Genuine magic of a spiritual business w/ Homaya Amar – She Leads She Thrives Podcast Episode 19

Homaya Amar_She Leads She Thrives Podcast | Shannon Dunn | Business Coach Perth Australia | Marketing Coaching | Spiritual Business
Homaya Amar_She Leads She Thrives Podcast | Shannon Dunn | Business Coach Perth Australia | Marketing Coaching | Spiritual Business

In this episode Homaya and I talk about

In this new episode, Shannon talks with the mystical Homaya Amar.


This conversation is the sharing of a captivating story that has to be heard to be believed. Homaya has lived a rich life, filled with curious exploration of her own spirituality and sense of place in the world.


Homaya has been supporting others on their own spiritual discoveries for decades and offers a grounded, intriguing presence that is both captivating and magnetic.

Notable quotes

Homaya Amar_She Leads She Thrives Podcast Episode 19 | Spiritual coaching | Business Coach Perth Australia | Thrive Factor Archetypes | Shannon Dunn

Meet guest Homaya Amar

When asked to share more about herself Homaya said


“I consider myself an oracle, a prophet, a master maker, a spiritual mentor providing inspiration, initiation, activation toward a greater level of alignment with your divine presence, your multidimensionality. A place where grace, bliss and abundance are the most natural form.


I support those who are here to be pillars of light in the world, those who were born with an energetic constitution of high intuition, sensitivity, empathy, and psychic abilities, as I do feel that they are the great leaders of the future.


I channeled advanced evolutionary codes -among them – soul alchemy, the awakened healer, light activator templates and The 4th Heaven.


Connect with Homaya here

Episode Transcript


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Shannon Dunn  01:58

A huge welcome to everyone who’s listening in today I am – I say this every time – I’m excited, because that is one of my favorite words when I get to have a conversation with another incredible soul from another part of the world. And I am really as I said, excited, energized, so ready to see what comes out of the conversation that I’m going to have with our beautiful guest Houmaya today. 


Shannon Dunn  02:21

So I’m Shannon Dunn, leadership and business coach and host here She Leads She Thrives podcast, and I’m bringing you another incredible conversation. So Homaya and I met online like a lot of the women you’ll hear me talking about. And this is again, a gift of, or the gratitude I have for the online space and for technology is so big because it’s enabled me to meet the most incredible women who are in different parts of the world. And we’ve been journeying together for most of this year, where we are in 2022 in a mastermind together. And neither of us necessarily show up and ask much in there or share much in there. 


Shannon Dunn  02:58

But there was something about Homaya originally when we first connected there earlier in this year that I was just drawn to. And so you know, I’m looking at the list of who do I want to get onto the podcast to have a great conversation with and how many of course, your name popped up. And I know you were so excited when you received the invitation, which I was so grateful for. So I’m so happy to have you here. I’m going to share your official bio in a moment. But do you want to come and say hello and also tell everyone where you are in the world.


Homaya Amar  03:28

So I’m very honored and super happy. And originally I was born in Israel, I am now living in Portugal, it’s going to be 10 years very soon. I love this country very much. And then before there it was like it before Portugal I had like 10 years of nomad more or less, which was you know, traveling all around the world and filling the citizens of the world. So I think that this is tapping very much also what you’re sharing about the internet that allows us to connect and we were, I feel that most of the population were already ready as they were exploring by foot.


Shannon Dunn  04:15

Yeah, definitely. It’s such a gift to if I think back to when I started my business some 17 years ago, I came from a corporate background where there was a lot of connection from a teleconference perspective but not video conference yet. And if you told me back then that we’d be doing what we’re doing now. I don’t think I would have not believed you, but I don’t think I would have seen that that would be such a huge part of my business. So it’s such a great joy to have you here. 


Shannon Dunn  04:44

So let me share with everybody your your bio and I love that Homaya said to me when she’s written this and she’s like we’re very out more of a note than then the professional bio which I love. You really are someone that trusts your heart and goes with that and I’m excited to share with this and then see what we get to talk about today.


Shannon Dunn  05:02

 So, Homaya Amar an oracle, a prophet, a master maker and a spiritual mentor, providing inspiration, initiation, activation toward a greater level of alignment with your divine presence and your multi dimensionality – that’s such a good word. The place where grace, bliss and abundance are the most natural form. She supports those who are here to be pillars of light in the world. Those who were born with an energetic constitution of high intuition, sensitivity, empathy, and psychic abilities as the great leaders of the future. 


Shannon Dunn  05:35

What a mission. 


Homaya Amar  05:37

Yes, honestly, it’s a big mission. 


Shannon Dunn  05:39

Yeah, it is a big mission. Mission. Yeah, that’s what we’re here for, though, is to have the conversations with incredible women doing big things in the world, and really creating impact in their own unique ways. And I know I think I know a little bit about your story from having followed some of the content you’ve shared on social media. But this is an opportunity for us all to be listening in and hear more about your actual personal story and how you got to be doing their work you’re doing. So if you’re happy, I’d love that to be the place we start for our chat today and see where we go from?



Well, I think that the word mission is really a link to this question. For lately, I say, for better and worse, we can say it’s very delicate to share that, but I do feel that this is important. So I was an architect. There we go. When I was Yeah, until my 30s. Well, of course, I’m still, it’s not something that I decided to become an architect when I was young, because I had a multi-dimensional vision of the world and life and one of the things that fascinated me many times was to see two objects and see what can come out of them. If we’re going to mix them together, if I got to put them in a certain position, like one is vertical and the other one horizontal, what will come out of it. If I take two people what will come out of it, that was a game that I had on Saturday when I was a child and and because I you know, architecture was just I was just drawn to that it felt like part of my calling, like I understood it so well. 


Homaya Amar  07:25

And I was a very good girl. I was also a little naughty, but I was a very good girl. So I felt that the path of what we do is like okay, I do my school, then I go to university, I’m getting my degrees and I’m starting to work and everything gonna be okay. And once I got into the stage where I was already working in an office, I already had like two or three private clients to design their houses. I was already after one house that are already built by myself, I think maybe other little project like shops, I did at that time. I felt like when life going to start, like, Okay, I’ve done all of that. And my parents and my culture taught me that life going to start then. And it felt like empty. 


Homaya Amar  08:21

Like is it all all the stars, all the blood that knows how to run in our system, all the connections with people, all the different planets and smells and stuff like that, to wake up in the morning go to work, feel some level of fulfillment, seeing who’s going to be my next boyfriend and what type of relationship we’re going to have and where’s the next party and like and making money is this is what life is about? And that was a huge. I felt that something big is missing. And I started going on quest, which is what you know, a soul of a seeker is doing but since I had no connection to spirituality I had zero idea that I’m a seeker and what am I seeking? I was all oriented to seek a work, to seek profession.


Shannon Dunn  09:16

I think Homaya  we, you and I have grown up in very different parts of the world. And yet that is a similar path to what I hear women in my own country and in other parts of the world saying particularly of our kind of generation. You know, you’re taught to do certain things, follow a certain path, you know, have a career go to work and that you’re not kind of encouraged or even is the dream shown to you that there could be something else.


Homaya Amar  09:46

Yeah. So courageously I implemented my fed up sensation. Yeah. And without knowing that I’m speaking with the Universe, or you know, like God existed or like there’s angels in the world or something like that, without any, nothing, I was very sensitive and very empathic and very psychic. But that was not a conversation for me. 


Homaya Amar  10:18

So I just said one day, I’m just going to quit everything. And I literally said to the Universe without knowing that someone is listening, it was already three years of really deep looking for what am I supposed to do that kind of bring this light, which I didn’t know that I’m looking for into my life. I said, Okay, listen. It’s been some time now, three, four years, in my own perception. This is also how I phrase it, in my own perception I am already supposed to be doing what I’m supposed to be doing. I’ve done everything that I can to get there. But I don’t manage to get there. So I give you everything back. And it is your show now. And I literally gave almost everything back. I gave my projects and you can imagine that for a young architect to get the project I was really doing a lot. I gave my project. I resigned from my architectural office. I gave belonging. I just gave so many things away. And waited. And it came. I didn’t know what I’m waiting for. I had zero idea. I spent my days playing Frisbee.


Shannon Dunn  11:48

The ultimate in trust.


Homaya Amar  11:51

Yeah, yeah. I was playing frisbee in the beach, which was like I needed a walking distance. Reading books. Speaking with friends. You can imagine that my parents were like argh….


Shannon Dunn  12:08

It’s like what are you doing? 


Homaya Amar  12:10

Yeah, my parents my friends, everyone thought that I got like a little bit distorted we can say yes. But it felt like I cannot continue living like that, it’s impossible. Cannot be that flat. It was like I am convinced it was like a little child. I am convinced that there is a depth to this world and I want to see and without seeing it, I’m not moving one step forward. 


Homaya Amar  12:42

And then I had I was touched by Grace literally. It was during night, I went to sleep and I had a very vivid dream which I am sure that this is not a dream. Okay. Was really being in a, I cannot even say parallel universe because it is not parallel universe, it’s just an alternative dimension of of what we are living. And after reading many books about people who had near death or out of the body life experiences, I saw a lot of similarities between what I had and what they had but I’ve never had a story which was similar to mine. And what I had this is how we got to talk to this topic of mission. 


Homaya Amar  13:39

The dream, the link to this 3D world was the dream started with me in the architecture office that I was at and I was cleaning the office making sure everything is clean. And when I was going back to work and like in my dream I had those big architectural plans and the computer the old computer and then three light beings came and those are like clouds of light. I want to share also at this moment that 10 years – even more – after having this experience I’ve never said anything to no one about it. I tried to say it day after and I felt that the frequency of that is so undescribable and unbelievable, that I cannot just waste this energy by speaking about it. Only lately I started speaking about it, and now I’m writing my book, which is, thank you so much, which is the calling. And it is about spiritual calling. Yeah, this is I feel that this is the first time or maybe the second time, I had one time that I was teaching and sharing my story. But this is with you now this is how unique this is.


Shannon Dunn  15:23

I’m so honored to that you trust me and trust that, you know this going out into the world in this way is something that is the right time for you to do that and that you feel it’s okay. So thank you.


Homaya Amar  15:36

You’re so welcome. I do feel that this is ripe enough to be listened and impacted by because I don’t tell that to tell the story. I tell I feel that I’m ripe and the world is ripe to hear this story because we are called to walk that path that I was walking. So because when I say light beings,  three light beings came, this is not a, you know, like this is not a flat experience. It’s like I would speak with someone about his first kiss or her first kiss like it’s not a flat experience, the first time you made love, the first time that you went on stage, the first time you know, that’s something phenomenal happened to you.


Shannon Dunn  16:29



Homaya Amar  16:34

So they came like, it was clear that those are being but they had no shape or form. They just had light. And those lights were speaking with me like messengers and asking me if I would be willing to add to support. And I said, Of course, I have this nature of being kind and supporting and helping and giving advice as I had that before. So of course, what I remember that I was putting my pen, my pencil down. And I stood up. And once I stood up, it was all telepathic communication, the entire environment shifted. And we moved – I’m going to make a long story because it’s a long story, I’m going to fast forward as to several points on the way but I started following them. And as I was following them, I’ve realized that I’m becoming like them. So my body have shifted and the entire frequency have shifted.


Shannon Dunn  17:49

It’s all changed.


Homaya Amar  17:53

And the journey was through dimensions and through what I name now heavens. So we cross through different heavens. And we arrived to the seventh heavens, which is no longer your story -it’s a real thing. And there I’ve received my mission to life. Like they, without words, and without vision but with clear words and clear vision, if that can be digested by anyone who’s listening now,


Shannon Dunn  18:40

I think, yeah, if anyone’s listening, don’t overthink it. Just listen to her Homaya’s words and feel into what she’s saying.


Homaya Amar  18:47

Exactly. So I was introduced, and it was very clear. It was very clear what I came here to do and what I came here to be.


Homaya Amar  18:59

And it’s definitely I’m a mother and I love my child very much. And I love my man, my partner, my husband and father of my child very much. But it is still there’s no experience in my life that go above that experience of being there in the highest form that I could experience until now in my life in the highest and most potent presence. And there is no day that I live without it. So it’s not a memory. It’s not something that… it’s real the same that I have hands. It is that real. 


Homaya Amar  19:52

I have from my experience, I have divinity awaken within me. And it is not that I am safe in the sense that I don’t need to grow and I don’t make mistakes and I don’t know if a mistake is something that is being experienced or maybe a mistake is just a disappointment that I thought that I am going to do that or I’m going to navigate my life in a certain way and then actually no, it’s not that I have all the answers, it’s not that I do not need courage and that I don’t learn with people, and I don’t keep on taking care of myself, and that I don’t have diseases, like this nothing that makes me I feel, different from any other person. 


Homaya Amar  20:47

Even saying this sentence seems ridiculous Why do you even need to say this sentence? But I do feel that many people have this projection that once you are being touched by Grace, or once you have a strong connection to divinity, and once you are being in those places, so there is the image that this person is part of society or different than others, which is ridiculous. 


Shannon Dunn  21:15

It’s not the case.


Homaya Amar  21:17

Far away of being the case. But I know that I have divinity awaken within me. It’s not an idea, it’s not a concept, it’s not a research, is the only fact that I have in life. Everything, I would use the word fact from one you know in some situation, but there is only one fact for me, which is there is a wise light that I that this form of the curly hair you know, and the mother living in Portugal is an extension of it. Okay, and there is no distance, although I am an extension of it, there is no distance that separate me, there’s no distance between me and that. There is and there’s not.


Shannon Dunn  22:18

So interesting. I knew that we’d have an interesting story to talk about, but I didn’t necessarily think it would be this but also I don’t ever try to pre-imagine or pre-guess what we’re going to have a conversation about so I love this. Its such a richness to help me to now understand more about what I’ve seen you share you know and get a sense of where it could be coming from and where and leading to and the wisdom that’s within that. So Homaya, taking that story and your your true lived experience, how did you turn this into a business and working with people and doing it you know, where do we go from that to businesswoman?


Homaya Amar  23:03

Wow, wow. You know, this is even a stronger question with the first question.


Shannon Dunn  23:09

I have been told I asked good questions and I often have this have people say to me, have had when I’ve done podcast kind of conversations, I shared things today that are going to go out around the world that I’ve never said before out loud so mission accepted.


Homaya Amar  23:27

yeah Wow. So business is you know the paper that you wrap a gift with. This is business. It’s just you know, like the gift is inside and inside everyone. Just there’s no chance in this world. We are walking talking diamonds.


Shannon Dunn  24:11

Yeah, how many people actually realize that do you think?


Homaya Amar  24:17

I feel that sooner or later and the sooner the better, one will realize this. I have a strong sensation that there is no chance that one will have a journey on earth without a certain point in time where he will 100% have a pure experience of his majestic nature. 


Shannon Dunn  24:49

Oh that’s exciting. 


Homaya Amar  24:54

Yes. I believe that some have it towards you know, like how stubborn the head would be. Yeah. would influence how they experience. And when will they experience, but it there’s no way to live life without it. Because there’s no way to live and be anchored into life without it. Like there’s no way to be landed on this world without that. So therefore there’s no way to discover it. There’s no way to pass this life without discovering it. It’s not about discovery, honestly, it’s about filling it. And there is a sensation and the type of people that you get that like, boom, like I got it. Because the mind prefer you don’t we push a button and this is happening.


Shannon Dunn  25:43

Right? The ego has a big part in I feel like teasing us sometimes  and pushing us towards and then pushing us away and then saying, no, you can’t have that or no, don’t believe, you know, when you’ve had those experiences or an experience that ego can then take over and try to change that you take us away from honoring what we really felt.


Homaya Amar  26:05

Yeah. So I started completely engaged with a lot of mental thought, how am I going to execute it? You know, although I was thinking before, after that happened, I didn’t stop seeking.


Shannon Dunn  26:34

No. There’s a curiosity innate, within every human being anyway, some of us more so than others.


Homaya Amar  26:46

So this sensation was, it’s not that I got the pill now,and I know what it is, and I’m done. It’s like, I was changed. I couldn’t even say in the beginning to myself that I was changed. But it was clear for everyone that I’m not the same person anymore. And I had a certain activation of potential within me to start living it. And therefore I was becoming more in resonance with things that were similar to that. 


Homaya Amar  27:25

So I was very lucky to, you know, I was an architect, and I was interested in design and so on. And then there was a course on sacred geometry. And I felt Oh, my goodness, lets see what the sacred geometry. So the links, I do believe that the links will keep on coming. I would say that to the one who listen. Grace already touched you. You don’t need to wait that Grace will touch you. It’s rather following this and being aligned with what echoes deeply in my heart. Like, oh, sacred geometry, colors, shapes, that sounds really good. Creating gravity. Oh, that sounds really good. And I started working with that. And it was so fast. 


Homaya Amar  28:14

I wasn’t thinking that I’m creating a business. I just learned, and very fast people were starting to say, Well, Homaya I feel that you’ve changed, what have you done? Can you do that to me as well. And I started working as a healer started giving healing sessions and so on, and it just grew. And I have no control over it, which means how good it is, you know, like I was, we can say in a complete surrender. But I was so moved. 


Homaya Amar  28:50

And of course, I needed to figure out different things. So I needed to figure out, for example, how the human going to be, you know, I needed to take a decision, what am I going to live by like, like, from? How much money am I going to do a month? Would that would be enough for paying what I want or maybe beyond it, you know, like, you know, like taking care of my classes and learning, continue to learn, continue to travel, I needed to use my, my left brain we can say it that sense. Yes. But one of the things that happened is that I created a certain dynamic between my right brain and my left brain, they both serve that. 


Homaya Amar  29:38

I needed to figure out, you know, I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you like that. I believe that there is a period in our life, in our professional life, that we’re being provided. And it could be that the Spirit is in time. It could be that this is a section that goes through our entire career, business career. Yeah, we are being provided, some percentage, are being provided. And then you can either say this is it. I’m staying in what I am provided. Or you feel that your drawn and excited to explore more, okay? And you start to provide. Which means that if God we can say easily sending me three clients a week, or God easily sending me 50 clients a week, I don’t know, 50 students a month, whatever you know, is your scale. 


Homaya Amar  30:52

That then everything beyond that is application of your divine nature. Is you saying, you know, I love what I have here. I love this world. I love the party. I like the party. It’s a good party. I’m enjoying the party. Give me more. I want to have I want to have more of that. But it’s not giveing more and I’m a baby. It’s not. It’s like I am now want to be part in this co-creation.


Shannon Dunn  31:37

I think of that more as the way I would describe what you just shared Homaya was, it’s been conscious and intentional. Yeah, what we’re asking for. This is creating, being a part of the experience rather than letting the experience happen to us.


Homaya Amar  31:57

Yeah. So there will be parts, you know that you’re going to magnetize easily. And there will be an awakened knowledge that will be awakened within you, once you say yes to your nature. To your light, you really say like a deep, deep, deep, yes. So, you know, naturally, you’re going to get calls, you’re going to get templates, you’re going to get scripts, those you’re going to get connection links, people – all that will be naturally activated. You were designed to be in this world, it’s okay. But then come another level is,  would you be willing to explore it beyond, not by and I feel that, you know, I know that the people who are listening here are interested in leadership and I think that this is something really important. Not by doing more of the same, but rather would you be risky enough, trustful enough to do your thing? 


Shannon Dunn  33:06

Oh, and that is the question isn’t it? Can you let go of expectation of other people’s thoughts and ideas? And really honor yourself? What your wisdom is asking of you, what your wisdom is calling and inviting you to do? 


Shannon Dunn  33:23

Yeah, yeah. Because as you know, this world, this specific planet Earth experience is not for more of the same. Like this specific universe, its quality, its specific imprint, there are various parallel universes. So there are various universes that are being active now at this current moment, which is beyond even time. But the imprint, the signature of this specific planet is about abundance and variations. So this is why we have the DNA and evolution and called and this is what’s the why, you know, like we receive again and again, on the planet, a certain ruler, we can say a certain indicator, like you receive notes, okay, seven notes go into music, you get four elements, live your life, you know, like, you got you got ABC go, what are we going to do with it? So, we keep on receiving on the planet, different parameters that are so stable as codes. And then, you know, like, how many? How many sounds? How many words? How many poems, how many songs. Like there are more songs in the planet than the people that are alive.


Shannon Dunn  35:01

Yeah. So is it that it’s comes to a time where we are feeling like, there’s a need to allow ourselves to be more quiet. So we can see, we can hear, we can sense, we can feel what’s coming to us, and then build the trust to follow that as a guidance.


Homaya Amar  35:24

Yes, I feel that if I would need to tap into your sentence and sharpen it. I wouldn’t say only with what is coming to us.  It is what is here.


Shannon Dunn  35:46

So that’s where, basically think now, as you’ve talked about the seeker part of you, and we talked about, very briefly about the curiosity of humans, and that we have that on a different scale. Not everyone has the same level of curiosity. But I truly believe we all do come to this Earth as curious individuals. So it’s about, as you said, taking what comes to us, but also being that seeker and that curious one who goes out and goes beyond what is just coming to us. And it’s like, what else is out there?


Homaya Amar  36:18

Yes. And it’s what else is in here?


Homaya Amar  36:24

What else can I do in this life with what I’ve received? Okay, so if we talk about those templates, and like the ABC, or the music notes, or the four elements, or the Zodiac signs, like we keep on receiving those things, right. So one of the most fundamental thing that we receive this, the mission. 


Homaya Amar  36:49

We receive the vehicle to go through life with it. And when I can understand the sentence that you said, you know, I can sense it, I can feel what is coming. Because I believe and please, excuse me, if I misinterpreted what you were saying, I beieve that this is like when you want to move into leadership, and you decide that you’re not just the baby who’s accepting what you’ve received and you’re very content with it, but you are, you know, like the partner of God, he chose you, you chose it, and we’re here together creating this extraordinary experience like the best party in the world. And when you want to move into leadership, leadership is not only moving forward into the unknown in terms of curiosity, it is we can say prophecy, or self prophecy if we want to say it is about foreseeing. But because the future is so vast you need to have a lens from where you got to look at it. And the lens is who you are. The lens is the now. The lens is the current moment. The lens is what is important for you and what you are, as you said, intentionally and consciously choosing to look at life and to where you’re heading from. Yeah, this you need to pick up a lens.


Homaya Amar  37:24

But that’s it because I feel there are so many souls on this planet that exist without choosing that lens or using the lens that they have. They’re very blind to, you know through choice or through their belief they have no choice. And those that use the lens use what they have available, get curious, go seeking are the ones that step into leadership in a very different way.


Homaya Amar  39:22

Yeah, yeah, I feel that you’re tapping into something super important in this brilliant question. Really, I’m gonna try to bring it because I feel it’s I can sense it. So you were using the word curiosity and you said it’s in different level. And then you move into speaking about foreseeing and being visionary and so on. What limits your curiosity is how much you are building your trust upon what is known, upon your control. So people who might say that they are not curious, probably, they are very doubtful about themselves. 


Shannon Dunn  40:13

That makes complete sense to me. 


Homaya Amar  40:16

So their curiosity is in immediate gratification, I’m going to be curious, just about like five minutes  forward. I’m going to be curious about just one person next to me, but from a fearful experience. And then you were saying, Oh, it’s so delicate, I really need to stay in this, you were saying about how much we can, we can allow yourself to follow. To following an unknown experience, to follow….


Homaya Amar  41:07

If we look at business, as something that have a lot of rules. And as something that we need to succeed in, and it’s something that’s going to measure who we are and what we are, it will be controlled. And the way that we can lead in our life and what we can create in the world and what can be contributing and how much you can be, even I would say, rewarded in what is important for you. If your lens is covered, with thought forms, belief system, ironic belief system, if your lens of the future of where you want to go, is covered with rules and addiction to punishment, and pre-judgmental vision about what success is – the lens is clutter.


Shannon Dunn  42:20

It’s not useful, less purposeful, if it’s got all of that, as you said, covering the lens.


Homaya Amar  42:29

Yeah, and then you wouldn’t feel that you have the energy within you to move into new horizons of your business. You know, my business started with me giving one on one sessions to people, yes. And then very quickly, I had a clinic full, the clinic was full. And then in a year, I started to teach. And I started to teach. And after three, four years, I think I started to teach worldwide. So I was invited to teach in Germany, and I was invited to teach in France, then in Switzerland and in Morocco, then in England and Italy, like I was started to teach all over. And I needed to change again, my bid. So I had one business model as one on one, then I had on that second business model that I also teach. Then I had a third business model that I traveling all over, and I’m teaching and while I kept on learning, and then I had the fourth, you know, like afterwards, I changed my business model. Again, I needed to have one big thing that I wanted the people to feel that they are doing something big. So that was we can say the fourth or the fifth, I’m not counting anymore, that I became mother, I needed to change my business model again. And then pandemic came, I needed to change my business model again. And then now I’m changing it one more time. But it’s a co-creation.


Shannon Dunn  43:53

It is. I also feel that as well as a co-creation, business is one of the most evolutionary things that we can go through as a human experience. And I love that. That excites me a lot. For a lot of people that’s where their fear will rise up. And now all those as you said, those, the things clouding the lens are going to stop them from moving forward and trusting, being in surrender and all of those things. When you can let the curiosity and all the other things rise up and let your lens be clearer. Yeah, there’s so much is available. The infinite. 


Homaya Amar  44:32

And that feeling comfortable to change the lens because you feel even it might be risky, even if no one can understand. Even if your husband is thinking that you’re going crazy, you know, like I remember one time my father was saying to me your logic, no logic can understand. You know, even if it’s risky, even if you’ve got to fall, even if you’ve got to make mistake. At the end of the day, there’s no mistakes. This your life experience. Would you rather go there and make a try and make a version and, you know, like, play with it, or stay frustrated with knowing that there’s something there. You know, you’re gonna fall, it’s inevitable, you’re gonna, you’re gonna make mistakes, if you want to call it mistakes, you’re gonna hurt people, people are gonna hurt you, it’s part of the thing.


Shannon Dunn  45:26

Well it’s part of the human experience, isn’t it, that those things can be what we do experience. And for some people on a bigger scale than for others. I don’t tend to look at mistakes as a negative thing I’ve always seen, not to say always, as I have grown into my own wisdom, I see mistakes as not an opportunity for judgment and criticism. Instead, an opportunity for learning and tapping into deeper wisdom.


Homaya Amar  45:56

So good, and so much freedom in the definition that you’re giving.  I have the freedom to be  – this is my life.


Shannon Dunn  46:05

Yeah. And I can change it. I can do other things, if I choose to, if I want to, if I’m called to if I’m drawn to. Yeah, it’s such an interesting, interesting conversation. I’ve got more questions I want to ask you, though, extend on this. The word energetics has been so popular in business right? In the last what year, two years? Would you say? That that feels to me the first time I’ve seen it at such a scale, I think particularly in the last maybe 18 months in business. And here we are recording this in the latter part of 2022. 


Shannon Dunn  46:44

So I understand it from my own lens. But you have a different lived experience and view of spirituality and leadership than I do, which I love the various differences that we all bring. But I’d love to know what it what does that mean to you like when you see that energetics and what is it? How do you think it’s actually being used? And is that really what it is? Because sometimes I feel like it’s used as a word as a gimmick, as a magnetism piece. But those that may be talking about leading energetically in busines and life, don’t necessarily understand what that means. That’s my sense. I’d love your view on that.


Homaya Amar  47:30

The reason I’m laughing is that last week I started writing a post about it. So I have got something that started with what energetic is not.


Shannon Dunn  47:42

Yeah, good. Well, I think that sometimes is a really great place to start, with what something is not, before we can get clear on what something is. 


Homaya Amar  47:51

Yeah. So, what I see people mistake it is by thinking is that energetics means dynamics. That people are thinking that energetic means that you are using the law of attractions or using universal laws. I feel that people look at energetics in the sense of I am applying my magnetism or something like that.


Homaya Amar  48:45

I feel that for those who I can say is that when they say energetic, I echo and I feel that this is for me aligned, you know, not I’m just a person here, right? I don’t know if this is the correct. But the one that I see and the one that I would relate to what I would say we need to look at the energetic is what is really moving this life, what is really moving the business, what is really moving your decisions. 


Homaya Amar  49:25

So I feel that energetics means that you are aware that your business have a soul. And that you have a soul and that both souls are correlating and co-creating. And there will be moments for your business that it will need renovation, there will be moments that your business will feel that it wants to bring another thing, and you will feel you want to bring another thing. I do feel that it is really important that we distinction between your energetic and your business energetics.


Shannon Dunn  50:12

Yes, because they’re not one in the same even when we have started and are the key individual in our businesses, they’re not the same thing.


Homaya Amar  50:22

Yeah. And I feel that it is been doing good when as you evolve, you create this distinction. This is who I am, this is what I have. This is my life, and this is my business, those are my services, this work needs to come. Sometimes the business is going to demand some things from you. And sometimes you’re going to demand some things from the business. So it’s a co creation. 


Homaya Amar  50:47

And I feel you know, when I look at business, as I told you, it’s the word wrap the gift, what wrap the mission, of what I’ve received. So as I was so many times in my life working for the business as the business and then gradually I started to say, Okay, well, this is one thing, and this is me, there would be days that I need to go and channel and write. And this is the energetic of the business. It’s not my energetics. And there would be some times that I would have insights. And then I need to work with myself or channel for myself. It’s not the same. So the business have energetic. It is an extension of who you are, as you are an extension of divinity. And the same that you are have no distance between you and divinity, your business is an extension of you doesn’t have a distance from you. But he’s having his own energetic. 


Homaya Amar  51:52

And then we, I said a few words about how it is when it is in a large scale, but then you can go and how it is when it is in a small scale? Is it the time to push? Is it the time to lean back? Is that the time to bring so many offers? Or is it a time to cultivate something deeper? What is the energy that exists now in the life of my business? And in my life? What is the vibration? What is the quality? What is the flavor? What is the taste? What is the sound that wants to come alive now? And how that can lead the creation, the relationship with the clients, with the audience, how that can lead. And I think that this is a level of sensitivity and trust.


Shannon Dunn  52:45

The trust is so significant, that also feels like another buzzword that’s been used a lot in business that I didn’t see as much until the last couple of years, and I can understand it, you know, having gone through the pandemic, as we all have globally, our levels of trust have been challenged in ways that they haven’t been for a very long time. Trust in self,  trust in others, trust in the universe, trust in whatever – it’s been challenged. So I I am not surprised that it’s become a topic of conversation and a focus. And landed in the business world, which is, you know, we talk about know, like trust from that, you know, clinical perspective in business. But I see trust and hear trust being talked about, like energetics in a very different way to just 2, 3, 4 years ago.


Homaya Amar  53:35

Yes, yeah.


Homaya Amar  53:38

Well, I liked the way that you describe it. We needed to uplevel what we’re doing with trust. Because we went through you know, there would be different words how to describe what happened.


Shannon Dunn  53:56

Yes, definitely.


Homaya Amar  53:58

Yeah. So we went through a traumatic period, we can say that like that a very, like the cards were shuffled big time. 


Shannon Dunn  54:11

Yeah, it was also something Homaya that, for the first time in a very long time, everybody in the world has a lived experience of what we went through from early 2020. You know, there’s big tragic events and things happen well, you know, natural disasters, horrible wars and things, but they’re often isolated to one part of the world. And while people may feel the, you know, their own experience of that, they’re not living it. 


Shannon Dunn  54:42

Whereas for the pandemic, we all had our own variation, different but our own variation of a lived experience. So that’s fascinated me as well in terms of the shifts in the, if we use the word energetics, of the of the world and of humanity, and the way we’ve changed how we do business for example. The way we’ve changed how we view and maybe choose to step into leadership differently than what we would have previously, because of this shared experience, and you know, this, I feel like there was an invitation to have a look have, like, look into feel into, am I okay? Am I happy? Am I fulfilled with what I’m doing? And if not, what am I going to do about it? Because I actually do have a choice here.


Homaya Amar  55:34

Yeah. So you know, why don’t we use that to give an incentive to people to look at trust, even, in an even wider perspective. Because before trust was, as you said, I need to trust something. So I trust my boss, I trust my client that they will pay, I trust time that is going to move, I trust the sun to go, you know, and I trust the summer to come, I trust that. And I need to trust myself to move forward, I need to trust that if I would go out of my cocoon and do things which would be different, everything gonna be okay. The thing with trust is for my vision trust is something that starts somewhere in the solar plexus and go up to the direction of the crown must pass through the heart. Because if it doesn’t pass through the heart, you’re not going to feel trust. Rather, space is something that starts at the crown,


Shannon Dunn  56:37

and then goes the other way through,


Homaya Amar  56:38

and then it goes down. So what I like to do with when I speak about trust with people, is to create a certain mixture, a word that I don’t know, and maybe someone will invent it, which is what will happen if it takes a little bit of trust and a little bit of faith and blend them together. And what I feel that what you got to get is a strong sensation of ownership. If we’re going to stretch ownership, it is going to go to sovereignty and self authority.  When I say you know, like, if you’ve got to level up trust, it wouldn’t happen if there’s not going to be an ownership. Because if you want to trust and you trust in yourself, but then your self is still an object, you want to have trust and you trust in others and others are still an object, there’s always be going to, you’re going to lean to different directions. And then trust gonna be covered with doubts, disappointment, self punishment, or self sabotage, if you have those qualities. If you’ve got to create a certain cocktail for yourself, where you’re going to mixed faith and trust together, and you say, I trust but I don’t need to trust in something I just need to trust in trust itself.


Shannon Dunn  58:14

Yes, that’s a very big difference, isn’t it?


Homaya Amar  58:17

Yeah. Are you still you stay in your center? Yeah. And I go back again, for me what leadership is is not doing more of the same leadership is do your imprint, do your journey, but have so much fun, even in the hard moments, even when the fear gonna be all over?


Homaya Amar  58:35

So I say if you want to play with trust, which is, as you say, a common conversation now, then don’t just trust in something.


Shannon Dunn  58:52

What you said trust in trust itself. That that’s kind of isn’t such a rich conversation. But that piece is just that that got me on every cell of my body. Went in through my soul for sure. I love it. I love it. We could talk forever.


Homaya Amar  59:10

Like enjoying every moment. 


Shannon Dunn  59:13

So glad. I say this to so many of my guests and if you know if any of the guests are listening to an episode and you think, Shannon, you didn’t say that to me. I probably meant it. But there was so much we were trying to cover that I didn’t get to say it. But I love this. This is it. It’s about having a rich conversation around the interesting different things and how we all view the world and how we can challenge ourselves to step up. You know, the whole theme of the podcast is She Leads She Thrives. It’s around really choosing leadership and self leadership, which is an expression to me of ownership that you were just talking about. So to wrap us up, I don’t want to stop but to wrap this up. I’ve got a few questions. I’d love your answers to that I’m asking every one of our guests. So Homaya, what role does leadership play in your life and your business?


Homaya Amar  1:00:06

Number one role


Homaya Amar  1:00:12

I see myself and as we started, I received a mission, if we can say, Yeah, I know that I am here to expand the perception of being. I am here to serve people in individual and in a collective scale. So my business is not working only on I have one on one client, and you know, I give you something, I have the world, in my hands for me, and I work in that level.


Homaya Amar  1:00:47

 So, as the one who’s more, I don’t know more, but as the one who’s psychic, as the one who’s intuitive, as the one who have connection with the spirit guides with higher dimension, so on, I feel my journey is to take what is abstract, and give it a shape without closing it. So once it get to you, you’re going to start activating it. 


Homaya Amar  1:01:17

So I spend many hours in my life and I can say day, because by day, but many hours and days, in writing what I see in the abstract world. So I wrote, for example, something that I named “soul alchemy”, which is all the poisons that we have in our life. Okay, why did we receive them? So why shame, guilt, blame, envy – why those things that are so bitter in our life? Why did we receive them, and actually, what is the gift inside of them? 


Homaya Amar  1:01:34

So that was like, something that I needed to write it to be a period of time, I wrote, the template, the  energetic template of a sensitive being, intuitive person, psychic, what is in his energy field that looks the way it looks. And then I was also defining four types of intuitive and sensitive and empathic people. And once you understand what is your type, then your higher purpose in life is very, very clear. Because you understand that this level of sensitivity is actually a gift that allows you to do what you’re doing. So to say its very, you know, like, a glass was not going to complain that she’s transparent. And an elephant is not going to complain that he has big ears, but people would complain that they are hypersensitive, and they will complain that they’re taking things personally. But then when you understand what your imprint is, you can do something else with it and you understand the gift. 


Homaya Amar  1:03:12

My biggest body of work is the description of the fourth Heaven, which is really high elevated in terms of spirituality and content. And it was shared in small groups and I’m getting ready to share it with the world. So is an elaboration system on the seven chakra system. Seven chakra systems tells you how you operate in life. How you are in relationship, what is your clarity, the level of clarity, your heart, how much is open, your level of communication. The fourth Heaven is where the temple of creation is, this is where your gifts are. This is where your level of charisma how you translate codes, your connection to ancestors like this is a battery of information and knowledge and what connects us with that is what I named universal chakras. So this is a whole big platform like it’s huge. 


Homaya Amar  1:04:15

This is my leadership, my leadership is I go for us, I go for me, like a for us, to take whatever is ripe to be introduced to the world. What is on the Indigo wave we can say, which is beyond what is perceived. It’s really the line between what is being perceived and what is unknown? What is your eyes to come into the world? Can I take it? Can I decode it? Can I write? Can I write it in a way that I can explain it afterwards for you, your life going to be better, because you’re going to have way more stronger self experience. This is for me trust, you know, like, you’re gonna really trust yourself, because you’re going to get bigger from the inside.


Shannon Dunn  1:04:15

In another time, we will get you that for sure. But listening to you talking about the different key parts of what you’ve created. And then also reflecting on the fact that you started your professional life in architecture is like  an architecture of the soul. That was the language that came to me I was like, yep, that’s happening here. That’s what I can feel and see. I love it. So choosing to bring those things to life is an expression of leadership, right?


Shannon Dunn  1:05:29

And that’s, it’s a lot when you have that expansion from within, and yet you have defined yourself by your physical body. Yeah, that’s another conversation entirely. So we won’t go there. But the next question I’d love to know your answer to is how do you know when you’re thriving?


Homaya Amar  1:05:50

Well, I feel that we’re all thriving all the time. And we can have some winter, it doesn’t mean that I don’t thrive when there is winter, it means that I am in a cocoon, and I am working, putting layouts, creating for something that will come, I feel that for the human part in me, is when I start to enjoy the fruits of my creation, then this is a sign that I’ve thrived, but I cannot limit myself on only to those moments. 


Homaya Amar  1:06:34

And this is my own inner conversation when I feel that I am frustrated, because I’ve done and I tried and … “still not fruit” and you know, like, No, you know, I can go to oh, I would love to have more students in this class. I would, you know, with my private clients, I always have like a long waiting list. So but I can have the thought “I would have loved to have more clients in this class, more students in this class”, or “I would have loved to earn more”. And when I have that I have I said to myself, Okay, but look at your life now, look at the soul of your business, look at the soul of your life – it’s not summer yet, maybe we’re in winter. Yeah. So I’m saying it’s spring, you know, like, it’s harmony and joyful. 


Shannon Dunn  1:07:24

Yeah, I love that. I came to understand this past year, more than I think I’ve ever reflected on and understood around the key seasons that we do travel through as an individual and as our businesses. So I will be putting together, I’m still musing on what that looks like and feels like. But it came out of conversations with many of my clients in my community who were feeling like they were in what I think we would talk about as a winter, and frustrated by being feeling stuck there. So that’s again, another conversation for another time.


Homaya Amar  1:07:58

A huge conversation, you’re triggering me, so we got to calm down. I need to say this to the audience, when you feel that you’re not thriving, just look at the world. Look around you. The entire tendency is thriving.


Shannon Dunn  1:08:15

Yeah, I agree with you completely. I frequently say that I believe that every one of us comes to this planet as a human with a birthright to thrive. We do that in different ways. But we all have that within us our potential. So how can people find out about you? Where do they go to connect with you in the online space? Because if anyone has been interested in anything that’s been shared today, this is where I know for me, I’m like, Okay, how do I find that person online? Where do I listen to them? Where do I learn more about what they’re sharing? So where’s the best place for people to connect with you?


Homaya Amar  1:08:53

I feel that the best place would be through Instagram, that would be the easiest. And it’s just Homaya , my name. I feel that it’s iconic enough. Yes. H O M A Y A, but probably it’s going to be written somewhere.


Shannon Dunn  1:09:08

Yeah, we will make sure that it is in the show notes so that it is very easy. And I say this most episodes, if there is anyone who’s listening, and for some reason, you can’t find the incredible soul that I’ve just been talking to, please reach out to Team Thrive Factor and we will make sure that we connect you with them because there’s nothing more frustrating than you missed the spelling of someone’s name or you couldn’t find the link and you just want to listen or learn or read more. So we’ll make sure that happens. 


Shannon Dunn  1:09:36

So before we wrap up, I have one final question for you. Succinct answer. We’ve had so many incredible things to talk about today. But anyone who is listening in, who has you been moved by what you’ve shared today, what’s the final piece of wisdom that you could share with them in terms of something they could do with that stirring that they have within.


Homaya Amar  1:10:02

What comes to me really strong is listening. And a multi dimensional listening. So we’re seeking for guidance, we’re seeking for support, we’re seeking for answers, we’re seeking to know how, right, we want to know how, what is the next step? How do I move, give me the map, give me … But you’re the one who write the map. You’re the one who write the map. No one’s going to have a map for you. You can look at other people maps gonna be interesting for you know, in one way or the other. You need to write the map. I feel that listening, really deep, with so much love within you, without expecting to hear, just the energy of attentiveness. You going to be guided, you’re going to be guided, there’s no way not to be guided. And I feel that reaching out to someone that have answers or walked before you is really it’s a gift. This is why we are together as a community on the planet. And we have communication and exchange and all those connections. But it’s way better to tap into someone energy field, to tap into your client’s energy field. Once you are always have one ear that listen inside. I feel that this is the magic, a magic thing.


Shannon Dunn  1:11:40

Yes. I love it. I’ve loved every moment, of all the time we spent together today. So thank you so much for saying yes when I reached out and said do would you like to be on the podcast? Sure. Yeah. Just to tell everyone like right at the beginning before we started recording for today, Homaya was telling me that she said you I’m pretty cool usually I don’t kind of get overly excited about things but you were excited about that and being here you today which just filled me with even a next level of joy. So I’m glad that we were able to connect and make this happen and I can’t wait to share this with the world and see what our collective communities have to say and share and you know, what’s sparked some theories, some inspiration and some you know, magic in them for what they’ve listened to in our conversation today. 


Shannon Dunn  1:12:31

So if you are listening in, thank you for your ears and your presence. I often say I would show up and create these conversations regardless, but it is much more rewarding and exciting and energising to know that someone out there is listening and appreciating, you know, the conversations that we’re bringing to you through She Leads She Thrives.  So, Homaya, thank you so much again, I am so grateful and anyone who’s listening thank you. Wherever you are in the world, stay safe. Have a beautiful day and remember that thriving as we both said thriving is your birthright go out and claim it.

Thank you

Thanks for tuning into today’s episode. You are so valued and appreciated.


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