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Thrive Factor Live w/ Leda van dder Post | Archetypes for Business | Shannon Dunn
Thrive Factor Live w/ Leda van dder Post | Archetypes for Business | Shannon Dunn

On this weeks Thrive Factor Live I was joined by Leda van der Post to chat about the experience of truly celebrating your uniqueness and tapping into your effortless success zone.


I met Leda through a mutual connection on Facebook and it was clearly a serendipitous connection that led to Leda working with me in 3 back to back programs and additional masterclasses over the last 4 months!


Leda is a coach with a unique approach to self awareness and is here to connect you with your creative intelligence! Creativity is infused in all she does. In the most genuine and authentically inviting way, she’ll guide you to transform your relationship with yourself by activating your creative intelligence with ease.


Leda has a wealth of lived and learned experiences to add to the ways she supports her clients and she’s all about you having the most incredible, life affirming experience.


Leda has learned to use her 5 Thrive Factor Archetypes to understand herself and turn things she previously stumbled with into experiences filled with so much ease.


Leda is compassionately aware of her innate strengths and how to use them to activate her effortless success zone. She’s also aware of her potential challenges and what to do when they actualise so she can get back to doing what lights her up – serving her client community.


She’s joined me to share more about her experience of meeting and using her Thrive Factor Archetypes to, as she says “live my dream”!


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You can also connect with Leda via her website here.

In this Thrive Factor Live Leda and I talked about

  • the transformation Leda has experienced since deciding to listen to her need for freedom and pack up her life in South Africa and move to Australia, not having lived there for two decades
  • how she’s expanded her confidence with clarity, understanding of her self and her strengths and feels more focused and motivated to be visible and magnetise her ideal clients
  • the gifts of Leda’s 5 Archetypes: Pioneer Seeker (the innovative disruptor who never feels she fits in), Inspirer Believer (who’s learned to really believe in herself and nurture her inspiration), Shapeshifter Alchemist (who has rediscovered her magic and the gifts and assets within her diversity), Mentor Teacher (who has owned the depth and value of her wisdom, lived and learned experience and intuition) and Liberator Engineer (who’s realised the value in her systematic approach to creating freedom in creative ways)
  • the reality that Leda has gone from uncertain about what to focus on to having clearly defined services and products that are ideal to connect her ideal clients to their creative intelligence and they are also priced profitably
  • lots more! such a fabulous conversation

Leda recently shared this about her experience with Thrive Factor Co and Shannon

“Working with Shannon for the past few months has been an enlightening and inspiring experience.


I love how we started with an analysis of my Thrive Factor Archetypes – Shannon’s unique personality profiling method that had me instantly understand myself in a way few other personality profiles have managed to do.

Then through the different programs I participated in—all intended to help me build my fledgling coaching business – Shannon used the archetypes to help us understand our strengths and challenges, and then use them in a fun way to put ideas into practice.

Thanks to Shannon’s warmth, energy and encouragement I am now able to do more easily things I previously struggled with. Like posting videos of myself on social media!


All inspired by the strengths of my beautiful Inspirer Believer, Mentor Teacher, Liberator Engineer, Pioneer Seeker and Shapeshifter Alchemist Thrive Factor Archetypes.

Thank you Shannon for sharing your wisdom to help me live my dream.” July 2022


Leda was a valued participant in the following programs. Each is hosted live about once a year. They are also available as self paced experiences you can start at any time. Reach out to for the links to join.


  • Instant Impact – the program that teaches you to turn your wisdom into multiple, profitable income streams
  • The Invitation – a sales mastery program leveraging the sales style of your Thrive Factor Archetypes with all the practical information you need to make sales more effortless
  • Thriving Money – this is a 5 week immersion into money mindset and money practicalities, Thrive Factor style. Each of your Archetypes has her own money expression. Knowing what yours are is a game changer leading to confidence, clarity and knowing how to amplify the money coming in!

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