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Next up on a Thrive Factor Live I’m excited to be welcoming a superstar client for a live chat about the effortlessness of the launch of her brand new program.

I met Lou Carbone of The Peppermint Tree at an event about 11 months ago and after a very brief chat at that event she followed up and quickly became a private client.

She’s completed qualifications in Health and Hormone coaching in the time we have worked together and as soon as she was able to work with clients that’s exactly what she did. First paying clients joined her within no time.

Lou has such a wealth of lived and learned experiences to add to her qualifications so she’s ideally positioned to support her clients to truly live well.

I adore working with Lou because she’s clear about what she wants, takes action, asks for support and coaching early so as to increase the effortlessness of everything.


Earlier this month Lou welcomed 15 ideal clients into her new group program, Live Well Lose Weight. I was so impressed with what she was including that I took my behind the scenes peak at what was on offer and decided to join her too!

Lou has masterfully used Thrive Factor Archetypes to understand herself so she’s aware of her innate strengths and how to use them to activate her effortless success zone. She’s also aware of her potential challenges and what to do when they actualise. Some always do 😉

She’s joined me to share more about how she’s done this and created a truly effortless launch.


She’s thriving doing exactly what she’s dreamed about doing for so long. I loved sharing Lou’s story with you.

Follow Lou, health and hormone coach @the_peppermint_tree

In this Thrive Factor Live Lou and I talked about

  • the effort filled action she took to lay reliable foundations for launching her first paid offers as a new health and hormone coach
  • the importance of really knowing – like intimately knowing – your ideal client
  • creating content that speaks to your ideal client and amplifying that with benefits they’ll be magnetised by
  • turning the abundance of Lou’s wisdom (= the combination of her lived and learned experience and expertise) into assets that become a part of her content library – must have when it comes to creating leverage and ease
  • how Lou has infused her 4 Thrive Factor Archetypes into her business and used their strengths to activate her effortless success zone
  • how Lou felt on day one of her program because it was a day filled with spaciousness and ease and good excited nervousness
  • the steps she’ll be taking for her next program launch by leveraging what she’s created this time
  • using the art of seeding now to expand your community and create momentum well before you actually open registrations to anything
  • lots more! such a rich conversation

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