Raw Truths of Business Success Metrics – She Leads She Thrives Podcast Episode 20

SLST 20 Business Success Metrics_She Leads She Thrives Podcast | Shannon Dunn | Business coach Perth Australia | Thrive Factor Archetypes
SLST 20 Business Success Metrics_She Leads She Thrives Podcast | Shannon Dunn | Business coach Perth Australia | Thrive Factor Archetypes

In this new episode, I shared some of the most commonly seen business success metrics in the coaching and online service provider space.


After 18+ years as a business and leadership coach and educator, I have seen a lot and get both disappointed and frustrated with the excessive focus on some of the things I see being used and obsessed about as business success metrics.

I unpack some key examples through the lens of my lived experience and offer suggestions to support you to identify and follow your own business success metrics.


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  • Intentionality Program, a live dive into the mindset and action of intentionality. I hosted this live last January and I’m so looking forward to welcoming awesome souls to turn up your intentionality for greater clarity, focus and strategy this year and beyond. Commences 15th February 2023 and includes a blend of audio trainings and live coaching sessions
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SLST 20 Business Success Metrics_She Leads She Thrives Podcast_business success metrics quote | Shannon Dunn business coach Perth Australia

Episode Transcript


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Shannon Dunn  01:58

It is so easy to get swayed when you spend time in the online space. If you’re in business, and you spend any amount of time online, which is kind of impossible not to if you’re in business, I’m sure you know what I mean. Within a few seconds of opening up your social media feeds, you’ll see content advising you, teaching you, coercing you maybe or downright metaphorically yelling at you, or telling you what to do in order to be a success in business. But I encourage you to pause longer as you take in the often bombardment of information. And in the pause to find a way to listen to yourself.  In the sea of busy-ness and noise that is the online service provider space, here is no surprise to me that it can be challenging to discern what is actually worth listening to reading and following. 


Shannon Dunn  02:46

There is a mentor, a guide, spiritual teacher, an educator and a coach always at the ready to tell you what the pathway to success is. But is it really your pathway to success. Welcome to a new episode of She Leads She Thrives Podcast. I’m Shannon Dunn, your host here. In this wisdom space and as a business and leadership coach and business educator, author and speaker for close to two decades, I feel like I’ve seen every possible pathway to success laid out in front of me. Like I haven’t literally seen every possible pathway. But honestly it feels like I have often. I have so much to share with you in today’s episode, but before I do, I want to ask if you’ve tuned in to a couple of the recent episodes. 


Shannon Dunn  03:28

I’ve had such a phenomenal feedback and experience about my last solo ep. It was episode 18, where I talked about my thoughts on some of the changing landscape in the coaching industry. Now, I have to highlight this particular piece of feedback came from Amy Boswinkle. She’s a fellow coach, and someone you’ll definitely hear as a guest later in the year. But she shared this – “I feel a resonance with episode 18 the changing landscape of the coaching industry. The way you spoke about ethics from a professional and solid standpoint, through your truth, really spoke to me. The way you spoke of it with an informed way shining a light as you stated, how you spoke the relationships with your clients, learning from one another, emphasizing unity over conformity, sharing discernment over judgment, seeing people – those are the things that struck my innermost heart the most thank you for all you do.” 


Shannon Dunn  04:19

Thank you, Amy my heart honestly so full hearing that. And it was something so important to share. And there is more honestly so much more around the topic coming in upcoming episodes for both for sure,  I should say, both for myself, but also with the different guests that I’ve got lined up to you know that I’m recording with and that we’ve got to cache with you on the show. Really, I’ve only just began. Now I also want to illuminate last episode with Homaya Amar. Now, it is kind of God let me say it’s getting my head around this episode. It was phenomenal to create, to co-create the conversation with Homaya, but it is off the chart in terms of download numbers. 


Shannon Dunn  05:01

And Homaya and I have been chatting most days in the DM’s about the feedback she’s receiving from her community after sharing the real and uninhibited truth of her spiritual evolution with me in that episode. She even commented to me that being interviewed by me, I actually really like to call what we do a co-creation of a conversation, instead of an interview. But what she did say was the way I asked her questions and held space for her to share, you know, there was a trust there, there was a connection between us and what she shared, she said that whole experience was a gift to her, oh my goodness, my heart so full of love and gratitude hearing that. 


Shannon Dunn  05:36

And as a natural illuminator, I know I have a gift for shining the light on what needs and deserves to be seen, known and understood. I do this in every podcast episode, with every client and every single interaction we have. It really is one of my core gifts as a coach, but really, as a human. I know that now, but it took me a long time to recognize it and to value this gift. 


Shannon Dunn  05:58

Okay, now that I’ve kind of highlighted those last two episodes, let’s get stuck into today’s episode content. Now, what I’ve come to understand significantly, and this is our focus for today, is that your pathway to success is not the same as another person’s – not ever, like no chance at all. There’ll be similarities, you may follow certain things that people teach you or guide you or coach you through. And they could look like someone else’s. But you’ll always do it your way, because you’re a unique soul. There’s no denying that. Now I’ve touched on this in other episodes and talk through it with some of our incredible and wise guests. But it really deserves more unpacking, reflection, and understanding. 


Shannon Dunn  06:36

So today, in this new episode, I’m going to share with you through the lens of my own lived and learned experience some raw truths about the metrics of business success. I’m not going to tell you necessarily what to measure and why. But I am going to share what not to focus your time and energy on and share opportunities with you about how to define and be guided by your own metrics of success, you know, which I believe are more important, purposeful and useful than anything anyone else would tell you to put your energy and attention to. 


Shannon Dunn  06:36

So whilst as a business owner, I have no doubt you understand my reference to the onslaught of content in your socials particularly, and your emails, and really any online space for that matter. And I’m sure that you have also been a contributor to the experience. I know I have. I both share content that offers guidance, and I have consumed responded to and taken action on content that does the same. So not a bad thing at all, unless you were doing that in a way that’s giving over your power and authority to the creators of the content. 


Shannon Dunn  07:35

So as a side note, you might also like to listen to episode 7, the focus was need versus choice. How are you making your business decisions? It’s definitely a complement to what I’m sharing today in this episode. Okay. When you are an ambitious, determined soul and things aren’t working as you intended, planned and actioned, it can be a really disheartening experience. You may remember me talking in earlier solo episode about the sense of disillusionment, right. It’s a big thing that is very real for all of us at some point in time.


Shannon Dunn  08:09

The thoughts of failure rise up, you wonder what you’re doing wrong. Your question, most things, you know, maybe you question everything. I know, they’ve been multiple times, I found myself caught in a loop of wondering why it’s not working. And I’m a why person, I’ll need to know how I need to understand person, it’s written in my archetypes. So you know, we’ll just say that. So the whole needing to know why, needing to understand, is something I need to be very mindful of. But wondering why what I’m doing isn’t leading to the results I want and deserve, isn’t useful at all. You know, I’ve even asked coaches and my mentors for insight from their perspective, and at times have made changes and then taking a different action based on their feedback. Even as recently as last year. Honestly, I had a time when I did this, until I could no longer respond in this way. 


Shannon Dunn  08:55

SoI know I came for me to a realization that the external influence was not supporting me at all. I know I came to this understanding through the numerous coaching sessions with clients, who have over the years relied on me as a kind of font of their own thing, knowing wisdom, and decided that I was a success, source of success. Never. like No, no way not at all. You are the source of your success.


Shannon Dunn  09:20

 So as an external source of information, say the content you digest, of course, you take a coach and mentor, a guide, these things are not the source of your success. Never, you are. You know, when you’re influenced by the external busy-ness and noise in business, it can be easy to believe the following kinds of things that I’m gonna give you examples of true and reliable and things to pay attention to as metrics of success. But you know, let’s be real here. These things are shared as metrics of success by I hope, well meaning souls 1000s of times a day. 


Shannon Dunn  09:53

Yeah. Let me get back though to the list that I have planned to share with you. This is not an exhaustive list. There are other things that we can add, but these are things I commonly see, often used as metrics of success. Whether it’s by clients or people, I see sharing this as what to focus on as measures of success. Like there’s so many different examples of it all over the place. But these are things that are said that I see that are easy for a business owner to believe and metrics of success, as if there are no important order, it was literally just a brain dump. So I’ve got them written down, so I don’t miss any of them. 


Shannon Dunn  10:25

You know, how many people sign up for your masterclass or your webinar or your program? Or your mastermind? How many likes and comments are on your social media content? How many people opened your email, how many people clicked on the link in your email, links in your email and took in other content that you lead them to. How optimizes your web pages, you know SEO, and Google Analytics, you know, if there’s something you’ve been obsessed with, maybe you don’t need to obsess so much. You know, things like how many multiple five figure months you’ve had, how many six figure months you’ve had, how many sales you’ve made, whether you’re reel or TikTok went viral, but you know, what even is the definition of going viral these days, I wouldn’t want anything to go viral unless it was with a whole community of my ideal clients. 


Shannon Dunn  11:05

How many testimonials that often really – as let’s let’s face it – random screenshots of clients messages that you can share to provide proof, supposedly, of what you’ve accomplished. How fast your Instagram following grows, or your Facebook or Tik Tok or even LinkedIn, you know, whatever the latest trend is on a social kind of platform. How many DM’s you get, how many sales calls you know, book and complete, how many clients you can say you have, how hard you worked, or how little you worked, how many pics you have to share of the freedom filled lifestyle or luxury lifestyle or whatever it is that you’re trying to share with others. 


Shannon Dunn  11:41

But just being able to say you’ve created success, as I said, this list is not exhaustive. There are so many other things I could add. But let’s unpack some of them, and some of what I shared. So you can understand why through my lens, I don’t believe that they’re metrics of success worth focusing on. Right? 


Shannon Dunn  11:58

Could have started many places, but let’s look at likes and comments and all the associated kind of friends, and why they’re not the ideal focus in terms of measures, and how to measure your success. Now, while you’ll 100% want to measure your marketing efforts, and be aware of the interaction with your content, whether your emails are getting opened, and links click through and what your Google Analytics are, you know what they’re telling you, you do not want to focus on these measures as the be all and end all determination of how successful you have been, are,  will be in the future. 


Shannon Dunn  12:30

Use these metrics as a guide, learn to understand what they are telling you and use that information, like the data to inform future decisions. But just as I’d share with a client, one stat or piece of data is not a reason to change anything or everything. If you seem to suddenly have a drop in engagement in your content, you don’t just kind of go in, change everything up. 


These are kind of questions you could ask yourself, you know, have you changed the way you’re sharing content and the content you’re actually sharing? Have you actually been social on social media and interacted with your chosen community there? Do you actually have a community of your ideal clients following and interacting with you regularly? How often are you sending emails, perhaps you could do with nurturing your audience to increase open and click through rates? You know, is there a particular page on your website that gets a lot of traffic? Consider why this might be so and how you could direct more people to specific pages or areas on your website that don’t get as much attention. 


Shannon Dunn  13:26

You know, whenever anything shifts, you know, or changes, get curious. Ask yourself questions to create understanding. But don’t get fixated on watching every little thing because it’ll chew up your energy and your time, way too quickly. Energy and time that you could be putting somewhere else that’s far more useful and purposeful. So instead, here’s an action, kind of a list of suggested actions that you could take for, say this week, and really all time moving forward, let’s be honest, dedicate a time of period each day to do the following. So create or post content, if you do it in the moment, this is kind of more like the strategy that I have, or to check on your content, if it is scheduled, and you have it pre scheduled and going at particular periods of time.


Shannon Dunn  14:11

 Interact in your content, particularly social media. Remember, you’re sharing with humans and humans tend to like to communicate and interact. The word social exists in social media for a reason, I find it funny how people kind of forget that one. Ensure your content in any space it’s shared is useful, purposeful, on brand and includes a call to action defining the one step you would like people to take. And let go of the finite measuring every little thing that does or doesn’t happen with whatever you’ve shared. 


Shannon Dunn  14:43

So many people voyeuristically engage in content and really interact like that is a fact people admit it all the time. It doesn’t mean that they don’t take in what you’ve created or shared, or that they won’t take action at some point. Like I know, and I’ve seen other online service providers share the same stories, the same realities really, I’ve had clients sign up to work with me, after following me for years, and never buying previously, or rarely or never, ever, interacting with anything I’ve ever shared. Kind of shocks me, but it doesn’t really at the same time. 


Shannon Dunn  15:17

Okay, so the next thing to kind of unpack a little bit more, and to give you some suggested actions that you could take, instead, let’s talk about the money in sales metrics. So I know there’s going to be a lot of conversations shared on the podcast in future episodes, both my solo stuff, and also with the guests that I know we’ve got coming up around this for sure. And I know I’ve said it before, it’s not that long ago that coaches were touting a six figure year as the pinnacle of success for themselves, and most other online service providers. But now, it’s just kind of it does feel crazy, I’ll use that word over and over again. But to focus on like 10K months, or multiple five figure months, six figure months, multiple six figure months, seven or eight figure years or multiples of that. 


Shannon Dunn  15:58

Now, I’ve been in business a long time, I’ve told you that before, I will tell you again, in the future, I’m sure. But I can tell you from my experience, there are very few business owners let aloe coaches, or online service providers who have seven or multi seven or more figure years. It’s just it’s not impossible, but it’s a rarity. So I’m not going to ever say hold yourself back. I’ve got the Visionary Creator, Inspirer Believer archetypes – I’m a big dreamer. I’ve got like really lofty goals, but be realistic in your goal achievement. If you are literally just making your first five figure month, you might not get to multiple six figures this year, you might, but you might not. Don’t set yourself up for failure from the get go. 


Shannon Dunn  16:43

But focusing too on how much money you’ve made in terms of your sales each month and thinking that’s a metric of success is likely just going to mess around with your mindset, your nervous system and anything else that might be a bit wobbly in your world, and particularly in your business. And the real important thing is not how much money you turn over in terms of the money your business actually makes each day or week or month or quarter a year. I’ve said it again before, it’s how much profit you have in your business. It’s how much you know how much you’re paying yourself, it’s keeping expenses to a minimum and meeting your financial obligations, like taxes and other things required for you to confidently lead your business. That’s what’s actually really important when it comes to money. 


Shannon Dunn  17:22

So just recently got a couple of stories to share with you. Just recently, I had a chat with a client of mine, and she candidly shared with me how she’d focused in the first couple of years for business on making money and making the kind of money she saw people telling her she could make. Now if you if you’re listening beautiful soul, I honour you and thank you for sharing this story with me, you’ll know who you are for sure. But over the last couple of years or so into her five or six year business, he has completely reframed money. 


Shannon Dunn  17:52

Now she knows the actual purpose of her money, how much she needs to earn to pay yourself abundantly. Save, cover her expenses, and she’s always focusing on lowering those expenses. And she said she’s so much happier. She said she actually gave me a figure and it’s you know, in terms of her per annum mark in terms of turnover and profitability. She’s got it all worked out, which I was so excited about. It’s under 6K. Right, sorry, 6K. Under six figures, it’s not under 6K. I don’t know no one could live on 6k. It’s under six figures, you know, but this will actually see her making and having for herself as take home pay, more money than she’s ever had before. And this is whilst working also a two day a week job that provides her with stability and security. I loved it, right. This is a thriving money smart way to work with money. 


Shannon Dunn  18:42

Along the same lines I remember many years ago talking with a client who offered an incredibly niche service that was high end in investment due to the skill required, and her expertise, the client experience and the results her clients received. Now she’d been obsessing over needing to make 300K a year with a goal to make sure she maximized her profit. So she was focused on the profit thing. But she had this figure in mind. And this is oh goodness me. I can’t remember how long 14-15 years ago it was a long time ago. So 300K went a long way back then. Still goes a long way now, right. 


Shannon Dunn  19:16

But she had a team to pay, she had expensive equipment to maintain and invest in, and was focused on bringing home more from her in terms of to her own family income. So there was capital to invest in her husband startup business. Plus, there were school fees, a mortgage, car loans and cost of everyday things to cover for a growing family. But she got so focused on the dollar figure as a measure of need and success, that she’d obsessed over needing new clients all the time. Like it was just relentless. 


And I remember her being in quite an anxious state one day explaining to me how she felt like she was failing. It was in the last quarter of the year and she was so focused on getting new clients that her current projects were actually being compromised, right? She’s getting, you know, feedback from clients and team of that kind of she suggesting maybe she dropped the ball, which is not working well for her at all. Now I remember asking her one question that shifted everything for the better. And the question was, how many clients do you need paying you the average fee per project to achieve the money in or turnover goal you’ve set?


Shannon Dunn  20:23

She kind of looked at me initially with a bit of like, I don’t kind of know where to start there. So we did the calculations together and guess what the answer was? I wish I could actually have an immediate reaction from you right now. But the answer was 4. She needed just four clients a following year to achieve what she wanted to achieve. And she already had to confirmed to start early in the new year. So the answer was actually two, she needed two clients to achieve her  wish in the following calendar year. 


Shannon Dunn  20:52

Now I remember this vividly, right, I was sitting, this is a client that I was working with in person in my office at the time, and sitting across from me, she burst into tears, but it was through a sense of relief. And she told me kind of through the tears that this effortless thing that I go on about finally felt possible. And we that we were able to work together to redirect her energy to her current projects, her team’s efficiency, so they said that they could – if they chose to – take on more work. And then she also let herself off the hook of needing to hustle for clients, which was so not part of her natural personality anyway. You know what, the following year she finalized six incredible projects, two were award winning, her team expanded and she easily made what she desired to make, and then some. And she had a rinse and repeat strategy, one of my favorite things to use for the lifetime of her business. And all these years later, she’s still in business today. 


Shannon Dunn  21:46

So instead of being like my client, and obsessing and distracting yourself from what is most important, here’s my suggested actions or things to focus on. These will be in the show notes in our transcripts that we share. So if you want these questions, and these points, that’s the place to go to get them. So you don’t have to kind of madly write them down now. But let me share them with you.


Shannon Dunn  22:07

What do you actually need to make in terms of take home pay from your business to cover expenses and paying yourself to meet your personal needs, including some savings?

What do you want to make, in addition to create wealth pathways? Now when I think of a wealth pathway, I would think of an investment. Something like that.

What turnover do you need to create in terms of profit, to support these two figures above? Like I would focus on achieving the first one, making sure that you’re paying yourself what you need to pay yourself at home? And then you could move on to the second one?

Yeah, a lot of coaches that teach on money and sales, talk about having that extra money or being like in a state or a space of overflow? What are your true expenses in business? Like you actually want to look at your accounts for this one, and ensure to that those accounts are correct? And then ask yourself how can you reduce those expenses to increase your profit margin? Also, what is your profit margin? Right? 


Shannon Dunn  23:03

If you don’t know how to work out the answers to some of these questions, then get help to do so. You do not have to guess. You don’t have to try and Google 1000 things and try and find someone to watch online who can give you an idea. Go to your accountant, your bookkeeper, say a Profit First professional. I’m a big fan of profit, first money or profit coach, your business coach, if they actually know how to do this, because many of them won’t. A lot of business coaches actually don’t know how to work with you around the intricacies of money. 


Shannon Dunn  23:32

But based on the average cost of your services or products, how many items do you need to sell or clients you need to work with in a chosen timeframe to achieve the dollar goal that you’re now working towards?

That’s a really important one. I just highlighted that in the story I shared before. Achieve this, and I’d say it’s a valuable measure of your success and achieve it sustainably and there’s likely even more evidence that you’ll continue to achieve what you have been working towards long term. It’s not a failproof or foolproof kind of formula. But with all these years in business, the people that I see that will know these figures, work towards them and achieve them sustainably are the ones that are still in business and still in business profitably. 


Shannon Dunn  24:12

Okay. And these suggestions are things that will be so nourishing for your mindset and how you take action. Ignore the messaging that tells you you have to earn a certain amount to be a success. Like you don’t. Know what your amount is. That is what you need to focus on. Focus on what you need and what and want and let that be your driver, like let that be your motivator. Review it every year for sure. Like because our expenses, our cost of living can go up and change. We might have a goal to do say renovation at home ,to travel in a different way, to invest in our business, to bring on a team member. So you need to be mindful about as things evolve, you need to evolve those numbers too. 


Shannon Dunn  24:50

Relax more. The hassle and excessive action or busy-ness isn’t likely to be helpful. If you want to hear more about like relaxing or in business go and check out at So I think it was episode 17 with Laura Dick, where we talked about, you know, relax as a pathway to success. So good, right. And then focus on what I call three MIAs -not missing in actions – Most Important Actions, and do this at the start of each day, this is how I start, start my days every day in my business.

I have three key things, my most important actions, my priorities, if you like, and I write those out into my working kind of handwritten, like diary for my business. And I would suggest this is exactly what I do, that you ensure at least two of those three things have some direct, immediate or long term influence on you making money. So let me give you an example. Like one yesterday, earlier this week, I spent some time setting up a whole lot of things for the new month that’s coming up. Yeah, so I’m kind of recording this, you know, in late January 2023. And it’s going to be going live in February.


Shannon Dunn  26:07

My 3 MIA’s for that particular day, which was a day of creating in my business, it was not a client day, it was kind of admin, but creating was the first thing. I’ve got two masterclasses coming up. I’ll tell you a little bit about those a little bit later. And I also have a program coming up. So my focus is were on setting the things up with those that were had not been completed. Now, they all have some direct, immediate and long term influence on the making money. There’s a free masterclass, there’s a paid master class. Yeah. And the program that one of those masterclass leads to they are all opportunities for me to be paid. Yeah, um, so there was actually, you know, my three MIA’s, were all focused on immediate and long term making money. Yeah. So that’s the kind of thing that I mean. 


Shannon Dunn  26:51

It could be reviewing your accounts. If you were to review your accounts and get clear about what your expenses are, and say, cancel some software subscription that you’ve been paying for, goodness knows months or years that you don’t need, that’s a lot of both intermediate and long term influence on your money. So you know, think about that. 


Shannon Dunn  27:09

And kind of this one is key and something that we go into in great deal detail in my thriving money program. What’s your why behind earning money, like what is the purpose for you to earn money Just knowing how much you need to earn to cover your basics is one thing, but knowing what drives you to earn money. I’ve got some incredible goals in my bigger vision around giving back. And I need money to do that. 


I also need money to create certain things in my business, to be able to work in certain ways, to be able to offer certain experiences for clients. So you know, those are all drivers. Plus, you know, I’m not a Mum, I never had children of my own, but I am an Auntie. And I have a vision of being able to create incredible opportunities that are going to require money for my nieces and nephew. Right? So there are lots of things that are driving. You want to know what your why is behind your money, what’s the purpose for you to earn money. 


Shannon Dunn  28:04

Okay, lastly, let’s talk about the other often kind of misaligned metrics, like numbers of clients, numbers of inquiries, numbers of sales calls, numbers of screenshots of testimonials, and those kinds of things, right, anything else that you can think of really, but hopefully, with the stories about clients that I’ve shared earlier, you feel motivated to understand and at this moment in time, to really know more about the money you need to make, the money you want to make and can see that sometimes it’s actually less clients, and not more, that will lead you to fulfill your definition of success. 


Shannon Dunn  28:35

So your number of clients is not necessarily a thing to focus a lot of attention on, well its definitely not having more of them. So let me just kind of share some numbers with you. So you want to make 100K, right? 100K in sales this year. You could sell 10,000 of something at $10, 1000 of something at $100, 100 of something at $1,000 or 10 of something at $10,000. Yeah, all the numbers, you just got to work out what you want to make, do make sure you know your profit margin and you kind of work backwards. 


Shannon Dunn  29:06

So you can choose what you’re going to sell but really know what as I said one of the questions earlier, know what the average price is of what you sell. Or maybe you genuinely have a business where you work with clients at a high investment based on the entire experience and outcome. And maybe you need like 3.5 clients to achieve your six figures, you get to decide like you really do. But also just let me kind of highlight this one, there are people telling you high end is the only way to go. And that  if you focus on working with people who have a lot of money, you’ll make a lot of money. But honestly B.S to that – definitely red flag time. That is not the truth either.


Shannon Dunn  29:41

 If you are, say the kind of soul who has you know, doesn’t have any alignment to anything luxury, high end, because there are people that don’t care for that kind of stuff. What if you have a product business and there is a cap on how much you can charge and the profitability of your products? What if you work in an industry where there is a regulation on what you can charge? What if you don’t like people who are into luxury kind of stuff? There’s all genuine reasons why luxury or high end, though you can use those words interchangeably, and not the way maybe to grow for you. works beautifully for some people. There’s definitely archetypes like the Queen Ruler, that this is perfectly aligned for, but a lot of other people it doesn’t make sense to. So positioning yourself as a luxury brand and experience and charging more might be your pathway to success and it might not be. As with everything, it’s not fail or foolproof. Not at all. 


Shannon Dunn  30:33

Having a large number of inquiries and lots of sales calls or discovery sessions does not equal success, either. It equals a lot of inquiries and calls. If you don’t know how to support someone in their decision to work with you. And that does not mean coercing them or trying things like scarcity and FOMO, then they’re just inquiries. None of these are the testimonial screenshots saying “I’m in sign me up” are measures of success. Until there is money exchanged, it’s a promise, well, kind of actually not even that. Maybe an intention that someone is going to work with, you know, they’re showing that they plan to do that. But until you know the money is exchanged, it’s not happening. 


Shannon Dunn  31:08

Now I’ve got one more action suggestion for you today based on our theme, and I’ll share that with you. But I just want at this point in time to let you know what’s coming up in this month for Thrive Factor Co. So before I wrap up today, let me highlight a couple of things for coming out for February 2023. Yeah, I’m hosting a free masterclass on Wednesday, the 8th Feb Australian morning time. So that’s Tuesday, the 7th Feb for those of you in the US. And I just want to say too, we have our biggest list of audience in the US, so hello everyone stateside. Thank you for tuning in.


Shannon Dunn  31:39

Now there’s a link in the show notes to join me for Intentional Success. That’s what the whole masterclass is about. There’s a time zone doesn’t work know that I record and make available recordings for every single thing I teach. Non- negotiable my world and something I began doing early in my business when I found too many trainings and programs and offers and all sorts of things unavailable to me as they are in the middle of the night where I am on the west coast of Australia and there was no recording, so we changed that one.


Shannon Dunn  32:04

I’m also hosting the Intentionality program commencing the 15th of February so that comes after the Intentional Success masterclass. And I so love hosting this. Like we dive into the mindset action behind intentionality. And what that even is to start with right, and how to use it to get focused, confident and motivated in your business or life. It’s such a brilliant experience with audio trainings and live sessions for group coaching. 


Shannon Dunn  32:26

And lastly, at this stage for our February highlights, I’m getting so many questions about how we’ve created such success with this podcast, She Leads She Thrives, so I’m hosting a paid masterclass on the 23rd of February Australian morning time that Tuesday evening on the 22nd of Feb for those in the US and everyone else I’m sure that you are probably used to working out your timezone in relation to the US. I know I had to learn and work very quickly when I started business. But the links for this and everything else are in the show notes as well. I can’t wait to share with you all the key foundations for success from hosting three successful podcasts and on the back of the success of this gorgeous one. She’s 4 months sold on the 6th of February and will be well over 16,000 downloads by then and currently have been listened to in 23 different countries. 


Shannon Dunn  33:10

So wherever you are listening in Hello, thank you. Thanks for tuning in, and come connect on socials. You can find me @shannon_thrivefactor on Insta and let me know if you’d like to join or like the link to join my facebook community for women in business and leadership. It’s actually called She Leads She Thrives, so you should be able to find that easily. I host free training in there every month and we chat a lot about the Thrive Factor Archetypes and all the kinds of things that you hear on these episodes. 


Shannon Dunn  33:35

Okay, my final action suggestion is this for this topic for today. Get super clear, like in lots of fine detail on what your definition of success is. Like write it out, challenge yourself until it feels complete. Yeah, it doesn’t have to be a definitive or a written definition of success. And this is it for the be all and end all for time. Though it’ll probably evolve, it’ll change, so review it every now and then and updat it if it’s no longer aligned. If you know your Thrive Factor archetypes, tune into the key themes of each. There are tangible clues, in fact reliable insights into what matters to you most and those are so worth considering in terms of your definition of success. 


Shannon Dunn  34:14

So to give you an example for me it’s having nourished energy for my Inspirer Believer, spacious wealth for my Liberator Engineer, amplify trust for my Visionary Creator,  and wise leadership from my Mentor Teacher. And coincidentally or maybe not, I’ve made these my themes for the year and each month I’m checking in and defining exactly what that looks like, feels like and could be like when these are my reality in life and business. It’s been such a great way to kind of evolve the energy of what’s your theme word for the year, what’s your vision board and to do it differently in a way that just feels fun and expansive. 


Shannon Dunn  34:49

So for now it’s time to sign off, so have a wonderful start to February. And I’ll be back next week with a new guest, the  fabulous Penny Soo in New Zealand. Penny, oh my goodness that way she teaches messaging is so fantastic. I was taking kind of notes trying to host the episode we had, taking notes on the side. I’ve taught messaging myself, but I just love the way that Penny teaches it. And I so have no doubt in my mind that you’ll love hearing this conversation too. Particularly if you felt like you’re kind of not getting the results you want in your business. You’re kind of not connecting with your ideal clients. The things that Penny is going to share in this conversation we have ready for you next week, you’re going to just,  I know you’re going to think differently. So stay true to you define your own metrics of success, and set yourself up to thrive. I’ll see you have a new episode very soon.

Thank you

Thanks for tuning into today’s episode. You are so valued and appreciated.


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