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Sweet But Fearless Podcast_Shannon Dunn | Thrive Factor Archetypes
Sweet But Fearless Podcast_Shannon Dunn | Thrive Factor Archetypes

It was a fabulous experience connecting with Mary Sullivan recently, co-host of the Sweet But Fearless podcast.

Mary was so intrigued to learn more about the Thrive Factor Framework® and Archetypes and we have a fabulous conversation.

Here’s the show notes from the episode, followed by links to tune in.

What’s your Archetype? The Thrive Factor Framework for Your Career with Shannon Dunn, Founder of the Thrive Factor Framework®

In this episode, Mary Sullivan, co-founder of Sweet but Fearless, talks with Shannon Dunn, coach, author, and Founder of the Thrive Factor Framework®, CEO at Thrive Factor Co and creator of the Self Leadership Coaching Certification.


Her Thrive Factor Framework® is a two-part framework that is about a self-leadership focused way for women to connect with who they really are. One part of the framework is based on the Thrive Factor Archetypes while the other part focuses on the expansive coaching methodology associated these Archetypes.


The Thrive Factor Framework® is about what truly makes you unique, your personal core strengths, and understanding your potential challenges. By acknowledging your unique value and your personal architypes, you can tap into your personal psychology to confidently present your unique brand.

Resources mentioned in the podcast

LinkedIn – Shannon Dunn
PodcastShe Leads She Thrives
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