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This superstar, my client and Success and Impact Mentor, Barbara Brangan reached out to me at a time in her business where she had a lot of opportunity, was experiencing incredible rapid growth and was seeking guidance on her future direction. 


Barbara and myself have been connected on line for some time and had mny conversations over the years about the coaching industry and the significant opportunities to enhance it with client focused practice and outcomes being the  priority for us both.


It was an honour to be chosen by Barbara to be her coach this year and to guide her through significant business growth, considering her standards for the quality and prioritising of integrity in the coach she works with.


Big love to you

Shannon x


Here’s what Barbara has to say about her business coaching experience as a private client of mine this year. I so feel grateful and appreciative of any and all client love I receive 💖

“Earlier this year, I needed to make important decisions about the direction of my business which was scaling very fast. I was seeking a coach with wisdom and integrity, so I chose Shannon. I knew the breadth of her experience and knowledge of my personal Thrive Factor profile and Archetype’s, combined with a respect for my Human Design, would allow me to make an informed decision that was true to me.

I also knew working with Shannon would offer me the greatest chance of sustained and effortless success. Shannon offered me deeper insights, revealed opportunities to scale with ease and empowered me with the vision of success”

Barbara Brangan, Success + Impact Mentor

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