Committing to your path to success w/ Alyson Robinson – She Leads She Thrives Podcast Ep 62

Alyson Robinson_Episode 62_She Leads She Thrives Podcast | Archetypes for women in business | Business Coach Perth Australia Shannon Dunn
Alyson Robinson_Episode 62_She Leads She Thrives Podcast | Archetypes for women in business | Business Coach Perth Australia Shannon Dunn

In this episode Alyson and I talk about

When I first met Alyson Robinson I was immediately impressed with her enthusiastic commitment to wild success. A determined and ambitious young soul, she has a brightness about her that is alluring and genuine. She exudes the energy of the Inspirer Believer Thrive Factor Archetype and knows that her success is a reflection of the success she believes in for others.

I am sure you will find what we talk about in this episode to be motivational in more ways than you expect.

In this episode:

  • 25:56 How do you back yourself and make those kinds of difficult decisions?
  • 29:32 What has been your most rewarding investment?
  • 31:46  So how did you navigate the pressure?
  • 41:26 What role does leadership play in your life and business?
  • 42:40 How do you know when you’re thriving?
  • 44:53 Where do people connect with you online?
  • 47:02 What’s a final piece of wisdom that you’d like to share?
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Alyson is known as the no-bullshit coach and her mission is to help women have more money in their hands so they can become their own sugar daddies. She helps online service-based entrepreneurs to scale their businesses to 6 figures.

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Episode Transcript


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Shannon Dunn  01:05

A huge welcome everybody. Thank you so much for tuning in to another episode of She Leads She Thrives. I’m Shannon Dunn, host here at the podcast. I’m a longtime business and self leadership coach. And I’ve got a lot to say if you have if you’ve been following for any period of time, I love to say that coaching and about incredible people. And one of the many reasons I decided I wanted to host a podcast again, this being my third one is that I wanted to bring in incredible conversations with global souls that are doing cool things. And our guest today, Aly Robinson is no different like Aly, you fit into that box very, very well. And we were just having a chat beforehand about what we were going to talk about today. And I know Alyson, when would you say we met? It’s a good couple of years ago, I would say? Yeah,


Alyson Robinson  02:05

I think like right now I’m in my third year of business. So I think it was in my second year we met through Cassie Howard, I think yeah, definitely.


Shannon Dunn  02:16

We met through Cassie Howard. And a lot of the guests on the show I’ve actually met through Cassie’s community, which is amazing. But yeah, you were very new in your coaching business back when we first met. But I remember when we first connected and I was like who is this bright spark of a woman. You had this determination these these big, you’re a big cheerleader for others, which I love and resonate with. That’s the Inspirer Believer Archetype that I teach in the Thrive Factor Framework. And there’s just something about you that stood out. 


Shannon Dunn  02:45

And so I’ve loved watching you evolve in the last couple of years. Back yourself, challenge yourself,  follow through on so many different things, I’m going to talk about things like making tough decisions and how you got to where you are, and also seeing you really embrace the commitment to the fact that you are French speaking yes, you’re going to be speaking English with me here today. But your business is French speaking. And as you shared, I think just recently I saw another post from you sharing how, when you first started in your coaching business, you didn’t see many examples, or maybe any examples of women coaches that were French speaking, that were successful and earning really good money. And yet you didn’t let that get in your way. You’re like, nope, I’m gonna make this happen. And that is just to me is a testament to the kind of character you have. 


Shannon Dunn  03:40

So we were just saying also earlier that a large number or percentage of your community may never get to tune into this episode because they are French speaking, not English speaking. But we’re also agreed that they can be very creative and find ways to translate.  With  technology these days, it’s much much easier, isn’t it than what it used to be? 


Shannon Dunn  04:02

So I’m so excited to see what we ended up having a chat about today. As I said to you, I’ve got a few questions and things I want to ask you. But I love having these conversations because we just let them go where they go. And you know, there’s always magic always wisdom, always inspiration. So let me share your official bio so people get to know you through that perspective. And then we’ll dive into the conversation. So Alyson Robertson is known as the no bullshit coach. And that is so so apt for you, isn’t it so appropriate, and her mission is to help women have more money in their hands so they can become their own sugar daddies. 


Shannon Dunn  04:39

She helps online service based entrepreneurs to scale their businesses, six figures, I think and beyond really.  So Aly when I asked you if there was something particular anything particular you wanted to focus on in our chat today, you said to me, I’m not there to promote myself but to inspire people to create a life beyond their wildest dreams. And that, again, speaks so much to the kind of person that I’ve witnessed, and got to know, virtually over the last couple of years. And I’ve loved watching, as I said, your growth so much because it’s cool sitting kind of literally on the other side of the world because yeah, Alyson’s in Canada and here I am in Australia,  we’re about 12 hours apart and time. I’m 12 hours ahead of Aly. But that’s okay. I’m in the future, but it’s just, there’s so much there. But just to just to be able to do that, and to see this and to be so inspired by what I was watching in this young determined, ambitious woman that you are. So what I’d love to know is, what is your wild dream?


Alyson Robinson  06:00

My wild dream, I think it’s my selfish reason of why I’m in business, actually. And it is purely to achieve like one of the dream that I had for as long as I can remember, which is to buy something like housing in Toronto downtown. Yeah, so and to be able to do that, I could not do it if I were working to a nine to five, you know, like clocking in, clocking out making like maybe 20 bucks an hour, it would be not possible. And also, like all the freedom that I wanted to achieve, like, freedom of time, freedom of space, freedom of money, also. 


Alyson Robinson  06:46

And so yeah, like, the, I would say, like, I think the main reason why I decided to go on this adventure that is entrepreneurship is to really be able to just, like live everything that I want to live in this lifetime. And not feel like I can’t because of finances, because of like, I don’t know, like restriction around my schedule or stuff. I just want to feel the most free that I can. And for that, I know that I need to make a shit ton of money to be able to do that. And yeah, so like, that would be my selfish reason of why I went in business.


Shannon Dunn  07:35

A fabulous and inspiring reason. And I love when women in business and who have chosen the entrepreneur path, are able to say I want to make a lot of money. I’ve got lots of things I want to do in my life, and it requires money. I certainly don’t dismiss or think that women who talk about other reasons that they started their business are trying to kind of not focus on money or make it look like they’re, maybe I don’t even think I can even find the right word in English right now. But you know, that they’re distracting and saying that they want to change the world, yet, we all want to make a difference and change the world. But I think having a motivation to make money and to make more than you can in a job, is a really good motivation to start in entrepreneurship. Because it’s not easy, right? All the time. I think we start in business, and we have these ideas about what it will be like, and then we’re in there. And it can be different. So what were you doing before you came into the coaching space? Share with us about that? What you did previously for work? And you’re transitioning to coaching and why coaching? Why did you choose that as your entrepreneur path? 


Alyson Robinson  09:00

When I used to be at school, I decided to be like a, I guess you would call this like a social worker in English. Because I wanted to have impact, like, we want to change the world and make a difference, you know. And so I got a Bachelor at the University close to my home where I live. And when I was done with that, I decided to go work in that field. Because of course, if you study for something, usually it’s because you want to work in that field, you know?  And when I started out to work in that field, I was like making I think it was 14 bucks an hour, which is like, yeah, it’s really low. And it’s not like 20 years ago, like I’m 28 right now. So it was like maybe, I think five years ago that I was making 14 bucks an hour and I just paid like 10 grand to have a Bachelor and I’m just okay.  


Shannon Dunn  10:02

Shocks me, but at the same time doesn’t surprise me. Just because we go to University or do study at that level and ended up with a Bachelor’s degree or even a Postgraduate degree, doesn’t mean the job you go into is actually going to pay well, yeah. So was it that challenging? Challenged your soul? 


Alyson Robinson  10:23

Oh damn, yes, it was. I was lucky enough to have a good relationship with my Mum. So I was staying at her place at that time. When I was done with university and I started to work. And at the same time, I was still working in a restaurant because I’ve been working in the public since I was 14. And I decided to keep keep that job because like, obviously, the one that I studied for was paying me like peanuts. And I was fortunate enough to don’t have lots of bills to pay. So I was able to work a lot and work it out and put money aside, to be able to then start my coaching business that I did not doubt about at that time. 


Alyson Robinson  11:11

But what was really the, I would say like the precursor of  wanting me to go on my own and start a business on my own is that I was tired of trying to make a change and having impact and not being able to do it my way. Do it, like, to the salary that I wanted. Because I was like under the poverty line here in Quebec City with the salary I was making only with my social worker job. And so then Covid hits, and all the restaurant are shut down. And at that time, I was no longer working in the social like environment, I have left that job. And I’ve been at that time working for a full year now at the restaurant to make more money. And then Covid hit so I was like, Okay, then what do I do? 


Alyson Robinson  12:10

And I was already making a couple of contract in school to like, help kids bring more awareness to their emotional intelligence to prevent them from going into drug abuse.  And so when covered it, I was like, You know what, like, it’s time, it’s time for me to do it my way, to go online, to take this time to really focus on creating something that I want and to be paid the amount that I want, and having the impact that I always wanted to have, but felt like I couldn’t, because I was so restricted because of like, institutional and institutional policy and stuff. So yeah.


Shannon Dunn  12:59

Which I think a lot of people,  things they did before they came to their business, often come to business because they want freedom. But they want it a whole different way to I think when someone says I want to have freedom in my life, I actually think sometimes people don’t really think about what that means. But I find that those of us that end up in business, we’ve thought about what freedom means, we you really know, on so many different levels. What that means. And I imagine that a lot of your clients that you’re working with now, are similar to you in many ways. So what kinds of things you know, the clients that you love to work with, your ideal client? What are the things that they have as challenges and how do you support them with those even if you just think of a couple of examples Aly, at least so we can get to understand the way you support your clients as a coach.


Alyson Robinson  13:55

Yeah, so I just need to mention that when I first started out, like my first year, I was not in the same field that I am right now. So when I started out, I was more on like the mindfulness coaching and like self growth, and like being able to really grow as a human. And then when I started to have more success in that business, I think it’s around that time that we met, people started to ask me like, Oh, are you Oh, do you do it, to be able to make money in this like self development world and being a mindful coach? How do you make money and I was tired of like always answering in my DMs, so I decided to slowly start making program around it and coaching people around like how to build a successful a successful online business. So right now, most of my clients are really focused on the business side of like, how can I make more money but also like have a better quality of life because there’s something around like making money by not doing it the right way that is super suffocating. 


Shannon Dunn  15:09

I think you and I could probably together come up with a long list of coaches that we’ve seen that talk about the money they make. And then at some point they’ve admitted, how many hours they’re working, how much money they’re spending on a team, how much money they’re spending on ads, how they feel like you said, suffocated is a really good word, that they don’t like what they’ve created, they’re burning out, they’re not in love with their business, the work that they do. Yeah, so that is such an important focus to help clients with. 


Alyson Robinson  15:45

And for example, a client that I have right now, I don’t only coach coaches, I coach people outside of the coaching world. So like, right now I have a client in mind that she’s an architect. And the main work that we do together is around being able to raise our pricing. But to be able to raise our pricing, you need to be able to see your value. And then hold your value when a client comes to you and say like, oh, but this girl is doing it cheaper for me. And you’re too expensive. And like, Oh, can you hold the standard now that you’ve worked on seeing your value, but how do you hold it when someone is questioning you? So like, a lot of like, how can I say this in English, it’s like, to be able to stand stronger inside of yourself, to be able to then rise, rise up in your business. But it all starts with you. My motto; business is 80% healing and 20% strategies, like you can have all the strategies in the world, if you don’t do the work on yourself, doesn’t mean like – I was going to say a bad word, …..So  it doesn’t mean nothing, let’s say like that.


Shannon Dunn  17:06

We have an occasional bit of swearing on the podcast, because I think so many people just it’s kind of their normal, the way they speak these days, which is fine. What I was thinking of as you were sharing that Aly was that when we see a lot of people in the coaching space sharing for business owners, coaches, and I’m the same as you, I work with all kinds of business owners, not just coaches. You and I are not coaches that coach coaches, which there’s a lot of people out there who do do that. But what we see a lot of being taught is either all of that energetics and, and the self work doing the inner work, or we see a lot of strategy. And I think there is still a missing piece of like you said that you have to have the two together, they have to come together for us to be able to move forward. And I think there’s a fine line getting the balance because it’s different for every one of us about how much inner work, how much supporting yourself and how much strategy there is. And I think it’s just being able to be flexible with that is going to support success. 


Alyson Robinson  18:19

And I also think that not all of us coaches but I think the coaching industry is responsible for that, that like people think they can just work on themselves and like everything is going to fall on their lap just because they are praying baby Jesus before going in to bed and like manifesting and like no, like it doesn’t work like that. Yes, you need to do that stuff. But you also need to put in the work you know and you need to have strategies, you need to have a game plan for it to work and I think the coaching industry showcase being an entrepreneur is easy to be able to like the use that marketing to be able to sell like their offers and their services. And it creates in the like newer entrepreneur or like the the people who want to get to be entrepreneurs they get this image of like oh I can just work for like three months and I’m gonna like already make six figure and sipping mojitos by the beach and I’m gonna make money in my sleep you know, but this is not how it works. And I think the industry is really a responsible for that. But I think it tends to change right now. I see a big change in the industry. Those kinds of people are getting less and less client because people are now awake and like their eyes open of like yeah, okay, it’s useful to do energetics and only strategies but the best of the both worlds to mix them together, you know?


Shannon Dunn  19:56

Yeah, I agree. And having been in the coaching industry for about two decades now, I feel like I’ve seen every kind of trend come through in terms of what coaches are focusing on. And that tends to be universal as well. It doesn’t matter that I’m here in Australia, and with coaches in any part of the world, there tends to be trends where people focus on particular things. And in those early days, when I was first in coaching, it was very much around the hustle, the busyness, the very patriarchal do more, to achieve anything. And then it went the other way over the kind of next decade of lean back, be more feminine, you can do less. And you can create a multi six figure business in an hour a day – I’m talking random numbers. 


Shannon Dunn  20:51

But that’s the kind of thing in fact, actually, to be honest, only four or five years ago, people were talking about a six figure business. And now we see coaches talking about multi-six figure months. Which again, I think is not necessarily a motivating, it can be motivating for some people. But for some people, that’s just beyond I mean, it’s more than they make in a year, let alone considering that they could make it a month. And you and I’ve seen examples of people that have done this. But I think being realistic about how much work and effort it takes to make progress and continue that progress in a sustainable way is hopefully, in business coaching, in the coaching space is going moving forward. Yeah, more real.


Alyson Robinson  21:37

The word you said like, sustainability is really for me something that I preach for because I’ve seen all the time, even though it’s only been three years that I’m in business, I’ve seen so much kinda of disgusting stuff on the internet. And when you see like the marketing of some people, but then you know them outside of like the online space, and you’re like, but like, why are you talking like that, and like, showing yourself up like this, when you’re not even like that in the real world? Or like you’re saying, Oh, I’m making 100K a month. But at the end of the month, you have only 10 grand left. It’s like, but are you really making 100K if like your net is so low? 


Shannon Dunn  22:27

I know, it challenges me as well. And I have shared in some of my solo episodes on the podcast, things around money. And around my focus has always been your profitability. And as you said, you know, sustainability, because I don’t care how much money you make overall, if you can’t pay yourself, and you can’t have the basic things that you need to live a life that is just comfortable, let alone actually the definition of your freedom, then really, you shouldn’t be in business, probably. You’ve created a charity and because it’s not paying you. I know so much we can talk about there. 


Shannon Dunn  23:07

But as you said, in just three years even how much you’ve seen. And I think with the increasing number of people coming into coaching since Covid, you know, a lot of people were out of work, like you had that example, had an opportunity or thought this is my chance to change the trajectory of my life to have a new career to do something different. And coaching particularly has a very low or no barrier entry. Because you don’t necessarily have to do anything or have anything behind you to come into this space as a coach. And so I don’t know about you in Canada, being that that was what you were doing. But from this perspective, sitting in Australia and observing what was happening around the world, there’s this rapid increase in the number of coaches suddenly out there in the world. And I think too, like you said the coaching industry hasn’t always been good for, we haven’t been good for ourselves. Because we have promoted a lot of, you know, make money fast. You don’t have to work many hours. You know, it’s really easy, and I think it can be easier than a lot of people think, but I think there’s also some confusion around the messaging, right?


Alyson Robinson  24:24

Yeah, for sure. And I think that it’s okay, like for me, I have big ass ambition. Okay, like, I do want to have like the millionaire business. Yeah, the million dollar business. I do want to have that and for me, like, it’s a deep, strong belief inside of me that I’m going to get there. But also I don’t want to get there and being tired as hell and having no more free time, and not be able to enjoy my money, you know, that’s something that you owe, you also need to think about when you go in business. And like in the first year, let me just tell you that I was not even able to pay myself because I used to reinvest everything in coaching and mentoring and program to learn skills that in the long run would make me make money. You know.


Shannon Dunn  25:28

I do. And I think that is a common practice for a lot of business owners, no matter what kind of business they’re in, is that first year or some years, we reinvest nearly everything. And we pay ourselves the minimum to get by to cover our bills and things that we have on a personal level, which I don’t think it’s a bad thing. But I think making sure you’re investing in the things that are actually going to support you is going to be better. 


Shannon Dunn  25:56

And that’s actually something I wanted to talk to you more about, because you share a lot in your content about how you make difficult decisions. Yeah, I’ve seen you share lots of stories in and we were in a year long mastermind together last year. And so I got to hear you share a lot about the things, the decisions you’re making, the way you were backing yourself, the choosing investments, making bold moves. And I feel from the outside looking in that this has definitely contributed to your growth and the success that you’ve achieved for yourself so far. So how do you make those decisions Aly and keep backing yourself, again, and again? Because I think that is something your tenacity. And you said, you’re ambitious, I get that I’m in a really ambitious person, too. And it doesn’t mean though, when you’re really ambitious, that you’re going to be successful faster than anybody else. But I think for you, there’s something different. So how do you back yourself and make those kinds of difficult decisions?


Alyson Robinson  26:54

Yeah. I want to say, like, first thing first, I don’t have any kids. So that’s something that I need to disclose, I think because my reality might not be the same as someone who will, like listen to this conversation. So first things first, like the only person that I need to take care of is myself. Okay, so like, my expense is not really high, I have my mortgage, and like all the basic stuff, but I do not have to cover for, like a little kid who depends on me. So in that way, it makes me able to make hard decision easier, like easily, I would say, because no one is depending on me, except me. Like, if I’m gonna like eat ramen for like, the next two weeks, it’s on me. I don’t have to inflict this to my kids or whatever, you know. 


Alyson Robinson  27:55

So since I’m the only one who will live with the side effect of my hard decision, it’s easier for me, I think then, like a single Mum of two kids who make those kinds of decisions as well. But with that being said, I think that the main thing that I think about when I want to make a big investment and like you said, do make our decision and make difficult choices. It’s that my vision is so strong around where I want to go and why I’m doing it. And like, for me, it’s not even a question of whether I’m going to go there or not. It’s only a question of time. And in my mind, it’s like, how can I do all that I able to do and beyond to be able to go there faster. So for me, it’s using money to acquire skills, acquire more leadership, more emotional intelligence to be able to deal with myself and also deal with my business in a way that makes me go faster than most people I think. And something that is recurring a lot in my community is like, oh, but Aly, like, we started out at the same time, and you’re gonna you’re like, so much further ahead than me. And I’m like, Yeah, but did you invest in 90K over three years? No. So that’s why, you know.


Shannon Dunn  29:32

Yeah. So what would you say Aly has been the most rewarding investment you’ve made and not necessarily led to the most money but most rewarding for you maybe on a personal level.


Alyson Robinson  29:49

I would say it’s the first time that I invested 16K, not because of the amount but because of all the work that it led me through Because at that time it was the highest amount that I ever invested. Like, I chose to invest in that coach instead of changing my car. That was like, all broke down and like my boyfriend didn’t even want it to get in with me anymore because he was like, scared. But like the decision that I had to make of like, am I focusing on my growth right now? Or do I want more comfort? I was like, no, I want growth. So I went all in, and I just hate to pay like interest on my stuff. And I hate to have like long term payments. So I asked the coach, like, Can I pay you the full 16K in two months?


Alyson Robinson  30:44

But at the time, when I hired her, I was making five grand a month. So I was like, oh, gosh, like, the amount of pressure I needed to deal with to be able to, one make the money to pay her to be able to clear my credit card to pay her in the next two weeks. And like, because, like, my credit card limit at that time was like 5K. And I needed to give her almost 5K every two weeks, you know, yes. And to be able to, like, even feed myself, you know, like, I need to make money to pay my bills.  It stretched me so much, Shannon like, of like when I was done with that investment, and that I cleared that out, I was like, oh shit, if I can do this, like if I can do what I just went through for the last two months, I can do whatever the heck I want. Yeah, yeah, I’m able to hold that much pressure. I can do whatever I want.


Shannon Dunn  31:46

Yeah. So how did you navigate the pressure? Was there a point in time, despite your strength in your vision? That you’re like, I don’t know if I can do this? 


Alyson Robinson  31:56

Oh yeah, absolutely. I was scared shitless all the time.


Shannon Dunn  32:01

How did you work through that, then? Because I think that’s the reality for so many people that come into business is that they do feel like you said, just scared shitless all the time or a lot of the time. So how do you personally work through that?


Alyson Robinson  32:15

Yeah, so a lot of the things that I do to help myself is to talk it out with people like close to me. So like, my boyfriend is literally my rock, if I didn’t have him, when I started out my business, I would have closed the door in the first year, you know. So I talk a lot with my boyfriend around, like, all the stress that I live, the pressure that I have, and his job is just to tell me, you’re gonna be okay. No, I’m good, I’m good, I’m good. I keep moving, keep moving. 


Alyson Robinson  32:48

And it’s also all the time reminding me my like, remind myself that I do have this training that is, is required to make all my dreams come true. Like, it’s a deep belief, a deep confidence inside of me of like, I can do what I wherever I want. So the thing that if I would have like, one tip for like your audience, or whoever’s listens to that podcast is like, if you feel inside of you, that you are meant for more, you need to be able to reconnect to that feeling all the time when you go through old phases. And like when you go through like hard decisions and difficult choices that you have to make, like, for example, myself, when I said like earlier, I needed to change my car, and I did not. I waited a full year and like my Mum was like, Are you crazy? Like you’re investing 16 grand again, was like, Yeah, Mum, because my goal is not to make 50 grand a year is to make six figure and beyond. And that’s the kind of decision that I need to make now to be able to  treat you with trips and stuff. And now let me tell you that when I brought her to Republic this year, she was happy. 


Shannon Dunn  34:15

Yes, I remember you shared…


Alyson Robinson  34:17

She was happy that I made those our decision in the past two years. But like, yeah, it’s always reconnecting to like this feeling you have inside of you of you’re meant for more, so do more. And be more you know. 


Shannon Dunn  34:30

Definitely. I think another thing that stood out for me Aly in the time we’ve known each other is as you said, your ability to back yourself is exactly what you shared then, and even at the beginning before we started recording for today. You you said to me, I remember last year, about when I launched the podcast and you said I’d love to be on there maybe one day and you said but I never actually thought it might come true. But you said still what I loved is that you put your hand up like in a virtual kind of space and said, I’d love to be considered.  I already had you, in my mind anyway, but you didn’t know that. And as you said, here we are. It’s actually a reality now. 


Shannon Dunn  35:11

And I think your ability to say things out loud and share them, where they can be heard by other people. That to me feels like it’s a big part of you backing yourself as well. Yeah, saying it. And it’s not that you’re saying it so that you can, I’m just trying to thinking like, I see a lot of people in the online space, share their goals, their dreams, the things they’d like to do, just so they can prove that they are going to do them. But sometimes when things don’t happen, and that doesn’t become a reality, they kind of vanish or say No, I never said that. And I don’t see you can do that. I see you saying, This is what I wanted. This is what I got, or what I experienced. But this is what I’m gonna do different to make sure that my reality and my dreams line up the way I want to do next time.


Alyson Robinson  36:03

Yeah, yeah. And I think that it’s something, if I look at all, like my successful financially client that I have right now, the one point, the one common point we have together, it’s our ability to put ourselves in a room that we feel we don’t belong, but that we eventually want to belong, you know. So like it’s doing the work before feeling like, we deserve our place at the table. Like just the fact that I want to claim my place at the table makes me deserving of it, you know? Yeah. And I think a lot of people are scared of doing those kinds of moves, like, they’re saying, like, Oh, I’m not there yet. Or I need to make the money first to be able to make that decision. And I’m like, Yeah, but what if you just figure it out? And then you make way more than what you would have expected? And you gain way more experience than what you you thought was possible? 


Shannon Dunn  37:06

Yeah, I think so many people around the world and we see so much content about this, get stuck in that imposter syndrome, like I don’t belong here, or I don’t deserve to have whatever they say they’d like to have. And there are people that stay in that story. And then there are people that hear themselves say that and make take action anyway. 


Alyson Robinson  37:32

Yeah, like, every time I feel like, it’s too big for me, or I should have done like, let’s say for your podcast, for example, like last year, when when you told everyone in the mastermind, we were in like, Hey, I’m looking for guests for the next year. I was like, me! Even though I’m like, I did not even made my first six figure, I was just like, I’m putting myself out there. And let’s see what happens. And every time I did that, every time I did the scary thing and raise my hand even when I felt like people might say like, Hey, come down, like your baby entrepreneur. You don’t belong here, whatever. Just the fact that I did it, I gained so much more confidence, and so much, I was so much stronger inside of me. And I think that’s why even though I’m in a place where I’m the baby entrepreneur, and I only make  like six figure and they are millionaire, they just feel the vibe that I have. And they are like, Oh, this girl is she’s going there. 


Shannon Dunn  38:44

And that’s what got from you from the minute we met. And I’ve shared that today is that there’s something different about your commitment, your determination and your tenacity to, as I said to back yourself over and over again. There’s something else I asked you and I asked every one of the guests this is that, you know, if I was to ask someone that knows you well, what they’d say about you, like, you know,  how would they describe you? And you shared with me as your answer that your capacity to see beyond the veil of their stories they are telling themselves and that that was a superpower. So tell me a bit more about how you do that. See beyond the veil of the stories people tell themselves, which I think also speaks perfectly to the no bullshit coach, right? 


Alyson Robinson  39:31

Yeah, so for people who might know Human Design, I’m a projector. And it means I have a lot of open centers in my  energetic field, which makes me able to sense a lot of stuff. Let’s say for example, one time I’m meeting a client on Zoom and I’m like, Hey, how are you? She’s like, Oh, I’m fine. I’m like, Stop bullshitting me. Like what’s going on? You know, like, I just feel like in the energy of the person, I just feel and when I have a conversation with someone, and it’s like, it’s stuck on the surface level, I’m like, Yeah, but what’s underneath that, like, I feel there’s something more and one of my strengths as a coach is to be able to make the people, like the person, reflect on Yeah, but this is just like, beneath the surface, if you go deeper, what’s hiding there? And then it’s like, Oh, my God, I haven’t thought about this. And I’m like, Yeah, cuz I sense that kind of stuff. Like, I feel it, you know?


Shannon Dunn  40:40

Yeah, I get it. I get I really understand that. And when you said projector, I think I knew that already about you, it makes sense for sure. And having those open centers is a gift, I think when you’re in this space, working one on one with people. So I’m a manifesting generator in Human Design, but I only have three defined centers. So I remember when I first worked with my Human Design mentor, and she said to me, look at projector energy as well, because you’re so open. So I understand what you just said. And I go, I’m the same. You can look at someone, you can hear the tone of their voice, read their body language and you’re like, what you’re seeing and what’s actually going on, are not one in the same.  All right. 


Shannon Dunn  41:26

Now, fabulous lady, I have some questions to ask you that I ask all of the guests that comes to the podcast. The first one, I’d like to know, what role does leadership play in your life in your business? Where does leadership fit  in your life and business?


Alyson Robinson  41:42

I think my whole business is based on leadership, if I did not have the leadership that I have, I will not be here on the podcast today. Because I think I would have quit, like simple as that. It’s my fierce, like my force of like, being able to always push through and to always see behind the difficulties makes me always working, like towards my goal and it inspire people, I think, and it’s it activates people of like, Oh, if she’s doing it, and she’s like, so fierce and so bold, and so badass, like, I want to be like that, also. And it inspires people a lot to take their own power and do it. But for me to be able to inspire and activate those people, I need to do it for myself first, you know,


Shannon Dunn  42:40

Definitely. And I think that’s such an important thing to understand, because we read a lot in the online business space about being embodied and embodiment. But I think still a lot of people don’t actually understand what that means. And what you just shared then is an exact example or an ideal example of embodiment where, you know, to be able to inspire as you said, and to activate people, you’ve got to have done it yourself for yourself first. Yeah, such a beautiful lesson. And the next question I’d love to ask you and know what your answer is to this Aly is how do you know when you are thriving?


Shannon Dunn  43:17

Oh, when I feel on top of the world, that’s when I know.


Shannon Dunn  43:20

What does feeling on top of the world look like to you and feel like to you? Like how do you know.  What is that like in reality? 


Alyson Robinson  43:34

Yeah, so for me, it’s in the…. I’m a Leo so I’m really materialistic. And I like shiny stuff and like high vibe experiences and stuff. And since I was working in restaurant, like the fine dining for me is something that elevates my soul. And to be able to just go to a restaurant and not look at the price and just be able to pay it for myself and just be like it’s not even gonna affect my budget this month. For me it’s something that makes me feel like I’m on top of the world when I’m able to go and see [an experience] like just blows my mind that I’m able right now to pay for those kinds of experiences, that I was not able to do like two years ago. Yeah, yeah. So to be able to, I would say like take, not take advantag, but like to live the fruition of like my hard work for the last three years – that’s what makes me feel like I’m on top of the world like three years ago I will not be able to pay for all the stuff that I’m doing, you know.


Shannon Dunn  44:53

No, as you said, possibly even two years ago it’s a such a beautiful thing. And I think when you’ve come from a situation where you can’t invest in things that seem to be effortless for other people, and then you get to experience them, the gratitude you have for them is different. And I think that’s a beautiful thing as well to be able to embody that and to really know. So that when you say, have a client say to you, I can’t pay for this, or this is really hard for me right now you actually understand because you have been there, more than once, which is great. So Aly we’re getting close to the end, but I’ve got a couple more questions to ask you. Firstly, where do people connect with you online? Where’s the best place for us to connect with you?


Alyson Robinson  45:39

You can find me on Instagram, I think it’s the best way to find me. So it’s at, most of my content is in French, but you have this translation tool that you can use on Instagram to translate all my posts. And that’s how you Shannon, you’re able to see my posts, even if it’s in French. 


Shannon Dunn  46:03

When it is in French, I’m almost more intrigued I think Aly when I see your posts come through on Instagram or Facebook, and they are in French, because as I said to you, my French, in terms of my ability to understand goes back to high school. That’s a long time ago for me now. And I never really had an opportunity to practice speaking or really reading beyond that time, but I pick up some words, but the translation tool in social media is so good. So its not going to pick up if you’re listening to one of Aly’s videos, and you don’t speak French, you’re not going to be able to necessarily interpret that, but use the translation on the written piece, and you’ll get an understanding for sure. And I think you know, getting to really know you as has been because we’ve been in groups that are English speaking. So I got to hear you speak and to see you writing in English. So that was like, Okay, I get a sense of who this beautiful woman is, and where she’s going in the world. So that’s great. 


Shannon Dunn  47:02

So we will make sure that we share your link to Instagram in our show notes. So if anyone is listening, and if you’re a longtime listener of the podcast, you know that we always share the links for our guests. So that’s very easy to find them. And the very last thing I’d like to ask you is if you could share one final piece of wisdom, with that ambitious wise people that are tuning into the podcast episode today. What’s the kind of thing that’s on your heart right now? You thought this is a good piece of wisdom share?


Alyson Robinson  47:32

Yeah, I think I’m gonna share the piece of advice that brought me where I am today. It is okay to be scared. But do it scared anyway.


Shannon Dunn  47:44

Oh, I love that. Yeah, so succinct too, to the point. And who did you hear that from? Or did you read it? Or where did that piece of advice come from?


Alyson Robinson  47:52

I don’t recall. But I just know that when I heard or read it, like I was, oh my God. Yeah, that’s so true. Because like, a lot of people are stuck in the fear and like, Oh, my God, but like, all the possibilities that could happen. And I’m just like, Yeah, but what if you just went for it? How could your life be changed right now? Surely it wouldn’t be the same. So just do it, you know? 


Shannon Dunn  48:17

Yeah, just do it. Thank you, beautiful lady for joining me today, I’m so glad we finally got to, to connect here and to create a conversation for She Leads She Thrives. I’ve loved talking to you. And as I expected, there’s a lot of inspiration and wisdom in this episode today. Despite your age, because I think that’s also something that is important to understand that wisdom has got no connection to age. We can be incredibly wise and based on how many numbers we have in our birthdays, have still be very young. So I love that you understand that. And I feel that that is going to support you so much as you go forward and grow as a coach and I look forward to cheering you from the sidelines as you do that. 


Shannon Dunn  49:04

So thank you for joining me and having this conversation and to  our listeners, thank you for listening to Aly and I today and if you have been inspired by this young,  firecracker of a woman, please go and reach out to her and connect with her. And if you are French speaking as you said she leads her business in French, so don’t ignore what she’s got to share with you. There’s an incredible amount of generous sharing that goes on in Ali’s world. And I’ve seen that in the time I’ve known her so I think you have an opportunity to learn something that may make such a difference for you in your life in your business. Right. So yeah, so thank you again, Ali. Thank you everybody, and I look forward to connecting with you, are beautiful listeners with another episode very soon.

Thank you

Thanks for tuning into today’s episode. You are so valued and appreciated.


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