Stop making business decisions from a future you space

Stop making decisions from a future you space | Shannon Dunn Business Coach for women Perth Australia | Thrive Factor Archetypes
Stop making decisions from a future you space | Shannon Dunn Business Coach for women Perth Australia | Thrive Factor Archetypes

There’s something I want to say about something in the coaching industry that bugs me.

As a coach of 2 decades.

And a consumer of coaching for nearly as long.


I’m tired of hearing the following…


You have to invest from a “future you” space.


So often that space is supposedly one where you earn the kind of money that supports you to invest at the current investment.


But here’s the reality check for most people these kinds of messages are directed to.


The current financial reality is not one that supports the investment being made.


For a large % of people, this kind of investment can create all kinds of contractions including nervous system dysregulation, which seems to be a trendy thing that all kinds of coaches are focusing on.


It can also see people ending up in debt they can’t meet.


Adding to that debt with excessive fees.


Feeling overwhelmed, mistrusting themselves, being completely uncertain about how to move forward in business and even life.


How do I know this?


I’ve personally experienced it and for a time after I struggled with all the feelings that arose about that investment I felt I had to make. I’m not one who falls for “have to” so that bought up some “am I really the wise woman I’ve thought of myself as?” and other things I was surprised about.


The choice I made taught me a lot about myself, my business, and how I wanted to navigate selling and the experience of money exchange with clients investing to work with me.


I’ve always considered the potential position of my ideal clients in decisions I make about pricing, payment plans, and anything to do with investing in what I offer.


I have been compassionate as I’ve priced based on the experience I’m promising and delivering, the experience and expertise I’m bringing, and the outcomes a majority of my clients experience.


And in my commitment to find the best price for a majority and how to convey this, I’m always reflecting and adapting.


It’s a journey I’m here for. Sometimes it means I have reduced prices, changed what’s included, added less, or added more.


But what I don’t intend to ever do is make someone feel pressured to “have to” buy by using words, phrases or anything that contributes to a feeling of pressure on your part.

If this does arise for you know it is never intentional.


Right now I have a new way to work with me.


It was born out of being realistic about what my ideal clients want to and can potentially invest in. It’s come from consistent feedback I’ve received. Not the feedback of one person. It’s a considered choice as it always will be. It’s exciting and is a phenomenal way for us to work together this year.


Effortless Thriving is available for just 5 people. Message me for all the details. At this stage, it is only available until the end of May. Book a time to chat here about this opportunity here.


Oh and let me know what you think about this common practice in the coaching industry, I am all for stretching yourself but not to the level that your sense of safety and security feels threatened. That’s not ok in my world for anyone. Even when it’s a conscious choice on your part.

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