6 Months Already! Top 10 Episodes + 6 inspiring lessons to share – She Leads She Thrives Podcast Episode 30

SLST 30 6 month celebration_She Leads She Thrives Podcast_solo
SLST 30 6 month celebration_She Leads She Thrives Podcast_solo

In this new episode, Shannon opens up the celebrations for 6 months of hosting She Leads She Thrives with a look at the top 10 episodes in this time. She also shares her top 6 lessons from hosting this podcast, her third and definitely the best over the last decade.


A huge thank you to everyone who has listened, downloaded and shared episodes, and a great big extra thank you to our phenomenal guests since we launched in October 2022. So much has been achieved in this time and there is an abundance of thriving goodness still to come. The question to ask is, where will we be at our year celebration and beyond?


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In this episode you’ll hear


Celebrating 6 months of She Leads She Thrives and key stats. 

Sharing the top 10 episodes!

4:14  #1: Genuine Magic of a Spiritual Business with Homaya Amar
5:44  #2 Impactful Messaging with Penny Soo
6:52 #3 Rest Your Way to Business Success with Laura Dick
8:40 #4 Instagram, Digital Nomad Life and Imposter Syndrome with Brooke Vulinovich
10:20 #5 3 month celebration and the 12 Thrive Factor Archetypes – solo ep

12:01 #6 The Power of Impact Legacy and Self- leadership – solo ep

13:44 #7 Brave Marketing with a Side of Smart Girl Wisdom with Swapna Thomas

15:13 #8 Leading a Racially Inclusive Business with Annie Gichuru

17:29 #9 Hardwired to Lead summit conversation between Shannon Dunn and Dr Carmela Nanton

19:20 #10 Midlife Magic, Menopause and  Business with Lou Carbone

21:43 6 lessons from 6 months of hosting the She Leads She Thrives podcast


Episode Transcript


She Lead She Thrives, the home of inspired conversations, practical and creative wisdom, expansive leadership and business insights, abundant Bragaudacious moments of celebration and useful info you can actually do something with.


You’ll hear about mindset marketing, money, magnetism, self awareness and the Thrive Factor Framework, it’s Archetypes and more. Amplify your role as a leader, a self led soul. Tap into your effortless success zone. Turn your ingeniousness and wisdom into profitable income streams.


From solo shows to guests you’ll definitely want more from, there’s something for every ambitious ingenious soul. 


I’m Shannon Dunn, a true OG of the business coaching space, with an obsession with thriving. You are so welcome here. Let’s dive into today’s episode.


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A Special Episode Note from Shannon

Hello ambitious soul. This is Shannon Dunn, your host at She Leads She Thrives podcast. Now we have as we do every week a phenomenal episode waiting for you. You’ll get to tune into that very shortly. But before we begin with today’s episode, I wanted to share an important message with you.


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So reach out to us this could be the ideal time to add Thrive Factor Coaching to your already existing business or to use it as an opportunity to leave a career that’s no longer working for you and to have something that’s reliable that you can use and support you moving forward. I can’t wait to see who joins us. Enjoy today’s episode.

Shannon Dunn  00:03

“Success of every woman should be the inspiration to another. We should raise each other up. Make sure you’re very courageous, be strong, be extremely kind. And above all, be humble.” Serena Williams.


Shannon Dunn  00:19

 This quote felt so right to open a very special episode I have for you today. An episode full of reflection on where we’ve come with She Leads She Thrives,  celebration about what we’ve accomplished, and consideration and intention about where we’re headed into the future. I’m Shannon Dunn, business and leadership coach CEO at Thrive Factor Co. And my greatest joy in my business in my work is supporting the ambitious impact-driven souls of the world. Women, women exactly like you, who are determined and destined to leave their mark, and have their destiny speak their story of belief, inspiration, wisdom and courage into the world forevermore. 


Shannon Dunn  00:57

So today as host of She Leads She Thrives podcast, I have a few things to share with you. And in celebration of our most recent milestone, that is passing the six months since we launched, in many regards, can’t even comprehend that six months have passed by already, but the same time is like, of course it has – today is episode 30. So of course we’ve past six months. 


Shannon Dunn  01:17

 I’m going to share my reflections on our top 10 episodes in that time, based on our download numbers and also my six biggest takeaways from the last six months. So let us firstly though begin with reflecting on what we’ve accomplished thanks to our phenomenal guests, Team Thrive Factor who support me immensely to create the episodes for you every week, and of course, you our listeners who are all over the world. 


Shannon Dunn  01:42

So six months passed just last week, actually. And so we’re actually gone just past the six month mark in all honesty, and in that time, we’ve released 30 individual episodes, we have had 16 incredible guests, those guests have represented 14 different countries, which is just so joyful to me because I have said, from the very first concept for She Leads She Thrives, that I wanted this to be a representation of the global voice of women. There’s been 14 solo episodes in those 30 episodes, so thank you for listening to me share my thoughts, my stories, my insights, my rants, all the things in those solo episodes. 


Shannon Dunn  02:28

We have guests listening to us in 23 countries around the world. Our greatest listening countries are still and have been consistently since we launched in the US, in Australia, in Canada, in New Zealand. And I’m so grateful for every single one of you who have listened to any part of any episode during this time, it means so much. 


Shannon Dunn  02:49

And with where we are today, we’re close to 26,000 downloads for our episodes, those 30 episodes in the last six months, which is phenomenal based on the stats I’ve looked at in terms of download numbers. It really puts us in a position of being a podcast that is destined for success. And that just brings me so much joy thinking there, knowing not just thinking,  knowing that there are incredible souls around the world tuning in on a regular basis. And I’m hoping, getting a lot out of what we share. Certainly from the feedback I get, and from what our guests get, it seems that way. And yeah, let’s continue. Let’s keep going with this. 


Shannon Dunn  03:31

So top 10 episodes. We’re only looking at a third of the 30 episodes, but the top 10 episodes, ranking in number by download numbers. The first one we go back to was in late January of 2023 and that was the episode with Homaya Amar. So Homaya I know I connected, I shared this or we shared our story in the episode. But we connected probably over 18 months ago now, in a program that we first did, then we spent all of last year in a mastermind together and there was just something about this incredible soul that captivated my attention the minute I heard her speak, the minute I read the words that she shared.


Shannon Dunn  04:14

 And the episode that we focused on, which was episode 19 of the podcast, I entitled this Genuine Magic Of Spiritual Business. Now is was not a shock to me because I knew that Homaya and I had created such a phenomenal conversation. But she shared with me, after the episode have gone live and then she shared it with her community in numerous ways, how surprised and excited and grateful and inspired her community were for her sharing the episode with them. And one of the biggest reasons for that is that for the very first time ever, she shared with me – and I felt so privileged finding this out afterwards – but she shared with me parts of her personal story and evolution and I guess journey if you like, to being the woman that she is today and how she has woven a lot of deeply spiritual concepts that people may have not really necessarily understood at different times into her life, in her work and created such a phenomenal business and community. 


Shannon Dunn  05:19

And as I said, she received so many messages of gratitude from her community, which she excitedly shared with me, which just brought me even more joy. And here we are, she is still every week, we get new downloads for this episode, and I’m not surprised there it is sitting at the top of our top 10 episodes by download numbers, and new downloads every single week. So beautiful, beautiful. 


Shannon Dunn  05:44

Now, our number two on our top 10 was Episode 21 Impactful Messaging with Penny Soo. So Penny’s based in New Zealand. She is a messaging goddess, let’s just call her that. But she when it comes to your marketing and PR – Penny knows her stuff. She’s got a background in corporate before she came into her small business. Well, not really a small business at all. I’m not really even sure I love that term, but came into her business. And now she works with individuals in their own businesses to really create the most phenomenal messages. 


Shannon Dunn  06:19

I find myself often when I’m listening back to the episodes after we’ve recorded them, or even during the episodes when we are recording, writing notes furiously. And this one with Penny was one of those. I’ve been in the space of marketing and teaching marketing in business for a very long time. And I got so many a-ha moments in this conversation with Penny. So again, I’m not surprised that this one’s done so well. So yeah, congratulations to both Homaya and Penny on their top and the top number one and number two spots in the top 10 episodes for  She Leads She Thrives. 


Shannon Dunn  06:53

And then we move to Episode 17, which was released middle of January this year. And that is Rest Your Way to Business Success with Laura Dick. So Laura and I’ve been known each other for quite some time. We had a great conversation about Laura’s Thrive Factor Archetypes in this episode as well, which I absolutely love the opportunity to do that. And when I share with Laura how well her podcast episode had done here on She Leads She Thrives and how quickly the download numbers had kind of skyrocketed. It was sitting in the the number one spot for a period of time before those more recent episodes came to life. She was shocked. Like, I kind of not sure why in some in many regards. Because it’s such a good conversation, like that’s the intention I have every time I record with a guest is that we have such a brilliant conversation. 


Shannon Dunn  07:41

So that was another one, Laura and I have both have a mutual love of taking time to look after yourself, of not falling into what I refer to as unhealthy hustle. If you are someone who works hard, and you grew up like I did with that whole notion of, you’ve got to work harder, you’re never gonna get anywhere in life or in work, then that can be hard to undo when you’ve had generations of that. That’s a big story in my family, on both sides of the family going back for a very long time. And Laura and I were able to talk about that.


Shannon Dunn  08:16

 Now Laura is also a certified Period Coach, and we’re talking menstrual period. And with that she was also able to bring in and to share some of the ways that if you’re a woman who is still experiencing menstrual cycles, how you can support yourself through that as well. So cycles thinking and different things. So lots of interesting things to talk about there. But Rest Your Way to Business Success was episode 17 with Laura. 


Shannon Dunn  08:40

Now, number four on our list of of top 10 episodes in the last 30 In our six months is episode 13. So this goes back to mid December of 2022. And this one was titled Instagram, Digital Nomad Life and Impostor Syndrome. And this is where I had Brooke Vulinovich come and join me on the show. So Brooke is a Perth native. So she’s from the same city I am. But at the time she was doing some of her digital nomad life, which is a thing that she now has been doing for some time with her husband and toddler and living in Bali. 


Shannon Dunn  09:14

And it was such a joy to connect with Brooke and to talk about some of the things we had found ourselves, you know, in the DMs on Instagram, so the only place to really connect with Brooke. Instagram is kind of the key for her business. She’s credited an incredible community called the Social Club community where she teaches business owners to master Instagram to grow their businesses. But we have as I said, we’ve connected through lots of DMs about things that we’d found frustrating and interesting, around different experiences that we both had in business. We’re in different stages in our business doing slightly different things, but both supporting business owners and so there was lots of richness in that conversation. 


Shannon Dunn  09:57

I know a lot of people are very curious about being digital nomads. So that was a great thing to talk to Brooke about, particularly doing it as a parent as well. And impostor syndrome is something that Brooks shared a lot over the course of her business that has been a personal experience for her. So there was, you know, like three really cool topics to talk about all in one episode. So that was our number four of our top 10. 


Shannon Dunn  10:20

Number five of our top 10 is a solo episode, which is very cool as well. So this was around the celebration point of our three month mark. So let’s say, listeners, if we can make our six month celebration episode go even higher into the top 10. But in addition to celebrating what we’d achieved in the three months since launch, I also introduced you all to the 12 Thrive Factor Archetypes. I talk a lot about the Thrive Factor Archetypes, I talk a lot about the Thrive Factor Framework. And the Archetypes are a key part of that. 


Shannon Dunn  10:54

So it was a great opportunity to introduce each of you listening in to the 12 Thrive Factor Archetypes to give you an insight into perhaps what your Archetypes could be just from those brief introductions. And, you know, it’s always such a joy for me to talk about that, having created the archetypes initially in 2009. I first began working with them in 2010. So, that’s a long time ago now, 13 years I’ve been banging on about these Archetypes with so much joy still and I still learn so much about them through my own experience working with clients, profiling incredible women, coaching through the lens of their Archetypes, their life and business, leadership, leaning into the feedback and the experiences of their licensed Thrive Factor Coaches, and that community and what they’re learning about the Archetypes, it’s such an incredible thing to be a part of, and pinch myself moment frequently around Oh, I created these. So that was that’s really such a fabulous thing for me to see that it’s sitting at number five of our top 10. And that was released episode 16 on the 5th January in 2023. 


Shannon Dunn  12:01

So then we move to another solo episode number a very cool thing to see there’s three solo episodes in our top 10. So number six of our top 10 was episode 22, which was released in mid February of this year in 2023. And the title of this episode was The Power of Impact Legacy and Self- leadership. And as a solo episode, this one or they are all important to me, I can’t really say that anything isn’t because if it wasn’t important, I wouldn’t be sharing it with you, I wouldn’t be using it to create content to share with you in episodes. But this one kind of has a different space in my heart,  if you want to think about it like that. 


Shannon Dunn  12:44

Impact, legacy, self-leadership are three of the most important things to me. These are the areas that are so key in the coaching relationships that I build and nurture with the incredible women I have had the privilege of working with for such a long time now. And I can see myself continuing to talk about these concepts and what they mean for individuals and for groups and for women collectively, for you know, as long as I can imagine continuing to talk about things, whether it be in this format, in the context of a podcast, on stages, and as I’m getting back to more speaking in that context. And just in the everyday conversations I’m having with other women out there who are choosing leadership and choosing to lead themselves, that self-leadership component, and also to lead businesses. And so the power of impact legacy and self-leadership, as I said was episode 22 that was published in mid February of this year. 


Shannon Dunn  13:44

Then we move to number seven of our top 10. And it goes back to Episode 15, which was published at the end of December 2002. And it is with one of my incredible friends in business, Swapna Thomas, who’s based in India, Brave Marketing with a Side of Smart Girl Wisdom. So if you’ve listened to this episode, you may remember Swapna and I talking about the whole notion of being smart girls and how we connected in Facebook groups. I can’t even remember how long ago it is now. Let’s put it this way she has a teenager and her daughter was quite small when we first connected. 


Shannon Dunn  14:25

It was like this instant love for one another, appreciation for our interest in learning. We both have the Mentor Teacher Archetype for example. We both can nerd out on marketing in the most incredible ways and fun ways and we regularly have conversations and share, support each other, guide each other, it’s just the most beautiful relationship and we haven’t even met in person yet. That will change in the future for sure. But Swapna has a whole whole incredible body of work around what she calls Brave Marketing. She Here’s her own podcast as well. And I was such a joy to be a guest on that last year. But we had to talk about the whole smart girl wisdom in that episode too. So that was a lot of fun episode 15 Brave Marketing with a Side of Smart Girl Wisdom with Swapna Thomas. 


Shannon Dunn  15:13

So number eight in our top 10 for She Leads She Thrives, is  Leading a Racially Inclusive Business with Annie Gichuru. So this was episode 10. So I think this is probably the earliest episode that we’ve got in our top 10. We published this one on the 24th of November in 2022, so last year. Now Annie, is my DEI mentor, so in terms of DEI being diversity, equity inclusivity, but Annie’s real niche is around supporting coaches and online service providers to lead a more racially inclusive business. 


Shannon Dunn  15:54

And with my big vision for the Thrive Factor community, for the Thrive Factor Coach community, that was important for me to understand how to lead a more racially inclusive business. My goal is to lead a more inclusive business overall, but racially inclusive was incredibly important for me. So I had completed some study with Annie last year, having done lots of different things with her over a period of time. And it was such an interesting and fun conversation to have with Annie. I can listen to her forever, like she has so much wisdom, so much knowledge, so much interest, and the way that she teaches racial inclusivity is so different to so many others that I have experienced. And I know that was a big lean in for me in terms of choosing to work with any in completing her Represented program last year. And then this year in 2023, in February, I transitioned to another level of a program with her called Activated and loving that just as much. It’s such an incredible coaching space to really stretch myself even further around leading up more racially inclusive business. So if that’s something that is of interest in importance to you go back and listen to episode 10 from November 24 in 2022, and, you know, whet your appetite with what Annie’s got to share there. It’s such a rich episode full of insight and inspiration and, and call to action. Yeah, definitely. 


Shannon Dunn  17:29

Number nine in our top 10 was episode 14. Now this one was something a little bit different. I’m calling it a solo episode, because it features me but it was my feature in the Hardwired to Lead summit with Dr. Camela Nanton. So I had the great experience with Dr. Carmela in November of 2022, when she invited me to record a session that she shared then in her Hardwired to Lead summit in that month of last year, so November last year. 


Shannon Dunn  18:05

And I was so grateful when she had reached out and said, We’re going to share the video and we’re going to share the audio of that session. And you can use that how you like and my immediate thought was like, What can I do with this? I’m all about leveraging things. And I might even just recently in multiple conversations been having with clients around, you know, don’t just create something once, what else can you do with it? And so I thought, You know what?, we could easily put an intro to this and explain why it’s not me in the hot seat interviewing somewhere else or leading the conversation. It’s about me being in the spotlight and having a great conversation with somebody else in their space. 


Shannon Dunn  18:46

And so I reached out to Dr. Carmela and said, Would you be happy if we publish this as an episode on She Leads She Thrives? And she said yes. So lucky for us because it’s sitting at number nine of our top 10 episodes. And as I said such a fun one and it gives you an insight into things that I perhaps don’t share in the solo episodes, and don’t necessarily get to share in the guest episodes either. Because it’s a different style of conversation with Dr. Carmela asking me questions and  reflecting on different things with me, so I love that that one is in our top 10. 


Shannon Dunn  19:20

 And then most recently, a March 2023 episode, Episode 24. So just six episodes ago with one of my incredible clients Lou Carboni Midlife Magic. Menopause and Business. So Lou and I had a lot of fun creating this episode. I have fun with every one of the guests that we have. But I know Lou so well. She has been a client of mine for some time, started of working with me in the early phases of getting her coaching business up and running. And it’s been such a beautiful journey we have taken together of her getting to that space of I don’t even know where to start. I’ve got these, all of this knowledge and this wisdom, this lived and learned experience.  I have qualifications I’m about to have under my belt. These are the kinds of people I want to work with. And she was very clear from that very early phases a both a qualified health coach and also having a hormone coaching certification. For Lou it was a real easy piece of clarity to know that she wanted to work with women in that midlife space in perimenopause and menopause and to really support us because that’s the space I’m in for sure, with our hormones, and we got to have a chat about how that relates to business as well. So that’s very cool. And I love that Lou’s episode is sitting in there rounding out our top 10 of our top 10 episodes since we launched in October of 2022. 


Shannon Dunn  20:45

So I feel like at the at our, maybe our nine month mark, definitely at our year mark, when we come to October of 2023, we’ll be doing another round up, a celebration and opportunity, share some stats with you share some insights with you, and see what’s in the top 10 episodes at that point in time. I think you never know what’s going to happen. I don’t tend to predict episodes, and then I get a kind of a sense of excitement about what could happen with the individual episodes. As I said, some of them you know, very quickly get large download numbers certainly like, you know, our top number one of our top 10 with Homaya, Penny Soo, our number two was the same. You know, it’s incredible to see some of them get a lot of downloads very fast and others. It’s like they just kind of this beautiful momentum, they just continue every week to get new downloads. And before you know it, they end up in the top 10 which is so cool to see.


Shannon Dunn  21:43

 So the last thing that I wanted to share with you today was some learnings from hosting She Leads She Thrives. I hosted a live masterclass about podcasting in February of this year, which was such a fun thing to do. And the reason for that was that I was as I’m sharing some of the stats that we have the download numbers we’re getting the the joy that I’ve been experiencing, of connecting with guests have their reaction, their response, their community’s response to episodes, of feedback that I’ve been getting, that so many people were asking me questions about, well, how are you doing this? Like what do you what are you doing behind the scenes? 


Shannon Dunn  22:21

So sharing that podcast masterclass back in February, which is available for you to purchase, if you’d like to do that, please reach out to Team Thrive Factor and we can certainly connect you with with that link to be able to purchase that. And then having conversations with women who chose to upgrade and to book a podcast strategy session with me, it’s just been such a fun thing to support others. Podcasting is something I love. This is my third podcast with She Leadds She Thrives, its such a gift to be able to give back and support others with their vision and with their dreams about podcasting as a way to share their voice and their message. 


Shannon Dunn  23:02

But in doing that, in creating that podcast masterclass and doing those strategy sessions since, it’s given me even a deeper opportunity to reflect and learn around what actually has gone on in the last six months in really it’s the birth of She Leads She Thrives in October of 2022 that started months and months before. But that’s when we first went live with our very first episodes. And so in no particular order of the top six, these are the things I wanted to share with you.


Shannon Dunn  23:34

 So community is everything. I have no doubt in my mind and in my heart that the community that I have around me that I’ve built, that I’ve nurtured, has given me an opportunity to connect with incredible speakers, women out there around the world that I have some personal connection with in all different forms. It’s meant that we’re able to bring you guest episodes where there is a richness of conversation, where there are topics that you actually want to hear. I can see that because I see the download numbers for them every single week. And with that, growing the community, the She Leads She Thrives community receiving emails from you, receiving messages from you, comments when I share posts around the different new episodes or reflecting on past episodes. The community is growing all the time and I wish I could get us all on the same space and I could see all your beautiful faces and have conversations with each of you and you never know that may happen one day I can have that dream my Visionary Creator Archetype is always going to see big beautiful dreams like that. But community really is everything if you are wanting to create an incredible podcast that does have a plethora of listeners all over the world.


Shannon Dunn  24:50

The second thing of the list of six and as I said these are not any particular or this is just how they kind of came to me, was consider your guests wisely. So if you have a podcast.if you’re thinking about podcasting, even if you listen to podcasts, the guests that you have on as a host of podcasts or the guests that you’re seeking to listen to, if you’re looking for podcasts to listen to, are incredibly important. 


Shannon Dunn  25:14

I have a very clear strategy around how I invite the guests, the women that come and join me here for She Leads She Thrives, about how I decide who I’m going to invite to be on as a guest. About how to navigate when someone says no, this isn’t for me or not yet, or can you put me on the list in the future? Not necessarily, as I often say. 


Shannon Dunn  25:35

You know, in the moment, I trust my instincts about who’s the right to reach out to and to invite to be a guest, you know, where are they in the world, what’s their background, it’s not about how successful they are, it’s got nothing to do with how big their audience is, it has a lot to do with what they believe in, what they are accomplishing, what they what matters to them most and as I said, richness of conversation is so important to me. So, you know, what can we create together, that is going to be something that you’re going to want to listen to, and that both the guests and I want to be a part of, I see it as a co-creation. So, you know, I’m very grateful that I was clear this time round, third podcast in, about my guest strategy. And I have stuck to my guns on that one for the benefit of all of us. 


Shannon Dunn  26:22

Now, number three on this list of six, learning six for six months, is love what you do and let that show.  I hope that it is obvious to you how much I love the things that I share with you, about how much joy there is in the conversations I am co-creating with the guests that we have on the show. I absolutely get the greatest amount of love and joy and expansion from creating these podcast episodes, these conversations, whether it is with a guest or a solo show for you every week, and I do listen to the episodes, that’s an important thing for me to listen in to be really mindful of what we talked about, particularly with the guests, we tend to record those you may have heard me mention this, I record them over a course of about three weeks. And then we you know, we publish those over a number of months. So sometimes it’s a while since we created that conversation together. And I love to listen to it when your team Thrive Factor is helping me put the episodes together so we can share them with you just to again be reminded of the conversation and what we shared and just to fall in love with the episode and the guest all over again, and are doing the same for the solo ones as well. 


Shannon Dunn  27:29

Now, number four on my list of six learnings from hosting She Leads She Thrives for six months is consistency matters. Consistency tends to be a word that I find business owners that I’ve talked to, they’re like how that consistency word again, like really, are we going there again? Yes, we are going there again. I like to be really clear that consistency has got to be by your own definition. I think when we get caught up with consistency being having to follow somebody else’s formula that says you have to do X Y Z certain numbers of times in a day or a week or a month or a year or whatever. That can be very overwhelming. It can go against what makes sense to you. It just often doesn’t work with your brand and your brand promise. 


Shannon Dunn  28:15

But when it comes to podcasting, having consistency as in, we’re committed to sharing a weekly episode with you. They go live most Fridays, occasionally it might be a Thursday night, occasionally it might be a sad day, but really every single week, you’re gonna get a new episode from us. And if that ever changes, I will make sure that I’ll let you know with as much warning as possible, so that you’re mindful of when our new episodes are going to come out. But this has given you an opportunity to listen to something fresh every single week and hopefully get re-inspired all over again around the different topics, the different guests, the different things that we focus on and that we share with you. 


Shannon Dunn  28:53

Now number five of our top six for the six learnings from hosting She Leads She Thrives for six months is stay connected to your vision. As I said, this whole concept for shall at Thrive started many months before we put our first episodes out and shared them with you six months ago, I reflected on what I had created, what I loved what I found frustrating what had worked, what didn’t really work, what I wanted to do differently, having hosted podcasts twice in the past. 


Shannon Dunn  29:26

So I’m very grateful for that opportunity to draw on lived experience and all of the learning that I had done and have done since then, and to be able to get a really clear vision for what She Leads She Thrives was going to be in my mind. You know I am by nature an intentional considered individual. I’m very strategic with the way that I do things because I want there to be an impact. As I talked before about you know that episode solo episode about talking about impact, I’m not here to just have a great conversation, share some nice thoughts with you every week, I want there to be an impact, I want you to think differently. I want as I said, I wanted to share the voices of women from around the world. So this was a global conversation.  I am excited about how further reaching we will go in the future. And how many different voices will be represented from different countries, from different cultures, from different backgrounds, from women at all levels and stages of business that have a belief in what their dream is and what their vision is. 


Shannon Dunn  30:33

But staying connected to your vision, I feel like it keeps you grounded, it keeps you real if you like, keeps you honest to yourself, and can create the most incredible outcomes which we are seeing with the way that you are all downloading episodes of She Leads She Thrives every week. 


Shannon Dunn  30:50

And the last of our six learnings for hosting She Leads She Thrives for the last six months is dare to go off plan. So while I’ve talked about consistency, and I’ve talked about staying connected to your vision, your I have a very clear plan about when episodes are gonna go live for the solo episodes, I have a couple of ideas usually about what I might share with you. But sometimes there’s something else that comes up that feels stronger and more aligned, or more purposeful, or is it more, I guess, important to talk about it in a particular week. I’m sure I’ve shared with you all too, that for the solo episodes, I tend to record those in the week that they go live, which is very different to the guest episodes where they can be recorded weeks to months before they go live. And that’s because I want it to be as real and in the moment as it can be so, daring to go off plan. 


Shannon Dunn  31:39

You know, I talk every now and again. And I know there’ll be episodes in the future that will come up we’ll talk about being a rebel in business. But rebellion often brings up thoughts, well it certainly does for me, of you know, like loud, you know, disruptive kind of nature and behaviour. But that’s not really how I see rebellion, I see rebellion, as honouring your truth, honouring your vision, honouring what matters to you most what’s important to you, when that goes against the kind of expected societal norms or the trends that are happening right there out there in the world, there are so many trends in business, we all know that. 


Shannon Dunn  32:19

There are trends in the world in life, there are trends in different countries and different spaces in the world. There are trends in different industries. It can be very easy to fall into the trap of comparison, and to find yourself modifying who you are to fit with what you think is required or expected of you. That’s not something that I’m going to subscribe to. I’ve never subscribed to that. You can thank my Liberator Engineer for that who’s a rebel archetype. But I love going off plan, I have a very clear plan. I’m a natural planner, I’ve always got a plan, a vision, a strategy, everything in mind and often documented as well. And yet challenging that and going You know what? this isn’t actually, what is the most important thing in this moment, let’s go with something else. So dare to go off plan.


Shannon Dunn  33:03

 So that’s something I encourage you to consider for yourself also. So that really pretty much brings us to a wrap for this episode, Episode 30. So here we are, thank you for listening for the last six months, if you’re a new listener, I am as grateful to you as I am to the listeners that have been here since the beginning. I know some people because you share it with me you dip in and out, listen to different episodes that spark your interest. I really don’t mind how often you listen, I just am so grateful that you are listening. 


Shannon Dunn  33:31

And please if you find an episode or multiple episodes that really do inspire you, they get you thinking, they get you taking action, they get you reaching out and connecting with the guests that we have. Share those episodes with your friends, with your community with you know, whoever it is that you feel would benefit most from listening into what we’re sharing here on She Leads She Thrives.


Shannon Dunn  33:52

 A little reminder that we are getting close to wrapping up for the registrations for the self-leadership coaching certification where you become can become licensed as a Thrive Factor Coach. The cohort for 2023 is open currently. And we will wrap up the registrations for that on the 26th of April when we go live with our welcome call. So if you want to get in on that it is the only self-leadership coaching certification in the world, which blew my mind when I did some research recently and discovered that. In the future, I’m sure there’ll be others than we can say we were the first but for now we the only actual self-leadership coaching certification. It’ll give you an opportunity to work with clients in all different spaces. You know, our coaches currently are working in you know, the mindset space or spiritual space. You know, working there or working with women, because the Thrive Factor Framework is female centric, in the money space, lots of different things.


Shannon Dunn  34:48

So if you have any questions about that, please reach out to myself and team Thrive Factor. There is a link in the show notes for today’s episode where you can put in an application to find out more and I’m certainly I’m happy to share more information with you about  the way the course is structured, the investment, and  those important things like that. Completely transparent. There’s no nothing to hide with that at all. We’re just excited about who’s going to join us for this next lot of training. 


Shannon Dunn  35:14

But to wrap up for today, as always superstar soul, I want you to be the courageous, bold woman who dares to follow your own path. Be the rebel on your own terms. And remember, every day that you were 100% born to thrive. I’ll see you with next week’s episode, we’re going another very cool guest coming up, can’t wait to share her story with you. 


Shannon Dunn  35:37

And thank you again, let’s celebrate, you know, again, it may be the nine month mark but definitely at the year mark is going to be a big celebration. I don’t know what we’re going to do some kind of virtual party of some description. But I’ve got so much planned for you coming up in the months ahead. Different types of episodes. There might be even episodes where we’ve got more than one guest like all sorts of things and live coaching from me. You know, there’s so much, so much to come. So keep following keep listening. If you’re not already subscribed, definitely subscribe to She Leads She Thrives so you never miss an episode. And for now, yeah, have a phenomenal day wherever you are in the world. And let me know what was your favorite episode. Reach out on social media. I’d love to know what your favorite episode was after I’ve shared the the top 10 that we have.

Thank you

Thanks for tuning into today’s episode. You are so valued and appreciated.


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