Mentor Teacher, The Wisdom Woman – A Thrive Factor Archetype

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Meet the Mentor Teacher, the wisdom woman and transformationalist!

The Mentor Teacher is one of the 12 Archetypes found in the Thrive Factor Framework TM, a permission activating way to engage your innate potential, build confidence, accelerate effortlessness and create genuine resilience.


She is the Archetype of wisdom and knowledge and embodies the energy of the Greek Goddess Hecate, the Goddess of wisdom, transformation and transition. She was often seen as the all seeing, wise elder woman with gifts that has had her labelled a witch in different mythological stories. She was the wise woman, or crone of the Greek triple Goddess story. In the Roman tradition she was referred to as Trivia!


I love referring to her as the Wisdom Woman!


She is a voracious learner with a seemingly unquenchable thirst for knowledge. She has a rich lived and learned experience that others value. It is important she value all her wisdom infused expression in the world, particularly from a business perspective.


She is a natural and sought after guide for transition and transformation which sees her often in helping, healing and coaching professions.


People see her as a resource rich hub, the woman to go to when they want to know or learn something.


The Mentor Teacher frequently has an answer and if not she’ll love to source one, or know where to direct you. She can feel she doesn’t know enough at times and this can see her off on a path to prove all she knows.


Beware any overwhelming desire to sign up for yet another course and instead ask yourself, do I really need this or do I already have the information within in my innate wisdom.


If you are a Mentor Teacher leave a comment below to share what this Archetype means for you in your business.

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Listen to a recording of a live introduction to the Mentor Teacher Thrive Factor Archetype shared in the Ingenious Business Woman free community on Facebook. Watch more introductions to the Archetypes here.

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