Rebel Coach w/ Brittany Alysia – She Leads She Thrives Podcast Ep 31

Brittany Alysia_She Leads She Thrives Podcast Episode 31 | Thrive Factor Archetypes | Business Coach | Canada | Perth Australia | Shannon Dunn
Brittany Alysia_She Leads She Thrives Podcast Episode 31 | Thrive Factor Archetypes | Business Coach | Canada | Perth Australia | Shannon Dunn

In this episode Brittany and I talk about

This week Shannon chats to guest Brittany Alysia about all kinds of fascinating things. A highlight of the conversation was exploring what it means to be a rebel in the coaching space. It all comes down to trusting your own instincts and honouring your path, not anyone else.


The conversation also steered towards what manifesting really is, the blend of masculine and feminine energies and how these influence your business and life.


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You’ll hear about


7:34 “Selling their earnings”

22:45 Niche
29:21 Energetics – feminine and masculine

41:56 3D, 4D, 5D

57:48 What role does leadership play in your life in business?

59:11 How do you know you’re thriving? 

1:00:00 Connect with Brittany

1:01:00 Final piece of wisdom

Brittany Alysia_She Leads She Thrives Podcast Episode 31 | business coach | manifestation | 5D explanation | thrive factor Archetypes | thrive factor coach | Shannon Dunn Perth Australia | Canada

Connect with guest Brittany Alysia

Brittany Alysia the CEO and creator of Make Life Your Bitch, is both a podcaster and coach focused on helping women grow their coaching businesses to hitting consistent 10K months. With her passion for both strategy and mindset, she loves to connect with rebellious women who love doing things their own way.


Brittany works with her clients both privately and inside the Make Life Your Bitch Mastermind by helping them understand the “how and why” of successful strategies so they can manifest the life of their dreams while building a successful and thriving business.

Oh.. and my two obsessions are pineapples and coffee haha.

Connect with Brittany here;

Check out Brittany’s Make Life Your Bitch Mastermind here

Episode Transcript


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A special message from Shannon

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Shannon Dunn  03:51

Great big hello everybody and welcome. We have a new episode and a new guest. I’m Shannon Dunn. Totally an OG of the business and leadership coaching space and your host here for She Leads She Thrives. Now, I’ve got the gorgeous Brittany here with me today, I’m going to share her bio in a moment. But first as I’ve been doing when we have a guest, I want to tell you how I know her. 


Shannon Dunn  04:10

Like a lot of the women I introduce you to, we met in the online space because I’m in Australia, she’s in Canada and I love the gift of technology right of being able to do this and we’ve had lots of fun going back and forth in the DM’s about things that we’re so on the same page about.  So today you’re in for a treat of what we’re going to share, I can’t kind of promise where we’re going to go – I’ve got a good idea of where we might go, but like everytime I have a guest on it very much is a great riff off of the things that we want to talk about. I want to highlight them, really illuminate what they’ve got to offer. And let’s see where we kind of go with a conversation. So Brittany, it’s been so cool getting to know you more and chatting with you. And yeah, I’m so glad you said yes to come and be on the show. 


Brittany Alysia  04:55

Thank you so much for having me. Thank you so much for having me because it means a lot anytime we get to show up on someone else’s platform and share our knowledge and have real conversations, so thank you.


Shannon Dunn  05:05

Totally. And as a podcast host yourself, you know what that’s all about. So, yeah, so let me share the kind of the official bio so we can introduce you to the world. And then we’ll get into some some fabulous conversation. So Brittany Alysia is the CEO and creator of Make Life Your Bitch. I love that like, it’s to the point, this is what I’m all about. She’s both a podcaster and coach focusing on helping women grow their coaching business, to hitting consistent 10K months. With a passion for both strategy and mindset, she loves to connect with rebellious women. We were having a quick chat before we recorded about the whole rebel soul. Definitely kindred spirits there, but rebellious woman who loves doing things their own way. 


Shannon Dunn  05:43

She works with clients, both privately and inside her mastermind, which is also called Make Life Your Bitch, by helping them understand the how and the why of successful strategies, so they can manifest a life of their dreams while building a successful and thriving business. And this bit I loved like, this is a random kind of thing at the end. She says to me, Oh, am I two obsessions are pineapples and coffee. And it just cracked me up. Okay, just gives a beautiful insight into your personality. Right. And I will be suspect there’s a lot of fun too. And then I got me thinking, I wonder if anyone will ever make a pineapple flavored coffee and how that would actually work?


Brittany Alysia  06:21

I don’t know. But that would be like I can Google that now. My boyfriend laughs at me all the time. He’s like, What did you Google that? I’m like, yeah.


Shannon Dunn  06:33

I’ve made a couple of friends in this particular archetype in the Thrive Factor framework that is very much like a walking Google. Because they’ve Googled everything. And if they don’t know the answer, they’ve Googled it, but and then they’ll come back and tell you, which I love. So maybe you’ve got that too, we’ll find out one day. So welcome.


Brittany Alysia  06:49

And sometimes I challenge myself, where I’ll say like, let’s be old school today. And any questions I have, I’m not going to Google it, and I’m gonna find out the answer. Apparently, I’m bored those days. 


Shannon Dunn  07:01

Right?! Oh, no, it’s so funny is it but this is it. You said to me, like in our conversation, you’re a why person. So that’s a classic example of it. Like I like to understand. And the Liberator Engineer archetype, which I mentioned when we were chatting before we recorded, which is the rebel archetype, one of my 4, 100% the rebel, the freedom weaver. But she’s also the why person who, like, I need to understand all the ins and outs of everything, has a gift for seeing the big picture and all the moving parts, but she just needs to understand how they all fit together. But she’s like the puzzle maker as well. So very, very cool. 


Shannon Dunn  07:34

So we’ve got so much to chat about, right? It’s kind of like when I was looking about it and writing up some questions and things to keep, you know, as a prompt. So where we start like that, kind of like, because there’s so many places we can go. And I’ve really have loved our back and forth in messenger and, you know, things that we’ve got a real desire to highlight that we have in common, so many places, but let’s dive into this one, how women selling their earnings to get clients is working for them, and why that strategy they teach isn’t working for you. So I’m gonna leave that for you to open up. Let’s see where we go with that one.


Brittany Alysia  08:07

 You know, it’s funny, because I literally just did a post on this. And I was telling you that I was watching someone’s masterclass today, this evening, while I was hanging out with my daughter, and she’s all about content. And of course, for me, that’s my obsession – is content. How do people buy why? Why do people buy? You know, and I like to dive into, like the story, you know, with my own podcast, I say, like, you know, it’s for the women who are sharing a message so powerful that they can change the world, like, I want to create a ripple effect in the world of women making a difference and changing each other’s lives. And so, I was listening to this woman, and she’s going through, and she’s like, talking about, like, how her way is the perfect way. And, you know, this is the problems that she’s seeing in the industry.


Brittany Alysia  09:03

And so I’m seeing this, and I’m thinking, you know, she was talking about market validation, and how important it is, and nobody’s talking about it. And it was really funny because I always say to my clients, you can talk about market validation, but at the end of the day, I’ve literally seen really successful people sell their frickin garbage – I don’t know if I’m allowed to swear on here – sell their garbage. On Instagram. I’ve like people buy farts in a jar people by pictures of like feet, like, there is no wrong way of doing business or like that you need the perfect program. It’s just like, it needs to be fully in alignment with you. And you have to be super confident about it. 


Brittany Alysia  09:47

And so when it comes to seeing what everyone’s doing, I like you know, that little voice in my head was like, oh, like maybe there’s I mean, of course there’s always stuff for me to learn. But, you know, she hit a point with me where I was like, you know, maybe I need to learn more Oh my god. And I went over to her profile and I’m looking through and I’m like, I hate reading her content. She does not sell me on it. I’m not hooked by it. There’s, it’s too long. It’s not punchy enough like, but the thing is, she had, you know, she has 50,000 followers, she has 2000 people who showed up to her or registered for her masterclass or was 500 people on Zoom. What she’s doing is working for her. Right. 


Brittany Alysia  10:33

And so, you know, in 2021, I invested in at one time, I had invested in eight different coaches, like that I had all at the same time. So I’m learning all about like, right. And it was learning all about sales strategies, content, and all these things because I hit six figures in my business and I hit the ceiling of I don’t know enough, and that little voice creeped in. And as I started to learn from all these people, it’s like, I went more and more into my shell of like, all these people being so certain about their way, and me switching my way to try, because they were telling me, you have to be 100% our way.


Shannon Dunn  11:14

And this is such a common thing that so many business owners do – not just coaches. So like, you know what, just for listeners, Brittany and I are both coaches, we’ve been in the industry for a while. But, you know, we work with coaches, we work with people who are not coaches, this is about women in business, who are coming to certain people and being told this is the be all and end all. And if you don’t do this, you won’t succeed. And it’s wrong. So wrong.


Brittany Alysia  11:39

Yeah, it’s between that and telling people that you need to invest now, like you, if you aren’t doing these proper things,  for example, like hiring the right mentors, being in the space, you have to sit at the table with like, you know, it’s just like –  No, I actually am going to be over here, like, F your table. do things my way, but thank you.


Shannon Dunn  12:12

The thing that I also wanted to extend on with that is that, as you said, like it really jumped out to me, and when you were sharing some, like some prep around, you know, before the podcast, and, you know, for everyone listening, when these amazing women come and become a guest, I kind of put them through a rigorous, like, here’s a whole lot of questions, give me some really great content, but that phrase of women “selling their earnings”, right, it’s kind of extending on what we’ve been talking about. But that and we see it so much in the business coaching space, but I feel like it’s eeking into the coaching space in general, where there’s like, look at how much I’ve earned in a day, a week, a month, a year, a quarter, or whatever it is. And with the subtext of, I’m earning a lot of money, so I must be phenomenal, so come and work with me. Right? This is how that selling their earnings thing drives me mental, I want to know, firstly, is it profit? Because if it’s not profit, I don’t care what you’re earning. But sidenote, jump in what kind of let’s talk about that. Okay. Anything on it? Yeah.


Brittany Alysia  13:13

So you know, the thing with that is, so I invested in one coach in summer of 2021. And I was bought into that, her earnings, we’re talking about all the money she was making, that kind of thing, and that that’s how I felt, she obviously knows the way. What intrigued me was that she told me, I don’t need to do any more free resources that I shouldn’t be giving away free value. No more masterclasses, no more sales calls, you told me no more sales calls like I’m in. Right. 


Brittany Alysia  13:47

But the problem with that is, she didn’t tell me what to do instead. So like I was told, do daily offers, well, here’s the thing is someone who isn’t making that level of money, it doesn’t matter, you can put out all the offers in the world. But if you don’t have an audience, to that degree that this person has, and who are ready to buy, then you’re not going to make money and you know, it’s going to throw a bomb and self implode your business. 


Brittany Alysia  14:16

And so it’s that’s why I’m so obsessed with, telling people like, this is why that works for that person, because they’re in sales. And so they’re selling the money piece. They’re selling their earnings, because that’s what that person does. Right? And so you see the people with like, the mindset and that kind of stuff that they teach, you know, and I mean, that’s always interesting too, when they sell the idea of like, this is what I’ve manifested, but you also find out who their coaches are, and they’re talking about their coaches, so they’re utilizing their audience. 


Brittany Alysia  14:50

And so, one of my obsessions is helping people understand the client journey as to how someone first comes into your world and gets visible, to how they buy from you. I always say “stranger to sale”, because the big thing with that is like, when you can understand and implement that into your business, then you start to see like, oh, that’s why that works for her. And it’s not working for me, because it drives me crazy too when I see people talking about the earnings, or, you know, if you don’t buy now, like, you know, the price is gonna go up. And I mean, it works for some people. 


Shannon Dunn  15:25

It does work for some people. And that’s fine. But it’s not a strategy that a lot of us actually feel comfortable or confident to be able to, like, execute for want of a better word. So you know, that’s a whole other podcast episode right around what happened. We’ve got other things I want to talk about today. But you know, when that’s not something that you’re confident and clear on and like you said, you don’t have a warm audience that are used to high quality content that’s educational, it’s informative, it’s purposeful, it’s useful, then you’re not going to get the conversions, no matter what someone tells you. Yeah, and I love that kind of the simple kind of often, justification is, well, you’re not selling enough. So that’s why not making sales in some cases, yes. But not my experience, not in your experience.


Brittany Alysia  16:15

No. And you know, those people selling those earnings. I think there’s a lot of coaches out there who when they start hitting, you know, multiple, six, seven figures, I think sometimes  they’re still targeting people who are just starting to build their audience, and they forget what actually got them to that point, because it’s like, no more masterclasses. And it’s because they’re no longer doing masterclasses. But it’s like, yeah, but that’s what you did to build trust with your current audience. Right. And now you’re building trust in other ways. But if you’re someone who doesn’t have like, a full audience, or you have new people coming in, you know, and one of the big things for me that I struggled with, for a really long time was sharing client testimonials. So I mean, that in general was like, you know, I wasn’t creating any trust, no more value, no more like sales calls, I’m not going to share my client testimonials, because, you know, I never want to take responsibility for someone else’s success. It’s like, Yes, I helped you, but like, You did that on your own. You know, and so when I like, see those things out, like it used to make me so uncomfortable, and I’d be like, so you know, it’s interesting how people, yes, it drives me crazy. When people sell their earnings. I like I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it, like, be proud, be excited.


Shannon Dunn  17:34



Brittany Alysia  17:35

But that can’t be the only way.


Shannon Dunn  17:37

In business making really good money. But again, I want to know, as I said before, is it profit firstly, I’ve talked about this in a number of my solo episodes, you know, what to really focus on from, like a money metrics kind of thing. And to really try and educate the audience out there of consumers of coaches, mentors, people that are using their “look at how much money I made”. So therefore, subtexts, I must be great at what I do, or look, lots of people pay me so I must be the person to come to work with. Just to get people to be more discerning and to really go deeper and to trust, don’t get swayed by the FOMO. And the scarcity. And this is going to the price is going to go up to 10 times between now and tomorrow. So if you don’t jump in now, you’re going to pay five times in an hour’s time like that. I know, it’s exaggerating, but it’s actually not right. It’s we do. That’s not okay. I don’t I for me, it’s not okay. And I don’t like the way it makes people often feel that they have to take action and put themselves in a place where they are so far out of their comfort zone, so stretched financially. 


Shannon Dunn  18:44

You know, I remember seeing something,  shared or as I heard it, but a story of someone sharing how a coach that they’d worked with had said to them, while you’re clearly not committed to your business and your success, because they’d said no to investing, I don’t even know what the thing was or how much it was right. And the coaches suggestion to them to get the money that they’d said they didn’t have was, well, you should be going and knocking on your neighbor’s doors. And asking them for a loan. Like, oh, honestly, I mean, um, I trust it was true. It came from someone that you know, I believe, I know, there was no kind of other ulterior motive for them sharing that. So I think they were just so shocked. But that kind of shit happens. Right? It does. And I hope it happens less over time. But we’ll see where we go. Right. 


Shannon Dunn  19:32

This kind of leads me to and we were maybe we’ve touched on already about, you know, before we talk about energetics, which I’m really into to talk about the energetics of manifesting and where you went with all of that learning, but, you know, through your lens, what do you feel is the biggest problem that you’re currently seeing inside the coaching industry?


Brittany Alysia  19:48

Um, I think it’s the, I would say the number one thing that I think is the problem the coaching industry right now is kind of like what I said where people  -they’re niching down. But there’s, it’s silly to say they’re selling to the wrong people. Right? and you know, and being 100%, okay with saying, like, you know what this program probably isn’t for you. Like, there’s this woman I’m talking to right now about the new program that I have coming up. And with her, I know, based on where she’s at, I would never sell her into my private coaching, because I know, she doesn’t like, I know that she needs the solid foundation in building her business first, before she starts investing in private coaching and like deep diving into, like her specific stuff that she’s working through. 


Brittany Alysia  20:43

And I’m okay with that, where some people they just like, they’re like, yep, come in. And, you know, there have no problem taking people’s money. But you know, when we can actually, like, be open and say, like, hey, this probably isn’t for you, and be okay with that. And you can actually come from a place of wanting to make a difference in people’s lives and the impact and the genuine heartfelt like, I actually care about you like, that’s one thing I can say I can brag about, is the number one thing that all my clients say about me is that, yeah,  all my clients say is like, Brittany, you’re you care. Like, there, I’ve never had a coach that cares so much about me and my business.


Shannon Dunn  21:30

It’s such a long time ago, now that I did my initial coaching, training. Right. But you know, again, that’s another whole conversation and another episode around that I see people going coaching is a new industry. I did my first lot of coaching training over two decades ago. So it’s not a new industry, it’s new in it’s sudden expansion, perhaps, but it’s not new. 


Shannon Dunn  21:50

But I remember being told way back then, if you don’t have a scope of practice that is in alignment and going to serve purposefully, with integrity, probably could say ethically as well, the client that’s coming to you seeking your support, either in a group experience or a one on one, then you need to say no, don’t take them on, but I need to get paid, that’s the wrong way to do it. So, yeah, so that knew that was something that I was taught very early on, I’m so grateful for that. Not that I think I would have done it any differently, just by who I am. But it’s something that I feel is missing a lot with a lot of the you know, what’s happening, or what has happened in the industry over the last, particularly I feel like few years it’s evolved, but necessarily, evolutionary advanced way necessary, necessarily. 


Shannon Dunn  22:45

So you touched on just as in starting to answer that around that, you know, the reality that we are often told to niche down, or I think like niche niche, like niches have we say, in Australia, I know, those in the USA, say niche, whatever. But if I say niche, yeah, I think everyone knows what we mean, right? But when you have, I always call them like the multi dimensional souls of the world, they have different interests, different expertise, different qualifications, and  they kind of want to bring it all in together, I find I know, I have a lot of clients like that, kind of feeling like you might do as well. Because there’s a lot of people that are drawn to being in business or entrepreneurship that are like that they’ve got so many diverse interests that actually do have a place together. But they get told they have to focus on one thing, and like narrow focus on one thing, right? So how do you help your clients, you know, find that success without focusing on that one specific strategy, or this is what you have to talk about. And  live, eat, breathe for ever more if you’re going to be a success? And you work with that? Yeah, so


Brittany Alysia  23:52

One of the first programs that I recorded ever created, I think it was in 2019, or 2020, or something like that, I think it’s 2020. I created it, and it’s called Niche Domination. And it’s exactly about that. And it’s about, you get to do, like, everything that you are passionate about, is who you are. So therefore, that’s your niche, like you are your niche, you are your brand, right. And so, but there’s things that you’re not going to want to talk about, right? Like for me, I don’t want to be a relationship coach. Is it something that I ended up talking to a lot of my clients about and their relationships and the way it impacts their business? Yep! But that’s not what I want to like, sell myself on. 


Brittany Alysia  24:39

And so I think like with any niche, it’s  ever evolving and being okay with that. And you get to start in one place and be like, You know what, I love talking about this. And as you grow and expand, your niche is going to grow and expand with you. Like, you know when I first like really kicked things off in regards to like starting to make real money in my business was I was solely working with women in business and their strategy hitting 10K months. Throughout that, I started to realize that I had a passion for energetics. But, you know, I started to sprinkle that into my content and what I helped my clients with. But it was a while before I actually made that transition to say like, I love talking about wealth, energetics and manifestation. 


Brittany Alysia  25:34

And so, you know, for me, that was one of the biggest struggles, even this past fall, when I started to really own that space of talking about the energy and the science of manifestation. You know, I remember saying to like, one of my coaches, I’m like, I want to do content, and I want to do manifestation. And I just need to figure out how to tie them together. It’s not that I’m going to do one or the other, like, I’m doing both. But how do they tie together? And then I get to create programs and create my business around that. 


Brittany Alysia  26:08

So, you know, with your question of like, How does someone navigate through defining their niche, the first thing I like to say to people is write down, first off everything that you would ever want to teach, and start to  identify well, where, like, how does this all tie together? And then from there, I also like to have people do it, like, I call it my proof method I haven’t talked about in a really, really long time. But it’s kind of the key piece that when you start to question whether or not you can actually be that person to teach it. It’s like the proof within yourself, that you have all the knowledge and so it’s like an acronym where it’s like, you know, your personal experience, your resume, where have you done jobs in the past, like your occupation, your relationships? There’s like other things like, where else has it shown up in your life? Where have you had fun, your hobbies, all that kind of stuff. And it’s like, make a list of all the times that you’ve actually done this thing, and where it’s shown up the things you help your friends with all that, and then all of a sudden, it’s like, you start to build this confidence. It’s like, actually, I know stuff.


Shannon Dunn  27:19

I love it. That’s very cool. I teach a similar kind of thing in a lot of stuff around the profit pathways. And looking at I did a great masterclass in it was last year 2022, called Profit Maven, we’re looking at those kinds of things and leads into some of the programs that I teach. And I know for me, having so many clients that have those multi-dimensional focuses, a lot of them have the Shapeshifter Alchemist Archetype, I will just say that anyone who’s listening in, they’re the, the souls of the world that that crave variety and different. So, you know, they’re often also in a healing kind of space in terms of, you know, the Reiki masters, the massage therapists, that also have like 10 other modalities they’re qualified in and they’re trying to do it all at the same time at different price points and wondering why they’re kind of not getting anywhere. They’ve confused themselves. And no wonder they’re already kind of right. And so what did she do? 


Shannon Dunn  28:12

And that’s it, they’re like, I’m not really sure I like I love her, I’m intrigued, but I kind of don’t really know what she does, or whats she really good at, I find that that’s often a subconscious question that may be running through a consumers mind is like, but what are you really good at, like, if I’m going to pay you I want to get the best kind of thing. They don’t necessarily consciously ask that question. But that’s part of what they’re reflecting on. 


Shannon Dunn  28:36

And I know for those women, I always will recommend that they really narrow down in terms of the outcome of the combination of all the things that they do. So they can like their niches really the results that their clients get, rather than the ways that they do it, let go of the how we do it and focus on what we get for the, the, you know, the end result and often say to them, you know, offer a strategy or a program and put all your magic in it, you know, but you focus on that one thing, it makes such a difference. And they’re like, Oh, is that I can do that? Yeah, that I can Yes. And it’ll be so much easier than talking about the fact that I’ve got four appointments for this today. And then five tomorrow and something the other day and then the next day and I’m also learning a new thing. It’s no wonder they get confused and overwhelmed and their audience does too. 


Shannon Dunn  29:21

So let’s talk about some energetics right. This is kind of like your newer passion and excitement. I love that you have gone and looked at the science of them, of energetics and manifestation. I felt like it was probably was 2020 I think this that’s not the first time I came across the word energy and energetics in relation to coaching and, you know, personal professional development. But it felt like energetics was such a buzzword. It was like one of the trends that came up and everyone was talking about energetics and you know, I remember thinking but kind of it’s not as hard as people are making it out to be firstly, but I’d love to know from you. You said that you were happy to talk about both feminine and masculine energetics and then how they come together. So I guess I kind of got three questions for you. But from a feminine energetics perspective, how does manifestation actually work? Like? Let us know. 


Brittany Alysia  30:16

 Yeah. And so you know, it’s one of those things like, especially last year, I think it’s still a thing, but that feminine energetics is, you know, what everyone’s been like, Oh, my God. Yeah. You know, everyone’s like, because that was one of the things like I was told by coach too, you can work like two to four hours a day maximum, and you can make so much money. It’s like, you want to tell everyone what your team does, though?


Shannon Dunn  30:47

And how many of them there are? 


Brittany Alysia  30:49

Yeah, exactly. And so you know, when it comes to the feminine energetics side of things, it’s obviously like, I mean, anyone who doesn’t know – feminine energetics is like you, you have both feminine and masculine in your body, right? So feminine is the left side, masculine is the right side. Feminine is receiving, masculine is the giving. And so when it comes to the actual like, manifestation of bringing things in,  it’s the trust piece, which that’s why I think talking about feminine energetics is so important because there’s so many people out there that struggle with the trust piece. And they’re talking about, you know, they’re seeing what everyone else is doing. Well this girl is talking about crystals. And this one’s talking about tarot cards, and this one’s telling me I need to, like use sage, and this one saying, like, put the crystal in my bra. And nobody’s like saying, like, you know, it comes back to like, my obsession over like, Well, why does it work for that person, it all comes back to their trust and their belief that they are worthy of receiving, which I mean, when itself, like, if you don’t even feel like you’re worthy, then…. But, you know, when it comes to that, as well, I always find interesting, you know, I asked my clients this in my mastermind last week, I said, What do you believe in? You know, and both, like, you know, because I had two women in that group container that day, and they were just like, what? And I’m like, What do you believe in? Like, what do you trust? Like what is that piece behind what, like, when you, you know, try and connect to God, the universe, whatever it is? Who are you talking to? Who are you asking for shit from?


Shannon Dunn  32:38

Pretty much.


Brittany Alysia  32:40

And they were like, I don’t know, you know? And so, you know, with me, when I think about it, the feminine is that feeling. It’s like that receiving what’s coming to me? You know, that’s the side of things. Like, that’s so much the trust piece. So I always like to say, you know, that’s my meditative place where I’m connecting with my feminine. And I’m asking her, like when she decides, like you know what, like, let’s dream big. What do I want? What do we want? Brittany? 


Shannon Dunn  33:15

That space of where we can connect with our intuition. Wisdom is the word that I use for that often. Your it’s, as you said, it’s the knowing, it’s the asking the questions and allowing yourself to receive insights that can guide you in terms of an answer. 


Brittany Alysia  33:35

And, you know, I always say she with my feminine, and she’s always like, this is what I want. And it’s like, okay, that’s what we want. Now. It’s like a masculine, let’s get to work. Like, let’s go do the things. But if all I’m ever in is my masculine in the go, go go and the obsession of like, I need to get stuff done, I don’t have time to pause and ask the questions and to be like to dream on the side of like, connecting with it. Like, that’s when we start to fall down the rabbit hole of we end up doing the same thing over and over. And we make the list like I’ve been guilty of, like, I read a list of to do things. And then like, I’m writing the list later that day. And it’s like, if you would just ask your feminine,  what, what feels really good right now? What’s the next move that we need to make? Like she knows.


Shannon Dunn  34:29

Right? And again, as you said, it’s around the trust. I know that through 2020, and probably 2021 more so. I was having conversations with my private clients and my mastermind clients around the way that we were challenged from a trust perspective universally, because of the pandemic. So people that already maybe had a shaky relationship with trusting themselves and/or trusting others also went well can’t even trust the universe because look what they’ve given us kind of thing. 


Shannon Dunn  34:58

So I think there’s there’s definitely more space for those conversations about what does it mean to trust? And how do you actually build and nurture the trust that is important for you so that you can really honor your feminine makes space to listen to what she’s got to say. And then equally use that as guidance and support for the masculine aspect, as you said, which is the doing, the take action, the get stuff done, because they’ve got to work in harmony together, right? So if they don’t, we’re kind of doing all one or the other. And at the same time, as you said, there was a lot of teaching of feminine energetics as a business strategy. And I know I saw an enormous number of pictures of women in bathtubs, with their candles and their crystals, and they’re just gonna hang out in the bath. 


Brittany Alysia  35:51

I tried everything they told me to do. I was in the bathtub with my credit cards.


Shannon Dunn  35:59

And it’s not that that doesn’t happen. There’s a space for it. But as you said, it’s not they’re not the whole story isn’t being shared. Like the whole kind of picture isn’t being shared. It’s not a holistic viewpoint. And yeah, and  as I said before, like huge kind of red flag and and it does feel like a lie, because we both know what it takes to run a business. And it’s different for everybody. But saying that you can create multiple 5, 6, 7 figures, in whatever time frame you’re claiming that and working on a few hours a day is not a possibility, I would say unless you have a team and they’re doing basically everything and you kind of just show up for the coaching session or the teaching or maybe you’re outsourcing your coaching, which I don’t agree with either, but you know. So let’s masculine energetics. 


Brittany Alysia  36:51

yeah. And so, you know, like I said, it’s, that’s the doing and, you know, one thing I do want to say, when it comes to the women in the bathtub. It goes back to that goes back to like, why it works. Like, that person has that belief that that works. And what it’s doing is, it’s because she’s operating from a vibration of that, right. And so, you know, when I think about energetics in as a whole, it’s like, the first thing we need to do is to create awareness. Like, in general, you know, and it’s, I always like to use the example of I’ll ask people, like, look around your room right now. You know, look around your room, tell me something that you see, usually they will say something negative. And I’m like, okay, like, you know, look around again, and like, tell me something good you see. And that’s one of the things that people struggle with is we don’t actually see things like we are so caught in the masculine hustle…


Shannon Dunn  37:54

So narrow that, like, I remember doing over many years, the different situations. I remember definitely doing when I did my NLP training decades ago, but around learning about your peripheral and your rear vision, right? And if you’ve learned about that, too, but yeah, because so often we are focused on what’s in front of us, but like, it’s so close to where we are not actually like in front, moving into the future. It’s like here and now, this thing in this moment, and what its going to create or do, but as you said it’s often about the hustle and excessive focus on busy-ness.


Brittany Alysia  38:33

Yeah, yeah, exactly. And so you know, for myself, I was walking down the street here in the fall. And I was pushing my stroller with my daughter in it. And there’s these bugs flying around. I thought they were wasps. Because she got stung by a wasp the one day, like she was like, not even a month old that she got stung by wasp. And so we’re going down and I’m like, running and I’m like, Oh, my God. And I’m totally freaking out. And I’m like, we need to hurry, there’s wasps everywhere. Well, the next day, we go out and my boyfriend points and he goes, Oh, look at all the ladybugs on that tree. And you look and the entire, like, all the way down every single tree, and there were ladybugs, there were ladybugs flying around. But like I didn’t even see it. And that was kind of my moment that I was like, oh, even more awareness and it comes back to I always say like, create an experience for yourself. Everything you do like in life and I mean, it’s something that we need to be comes back to slowing down. But it’s like create an experience like, you know, when you put on your clothes in the morning, when you walk down your stairs. I have beautiful paintings throughout my house that I’ve never even looked at, you know, and I was standing on the stairs the one day..


Shannon Dunn  39:48

Stop and smell the roses.


Brittany Alysia  39:51

Yeah, and I was looking at like, I was going up the stairs the one day and I was I stopped and I looked and I’m like, I saw the picture but I’ve never actually seen it. Like, I’ve never really looked at it. Yeah. And I think when we can actually stop and do that, like, that’s when we can actually raise that vibration. And when we come from a place of like that raised vibration, when it comes to the doing, the masculine side of things, it comes, it’s comes from, like a totally different place of energy for why we do what we do, why we take the action that we do. And all of a sudden, it like creates this like alignment. Right? Yeah. And so yeah, and I mean, like, I have an obsession over like the three, four and five D, because of everyone, you know, it’s a thing. Right? And so,


Shannon Dunn  40:43

Definitely, that’s another trends thats being talked about, but with merit.


Brittany Alysia  40:49

And so for me, I’m like,  there’s science behind this, right, like, we learn we’re in a 3D world, right? And so it’s like, I started to study well, what is the 3D world? What is the 4D? What is the 5D? And for me, when I can tap into that fifth dimension idea? I don’t know, have you gone through that on your podcast before?


Shannon Dunn  41:14

No, I haven’t. So do share it. And you know, for my own learning, it’s like, yeah, I’ve read a little bit, I’ve listened to some things. But it’s not been something that I’ve needed to put my attention into yet. So yeah, I’d love to hear more. Okay, haven’t covered it yet. But even if we had, it’s still valuable.


Brittany Alysia  41:32

And I’ll try not to go too deep into it, because there’s so much.


Shannon Dunn  41:36

We have had some very deeply spiritual episodes, that I would suggest that a lot of, you know, the kind of business women that I know, it could have gone above their head doesn’t matter. Some of those are the most popular episodes we’ve had, because people are curious or intrigued about learning these things. So go for it.


Brittany Alysia  41:56

Yeah. And, you know, this came through as a download for me one day, and another thing in the industry -a download. But it’s more like you’re opening herself up to receiving and it’s like, where did this idea come from? I don’t even know. And  so this came through, and I started to write it down. And I was like, I need to teach this to my clients like tomorrow. And it started around that level of awareness. And so with a 3D, like, we’re in a 3D world. And it’s, if I back up a bit, so the one D, which is something that still wildly being studied, kind of thing is like, that’s like the cells, right? The atoms, the things that we can’t actually see, yes. 


Brittany Alysia  42:45

To go up into your understanding of the 2D, that would be the knowing that there’s, like, smell, taste like the five senses. But there’s no, you’re not actually actively doing it. It’s just like, there’s a knowing that it’s there. Like, yeah, there’s the five senses, right? And there’s no feelings towards it. When we tap into the 3D, it’s like, that’s where we, that’s where feelings come in. Right? And where we start to have feelings towards and like negative and positive feelings, and we have opinions. And, you know, everything is immediate, like someone says something, and instead of stopping and pausing and thinking to themselves, like hey, I need to take a hot minute. It’s like, there’s the reactive like, this hurt my feelings. It’s that whole idea of like, thoughts, feelings, actions, like, that’s where we hang out. And, and, you know, the first thing..


Shannon Dunn  43:43

Reinforced is the way  that you respond to the world. As you said, your thoughts, feeling, action. It’s kind of modeled to us as human beings, right?


Brittany Alysia  43:54

Yeah. And, you know, that’s one of the things like the first thing I learned about energetics when it came to manifestation was The Secret, as many of us read the book The Secret. Yeah. And when I go back and read it now,


Shannon Dunn  44:10

Read the book, saw the movie.


Brittany Alysia  44:11

Yeah. And, you know, it was one of those things were going back now, there’s a deeper level of understanding. But again, like these people weren’t teaching their understanding of it. It’s like you have to what it was an ask, believe, receive, you ask the universe for this is what I want to sit there and believe it’s happening and it’s going to fall into your lap. Like, no, that’s not how it works. Because life happens. And so you know, there’s the conversation around duality is a big thing, right? You know, how do you hold the duality of both, and the duality comes in when it comes to we are still holding the belief that this is possible, while still allowing our feelings to go through frustration being one of the worst feelings that you can have ever, because it’s stagnant energy, I’m frustrated.


Shannon Dunn  45:08

Sso often, you know, we see this being shared in the world, where someone’s like, I truly believe, and I put my energy and attention, effort, if you like, into holding this belief, and really again, trusting it, but this is my reality. And the feelings I have about it are things like frustration, even being pissed off, like, you know, questioning your judgment -what’s wrong with me? You know, not because the thing hasn’t become the thing that I believe, isn’t my reality. So it’s, yeah, we see this everywhere, right?


Brittany Alysia  45:41

Yeah. And so you know, as soon as you start talking about those things, the people over here and they’re thinking themselves, like, this is what I desire. And I’m supposed to be positive, because if I’m and The Secret, if you’re negative, if you have negative thoughts about it, it won’t come to you. And so when it comes to the idea of the duality, it’s like, you get to hold the belief that it is coming, while still being like, you know what, I had a shit day today, and I’m going to cry about it, I’m going to feel it, because as soon as like, you try and turn that off and ignore it, because that’s what we’re told, try and ignore it, shove it down, put it away, you know, and be positive, you’re trapping your energy. And then that’s how people are having, like, you know, everyone’s having to do inner child work now. Because they have all this shit stored in their body.


Shannon Dunn  46:31

I know, right? I know. It’s so interesting. I’m having come from a background that includes counseling and therapy, I have a kind of a different viewpoint often of feeling states. And from a duality perspective, what you described, I totally get and agree with, but also the duality of feelings you can be and in fact, it is a regular – I don’t like the word normal – but a regular human response to be both happy and sad at the same time. Yes, yeah, I agree. You can have the best day in your business and be really happy about that and want to celebrate, and then find out that someone close to you is sick, or has passed away. And you can have both, like those extremes of emotions within you and share about them. That’s healthy. Yeah, that’s the healthy thing, not the one or the other, or denying the, yeah, I can’t feel anything that we would I guess label as humans, negative emotions. They exist in us. And like you said, we try and shut them down or push them away, they will show up in a big way. I do a lot of teaching around shadow as well. So that’s again, another whole thing to talk about, but they’re not going anywhere. So allow yourself to be the human you are. 


Brittany Alysia  46:50

Yeah, because then we place judgment on ourselves that we’re doing it wrong, we’re not enough. And then there’s, like, now you’re down the rabbit hole of you know, so it is,  it’s being able to navigate through both and you know, the fourth dimension. And so as you like, walk, like go up the dimensions you understand, like, you have awareness of those below you. So, I mean, it depends who you talk to you, you talk to some people, there’s like, they’re seven dimensions, some say 11 Some people say I have like, you know, 100th, the dimension of ascension.


Brittany Alysia  48:20

So we’re gonna talk about the five. But so then there’s, you know, the 4D, where that’s like, there’s so many people toggling between 3 and 4D. Now, and I think it’s one of the cool things is because of social media, or people interacting around the world, you’re actually learning more about it. And that’s the meditative state of you’re an observer of your thoughts. Like you, you aren’t actually, like stuck in them. You’re actually like, of course, like, when you meditate, like you’re observing your thoughts, and your desires, and you’re not placing, like, emotions on it. Right?


Shannon Dunn  49:03

Yeah, I think it’s, it’s the way that I understood that for myself was that you’re not attaching meaning that may not actually have any value anyway, to your thoughts or to what’s happening in your world. 


Brittany Alysia  49:17

Yep. Exactly. And so, you know, that comes back into, you know, the 3D is like, the way it moves is everything’s moving forward. Time moves forward, right. The 4D being where you’re thinking about the future, you’re thinking about the past and you’re kind of thinking about both. And so then when we go up to the 5D, what ends up happening is, there’s this, like, they call it a state of bliss and joy, where you no longer have negative feelings or  like thoughts around something’s wrong, something’s right. It’s just the world is a beautiful place essentially. Right? And so from that place is where manifestation is very powerful, because you’re in that higher level of frequency, right? Like, if you were to look with the vibrations, like the frequencies, as you raise your frequency, you get closer to a level of enlightenment. Right? 


Shannon Dunn  50:25

What the Zen masters around the world have been telling us for centuries, right?


Brittany Alysia  50:29

Yeah exactly. Exactly. And so I always like to say like, like, there’s like different things that you can do to like, actually feel your energetic field. And when you have someone, like, you know, feel their energetic field, then you have them. Master Kol is a great one who teaches this, is that you feel your energetic field, close your eyes, like think of love, abundance, happiness in the world, feel it again, and all of a sudden, your energetic field is, like, greater, right? And it’s bigger? Well, it’s the same kind of concept. 


Brittany Alysia  51:05

So when you can create that, like, fifth dimension, feeling of joy and bliss, then your energetic field becomes bigger, and therefore you can bring things closer to you faster. And so that’s why clarity is so important. Because when you’re tapping into that space, you have to be clear on what you want it and I say, you know, because otherwise your mind…


Shannon Dunn  51:33

Detail, right? It’s not just being clear and having a vague clarity, it is detailed clarity.


Brittany Alysia  51:39

Yes. And here’s why. Is because I see so many people say like, I want a really nice house, or whatever. Or your I want to make more money. And it’s like they get $1. And it’s like, well, that’s not what I meant. Yeah, it’s like, right, like, Get clear. Well, why is it important to get clear, and it’s like, what you’re doing is you’re hanging out in the fifth dimension, you’re telling it what you desire,  you’re in a state of joy and bliss, when you’re creating these dreams for yourself. And the universe is like, Sure, I will do that for you. And it starts to build it in the fifth dimension, and you change your mind. And then it’s like, okay, like, well I’ll build this for you. And I said, you have a whole bunch of half built homes in the fifth dimension waiting for you.


Shannon Dunn  52:25

Yes, I hope everyone like actually listened to that if you need to go back and replay that, because I think that’s a huge lesson for a lot of people. And lesson as a gift, right? And I remember honestly, Brittany, this was years ago, I was in a program locally here and there was a coach teaching it and she was talking about vision boards, which wasn’t something she’s ever talked about before. So I was kind of surprised. But she was talking about how her experience of a particular vision board that she created. Didn’t work, right. And it kind of falls into what you’ve just talked about there. 


Shannon Dunn  53:01

And so she said, she created these in, you know, this incredible visual, literally a board with pictures stuck on it, of all of the places she wanted to travel. So there was the Eiffel Tower, and, you know, probably London Bridge in London, and like all of the key kinds of places in Europe, the US and Asia even, like she wanted to kind of have this world trip come to life in the next say, five years. And she said it was kind of two or three years into creating that was like her master vision board of her like life goals kind of thing. And then she was doing them for like smaller periods of times, they like a year kind of focus. But this big one, she said, and for a long while she felt like nothing was happening with it. Nothing was coming true, right. And then she found herself attending, like some kind of training event in Las Vegas. I don’t know if you’ve been to Las Vegas, I have a long time ago, she found yourself standing there. And there’s a I can’t remember. I don’t know, I’d have to look it up. But um, there’s parts of one of the big hotels that has kind of got replicas of these key monuments in the world. And she said, and I looked around and there’s the Eiffel Tower, and they’re like, all the things like Big Ben, all the things that she had on her vision board. They were right there in front of her. And she said to me in that moment, she realized that she needed to be more specific about going to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, that like be very detailed about exactly what I want and then hold the faith that trust that it’s becoming reality. Yeah. And I love that because it was just made so much sense.


Brittany Alysia  54:37

Yeah, and it’s really tapping into like, like I said, the joy behind it. It’s like, well, what would it feel like to be there? I know there’s people who have told me, The Secret, It has an app where it’s like gives you money each day and you have to spend all the money in order to receive more money. And to me, I’m like, I don’t have time to sit there, like I understand the importance of being detailed and  dreaming, that’s not my cup of tea. It works for some people – doesn’t work for me. 


Brittany Alysia  55:04

And so the whole idea of like, when you hear anyone talking about their routines, their morning routines that leads to them being in that state of manifestation, the whole concept, the underlying concept is what raises your vibration, to believe, to feel good, to like, and not even just like to feel good and not feel negative, but what raises your vibration to allow you to at least maintain the belief that everything is coming to you. Yeah, you know, it will be different for every one of us. Exactly. You know, so the women who want to, you know, hang out in the tub, because that brings them joy, do it. The one who wants to touch herself with her money, like, do it? Right. Yeah, you know,


Shannon Dunn  55:50

If you want to get up on the and be part of the 4am, or 5am Club, do it doesn’t work for me. I like my sleep.


Brittany Alysia  55:56

I’m a night owl. Right. And so the best way to visually, because I’m so visual, the biggest thing that I like to do when it comes to maybe there’s a drop in the belief of like, well, can this work? Because when we start obsessing about how, well how am I going to make this work? 3D thoughts, right? It’s 3D thoughts of we’re obsessing over the how of like, I need to know the path to get there. Because we, we a lot of us, like struggle with trust, especially in today’s world, like you said, like we don’t trust. 


Brittany Alysia  56:36

So, you know, the one thing I like to do is you can actually Google like a 3D object, right? We know its a box we know, it is what it looks like, look at how many lines there are there, the pathways. That’s in the 3D realm, when you’re hanging out there, that sort of stuff is going to come to you, in those lines.  Go and Google a 5D object, and all of a sudden, you’ll see like, all these lines, and it like turns you on to this idea that that is all the ways that something could come to me. And so yeah, so it’s like when I can hold that belief that it’s coming, then that’s great. And there’s going to be like, if you start like practicing and trying to raise your vibration to the 5D, you’re going to be navigating through like, all day, every day, like, you’re in the 5D you’re in the belief, something happens. It’s like you dropped down to 3d, like, that’s fine. 


Shannon Dunn  57:30

That’s just part of being human and living in our physical body in the world in which we live in. Right. Yeah, interesting. But we are going to have to get wrapping up. We could talk about this for a lot longer. But I’m just mindful that if you’re listening in, this is one of our longer episodes. It’s not a bad thing, it’s so valuable. 


Shannon Dunn  57:48

But I’ve got a few questions I want to ask you, Brittany, that I’ve asking every one of the guests that comes on to the show, as a wrap up for the the episode. And I will say to anyone who’s listening wants to know more, I think just come and follow Brittany, like clearly, like knows a lot and she’s got the science behind this. And I know from my interaction with her content, and what she shares and teachers, that she talks about this a lot, so it won’t be hard to find anything, in a good way. So I’d love you to share with us now what role does leadership play in your life in business?


Brittany Alysia  58:18

Leadership, I would say very much comes from how I lead myself is very important. And really tapping into what like when I think about leadership in my life, it’s surrounding myself with those five people, you know, and it doesn’t have to be five. But in order for me to be a good leader, I need to look at people who are leading, and who I’m inspired by. 


Shannon Dunn  58:44

In a way I think that resonates with us though, because there’s many forms of leadership.


Brittany Alysia  58:48

Oh, yes. 100%. Like I’m a full believer in obviously, like I said, like, Make Life Your Bitch rebel. Like I’m all about that. It’s really tapping into your true authentic self and believing that, you know, what you’re doing right now is like exactly, as sometimes we don’t like that, exactly where we’re supposed to be. And leading from a place of like, I like to say what feels good.


Shannon Dunn  59:11

Yeah, totally, totally. So it just leads me into the next question, which is often a beautiful flow on, how do you know when you’re thriving? Yeah, we’re at She Leads She Thrives and we talk about leadership and thriving. How do you know when you’re thriving?


Brittany Alysia  59:21

For me? How do I know when I’m thriving? It’s to me, it’s an emotional state. You know, I can have all the stuff in the world. But if I don’t have that level of joy, then none of it matters. So that’s kind of one of the things that in order for me to even develop that feeling of thriving daily can be like, what would make me really happy right now? And I’ll ask like, you know, what would feel really good right now? And I go do that. And when it comes to my business, too, I ask those same questions what we feel really good right now. And if going live on Facebook doesn’t feel good, I’m not gonna do it. I don’t feel good, you’re gonna feel it. And so for me like, that’s really what it comes to when I think of thriving is just moving from an aligned place of what feels good and being true to myself.


Shannon Dunn  1:00:15

Yeah. Beautiful. All right now how can people connect with you, we will make sure that all of the links are in the show notes. If anyone I just will say anyone listening in, I say this every episode where we have a guest. If you can’t find them, all the details are there, but reach out to Team Thrive Factor, and we will make sure that we can connect you, but Brittany, do you tell us what’s the best places for people to connect with you in the online world?


Brittany Alysia  1:00:39

I’m on Instagram and Facebook, as Brittany Alysia.  I also have on Instagram, I’ve just started a Instagram for my podcast. So it’s Make Life Your Bitch podcast. Website wise, it’s It’s still being through my old brand. But you can find me there. I have a website. But yeah, so I mean, those are the best ways to find me.


Shannon Dunn  1:01:09

Good stuff. And when this episode goes live, if you are following me on Instagram, and also Facebook, or receiving emails from me, we make sure we share this with everybody with you know how to get in contact, and particularly like the social media stuff, because I can tag you in, which is great. And I love being able to do that. So it’s very easy for the audience to connect with our guests. 


Shannon Dunn  1:01:30

All right, to wrap up a final piece of wisdom that you’d like to share with the ambitious souls that are listening in today, you know, based on what we’ve talked about, but what’s kind of the last thing you’d like to leave them with to consider?


Brittany Alysia  1:01:44

I would say the number one thing, because obviously we’ve talked about a lot of stuff that’s going on in the coaching industry right now. My number one thing that I would say for that is to trust, you know, don’t buy into the idea that there’s one perfect way of doing things, you know, look at all of your options. Be okay, if there’s someone out there who’s going to tell you like, you know, if you don’t buy from me now, like that’s a massive red flag, do not buy from that person. But trust yourself, would be my one thing. And I know sometimes that’s hard.


Shannon Dunn  1:02:19

But this is where we can give ourselves a gift of learning more about what it means to trust ourselves, of finding and working with a coach like you, or like I, that will support our clients to understand what trust means for them on their times. Right, so, so cool. 


Shannon Dunn  1:02:35

Well, thank you so much for being here. I knew our conversation was going to be great. But you know, I always love listening to the episodes once we’ve created them and they go live because I forget sometimes what we talked about because it can be so much that we co-created in our conversation, but also those gems of wisdom that just keep coming again and again again, when you listen more than once. 


Shannon Dunn  1:02:56

So thank you beautiful soul for joining me. And it’s kind of late in the night for Brittany, but she says she’s a night owl, so it’s kind of with my morning and her evening to work that really well. So I really appreciate you saying yeah, let’s do this,  I’m going to come and chat. And listeners thank you for taking the time to listen to us whether you are part of my audience so or you know Brittany’s audience or new to the She Leads She Thrives podcast. 


Shannon Dunn  1:03:23

I you know, I say this again, often, I’d show up and create these conversations, even if no one was listening, but it’s so much better knowing there are people listening and listening all over the world. So thank you and always, you know, reach out to to Team Thrive Factor. You can either connect with me on, you know, via DMs on social media or at We’d love to hear what did you love about the episode? Have you got a question for Britney or I? Like, well, if you have a question, you somehow can’t find her online to ask her direct, we’ll make sure she gets that question. So reach out. You know, this is a great thing. Just because you’re listening right now on this platform doesn’t mean that we can’t make this a really interactive experience as well. So thank you again, Brittany. Thank you so much. Thank you for having me. And thank you everybody else. I look forward to being back with another episode very soon.

Thank you

Thanks for tuning into today’s episode. You are so valued and appreciated.


Aside from this podcast, my favorite place to hang out online is definitely Instagram. So come and join me shannon_thethrivefactor and know my DMs are always open for genuine questions and connections.


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