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Thrive Factor Archetypes Content Themes | Archetypes for business | Shannon Dunn | Business Coaching | Coaching women in business
Thrive Factor Archetypes Content Themes | Archetypes for business | Shannon Dunn | Business Coaching | Coaching women in business

Every Thrive Factor Archetype has her own expression for everything in life and business. Her content is her way of communicating in business. The summary below taps you into the content themes for each of the 12 Thrive Factor Archetypes.

When it comes to using these key content themes, think about the potential Archetypes of your ideal client. Talk directly to her Archetype by tapping into one or more of your own.


Taking the themes of your Archetypes and blending them together in all of your content is you communicating authentically and in alignment with who you are. It is also you being in your effortless success zone.


  • Advocate Rescuer: share from your heart first, offer help and guidance.
  • Heroine Adventurer: takes us on the adventure with you.
  • Inspirer Believer: share what inspires you, even if it doesn’t seem to “fit”, trust your intuition.
  • Liberator Engineer: show us the steps to freedom, your how is motivating and leads to solutions we love.
  • Mediator Diplomat: your truth is the most powerful thing you can share and it always conveys value.
  • Mentor Teacher: what you know is what we want to know so teach us!
  • Mother Nurturer: family is your currency so make us feel part of your extended family.
  • Networker Connector: connect to yourself and share how you do that, it’ll make your external connections so valuable.
  • Pioneer Seeker: ever the disruptor, share your innovative views of things.
  • Queen Ruler: you were born to lead so show us how and invite us to join you.
  • Shapeshifter Alchemist: multidimensional is who you are, but show us how your diverse focuses relate so we can get on board.
  • Visionary Creator: you trust in the potentiality of the future so paint a vision of what’s possible and guide us forward.


Being in your effortless success zone starts and ends with choosing to lean into and then intentionally using your strengths.


Combine the strengths of all your Archetypes and ease in business, and life, is yours.


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