Liberator Engineer, The Freedom Weaver – A Thrive Factor Archetype

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Meet the Liberator Engineer, The Freedom Weaver and Quiet Rebel!


The Liberator Engineer is one of the 12 Archetypes found in the Thrive Factor Framework TM, a permission activating way to engage your innate potential, build confidence, accelerate effortlessness and create genuine resilience.


She is the Archetype of freedom and embodies the energy of the Eastern Goddess Kali, the Goddess of death and destruction, of ego. Also look to Pele, Hawaiian Goddess of volcanoes for Liberator Engineer understanding.


She is a rebel at heart, here to push real and perceived boundaries.


Her gift for seeing the big picture and understanding all the moving parts sees her break things down to create ease.


She is analytical, creative, intellectually capable with an ability to quickly understand concepts and processes. She has a gift for creating systems, frameworks, solutions and loves to break things down.


As a true freedom weaver she is also the ego destroyer of the 12 Archetypes.


Her depth of feeling knows no bounds, although she can come across as cool and calm and together.


Don’t challenge her freedom or you’ll see her fire up to claim it back!


If you are a Liberator Engineer please leave a comment below to share what this Archetype means for you in your business.

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Listen to a recording of a live introduction to the Liberator Engineer Thrive Factor Archetype shared in the Ingenious Business Woman free community on Facebook. Watch more introductions to the Archetypes here.

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