When did you last pause to reset and amplify thriving?

Pause reset amplify thriving | Shannon Dunn

Don't underestimate the value of a pause to reset when you are a self led soul in business!

A significant thing I’ve learned in the decades of personal and professional development work I’ve invested in is to honour what I know and trust I need.

Last week I had the opportunity to get away with friends. To go adventuring in an area I hadn’t visited for 15 years. To enjoy nature, the ocean, great company, and nourishing experiences.

It was so needed. After 3+ years being relatively grounded my travel and adventure loving heart was so ready for a change of pace and some time away from business.

It gave me an opportunity to reconnect.
To reflect.
To reset.
To recognise.
To reclaim.
To re-energise.

In under a month, I’ll be away again and getting ready to host my first international retreat in close to 3 1/2 years.

Later this year I have more adventuring planned and it feels like I’m getting back on track after a tumultuous 4 years that have seen me experience some of the biggest personal challenges and changes I’ve ever known.

It feels good to be in this space
It’s these kinds of experiences of the last few years that I know make me a better coach, a compassionate individual, a genuine cheerleader and assure me I can and will navigate whatever the future holds.


Here’s to self nourishment.
Here’s to knowing who you are.
Here’s to trusting yourself.
Here’s to giving yourself what you know you want and need.
Here’s to thriving in all its forms.

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