Meeting fear with the Money Mindset mentor w/ Cristina Bold – She Leads She Thrives Podcast Episode 008

Cristina Bold She Leads She Thrives Podcast | Money Mindset Mentor | Shannon Dunn | Thrive Factor Archetypes | Business Coach
Cristina Bold She Leads She Thrives Podcast | Money Mindset Mentor | Shannon Dunn | Thrive Factor Archetypes | Business Coach

In this episode Cristina and I talk about

Cristina Bold is like sunshine when she shows up in your social media feed because she radiates a genuine love for what she does and who she works with.
In this episode, Cristina and Shannon talk about meeting your fear and rising to be the kind of soul you desire to be.
As a money mindset mentor, Cristina blends a unique dynamic of business savvy with energetics and healing to guide her clients to significant celebrations. You’re going to love this conversation!


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0710 Identity shifts

1351 The gift of being a coach

2039 Directors of our own reality

3141 What role does leadership play in your life in business?

3625 The biggest realisation


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Cristina Bold She Leads She Thrives Podcast | Money Mindset Mentor | Shannon Dunn | Thrive Factor Archetypes | Business Coach | Women in business

Meet guest Cristina Bold, money mindset mentor

Cristina is a Money Mindset Mentor helping visionary, heart-centered women entrepreneurs own their power and grow their wealth from a space of ease, alignment to soul and inspiration.


Cristina is the mentor behind some of the top coaches and mentors changing the world right now. And she has been teaching hundreds of students grow soul aligned businesses inside her courses – every year.


Previously, Cristina used to be a corporate communications executive, working with some of the biggest European and global brands.


Connect with Cristina here

Episode Transcript


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Shannon  01:45

A huge welcome everyone. I am so happy to have you here. My name is Shannon Dunn, I’m a long term business and leadership coach and the host here at She Leads She Thrives podcast and today I have one of our very first guests on the show. Yeah, yeah, I don’t know if you’ll be the first first episode we’ll go live with the guests. But you are definitely in the top few for sure. I’m so excited to talk to you today. So I’ve known Cristina, we were just chatting very briefly before we started recording.


Shannon  02:26

We’ve met in the online space like I have done with so many incredible women that I follow, I admire, I learn from, I share with and do all sorts of things. And Cris, I know I don’t even know when it was that we first connected, but it’s a little while ago now. And whether I think it was probably Instagram I saw you and then connected on Facebook as well. There’s so much joy and light in what you share for me. I know the lightness of the colors you use with all the brightness, the yellow and the white and everything definitely appeals to me, the art therapist to me is very much drawn to color. But then all of the content that you share is so beautifully on brand with all of the visuals and the imagery as well. And watching your travels because you are in Europe. So I’ll ask you to share a little bit more about where you are in a moment. But before we get into the asking some juicy questions, let me just share your bio. 


Shannon  03:20

So Cristina is a money mindset mentor, helping visionary, heart centered women entrepreneurs own their power and grow their wisdom or grow their wealth, from a space of ease alignment to soul and inspiration. She’s a mentor behind some of the top coaches and mentors changing the world right now. Definitely, I’ve seen evidence of that. And she has been teaching hundreds of students to grow soul aligned businesses inside her courses every year. So previously, Cristina used to be a corporate communications executive working with some of the biggest European and global brands. So an official welcome to you beautiful woman. Tell us a little bit about you and where are you joining me from today.


Cristina  04:02

Thank you so much. I am so pleasantly surprised that I am one of your first guests. That is an honour. So thank you so much for that. Um, a few words about myself. So I am based in Portugal because you mentioned that I’m living in Europe. I’m based in Portugal. And I am from Romania. So I’m coming from the other side of Europe. And I love traveling. I love traveling not only in Europe, but all over the world. My biggest passion.


Shannon  04:35

If someone follows you on Instagram, even for a moment, they’ll be able to tell how much you love travel.


Cristina  04:41

Yes, it’s I think that for me, it’s all about bringing aliveness into our lives. And one of the things that is bringing aliveness in my life is traveling. Yeah, so I am I’m trying to do it as much as possible. It was not really that easy over the last years, but now that we are again free to move around, we are finding back the pleasure of doing it. So, yeah.


Shannon  05:12

Love it. And there’s certainly parts of me being in Australia that’s envious that you literally have, all of you are up on your doorstep, so easy for you to get to where it’s such a big deal for us to get on a plane and actually go across the other side of the world. 


Shannon  05:27

That’s not going to stop me. I’ve got lots of plans coming up again, to get back on traveling. But what I’d love to know now, before we talk more about how you ended up in the space of money was how did you end up in coaching? And mentoring? Like, how did this, you know and end up in your business? And how long have you been doing what you’ve been doing in the context of your business?


Cristina  05:47

Right, so it’s a bit of a story there. I think, as in everyone’s case, in the sense that it’s a path that chose me. That’s what I like to do to express it like because it all started with me being a corporate person. So I had been working for a long, long time in the corporate world. And there was this kind of lack of satisfaction, it was starting to get bigger. 


Shannon  06:21

I completely resonate. 


Cristina  06:24

I know that many persons resonate with this trajectory. But I didn’t know what could I do, I just knew that I wanted to do something that helped the world, which was kind of naive. In that moment. Yeah, we all start somewhere, right? 


Shannon  06:43

Or inspirational and visionary,


Cristina  06:46

I knew that, I was working in a bank at that time, and I had this moment of revelation, thinking, what do I actually do in my life? I’m helping people sell money, basically. So money is, is that helping me feel good? Not really. So what could I do it in order to help people actually to reap their real health? 


Cristina  07:10

And there was no real answer at that moment. But because of a personal part in my life, I started really looking into healing and healing therapies, it was for someone that is very, very dear to me. And I started being very, very drawn towards this healer path. I realized I want to be a healer. But then there was this human in me saying that you are a corporate person. So how on earth you transform yourself into a healer, it was that, you know, the dialogue with the ego and the ego little little knew at that time what was going to happen. 


Cristina  07:53

And I was very resistant, I couldn’t see any way of going and actually pursuing that passion. And at one point, I fell in love. And my now husband was not living in the same country as I was living. So we had to make a choice. And we sat together and we decided to move to Portugal. And here I am.


Cristina  08:19

Just when I moved to Portugal, I had to basically cut myself from everything that I knew before. From all the I thought I was before from all my identity, or everything that was properly the old way of being the old life and the old identity. And that was obviously very fortunate. But at the same time, it was not easy at all.


Shannon  08:49

Having spent a lot of my professional background setting counseling, psychology therapy, the piece of identity is so underacknowledged but that’s a huge shift.


Cristina  09:03

I knew I was this, you know, person who had created significant success, right for any standard of the human worth here in our society. So I was this person, I was a mother. I was a mother. No, I was not the mother. I was daughter. I was a sister. I was a friend to many people. I was you know, all of these, I was wearing all these hats and suddenly I found myself not having any of them not, you know, in the current life. 


Cristina  09:37

So I felt like I really looking back I had to lose myself completely in a lot in order to discover a new me to create a new me, in order to let the new me emerge from those ashes. And I arrived in this country. At that moment, Portugal was many other countries in Europe, still in economic crisis. And they’re this place where I am living is not even the capital city. So I tried, there was a part of me that tried to go back to the corporate world trying to, you know, find ways


Shannon  10:20

Even though there’s a discomfort, there’s still a comfort.



Exactly. It’s a comfort in the in the hurtful known, because at least you know it. Yeah. And well, that was obviously not the path for me anymore. As much as my mind and my ego and all the human parts in me try try to go back to the known. 


Cristina  10:43

And then I had to make a decision. And the decision was, well, if there is no corporate job for me, then I have to invent something for myself. And then I chose finally this path. But I it’s not, I don’t feel it’s a story of courage. Like I had the courage and from the very beginning, I knew exactly what I wanted. It was literally like, you know, kicking it in the butt, moves on steps, it came about moved some steps. And that’s how I found my path. 


Cristina  11:18

And I started this business without identifying myself with being an entrepreneur, I couldn’t think of myself as being an entrepreneur. I could look at myself as being a healer, a coach, a mindset coach, in the meanwhile, I went through all the schools, I put myself through all the studies. 


Cristina  11:40

So I could see myself because that was where my passion was in coaching and helping people in helping them transform, heal, move forward, elevate, but I couldn’t find myself thinking of me or feeling myself as an entrepreneur. So then there was the other part of the challenge. Because I thought, well, I am a coach, I am a healer. Now, where are the people that I am here to help? And there was no one.


Shannon  12:05

No, I think there’s such that, that belief that so many of us, I have, I think when we find ourselves in business, that will just start sharing, or we’ll put ourselves out there, or we’ll go and do a course and learn something, and they will come and they don’t necessarily, well, they take a lot longer than we think or probably sometimes need them to whether that’s need from our ego, or from a financial situation or, yeah, so many different things contributing so. So how did you come to then know, like, I guess, build that relationship with yourself, then as an entrepreneur and a woman who is able to, to, you know, connect with her ideal clients. And, you know, I see you, as I said, before, there’s a great magnetism in connecting with your content and just a genuineness in who you are. 


Shannon  12:49

And we don’t always see that in the online space. But I feel like when I, you know, when I look at your feed, whether it’s Instagram, or coming through to Facebook, which are the two main places where I see, and I get  your emails as well, there’s like, I feel like I know you through what you share. And that’s not always like that with a lot of the content that we can have access to, to engage with in the online space,


Cristina  13:14

Shannon I’m so happy that you feel like that, because for me, it was really a journey. I feel that in the beginning, it’s very easy to move, and connect with people one to one. And this is what I’m seeing in most of my clients that are in the beginning of their businesses. It’s very easy to connect one on one and to transform people’s lives and to see them how they are touched by this work that we’re so passionate about. But then we fail in bringing that to many. 


Cristina  13:51

Because, in the end, what I noticed, this online expression of ourselves is a very accurate reflection of our inner wounds. Fortunately, or unfortunately, for our ego, fortunately for our healing, because then we get to start healing for me this journey of you know becoming a online entrepreneur becoming this coach has been the most transformative journey of my entire life because I had to take a step back many, many times and think, Okay, what needs to be healed? What needs to be up leveled here? What needs to be revisited?


Shannon  14:36

It’s such a gift, isn’t it when you can be in that space often talk about curious,  and being able to sort of step back or just take it and look from a different angle and just go, what is going on here or what is the opportunity here? What is the gift here? What is the wisdom? What is the bit I don’t like you know why maybe such a gift though, if we can give ourselves that sometimes permission or the give ourselves the gift of being able to do that? 


Cristina  15:05

Absolutely. And I will, I would like to make here a note, taking a step back and looking at what is the gift in here is not it is not the same with trying to fix. Because the fixing comes from a place of neediness from a place of almost, you know, anxiety there is something wrong, there’s something broken, what can I do in order to fix it. And people think that, you know, elevation and growth comes from fixing but it’s quite the opposite. Fixing keeps us in the energy and frequency of this is broken, I am broken.


Shannon  15:46

It reinforces it, doesn’t it over and over again.


Cristina  15:50

Exactly, its just reinforcing the same kind of frequency in our systems, while taking a step back and seeing okay, how is this helping me elevate? What do I get to see and integrate right now? What do I get to see and see differently in this moment? How do I get to elevate through this experience, whatever the experience will be? 


Cristina  16:13

It’s a exactly the opposite kind of frequency. And I feel that a lot of confusion comes from mixing these two frequencies and thinking that they are the same, for a long time. because you asked me how I got into the mindset and money mindset coaching. The first year of my business, I made almost no money. I was charging very, very small fees, I could see amazing, impressive transformation in the people that I got to work with one to one, but I was absolutely unable in bringing that into words into expression so that more people understand the kind of work that I’m inviting them for. And I was always in though, what can I fix? What is wrong? How should I be doing this, you know, different way that is, you know, kind of repairing what I’m doing now. And I feel that that costs me one full year of my life.


Shannon  17:13

That makes sense to me Cristina. And I have no doubt having had conversations like you have with hundreds of others in business over a long time now that so many people will resonate with that, in that being in that space, either at the beginning or in other parts of their business journey, or experience where they come to a point of what’s wrong, what am I doing wrong? What do I need to fix or change? And you’re in that, as you said, that’s not the space to go into. Yeah, so again, thank you, a year is quite fast, to be honest, compared to some stories I’ve heard.



Yeah. Because I feel so it’s a society programming or collective consciousness programming thing. We have developed this critical brain. Yeah. Right. We are so quick to criticize others, and most of all ourselves.


Shannon  18:07

Yeah, we criticize, we judge we make an unfair decisions about what we think is truth. That’s just a farse.



And we think that criticism and self criticism like you know, whipping ourselves up or, you know, beating ourselves up is actually helping, like, I should be more disciplined, I should be, you know, tougher on myself. And actually, this is not really helpful. It’s not. I feel, it’s a distortion in our collective consciousness, it seems that criticism repairing, you know, kicking someone’s arse in order for them to get, you know, to straighten, to straighten up, is actually working.


Cristina  18:52

 I believe that this is something that we should all look into more and talk about more, because the real path to elevation to growth is through looking for opportunities, looking for lessons looking at so coming from a place of, of elevation, we always get we always get back the kind of reality that is generated based on the ideas that are generated from a certain frequency. So if the frequency is one of “I’m broken”, then we will get ideas that are in line with I’m broken that will create a reality that reflects that back to me.  it’s a loop. If we are generating ideas from this is an opportunity of growth. How can I best use it then we are gonna get a reality that will be reflecting that back to us. This is a growth opportunity we are going up with. 


Shannon  19:55

It makes me think Cristina have two words, contraction, and then expansion. You know, the contraction is that space of the stagnation, the judgment, the criticism, the broken, the scarcity. And the expansion is, as you said, it’s that space of opportunity and growth and optimism and intrigue and curiosity, such new spaces to feel and to understand and to live.


Cristina  20:22

And this doesn’t even mean that the circumstances at one different points might not be very similar. Like, we have the same circumstances, but the way those circumstances develop into something else, it’s always based on how we choose to look at that. 


Cristina  20:39

And it’s the way I’m explaining this many times is like, we are a director or director of our own reality, and the director can get the same setup, and put some different lights and different angles and shoot from different kinds of you know, angles, basically. And it has then a comedy or it has a drama, or it has a thriller or it has a completely different, you know, kind of genre. Its exactly the same with us is the the setup is the same sometimes, but the what we are developing out of it is based on the kind of lights we choose to put, the kinds of meanings, the kind of angles that we are looking at things from. So it’s always a choice, it’s always a choice of frequency that will be generating the next reality from. 


Shannon  21:32

So, how did you then go from that shift of that first year where you found yourself in that different space? And then things changed by the sound of it, and you’re on the trajectory to where you are now?


Cristina  21:45

Well, I think that there was a book that I discovered at that moment, it was Tapping into Wealth, I think it was called. it was a book about EFT.


Shannon  21:59

Love EFT.


Cristina  22:01

Yes. And it literally transformed my life in the sense that it made me realize that all the mindset things that I was teaching people I was helping people with actually had everything to do with thoughts. So it was not only for changing other people’s lives, but it was for changing my financial life aso. That was a separate thing. And I think that that was also the moment when I integrated the entrepreneur part into my identity also, and I realized, you know, what, this financial part, this business part needs as much as attention was the passion part of coaching and working with people. And I started actively working on my money mindset. 


Cristina  22:52

So not just mindset in general abundance mindset, you know, it was money mindset. And I started being obsessed. Yeah, very focused, I started getting obsessed with it. And as I was, because I wanted a solution for myself, like, how can I grow through this? What else is out there that I can integrate, what is you know, the gift in it as we were saying,. 


Cristina  23:19

I started really, really going deep into the money mindset work, and it started working for me. And as it started working for me, I started teaching it and it started working for my clients. And then before you know it, I was this person that was to whom people were coming for money mindset before it was like really mindset healing. But for some reason, I started to become the money mindset mentor, and I, I kind of walked with that hat and identity, because I knew that this is what appeals to people. But at the same time, once the people were in, I was I had the opportunity to do all the work with them, which is in the end, first, transforming who they are, their confidence, their perception about themselves, their self identity, and obviously also all the conditioning around the money but doing all the holistic work and seeing the amazing results. So yeah, that’s how I ended up as a money wise mentor.


Shannon  24:25

I love the stories about how we get to where we are. And I think that’s going to be I think I know it’s gonna be a big part of of having guests on the show. She Leads She Thrives podcast, is actually finding out more about how you will got to do what you do, and where we go from where we were in the past and the different versions along the way to end up where we are now. And I know with my last podcast, I did have some guests come back after a period of time, particularly if I did you know stayed in contact with them, which I love to do and seen some transformational shift and like, I want to know what happened like let’s go you back home. 


Shannon  25:00

So we’ll see Cristina what happens we get to you back as you continue to evolve, because that’s the reality, we are always evolving. And when we’re in that space, as you said, of your being in that growth, and that opportunity kind of mindset and existence, we are always evolving, we its hard to be stagnant and stuck and have this scarcity, you know, rise up and stick, because it just doesn’t have space for that anymore. And so, that’s so fun. 


Shannon  25:30

So what’s your favorite way of supporting a client when they’ve got a money mindset challenge of some kind, now, I kind of what whether it’s where you start, or when someone’s really stuck somewhere, what’s kind of your go to as a coach to, you know, support them, give us an idea of that.


Cristina  25:49

So my clients at this moment, are mostly falling into three categories. There are people who have had big, big success in their business, and they could not really hold it, and they dropped the ball. And then they started making stories around dropping the ball, and then they are right now in a dip, which has nothing to do from where they were coming. But at the same time, everything to do, right, with the perception of that place. 


Cristina  26:21

Then I have people who had success, who have had significant success, but they feel like they are at the ceiling is like whatever they are doing, doing all the things that before were working. They could not cannot, you know, crush through that ceiling. It’s like it’s, it’s a, it’s a coasting line that they cannot really get away from. And that is the second category. 


Cristina  26:54

And then the third category are the people who are zigzaging, as I say they are going up and down, up and down. And that is yeah, it’s another profile, which comes with completely different, you know, programs in the background. But these are the main three categories of people that I am working with, and based on where they’re coming from and what’s been happening in their business. And obviously, it has direct connection with what is happening in their subconscious. We start the work in a very, very tailored way.


Shannon  27:32

Yeah, yeah, good. So that’s one of the most important things I think, no matter what kind of business we’re in, you and I are both in the coaching mentoring space. But anyone listening to us, if you’re working with people in a service capacity, knowing  more about those people, our people, our clients, and where they’re at, so we can tailor how we work with them and how we support them is such a significant part of the transformation. 


Shannon  28:01

And I found that over the years, having been in coaching for so long, that the trends of there being what I call prescriptive coaching, where it’s a coaching program, which is probably more an education program, really, but taught positioned as a coaching program. And it says you have to do this step. And then you have to do this step that doesn’t matter where you are in your life in your lived experience and your learned experience. You’re where you’re at in your business, or your career or whatever, these are the things you have to do in that order. Because that’s what everybody has to do, and I can’t stand it.


 So I love what you’re talking about. It’s more of a meet you where you’re at understanding your people, and meeting them where they’re at so we can truly support them, to support themselves and to learn all the things that they can do with our guidance to create whatever transformation and like you said, with your three types of clients to shift beyond those things that are keeping them where they don’t want to be.


Cristina  28:59

Exactly. I believe that when we are speaking about coaching, so not not courses or self study materials, but when it’s about real coaching, there are no real you know, one size fits all, even within these categories, each person is individual. So, if it is coaching, then obviously we know and all the other people who have been in this coaching work for some years now, we kind of you know, listen to someone and we kind of already know where they’re coming from, what needs to be shifted, it’s like almost automatic download that is happening.


Shannon  29:46

That’s what comes from our experience and our expertise.


Cristina  29:51

Exactly. Experience and the fact that we are all unique but our experiences and what we are going through I’m not really that unique. But what I feel is that while we have all this wisdom and experience that still needs to be tailored for each case, in the case of coaching, because in the end, the integration, the preferences, the way of, you know, taking in knowledge and transformation is different from one person to the other. That’s why I also do not really believe in the recipes.


Shannon  30:27

Yeah, agreed, yes, the prescriptive coaching, the recipe coaching, all of those kinds of things are distinct. It’s so missing an opportunity to really, you know, so many of us, we want to belong, but we also want to be recognized for our uniqueness. And when we try and put everybody in the same package, or the same box, or the same container, or whatever language we want to use, we’re stripping away the uniqueness and the you know, the magic that comes in being able to be and the person that we are, and have someone see us, for the things about us that are the thing or the things about us that make us who we are, not that make us like everybody else. So yeah, so interesting, isn’t it? I love it, I love it. 


Shannon  31:11

I would love to know now I’m going to ask some questions of every one of our guests to, to kind of draw back into also the topic of She Leads She Thrives which is really around self leadership, and your how do we really thrive in the world, doing what we’re doing. And you know, the majority of the guests I’m going to have on the show will definitely be women entrepreneurs, so women in business, so be interesting to see how many of them like you took a while to come to that embodying their entrepreneurial side? We’ll see as we go along. 


Shannon  31:41

But I’d love to know Cristina, what role does leadership play in your life in business? Or what purpose does leadership play in your life and business?


Cristina  31:55

What I believe that we as coaches, as mentors, especially, we are leaders of the persons that are coming in our containers, we  are supposed to lead them through their journey of transformation. But we cannot lead anyone, if we cannot lead ourselves first. So from that perspective, leadership, for me is the foundation of becoming a mentor. More than becoming a coach, becoming a mentor requires you to be a leader of yourself. That’s it.


Shannon  32:38

I’m on the same page with that I’m  with you definitely. The next question I’d love to know is how do you know when you’re thriving? Like what you specifically how do you know, I have a feeling some of the travel you do might be part of that. But how else do you know when you’re really thriving?


Cristina  32:55

Maybe it’s not exactly the answer that you might be expecting. I feel the travel and I had this realization during the pandemic. During the pandemic in the beginning, as travel was taken away from us. I felt like almost like a lion in the cage, right? I felt trapped. 


Cristina  33:18

And then I realized, if I’m feeling trapped like this, it means that I am as powerful as my circumstances. I am as powerful as the freedom that someone else is giving to me. So then I really started introspection journey. And this journey brought me the realization that actually thriving means being okay with who you are and where you are, no matter the circumstances. Travel, no matter the results, no matter how many applauses you get, you know, claps from other people thriving means that state of inner beauty no matter where you are.


Shannon  34:04

I love that. Yeah. And I, when I asked that question, I’m definitely not going to have a preconceived idea about what the answer will be because I love getting surprised. But I was just with knowing how much you love travel. I wonder whether that might be featured in there somehow. 


Cristina  34:21

Travel brings so much joy it lights me up. So the feeling there is like, you know, like a bulb is turned on. That’s the feeling of going and just being out there traveling open, open road out in the world.


Shannon  34:39

I love it. That’s so cool. So before we wrap up, where can everyone who’s listening who hopefully is going to know more about this Cristina woman and all of her amazing work, where can people find you and I just will say, we will put the links that you and your team shared with us into our show notes, but just so anyone who’s listening, where’s the best place?



Probably the easiest to remember as being expressed now verbally is my website, which is And then I am very active on my Instagram. And as you mentioned, on my Facebook, so there are now we started also getting more active on Pinterest. I’m very curious and excited to explore that channel. 

Shannon  35:29

If I can just say to everyone here you just put in Cristina Bold and Cristina is spelt without the H like a lot of Western countries with spell it CRistina, you will find her she’s there, she’s got lots of content. But at the same time, anyone who’s following me you’ll be able to find because on my Instagram Shannon_thethrivefactor, I will be putting the episodes when our guests are live and tagging them in as many places as I can. So if you are listening in and you can’t find Cristina, just reach out to myself and Team Thrive Factor. And we will make sure that we can connect you with her. 


Shannon  36:05

And just to wrap up for today, before I do a kind of a final thank you to everyone who’s listening in amd to you for being here, Cristina, what’s kind of a final piece of wisdom that you would love to share with anyone who’s listening today and is may be intrigued about what you have shared your story and what you do.


Cristina  36:25

So one of the biggest realizations that really more of my journey over the past days, and I feel called to share this with you is that many times we are playing so small because of our fears, we know this. But here’s the realization that I had when we stay in fear, our anticipation of fear, it’s so much more painful than actually going and facing the worst case scenario of what might happen if you know the thing hits the fan. 


Cristina  37:02

So my realization was if just the mere anticipation is actually much more painful than actually facing what could go wrong, which most of the times 90% of the time doesn’t even happen, then there is so much freedom in that like, there is literally no reason for not going in and playing full out. Not going it’s like I acknowledge the fear, but I also know that just keep keeping myself spinning and looping that fear and its anticipation is so much worse than what could actually happen. So then I’m freed to play full out.


Shannon  37:47

What a beautiful way to end today and makes me think of the real difference between what if. It’s the what if I stay contracted? Or what if I expand? 


Shannon  37:58

So I love that. Cristina, thank you so much for being here. I’m so glad that I reached out to you and, and said, come and chat to me. And you enthusiastically said yes, let’s make it happen. So I look forward to sharing this and we will make sure the world knows when you are live on She Leads She Thrives podcast, and anyone who is listening to us today. 


Shannon  38:16

Thank you for joining us, please do reach out and follow Cristina and her work if anything she has even vaguely shared today is have piqued her interest. That said I’ve been following her for some time and just get such a light and a joy when I see what you share the imagery of just looking before there was you know pineapples and then there’s sunflowers and there’s so much beautiful bright color everything that you share particularly as I said, Instagram tends to be the first place to see you and then follow up on Facebook. So I love that. So thank you again, Cristina. 


Shannon  38:47

Thank you listeners look forward to being back with a new episode very soon. Whether it’s a new guest on She Leads She Thrives or a solo episode for me. I’ve got plenty to say share, as I was saying to someone just yesterday was asking me why are you doing another podcast because I’ve done them before. I’ve got a lot to say. And this is such a great, great platform for us to be able to share more of what we’ve got to say and also I know so many incredible women in the world and I want to give them an opportunity to share, put them in the spotlight or have done with you today Cristina and give you a chance to share you know more about who you are and what you do.


Shannon  39:24

 So here’s to more thriving as far as we can get that rippling out into the world. Have a beautiful day, wherever you are, wherever you’re listening in. And Cristina I hope I will see you again very soon. Take care everyone.

Thank you so much.

Thank you

Thanks for tuning into today’s episode. You are so valued and appreciated.


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