Inspirer Believer, The Energised Cheerleader – A Thrive Factor Archetype

TFCo Inspirer Believer Thrive Factor Archetype

Meet the Inspirer Believer, The Energised Cheerleader and Potentialist!


The Inspirer Believer is one of the 12 Archetypes found in the Thrive Factor Framework TM, a permission activating way to engage your innate potential, build confidence, accelerate effortlessness and create genuine resilience.


She is the Archetype of energy, a bright spark in the world and embodies the energy of the Celtic Goddess Brigid.


She is the epitome of fun when she’s energised, an enthusiastic cheerleader who is quick to support any and all those she sees has potential. It is why we also call her the ultimate potentialist, with a gift for seeing the potential and good in others and a desire for them to see the same in themselves.


The Inspirer Believer is belief driven and here to be inspired and inspire on a large scale. Fiery and fierce, she’s deeply intuitive and creative when it comes to crafting. Everyone who meets her loves how excited she gets at the smallest of things. They’re not small to her at all! If she believes in something she wants the world to know and makes sure they do.


If you are an Inspirer Believer please leave a comment below to share what this Archetype means for you in your business.

Inspirer-Believer-Thrive Factor Archetype Shannon Dunn | Archetypes for women in business

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Listen to a recording of a live introduction to the Inspirer Believer Thrive Factor Archetype shared in the Ingenious Business Woman free community on Facebook. Watch more introductions to the Archetypes here.

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