Smart Women in Business Podcast Interview with Jane McKay

shannon dunn interview | smart women in business podcast | Jane McKay

I recently had the honour of being interviewed by Jane McKay of Jane McKay Communications.


Her collection of interviews on the Smart Women in Business Podcast feature some of my favourite business women, particularly Australian ones. So when Jane reached out with an invitation it was an immediate yes.


I love her fresh approach to talking and teaching business and communications and I think we could have chatted for days if given the chance.

shannon dunn interview | smart women in business podcast | Jane McKay

Of course we talked about thriving in business, being a smart woman and the Thrive Factor Framework TM!

Jane and I have been connected online for a number of years and  frequently cheer each other on social media from opposite sides of Australia.


In addition to the podcast interview, Jane recorded our catch up and you can watch the video version on You Tube below.


I am sure you will love this episode of Smart Women in Business Podcast.

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