Hiring a Business Coach? Here are 8 Considerations to Make

8 Considerations to make when hiring a Business Coach | Perth Business Coach | Shannon Dunn | Business coach for women | creative business coach
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In a world filled with coaches be considered when choosing who to work with!


My top 8 considerations when hiring your next coach – this goes for any type of coach – business, life, health, relationship, and kind of coach are worth reading.


These aren’t in any particular order. They are all valid factors when hiring a coach.


Think of it like a recruitment process because you’re making a significant investment when you consider the money, time, emotion and energy involved in building and nurturing a healthy relationship with your coach.


1️⃣ Credibility – is your potential new coach someone who’s actually trained in coaching methodology?

This is important as coaching is not advice giving or regurgitation of what your coaches coach taught your coach who passes the exact information onto you because they know no other way.

There’s an increasing abundance of coaches across all niches who do not understand the nuances of coaching and how to safely work with clients for the best outcome for all involved.


2️⃣ Accountability – does your potential new coach have some kind of accountability system or experience built into the way they work?

I don’t mean do they check on you each day and ask how you are.

I mean do they hold space for you to show up for yourself, leading by example and offering you the opportunity to develop self accountability aka self leadership?


3️⃣ Outcomes – is your coach focused on supporting you to achieve a set of outcomes that are meaningful for you or is their agenda a nice chat every couple of weeks to hype you up and make you feel good?

This may be what some people want to pay for but I know you expect more than that and want to learn, to get challenged, to evolve, to achieve your goals, to make more money, to create impact!

Be mindful of what your coach can actually achieve with you.

Not for you.

With you.


4️⃣ Genuine social proof – do they have testimonials, clients commenting and sharing accomplishments?

Not all successful and credible coaches will have clients raving about them on the socials. For example a large % of my successful clients rarely use social media so they don’t come into my socials raving about their experience.

Doesn’t mean they’re not achieving at an accelerated rate in part due to their coaching experience! They just don’t jump online every two seconds to tell the world because they are actively growing significant, impactful businesses.

All credible coaches will, in my experience have testimonials or reviews that’ll be easy to find!

Read them and look for the consistencies in their client experiences.

Not all coaches are equal | Business Coaching Considerations when hiring a business coach | Thrive Factor Co Perth

5️⃣ Accessibility – can you actually communicate directly with your coach from the first interaction or do you have to go through a team member or two and a handful of calls and messages to begin?

Coaching is a personal experience and if you’re going to invest to work with a coach be sure to know what it’s like to communicate with them from your first interaction.

It could be an insight into how the whole experience may be.


6️⃣ Focus – what’s your coaches actual proven expertise?

Even if she’s new her past learning and lived experience is informing her specialty as a coach.

She doesn’t have to have a tight niche to be ideal for you but understand what she does/can do.

The testimonials and sharing from her clients leave huge clues as to what’s tangibly possible for you.


7️⃣ Authenticity – do they practice what they teach?

You’ll be able to tell.

Your coach doesn’t have to be an Insta perfect shiny person to demonstrate her success.

Is she real?



Willing to share an opinion?

Carving her own path or following the masses?

These things matter.


8️⃣ Agility – is there flexibility within the boundaries your coach demonstrates?

By this I mean, is there a human factor in all she does, an awareness and understanding of the realities of life where she’ll work with you but show you how to grow, lead, respect yourself as you learn?

Agility can also be in relation to how she’s been able to lead her own evolution so look for genuine signs of her own self growth!


If you want to know more about coaching and finding the right coach aligned to you then please reach out as my DMs on Instagram are always open to you if you are serious about getting support!


Or book a time for us to chat. You’ll actually be chatting with me. No pushy sales strategies but I will tell you how we could work together if we both agree we are a fab fit.


Do your due diligence and it’ll pay off in your favour. Also trust your instincts as well as your intellect!


I’m so looking forward to seeing who I’ll work with as clients 1:1 and in my programs this year.


Hiring the right coach who’s truly aligned with you and your intentions is 100% the difference between staying where you’re at and being frustrated for longer and accelerating your growth and success on every level.

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