Mediator Diplomat, The Truth Teller – A Thrive Factor Archetype

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Meet the Mediator Diplomat, the truth seeker and creator of harmony!


The Mediator Diplomat is one of the 12 Archetypes found in the Thrive Factor Framework TM, a permission activating way to engage your innate potential, build confidence, accelerate effortlessness and create genuine resilience.


She is the Archetype of truth, harmony and justice and embodies the energy of the Egyptian Goddess Maat, the Goddess who stood at the gates of heaven and hell and weighed your heart to determine which way you would go. She is the truth teller of the Thrive Factor Archetype sisterhood and here to shine the light on injustice in the world.


That may be in her world and immediate circle, or the world at large. She gets activated easily to take action to right wrongs and can have a strong connection to social justice.


She is an incredible listener and others feel heard in her company. She is here to create harmony and to bring quality and value to others in the way she delivers and presents in a business context.


She has incredibly high standards and can at times feel she will never meet them. This perfectionist aspect can be challenging for her and have her focus too much on what is not yet right, ideal and accomplished, as opposed to all the incredible experiences she has had and things she has accomplished. She is pragmatic, can be very pedantic and black and white about things.


She is down to earth, sensible and doesn’t get too excitable about anything, unless there is unbalance and injustice around her, then she’s fired up and ready to do something.


She is the detective of the Archetypes and loves to research, has a quick mind and always has the facts. She is wise to remember that there is a large part of the world that is not and cannot be as exacting as she is. Gratitude is her equaliser!


If you are a Mediator Diplomat leave a comment below to share what this Archetype means for you in your business.

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