The Wisdom of Age in Business

Shannon Dunn | Wisdom of Ageing in Business | Thrive Factor Archetypes | Business Coach Perth Australia
Shannon Dunn | Wisdom of Ageing in Business | Thrive Factor Archetypes | Business Coach Perth Australia

A little story about getting older. And one about the wisdom of ageing in business.


I was in my 30s when I started my business.


The start was slow. I was still working a demanding job in a corporate environment then.


My personal life was busy. I had SO much energy and my ambition was bold and wild.


I was learning all the time. Expanding my knowledge. Meeting my innate wisdom. Loving being challenged by the juggle. Definitely working toooooo much.


Now, in my early 50s things have evolved and changed. My ambition is still bold and has a wildness to it. A wildness that means it has no bounds as opposed to the kind of wildness of my younger self which is as more defined by expectations.


I’m still learning all the time. These days, the learning has a different intention to it. Earlier in my life the Mentor Teacher Archetype I have was driven to learn as a measure to prove knowledge. These days she owns her infinite wisdom and it’s value and learns to expand, not to justify or prove.


I’ve seen a few fellow women in business around my age sharing how things have and are shifting for them. Also more celebration of the signs of aging. This is something I’m loving seeing.


To age is a gift that deserves treasuring. Sure things change. Particularly how we look. But as I commented to someone in the last week, the physical signs of aging are also the the imprint of our expanding wisdom from a life actually lived.


Well that is how I like to think of it.


Whilst I know the significant wisdom within my Thrive Factor and it’s 4 Archetypes, I also learned more about this innate aspect of self when I learned about the line 6 of my Human Design.


Discovering that this part of me is in full flow past 50 gave me a new sense of belief, trust and determination to bring my bold visions to life.


In many ways I feel I’m only just becoming and it’s going to continue to get better from here. Well that is the view of a Wisdom Woman in my opinion.


As you age are you harnessing the wisdom of ageing in your business?

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