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Shannon Dunn Headshot She Will Shine podcast interview 2023
Shannon Dunn Headshot She Will Shine podcast | Perth business networking for women

I recently had the chance to be interviewed by Danielle Price, founder of She Will Shine, an Australian based network and community for female business founders.


I first connected with Danielle about a year ago when I was craving a different networking experience to what was the norm for women in business in Perth. I had seen some of my business network on the east coast of Australia talking about She Will Shine and I knew there were groups in Melbourne where the community was founded. I also saw groups interstate in Queensland and New South Wales.


Following my strong gut instinct that said to reach out, I connected with Danielle. Next thing we were on Zoom, sharing our love of creating community and more intimate experiences for women in business. Before long I was the She Will Shine ambassador for WA, hosting our regular networking events in Perth.


I have so loved being a part of this community and being able to catch up with Danielle recently to create this conversation for the She Will Shine podcast was brilliant.

Of course we talked about thriving in business, creating community, the things we love about networking the She Will Shine way, the Thrive Factor Framework®, and my founder story!

Here is what Danielle shared about the podcast episode;


How did Shannon become a business and leadership coach?

In this episode of the She Will Shine podcast Danielle chats to Shannon Dunn. Shannon has been coaching in the business and leadership space since 2006 at The Thrive Factor Co, where she helps women in business to thrive, profitably.
And she is our much loved She Will Shine Western Australia Ambassador, and hosts our events in Perth!

Shannon always knew her journey would lead to business ownership. A third generation small business owner, she spent her childhood observing family business, and a love of working with people led her to an initial career in nursing.
Our conversation includes:
• how working with an executive coach inspired her to pursue coaching
• the biggest hurdle she faced when starting her business
• the challenges of navigating small business after corporate employment
• how her coaching business has now incorporated teaching
• how she created a self leadership framework of archetypes
• the importance of self awareness and self-development in business
• her 18 year longevity in the business coaching industry.
I love how Shannon has embraced the fact that every experience along her journey has brought her to where she is today, and know you will get so much out of this conversation.
Listen in to hear the full story of what led Shannon to becoming a business and leadership coach.
Proudly presented by Danielle Price, Founder of She Will Shine.

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