Time to Complete a Marketing Review? Here Are my Top 10 Questions to Ask

Small Business Marketing Review Shannon Dunn

There are so many times that are ideal to do a marketing review for your business. End of the year, mid-year, end of the quarter, end of the month. In fact, anytime you want to get clear on where you’re at, what is performing, and what isn’t.


An ideal time to remind everyone to do a check-in so that’s exactly what I shared today – my top 10 questions to ask to complete a mid-year marketing review.


In fact, the questions are great at any review milestone – monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, annually.


One of my favourite times to do this kind of review is mid-year. It ties in with the end of the financial year in Australia and some other parts of the world. It’s also the halfway mark of the calendar year.


That makes it a great time to review your marketing foundations. At mid calendar year, you can actually gain a lot of insight into things from two key perspectives. How is your marketing tracking for the financial year and how is it tracking for the calendar year?


Why is it good to do a (mid-year) check-in?


The simplest answer to that awesome question is the mid-year review can reveal fabulous data that can help you make decisions with regards to what to invest your time, money, and energy into marketing for the second half of the year.


It can also give you a benchmark in terms of performance against any goals set at the beginning of the calendar year.


So how do you do a review?


Here are the top 10 questions I’d ask – not necessarily in any particular order

1. Are my products/services still relevant? If not what can I stop selling or delivering?
2. What is my turnover and profit for each product/service I sold so far this calendar year/financial year?
3. Am I actively promoting all of my products/services?
4. Is my branding up to date and consistent across all my marketing?
5. Which marketing strategies have worked for me this year/FY?
6. If I don’t know the answer to question 5, what measures can I put in place to know moving forward?
7. Are my ideal clients/customers still ideal? If no then what changes need to be made to connect with the right ones for what I’m selling?
8. Have I defined benefits for what I sell and are they included in my marketing?
9. Have I actively collected testimonials and if so what do they say?
10. Have I reviewed my core marketing collateral for consistency? Website, print media, social media, linked in, videos, etc


Once you’ve answered these questions I’d create an SSC list

  • What will I STOP doing?
  • What will I START doing?
  • What will I CONTINUE doing?


Then create a set of specific, measurable goals with timelines related to your start and continue actions!



Marketing review is done!

Effortless even.

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