you can’t access these qualities, right. So as a Queen Ruler, though, it is incredibly important that you can, as I said, be the leader and show others how to connect to their own inner queen, and their ability to lead and how to bring beauty and beautiful experiences to life. It is so effortless for you to do and others love to know how you do it. 


Shannon Dunn  17:13

Content ideas – anything that is aligned with your products and your services where you can demonstrate your leadership and your aspirations. You want to think quality and about a VIP style experience. Think red carpet, you’re like, I’m just like, I’m visualizing more than I can even get the words out what I’ve experienced with Queen Ruler. I’m thinking about some of the brands of some of the Queen Ruler that we’ve had on the podcast. You know, they imagery wise, they have got rich color, there’s often a metallic color involved usually gold, I don’t tend to see a lot of silver or bronze showing up in any, or platinum’s hard to create from a visual experience. But there’s it’s something really different about being in the space of a Queen Ruler. And you know, if this is an Archetype that you don’t resonate with for yourself, you will get I’m sure you can imagine or think of a Queen Ruler or potential Queen Ruler in your world. 


Shannon Dunn  18:06

That potential challenges for the Queen Ruler; ego, it’s probably the biggest potential challenge and part of the shadow that can show up for a Queen Ruler. Also things like rapid expansion without reliable and trusted support. Mistrust in her own leadership potential, feeling threatened by others, like allowing herself to feel threatened, or challenged by others. So focusing on that. I’ve seen a lot of Queen Ruler do a lot of focus on on others, and they are particularly other women that have also the Queen Ruler Archetype or the Pioneer Seeker, and sometimes Mentor Teachers. There’s something about the ego that can come with the knowledge and wisdom of an Mentor Teacher, that I have seen challenge that the same ego aspect of the Queen Ruler. 


Shannon Dunn  18:53

What you want to do, though, is hanging out with Visionary Creators, I have so many Queen Ruler clients, and so many friends that have the Queen Ruler Archetype, my mom has the Queen Ruler Archetype. It’s very present in the other women in my family as well. I just don’t have it. But you also want to hang out with Visionary Creators because your vision for impact, for legacy is often very bold and very big. And a Visionary Creator will get that and will also be a great person to be able to support you when you are unsure or mistrusting of what you want to create, because if a Visionary Creator can sense that and see what’s possible for you, she’ll tell you, yeah, you also want to hang out with Mediator Diplomats. They’re your community of trusted and loyal advisers and supporters. They keep you real, keep you grounded, keep you honest, if you like not that the Queen Ruler is intentionally dishonest, but they just have a beautiful energy that is a great complement to the Queen Ruler Archetype. And again, when I see Mediator Diplomat in an Archetypal profile of a Queen Ruler, I love that there’s that inner support within herself.


Shannon Dunn  20:04

Now fears that can come up for Queen Rulers. Fears like I will never be recognized as a leader I know I am destined to be. Others think that I am more important than them. Sorry, let me rephrase it. Others think that I think I’m more important than them, yet that’s the Queen Ruler way. And another fear often showing up for a Queen Ruler is how can I be so important when I’m struggling to survive. That’s a big one that is really present for a lot of Queen Rulers when they’re in reality where perhaps they don’t have the flow of financial means, they can’t have the kind of support that they would usually invest in. So even like a cleaner at home or someone to help with certain things, they’re not able to say eat are the kinds of places they would like to eat at, to wear the kind of clothing that they might like to wear. As I said, it’s not necessarily a materialistic Archetype, its an Archetype  that honors and respects and is really grateful for quality. That’s both experiences and things.


Shannon Dunn  21:02

 So when she’s struggling to feel like she’s actually surviving for whatever reason, she can really feel disconnected from this Archetype because it kind of just doesn’t make sense to her. So things to generally be mindful of for Queen Rulers like if you don’t feel you’re living the opulent and luxurious lifestyle, the Queen Ruler  desires and you believe deserves, you can the 100% finding it a challenge to charge what you’re worth if you want to use that phrasing, and it’s not about actually identifying a price and deciding that that is a reflection of your worth, I think it’s more about being mindful of charging for the high end experience that you’re able to provide and share. You want to remember your gift for making decisions without emotion, that’s actually incredibly important for Queen Rulers  to honor that. And lead like you desire to lead now and embody your value. Don’t wait until you feel like you’ve really connected with and able to share the Queen that you are. 


Shannon Dunn  21:59

So strengths that you can tap into on a regular basis with the Queen Ruler Archetype, your natural leadership ability, your compassionate heart is a place to lead from rather than from your head and kind of calculating in your, your mind about how to lead – sink into your heart. It’s a beautiful place of compassion, and lead from there. Your ability to make quick, impactful decisions without being swayed by emotion. This is actually influenced, as I said, by your other Archetypes, always. So be mindful of that. You want to take ownership and responsibility for your roles in life and work or business, remove things and people that don’t serve you, but with the utmost compassion for all involved. Because other people won’t necessarily feel like there’s been this compassion, or consideration in some of those decisions that you make. So they may feel very emotional about them. So you want to be mindful of that. 


Shannon Dunn  22:51

You want to lean into your strength to be able to take ownership and responsibility for your roles. So you want to lead by example, be inclusive and welcoming, show others what it means to self care, to say Queen Rulers well as a less likely in my experience of them to have challenges in investing in both time, energy, money, all the things in things that we would refer to as self care. You want to demonstrate that that luxury is a mindset and not just about the experiences and the things you want or own. You want to lean into your gift of vision because it is strong and it is to be trusted. You want to trust in your inner circle knowing that they have your best interests at heart. Take action with energy and focus. Outsource to achieve the result vision faster. And at the highest quality you can, trust yourself on your desire for quality and luxury, and be the genuine philanthropic and generous and compassionate leader that people will know you to be and that you certainly are. 


Shannon Dunn  23:53

Now afformations. If you’ve heard one of the previous episodes in this series, you may have heard me talk about afformations. They’re not like affirmations, which are a statement about something we want to experience, afformations put those kinds of words that you would find in an affirmation and turn it into a question which taps into our brain in a different way. And I actually love afformations and haven’t used affirmations for a very long time because they just didn’t make sense to me. Pretty sure that’s my Visionary Creator Archetype influencing that anyway, afformations for Queen Ruler. 


Shannon Dunn  24:31

What if I truly was born to lead on any scale I desire and to live an optimal life of luxury on my terms? What if it is safe for me to lead? Imagine if I was worthy of a quality life. What if leading from the heart was beautifully rewarding and enriching? Imagine if I was well regarded for how much I care as I lead. What if I can include others and still achieve my vision? Imagine if I could trust others to be loyal. What if being responsible starts with trusting myself? Imagine if my vision could be a reality? What if I could make the impact or desire to make while honouring who I am? And imagine if my standards of quality were realistic and appreciated by others. 


Shannon Dunn  25:28

So affirmations, as I said,  I remember learning about them, and people would say, stand in the mirror and speak them out loud to yourself. Afformations are great for reflection, I use mine, often for journaling.  I created some afformation cards for the Archetypes years ago that I may actually end up turning into a product next year. I’m kind of leaning into that for 2024. I’ve been sharing them regularly in my stories on Instagram, which have been lots of fun to do, and I’m certainly using them for myself. 


Shannon Dunn  26:03

All right, the Archetypal Success Pathway. The Queen Ruler activates and amplifies thriving when she embodies her Thrive Factor success pathway of self leadership. While the Thrive Factor Framework is a self leadership framework, it’s kind of next level self leadership when you’re a Queen Ruler. So as an abundant philanthropic soul, a natural leader, she effortlessly takes charge and makes quick, impactful decisions that can benefit the the masses, and she filters everything through the lens of beauty. This archetype, the Queen Ruler can get caught up in ego at times and let her powerful expression take over. And this is when she can often feel threatened by the world around her. The circumstances, groups, people, lots of different things. But yet at her core, she is compassionate and desires to support the greater good for all. Now particularly influenced by the reality that she may also have the Advocate Rescuer Archetype, the Inspirer Believer, the Mother Nurturer, those Archetypes that are kind of more globally focused in terms of supporting others. 


Shannon Dunn  27:04

She wants to be mindful of the importance of activating beauty in her life through design and environment because it’s going to connect her to a souls desire for a more beautiful gracious world. And the Queen Ruler truly thrives when she gives herself the recognition required to own her desire for quality, beauty and opulence. These are key parts of who she is, and if they’re not being honored, they’re waiting to be honored. She can activate her Effortless Success Zone by doing less of expecting others to do for you.Queen Rulers are very good at outsourcing. I have had Queen Rulers in my life that lean into my Liberator Engineer particularly and go Shan, can you just do this for me? No I can’t. I won’t. Boundaries. You could do it for yourself or you could actually pay someone to do that for you. 


Shannon Dunn  27:49

So do less of; expecting others to do for you. Removing people without heartfelt consideration, judging harshly which the Queen Ruler can sometimes be very judgmental, or being dismissive. But you can do more of; stepping into your regal self,  celebrating yourself as a leader,  giving back to your community, creating VIP experiences for yourself and others to activate your Effortless Success Zone.


Shannon Dunn  28:20

All right, let’s move into the final  of our 12 Archetypes,  the Mother Nurturer, the ultimate caregiver. Now before I share more about her through the lens of the different ways we’ve been looking at each of the Archetypes, I will just say that in my community, the Mother Nurturer is one of the least frequently seen Archetypes that shows up in women in business. I see her more in women that are not in business that I’ve profiled. And it doesn’t mean that Mother Nurturers are not destined or able to lead incredible businesses, but in my personal community which will be influenced by who I am, the different Archetypes I am and how they magnetize women that have similar interests, desires, ambition, the Mother Nurturer has not been as present which has been a really interesting thing to observe. 


Shannon Dunn  29:11

So the ultimate caregiver is the Mother Nurturer. She has a gift of care and nurture and they have so valued by others who have had the privilege to be considered and included in her world as family. Things to always know and remember about the Mother Nurturer, she mothers everyone and everything like literally. She doesn’t have to be your mother. If she’s considered that you are like family, you will be mothered by her, it’s just who she is and what she does. She’s abundant with her love sometimes so much that it’s overwhelming for others. She’s deeply feeling, genuinely compassionate. She can be dependable, loyal and trusting. She’s instinctive and in tune with her intuition. Think of mother’s instincts or motherly instinct. 


Shannon Dunn  29:54

If she’s empowering and able to let her family find their own wings and soar, she can get distracted from her role of self nurture by focusing on nurturing others as a priority. She loves to have her family around a table sharing a big meal together. She’s not necessarily going to cook it, but a lot of Mother Nurturers do actually enjoy cooking and feeding those that they love. And she holds the possibility of loving too much. Like, I remember having a conversation some years ago now with my elder two nieces about my Mum’s Mother Nurturer Archetypes. I just realized that today’s episode, I’m talking about two of my Mum’s Archetypes, but they were trying to understand the Mother Nurturer energy. And I said to them both, and they got it straight away. You know how sometimes when you were like in Nanny’s presence or around Nanny or you’ve had time with her, you kind of feel so loved that you can’t breathe, like yeah. Then they got it straight away. That can be the energy of the Mother Nurturer in terms of how much she loves you. It’s demonstrative often, and so overwhelming for a lot of us that can struggle to really lean into  that emotional energy that the Mother Nurturer can have. And there’s a fine line of real nuance between mothering and smothering. Flows through to business as well. 


Shannon Dunn  31:16

Okay, let’s talk about the four M’s of momentum. Mindset for a Mother Nurturer, it’s around being open, generous, loving, big hearted, inclusive, you want to show that love you have to yourself and then share with others. It’s a bit like putting on your oxygen mask first, nurture yourself first and then share with others how you do this as a way for them to understand how and how to do it for themselves.


Shannon Dunn  31:42

 From a marketing perspective, caring for others, and mothering in a supportive way is how you create a sense of family and show you that you are generous with your support and your love. You build a heart connection that is real and abundant and valued by others. So boldly share that, share your family ways, share the importance of family and business and how you genuinely care. Because these are gonna give so much opportunity for you to really be in the space of who you are, when you’re marketing, whatever it is that you sell through your business. I have seen the Mother Nurturers that many of them that I have worked with as clients over the years, create community and they will refer to it as their business family, which is, of course exactly what a Mother Nurturer does. And people in that community feel like they are loved like family members like, appreciated family members because I guess the thing to mention there is that not every family is is in harmony. 


Shannon Dunn  32:37

From  a money perspective for the Mother Nurturer, generous and abundant you will be more generous though when you notice yourself and invest in taking care of yourself first. Plus, you will attract increasing abundance to you by doing this. Caring  and abundance go hand in hand. So self nurturing will unlock things like money flow for a Mother Nurturer. And if you’re not feeling taken care of when it comes to like your money mindset will be challenged. So you want to take care of you as a priority. 


Shannon Dunn  33:04

Magnetism being genuinely loving and nurturing attracts those wanting a gentle kind and generous and supportive experience. So I guess if you want to think about golden rule of thumb from a magnetism perspective for the Mother Nurturer is to abundantly share or show how you care. You draw the right grateful souls your way, and they’ll bring others with them. And usually there can be a beautiful space of being able to create a harmonious community that feels like family, where it’s a generous give and take rather than everyone leaning into you and expect you to take care of them. Because you don’t want to do that. You can do that easily -that’s part of who you are. 


Shannon Dunn  33:42

Okay, activation question for the Mother Nurturer, where and how am I not nurturing myself? And what can I do and will I do to change that? 


Shannon Dunn  33:52

Profitable wisdom focus for a Mother Nurturer, creating a nurtured experience for others is your gift. And that can show up in a multitude of forms. So you want to gift to others after you’ve given to yourself.  That’s about the third or fourth time I’ve mentioned something along those lines. So if you haven’t got that yet, Mother Nurturer, really pay attention to it. You are infinitely more magnetic when you are self nurturing and showing others how to do the same is it’s a close knit community connection is part of your magic, so creative, if that feels like you want to do that and be a part of that create it. I often describe Mother Nurturers as being like a big warm hug. Now that’s when they are feeling loved and appreciated. And like they’re able to support those that they consider family and that could be perceived family, not just their real family. So you know, lean to that and enjoy that. 


Shannon Dunn  34:47

From a content ideas perspective, anything is aligned with your products and services where you can demonstrate your own experience learning self care and anything to do with family and creating a family type connection. As a family stock you community is 100% important to a Mother Nurturer, potential challenge smothering instead of empowering. I talked about that a little bit before. Giving too much to justify your presence, over abundance of energy going into other people and not yourself. Dropping everything in business because your family want you for something. I’ve seen that play out in quite destructive ways for some Mother Nurturers in business. And yes, family is important. Those you love and care for those that care about you, they are important, but if you have a business you can’t also automatically drop everything in your business and just kind of lean back for I’ve seen even weeks at a time and then expect to pick up your business again, and that all of your business family are going to be there waiting for you because they might not be. 


Shannon Dunn  35:49

Fears for a Mother Nurturer; I won’t be loved by everyone. I won’t or don’t have time for business and my family. And what if I’m not available when my family needs me. So they’re common kind of fears that show up for Mother Nurturer in business. Other things to be mindful of;  lack of consistency in business because of that family first, overbearing with your delivery of your offer, kind of it’s that smother effect. Challenge with ability to give your self care can impact your self worth and confidence and valuing yourself based on your perceived value to your family. You know, that is not necessarily something that you’re able to put a true value on. 


Shannon Dunn  36:32

Strengths to tap into daily or regularly as a Mother Nurturer;  your gift for nurturing – better apply to yourself first. Self appreciation remembering to be empowering is to lead by example. Trust you’ve done an incredible job as a leader in your family and then let them go out into the world and thrive. Your abundance of love. Give something to yourself first, even if it feels uncomfortable to. Make healthy nourishing food choices. Do things that include things you love, so you know it’s okay to spoil yourself. Include yourself wherever you can, celebrate the achievements of your children and family members without attaching your value to those achievements. Be gentle and kind to yourself. Love yourself as much as you love your family. Celebrate yourself frequently. Book a day spa. Yeah, do something that’s one of your favorite self care things. It’s okay to do that. Let go of the the mother guilt energy that can often come from Mother Nurturers about doing something for yourself, and share a meal perhaps with those that you love. 

Shannon Dunn  37:37

Afformations. What if I could have both a family and business that I loved and felt nurtured by? What if it’s safe for me to love myself and my family? Imagine it’s safe for me to take care of me? What if I could easily appreciate myself? Imagine if my value is not based on the kind of mother I think I am or believe I am. What if doing something for me was welcomed by those I love most. Imagine if my family did appreciate me. What if choosing me made me a better mother. Imagine if my life was more than me being a parent? What if I made healthy loving choices for myself? Imagine if I valued who I am as an individual.


Shannon Dunn  38:27

The Archetypal Success Pathway. Mother Nurturers activate and amplify thriving when they embody their Thrive Factor success pathway of self nurture. As a family oriented soul, she can be super inclusive when you’re considered family. And I will just point out here that Mother Nurturers don’t necessarily have their own birthed children. But they do tend to have children and family members in abundance in some way, shape or form. Yeah. So just because you have the Mother Nurturer Archetype doesn’t mean that you have children. You may not have based on your age and position in life just yet, or you may never end up having them but you will have people around you that are considered and as important to you, as we could suggest real blood family.  


Shannon Dunn  39:20

You also want to be mindful of that when you are super inclusive. It’s when the Mother Nurturer can become the abundant caregiver for all. She really does feel to everything through the lens of family. However, her greatest contribution is empowerment of her loved ones, which happens when she learns to support them and understand the difference between mothering and smothering. She wants to activate that self care daily I’ve been going on about a lot because it’s a such an important thing for the Mother Nurturer,  integrate and nurture reality, because that creates an environment where she has a full cup from which to give from, to care for and to guide others, thus limiting depleting herself. 


Shannon Dunn  40:05

The Mother Nurturer truly thrives when she gives herself the love she craves from her family. Plus puts herself first leading by example when it comes to self care and nurturing. She can activate her Effortless Success Zone by doing less of;  mothering her family or smothering her family, seeking acknowledgement for being an awesome mother or mother figure, nurturing others and forgetting herself, or over indulging in different ways that would not be considered self nurture or self care. 


Shannon Dunn  40:34

She can activate her Effortless Success Zone, by doing more of; leading by example, providing a loving support, trusting in her family to do right, self care in abundance, and anything that makes her feel nurtured and loved. 


Shannon Dunn  40:50

Well, we did it. That’s a wrap for today’s episode, and the final one in this series of the Business Insights for the Thrive Factor Archetypes. Maybe in the future, there will be another series focusing on a different view of the Archetypes. I know a lot in my work comes through and this will be happening again when I bring an incredible program back to life in January of 2024. The opportunity to go more in depth to the four M’s of momentum, the mindset, marketing, money, and magnetism for each of the Archetypes. So stay tuned, who knows what series have come up again, but the Thrive Factor Archetypes are going to continue to feature throughout She Leads She Thrives, because it is the cornerstone of my work. But this is a wrap for today’s episode. 


Shannon Dunn  41:38

Next week we shift into Episode 62, fresh guest episode with the soul I’ve loved witnessing transform. I hope her story inspires you,  I’m sure it will look forward to sharing that with you. But for today, as always, superstar wise soul. Remember this. This is a belief that I have you, myself, everyone in the world we were born to thrive and to follow our dreams, our visions, our ambition, our desires, to lead our life and business with ease and spaciousness. You are already a leader. You’re a self-led soul making waves creating impact and legacy. And I will always believe in that reality for you, for us all. And I want you to know, as I often remind you, that if you don’t get a sense yet of the possibility and potentiality all around you. I’ll hold that space for you. Yeah, my Visionary Creator has the potential to do that for all of us. Have the best week, do something to celebrate you, lean into the opulence and abundance of the Queen Ruler, do something decadent, that feels really different to what you usually do. Lean into more nurturing take on the energy of the Mother Nurturer. Celebrate though all that you are, all you’re creating, all you’re sharing and keep shining and keep thriving and I will be back with you with a new episode very soon.

Thank you

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