Business Coaching – Ways to work with me in 2023

business coaching for ambitious women | Shannon Dunn | Perth Australia | thrive factor archetypes
business coaching for ambitious women | Shannon Dunn | Perth Australia | thrive factor archetypes

In a world where coaching is an unregulated industry my primary focus is and always has been leading with integrity and prioritising client experience and outcomes

Coaching the ambitious impact makers of the world for close to two decades, I have a gift for effortlessly aligning your services, pricing and who you work with so you’re making more money, serving the right clients and creating impact with a go-to brand.


I have an obsession with you unlocking your effortless success zone, breaking up with unhealthy hustle and embracing your inner leader so you can also experience significantly more profitability in your business. A business that’s destined to be here for the long term.


As CEO of Thrive Factor Co, I’m the creator of a dynamic leadership system called the Thrive Factor Framework®. It’s unique Archetype profiling experience and my one of a kind coaching methodology afford all of my clients a unique advantage in business.


I also lead a Thrive Factor Coach® leadership certification and have a huge ambition to ripple thriving into the world in a big way.


Scroll through the descriptions of the key ways to work with me in 2023. Message me for more information or to book a time to chat because sometimes you just want to ask questions and do your due diligence when investing in coaching support.

The very last image below you’ll find a list of things that are different about working with me as your coach.


In 18 years in my own business, as of the begining of 2023, and with over two decades in the coaching and leadership space I have seen a lot of trends come and go in the coaching industry.


More than ever you, as our clients, are asking for greater transparency, authentic integrity and for your coach to centre every aspect of your experience on what you want and need to move forward with sustainable, embodied results.


Every day I hear stories from around the world about unsatisfied clients of coaches who are writing off coaching as a genuine way to support your growth and success. Please don’t.


For every “coach” out there who is not acting in integrity and more focused on their income than yours, there are coaches like me who are actually trained to coach you forward. Who have tangible business education and proven business success. Who care about you more than they care about how much money they are getting paid.


Key trends in the coaching  industry I do not agree with and why;


  • having to pay in full before you can get help in your business – you want to work with a coach now, so I don’t believe you should have to wait until you can afford to pay all of the coaching fee up front. I have payment plans for most things I offer and for some services, including 1:1 coaching, my masterminds and the leadershop coaching certification, finance options may be available for Australian residents. When we work together and you choose a payment plan option, it is expected that you ensure funds are available so your payments process successfully. You cannot just decide to stop making payments part way through our agreement together either. Horrible to say this, but I want to be sure the expectation is 100% clear
  • paying multiple thousands of dollars to 5+ figures each month to get support – there are no standard fees in the coaching industry which means a coach can charge what they like. And they do exactly that. But as I explained in a recent blog, the price of a coach, and the income claims they make, are not indicative of the experience you will have or outcomes you will achieve. I stand by my prices as a fair exchange for the service, your experience and the outcomes you could have. I have invested significantly in myself and my business, have multiple degrees and business and personal development qualifications and continually upskill to ensure I can deliver the best possible experience that is focused on you and your desired outcomes
  • programs that are just going to add more to your knowledge but not move you forward – I teach in a unique way and blend integration and individualiased coaching into all the business and leadership programs I host and I don’t inflate the prices of my programs because of this. I believe it is a bare minimum standard. Learning for the sake of learning is pointless unless you do something with that learning
  • being passed to a “support coach”  – when you sign up to work with me you get to work with me. There are no additional coaches who I outsource anything to because I don’t agree with that model for the work I do. From time to time I will have guest presenters in my programs, masterminds and group experiences, but I will always be present and their reason for being included will be made clear to you
  • not being able to talk with me as you decide what to invest in – if you have questions reach out and ask them. As the kind of person who wants details for things from time to time, I understand first hand how frustrating it is to not be able to chat with, or message someone to get an answer or more information. You’re also not passed to a team member when you message me on social media. My business manager and I both answer emails received to the company email address but most of the time you hear directly from me

Ways to work with me in 2023 include

1:1 leadership & profitability coaching for you & your business

Thrive Factor profiling & Archetype coaching only - short term coaching experiences

group coaching in a profit focused mastermind

  • early bird investment until 8th January offers significant savings
  • join right up until our welcome call, week of 30th January, if places are still available
  • all the details on the other side of the button below

business education & growth programs

leadership coaching certification using the Thrive Factor Framework®

what's different about coaching with me - the highlights

To find out more and get started with any of these options, book a time at the button below for us to chat.

I don’t believe in sales calls of any kind. I do believe it is important to be able to talk with the person you may be about to invest in, so I always make myself available to anyone who would like to chat.

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