Celebration + the Bragaudacious effect + Bday offers – She Leads She Thrives Podcast Episode 23

SLST 23 Celebration The Bragaudacious Effect Birthday offers 2023_She Leads She Thrives Podcast | Shannon Dunn | Thrive Factor Archetypes | Business coaching for women Perth Australia
SLST 23 Celebration The Bragaudacious Effect Birthday offers 2023_She Leads She Thrives Podcast | Shannon Dunn | Thrive Factor Archetypes | Business coaching for women Perth Australia

In this new solo episode, it was time to explore the art of bold self celebration, something I call the Bragaudacious effect.


I explored what it means to celebrate, why it’s important as an expression of self leadership, potential resistance to celebrating, and insights into how to make celebration more effortless. I also shared, in true celebration style, my 2023 Birthday Extravaganza offers available until 1st March 2023 only.


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Summary of what’s included in this episode;

2:30 The braggadocious effect of celebration.

8:06 Conditions that hold us back.

10:02 The first step to self-celebration.

16:20 Reaching out to women around the world.

19:45 Celebrate in your own way.

25:31 How do you feel about celebration?

28:39 The importance of celebrating yourself.

31:24 Eight tips for the boldest experience of self celebration

35:10 Birthday offers

Episode Transcript


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Shannon Dunn  01:45

I’m curious to know how you celebrate, and when you celebrate. I’ve been a long term lover of celebration, even though I didn’t always find it easy. And I found that I was a member of a rare breed in both life and business. People who tend to love celebration. I can contribute my excitable celebration tendencies to my Inspirer Believer Archetype as the natural born cheerleader and potentialist she’s always ready to illuminate the best in others, and sees way beyond what you see for yourself. And nearly always with an energy of excitement and celebration. I don’t refer to her as a pom pom waver for nothing. 


Shannon Dunn  01:57

I’m not sure when I first began including a “what are you celebrating?”component in my coaching experiences and for one on one in groups. But it by far became one of my favorite things to ask and I got such a buzz, hearing the answers when they get shared. Well, you know the answers when they get shared eventually. 


Shannon Dunn  02:52

So many women are resistant to celebration. And I found this puzzling as it comes now so naturally to me. As I said, I was puzzled by the whole resistance to celebration phenomena. So much so that I began writing a book on celebration in 2020. It was a stop start experience because well you know, we all know what happened that year. But by mid 2021, I had recommitted to my celebration quest and to finishing and publishing “Bragaudacious: the art of bold self celebration”. I had a fire within to single handed if needs be changed your relationship with celebrating. 


Shannon Dunn  03:28

Welcome to a new episode of She Leads She Thrives podcast, I’m Shannon Dunn, your host here in this wisdom space for ambitious impact-creating souls of the world who are likely leaders of amazing businesses. Today is a bit of a party episode or it’s a celebration episode. And as you may have caught in the end of last week show, it’s also you know, which was about the power of impact legacy and self leadership, we’re close to the end of February and that means it’s my birthday very soon. 


Shannon Dunn  03:56

Before I start talking more about the whole topic for today, I will just say if I don’t sound like a usually do – my apologies. This is one of the things about recording solo shows real time to share them with you as close to in the moment as when you get to download and listen to them. Sometimes we’re not always that well. And my voice today is not at its best. But I’m still here. showing up ready to share and celebrate with you. 


Shannon Dunn  04:24

Now because it’s my birthday very soon the end of February, I wanted to talk about celebration, something I refer to as the Bragaudacious Effect, and also to make reference to self leadership as a coaching focus. Because it’s such an important thing and celebration and self leadership for me go hand in hand.


Shannon Dunn  04:43

Today I’ll also be sharing my birthday offer extravaganza. This is a one time each year I have a range of things available on offer for my community. I rarely discount anything because I’m increasingly conscious of ensuring my pricing is as inclusive as it can be for the exchange of value, experience and outcomes my community could achieve when we work together. But at birthday time, there’s all sorts of fabulous on offer. So keep listening to the end of today’s episode for what is in store, the birthday offers will only be available for you, as community members of my podcast world, until about the first of March 2023 is going to be less than that for everyone else. So that gives you a few days to make your selection and to dive in and enjoy the birthday offers available. But before we get stuck into birthday extravaganza sharing, let me talk about the Bragaudacious Effect. 


Shannon Dunn  05:37

Now that word “bragaudacious” is totally made up. I love making up new words. And I’ve done it since childhood. I wanted a word that encapsulated self celebration. And in a journal writing session in 2021, I found myself writing the word “brag” and musing about what it actually means to brag about things and particularly about yourself. Before long, I’d written the word “bragaudacious”. And it stuck as the title of what would become my new book about self celebration that I ended up publishing in early 2022. That’s often been referred to as bragalicious to and I love that just as much, but the name in the book is Bragaudacious . 


Shannon Dunn  06:16

Now to share with you the ins and outs of celebration, reasons we may or may not celebrate and some of the stories I’ve heard while gathering feedback about personal celebration during the writing of Bragaudacious, I’m going to share some passages from the book. Now I’m all about making things easier. So no point in rewriting something that is already in print. Yeah, so today it could look at it or think of it as a bit of a storytelling session. 


Shannon Dunn  06:40

So if you’re able to, you might want to grab a cuppa settle in and as I’m sharing passages from Bragaudacious, I want you to think about your relationship to celebration. Think about some of the things I share, the stories of others, the reasons we may or may not celebrate, when we do and don’t celebrate and just reflect on your own experiences. 


Shannon Dunn  07:03

Okay, let’s dive in and open up the conversation about celebration. I believe there is not enough self celebration being expressed by women in the world. So now that’s out in the open I want to say I’m determined to change that. So determined that I’ve given the art of bold seld celebration and name and turn it into its own thing. A living expression of celebration the world. To celebrate boldly, creatively, fully, wildly, compassionately, inclusively artfully, is to be bragaudacious. 


Shannon Dunn  07:31

A question I’ve often been perplexed by is, why is it that celebration of any kind is so difficult for a multitude of women the world over? Why are some women so effortless with their celebrations, constantly declaring their latest accomplishments to the world, hot on the heels of a recent win, while others struggle to acknowledge even the smallest of things? I’ve pondered these questions often sometimes I feel I have insights and possible answers. Other times I have no idea what’s going on. Similarly no clue as to why this is something that’s such a struggle for so many. 


Shannon Dunn  08:06

Now, I’m not suggesting there’s no celebration, no, there is celebration at times. It’s frequently conditional celebration, though. Conditional on some imagined guidelines or expectations. Conditional on the stars and planets aligning a certain way. Conditional on someone else’s encouragement, perhaps. Conditional on external validation. Conditional on your create curated life to share on social media being good enough when you compare to your peers. May be conditional as a form of security, safety even. Conditional on too many things. 


Shannon Dunn  08:40

These conditions are robbing you of living life more fully, they’re robbing you of experiencing a state you deserve to know – a state of totally thriving. The conditions hold you back, they limit you. The conditions get in the way. They can and will prevent you from things like positive emotions, being able to trust yourself and others, tapping into your wisdom, building confidence, making decisions, being more you each day. 


Shannon Dunn  09:03

My work as a coach working with women in leadership in business for close to two decades, and backed by my experience as a counselor and transpersonal art therapist, I’ve sat across the table, in circles, in rows and rooms with women from all walks of life. I’ve sat at my laptop and phone interacting with you online. I’ve stood at lecterns on stage of speaking and teaching to you. And in these times I’ve witnessed too many women apologize for existing, ignore their strengths, deny their accomplishments, deflect compliments, shy away from attention. defer to the next person who they believe to be more qualified or deserving or some other justification story made up in their head, diminish themselves, judge one when others celebrate, judge others draw any attention to them and what they’ve achieved. Choose others over themselves, block their ambition, actively prevent themselves from celebration. 


Shannon Dunn  10:02

If you recognize your own responses to celebration opportunities and the list above, that’s awesome. You can’t change what you don’t recognize. So now you have awareness, the first step to making a permanent shift in a new direction. One inclusive of self celebration. I can put my hand up to owning having experienced many of the things listed above. I still have ingrained social gender and cultural conditioning, influencing my innate response to celebration, despite making a conscious choice to actively celebrate me, who I am, who I’m becoming, what I create, and what I teach and share. I still fall into a lifelong habit of celebrating others before I celebrate myself, it’s a natural instinct for me to consider others first. I think the same may be the case for you. 


Shannon Dunn  10:49

It is for women everywhere, irrelevant of who you are, where you are, what you do. It’s also a trait of the Inspirer Believer Archetype that I and many women and members of our fabulous community have. It’s okay, it’s a fact. But let’s agree from this point forward that this is a start of a new way to be, a new way to think, a new way to act, a new way to respond, a new way to express and honour yourself in the world. From this point forward, I invite you to welcome the next year as an experiment in celebration. And experiment in celebrating you and experiment in something I’m calling bragaudacious – the art of bold self celebration, with you as the star.


Shannon Dunn  11:30

If you’d like guidance and support, then get yourself a copy of “Bragaudacious” the book.  I wrote it as a 12 month companion journey to guide you to meet your experience of self celebration, and amplify it. As you engage with a book if that’s what you choose, then let her become part of your life. As you’ll discover all multitude of things come into existence when self celebration is what you do, and who you are as a woman who knows how to celebrate. A woman who actually does celebrate standing with herself first. 


Shannon Dunn  12:00

Consider this year as your chance to begin something that supports you for the remainder of your hopefully, long and thriving life. See it as cultivating a practice, a practice that is one offering awareness, consciousness, intentionality, permission, possibility, potentiality, expansion, freedom, intuition, wisdom, humility, creativity, curiosity, happiness, comparison, competition, choice, personal leadership, and cultivate this practice your bragaudacious year of self celebration, through the lenses of these things. 


Shannon Dunn  12:35

Curiosity, when you explore with an inquisitive sense of intrigue, and you do so without attachment, judgment or making meaning of your discoveries. Compassion, when you welcome your heart into the experience and approach everything with gentleness, kindness, self love, and appreciation. And ingeniousness, where you own the fact that you have wisdom, a combined lived and learned experience and the reality it is all of incredible value as the embodiment of you expressed wisely in the world. And effortlessness, we can add that in too, where you choose a path that is spacious. Make decisions fueled by belief that can be easier, and by simply approaching everything with a “How can this be easier?” curiousness each time it feels challenging, overwhelming, heavy or hard. 


Shannon Dunn  13:27

Here are some of my thoughts on resistance to celebration. Now I didn’t originally plan to include this section in the Bragaudacious book. But as I reached out to my global community and network of incredible women, women in business entrepreneurs, leaders, dreamers, soul searchers, healers, guides, creatives, friends, mothers, sisters, grandmothers, I recognized an interesting pattern. What I wanted to share for you, no matter your relationship with celebration, and particularly self celebration. It’s not always an easy thing to be open to and engage in celebration. There are realities playing out in your life and in the world that can compete with your desire or wish to celebrate at any level. While I’m a demonstrative advocate for more celebration and self celebration, I also know the realities of living through times when celebrating doesn’t even enter your mind or your heart. The writing of this book was a process of creating over about an 18 month period. It’s coincided with a time in my life and I was emerging from the other side of a significant life shift – the end of my marriage in 2019 and subsequent divorce. Now the end of this arduous relationship, that was not what I dreamed it would be, was definitely something to celebrate, even though it didn’t feel like in the immediacy of the end. 


Shannon Dunn  14:50

The writing has also been at a time when I was in a space and place of realigning and coming home to myself. It was an opportunity to search my soul for my inner compass, and reset the course for my future vision to become actualized. There were so many times when celebration and self celebration, were way down on my list of priorities. Some days it was all about surviving and thriving was somewhere out there in the ether. Also, the more I showed up in my business with the energy of celebration, the more I could see and sense the expansion of things to celebrate across all areas of my life. 


Shannon Dunn  15:27

The writing phase of Bragudacious was also a time when change in the world was rapid and unrelenting. A global pandemic is an interesting time to write about celebration. The duality of being human and of living with every possible emotion and experience playing out simultaneously, internally and externally, can be incredibly disconcerting. If you haven’t been shaken up and shaking around somewhat, since early 2020, than I don’t know what kind of world you live in. I do know many who would be envious of your reality. But with the reality of what we have collectively lived through, celebration could feel like a distant experience. And something that you used to know, but no longer feel familiar with.


Shannon Dunn  16:15

 These realities and the ups and downs of life will continue to influence you in their unique ways. For as long as you live. Sometimes the influences are large scale in terms of their impact and reach. And other times they are personal and very much focused on your immediate world, and not the greater universe in which we all live for now. But lets me get back to the observations I made when reaching out to my extensive and growing global community. I initially I shared posts requesting thoughts, words and contributions on how you celebrate and I did this in groups online. I found that it was a great place to go to seek out groups on social media. Sometimes these requests received a few responses. And there were other times that there was no response at all. 


Shannon Dunn  17:02

Now I get the social channels can be super busy. It’s easy to miss an important post or request from someone even if you actively are following them. I wasn’t despondent to the limiting responses to these requests. I’m an optimistic realist at heart, I think my Inspirer Believer Archetype for that. So I kept writing and reflecting and knew that there would be another opportunity to share my request. The real observation about celebration and collective potential resistance to it came when I created a list of names of incredible women I have at some point, probably in the time of writing this book, connected with in some profound way. Women who’ve inspired me, women who have achieved so much growth, women who are friends, some I’ve known a long time, some newer connections. I reached out with an invitation to send me a contribution, as I decided at the very beginning of mapping out the context and concept for the Bragudacious book, that I wanted to include the voices of women worldwide, sharing how they celebrate. I outlined what the book was about and shared context of how much to share as I’ve been asked multiple times for guidance on this. I explained who the book was for and why I wanted her to contribute. Then one of these three things happened. And they happened in varying degrees. And the third response was one that gave me the feels though.


Shannon Dunn  18:22

The first response I got an excited offered  rapid reply, with a yes, I want to contribute and I’ll send you something ASAP and then they followed through. Such beautiful words shared  – raw, real, vulnerable, excitable examples of celebration for themselves in life and work, no hesitation, abundant gratitude for being asked, and enthusiastic willingness to be involved. 


Shannon Dunn  18:50

The second kind of response I got  – the message and the one or two gentle nudges got ignored. That’s completely fine. We get busy. I know what my messenger feed on Facebook and Instagram can be like, so busy at times, and I can miss important messages or intend to go back and read them and then simply they fall down the feed until I don’t see them as unread messages. All good. 


Shannon Dunn  19:12

Then the third kind of response, I got a response but it was a decline, often with a comment along the lines of I don’t have anything to share. Or I don’t have anything to celebrate or I don’t celebrate, or I’m not good enough to be in your book. These messages made me feel sad. I felt disappointed that so many women are in the world feeling like this. I felt disheartened that there are so many women – people – but women especially in this instance, who felt that they had nothing to share. I sensed judgment, I sensed fear, I sensed a whole range of “not enoughness” and I sensed sadness. I felt worthiness and deservability, a lack of both present in their messages. 


Shannon Dunn  19:57

I also became ignited and more determined than ever to get this book published and to open up the conversation about celebrating in all its forms, with a compassionate emphasis on self celebration, and an invitation for more of it. There could be a range of reasons why celebration hasn’t been a natural thing for you. And there are some possible influences included, that I’m going to share with you coming up. I want to share that with you, that I wholeheartedly believe every individual on this planet is worthy, and worthy of celebration. 


Shannon Dunn  20:29

Just as I believe, that every woman and person on this Earth has a birthright to thrive. You deserve to experience celebration, you’re as available to be in a state of celebration, as much as the next person and the one on the other side of them. You are worthy, you are deserving you living in the world each day is worth celebrating. I want to end this kind of piece by encouraging you to consider celebration and self celebration from a simple perspective. In this next section, or this next sort of piece I’m going to share with you, I’m going to share about celebrating your own way as an added encouragement to do what works for you. 


Shannon Dunn  21:08

The very first step may be to open to the possibility of celebration. If it has not been something you’ve done often or at all, then start with small steps, baby steps even, an occasional celebration that works for you is still a celebration and so valuable. Celebration is not a volume thing. The quality of your celebration on your terms is far more important than the quantity and type of celebration. I truly see, know and trust that every individual globally has something to celebrate. I see, know and trust this like I believe there is always something to be grateful for. 


Shannon Dunn  21:45

Imagine if celebration was something you simply did. Imagine if celebration was expansive and fun. Imagine if in celebrating others, you open to the possibility of celebrating yourself more. Imagine if celebration was filled with gratitude, compassion and love. Imagine if celebration was available all the time. Imagine if celebration was whatever I wanted or you wanted it to be. Imagine if celebration was grounded and supported you to embody your experiences. You know, imagine if celebration….., you can finish that any way you like. 


Shannon Dunn  22:27

Let’s talk about celebrating in your own way. I’m a big believer of finding your own path. If you’ve been listening to the podcast for a while, I’m sure you’ve heard me refer to that already. I believe in you being you and releasing the often preconditioned notion that fitting in means changing yourself to be like another or others, or to conform to some way or many ways perhaps. I’ve learned in my five decades on this Earth that it is unnecessary and that adjusting yourself to fit in, with a desire to experience the same kind of success, happiness, love and satisfaction as you see, and know another woman is experiencing, is one of the greatest disservices as you can do to, and for, yourself. 


Shannon Dunn  23:11

To conform is to give away or deny parts of you, to fall in line with another’s ideas of what is acceptable. It is to change who you innately are, sometimes I’ve observed conforming as a way to fit in, sometimes it happens because you simply aren’t yet sure or confident in who you are. I’ve seen it a lot in my multiple decades in business. And at times it is easy to see what has contributed to the conforming and other times I’m unsure as to why. Like I don’t really need to understand why though. This is an invitation, I want you to think about why you do what you do in life, in career, in business. Are you intentionally making decisions, taking action, finding your own way, learning to be okay with the unknown and the uncertainty, being uncomfortable while you shift into greater levels of comfort, open to increased self awareness. 


Shannon Dunn  24:09

I believe finding your own path in the world and being you are foundational aspects of self awareness and important for a living a fully expressed life filled with self celebration. I believe these things in relation to all aspects of life, career and business. I believe these things in relation to celebration, in fact trying to celebrate the way others celebrate because you think it’s how it’s done, isn’t the way to celebrate. It could be completely out of alignment for who you are, what you believe and what you value. And it probably won’t feel like you think celebration will feel. 


Shannon Dunn  24:46

Celebration, like so many things in our lived experience, has diverse expressions. In today’s world, we often become witness to celebration via social media. We may also still get to partake in all kinds of celebrations with others for the milestones experience. Could be for birthdays, life milestones, accomplishments, awards, truly just the sake of its, you know celebrations with family, friends, community. The extremes of celebration often influenced the way you celebrate, or what you believe celebration to be or why you believe celebration is warranted. 


Shannon Dunn  25:21

There are the brash, bold, loud confetti balloons and bubbles, bubble machine or champagne kinds of celebrations you see plastered all over your social media channels. And they may feel fun, enticing and enriching. It may be something you can’t do just yet or something you plan to do in the future. It may feel expansive and energizing, and leave you inspired and motivated. If it does, that’s awesome, celebrating you and with you metaphorically for all that. 


Shannon Dunn  25:54

But there’s often a flipside, seeing those kinds of celebrations on your social media feeds may leave you with a feeling of dread, wondering how you’re ever going to pull that kind of celebration extravaganza off. Thinking it is the way people celebrate these days. It’s just not your style, or it will cost more than the dollars you have available to spend right now. It feels frivolous, unnecessary and a waste of time and money. It seems like a lot of work and as though it is drawing attention to you and showing off from a place of ego. So not your jam. As a side note here there are some archetypes who were just not naturally wired to celebrate with ease and excitement. Nothing wrong with that. It’s who you are.


Shannon Dunn  26:37

The things influencing when and how you celebrate can be multi-faceted. While this book has been written for all of you, who are and identify as female, there certainly can be gender influences. There are also cultural influences. Some cultures are frequently loud and colourful, inclusive, and lead celebrations with a more than merrier approach. Other cultures in the world are more private with their celebrations, and less inclined to celebrate for no obvious justifiable reason. 


Shannon Dunn  27:07

There’s also generational influences. If I think about the age range of the women I’ve worked with as clients, I found many younger women find it easier to celebrate. That’s not to say that older women in my community are less likely to celebrate. But often they have so many other things to juggle, their celebration of focus on themselves has not been a priority. Often they’ve spent much of their time caring for others, and they’ve disconnected from the parts of themselves more inclined to celebrate. They don’t consciously think to celebrate. Days morph into each other, weeks pass, years goes by and vanish. And somewhere in all that celebration got lost. 


Shannon Dunn  27:45

Now another consideration to how open you are to celebration is related to mindset and beliefs. If you grew up in a family or environment where celebration was rare, then your comfort level celebrating may be different to the way your friend feels about and practices celebration, based on her experiences of celebrating as a younger person. If celebration in the environment you spent the most time as a child was looked down upon as and referred to as something other families did, then you may feel celebration, to be a foreign experience and resist it. Judge it, ignore opportunities to celebrate. In contrast, if your family and those you spent time with growing up, were big into celebration and acknowledging all kinds of things, then you will likely find celebration and celebrating others in yourself an easier thing to do. 


Shannon Dunn  28:39

Your personal relationship with yourself is also an influencer on celebration. The messages I received that shared something along the lines of I don’t have any to celebrate, immediately made me think about worthiness and deservability. I didn’t send this quote from author Brene Brown, but I wanted to share it with so many people during the process of seeking contributions. If you need to read this, need to hear it, need to embody it. You know, think about it, read it silently. Read it out loud, you’ll be able to find this in the show notes in the transcript for this episode. Feel into this quote as many times as you want to. 


Shannon Dunn  29:19

 Brene Brown said, “When you get to a place where you understand that love and belonging, your worthiness is a birthright and not something to have to earn anything is possible”. If you’re a woman who sent me a message saying that you couldn’t contribute for any reason, or you didn’t respond, because you felt you had nothing to share, then know that I see you and I honour you. I believe in you. I celebrate you. And I believe with every cell of my body and expression of my soul, that you can come to a place where you know what it means to celebrate and to celebrate yourself. 


Shannon Dunn  29:56

My wish for you and all women reading this book or hearing what I’m sharing today, in this episode of She Leads She Thrives, is that you enjoy this guided journey to celebration and that, you know, over time, month by month, you build a nurtured nourishing relationship with celebration on your terms, for you. Also know, there is no way of celebrating that is right or wrong. No one way of celebrating is better than another way. The most important aspect of celebrating is finding your own way to do it. It could be bold, loud, and in your face. It could be quiet, private and emotive. It could be shared with people important to you, or shared on your social media channels. Or maybe solo and self honouring any unique loving way. 


Shannon Dunn  30:43

As I love to say to the women I work with, the quiet rebel women of the world, ingenious, wise, ambitious, creative, soulful, compassionate beings. You are charting your own path, using your own compass and engaging with the world on your terms. You always have a choice to act on that. Act on that reality. While you’re doing so, know that welcoming more celebration can make everything that much richer and rewarding. And really, how cool is that? This is time to cue the pom poms and a dash of confetti. Well, my Inspirer Believer Archetype is in charge there! I’m totally on board with her. 


Shannon Dunn  31:24

Let me share with you something that I shared in the Bragaudacious book – eight tips for the boldest experience of self celebration in your bragaudacious year. Number 1, buy yourself the most divine journal and pens to capture your learnings, insights, frustrations and celebrations. Capturing these regularly as you’re stepping into and opening yourself awareness boldly. And that is a beautiful thing indeed. 


Shannon Dunn  31:47

Number 2, get a friend or two or three or 10 or more maybe and share the experience each month. It could be like bragaudacious club. Could totally be a thing. In fact, set one up and share on your socials with bragaudacious club as a hashtag. 


Shannon Dunn  32:02

Number 3, share on the online space and let the world know about your bragaudacious moments. And use a hashtag bragaudacious or bragaudacious moment when you post on social media. My team and I often search just to see if that’s ever come up. And I get such a buzz when I see those hashtags used. 


Shannon Dunn  32:19

Number 4 of 8 , set yourself monthly bragaudacious goals and share them publicly so everyone you know can get on board. Accountability through sharing with those who are important to you is incredibly motivating. Number 5, share your bragaudacious moments regularly. We can make this a revolution of self celebration. If it’s happening in isolation, it’s not going to be something that everyone can get on board. We don’t want to make it isolating and super quiet. 


Shannon Dunn  32:47

When sharing something on social media, again add the bragaudacious moment hashtag, so the growing sisterhood of women celebrating can find you. Number 6, create your own bragaudacious rituals to expand your celebrations. Now there’s a creative exercise each month in the bragaudacious book to help you with this. 


Shannon Dunn  33:05

Number 7, have fun. On the fabulous days, the challenging days and every day in between. Fun, the way I look at it equals expansion and expansion equals the opportunity for more to celebrate and more thriving individually and collectively. And number 8, use the experience of your year of bold self celebration as a way to expand into more of who you are and to do so with conscious, considered, compassionate choice, joy, wisdom and curiosity. That wouldn’t be the  honouring thng talking about bragaudacious if I didn’t also talk about briefly the Thrive Factor Archetypes and celebration. 


Shannon Dunn  33:46

In Bragaudacious each month of your year of celebration, it’s inspired by one of the Thrive Factor Archetypes, for each of these treasures has her own style of celebration. There is way too much to share, to go into all 12 archetypes and to do them justice in today’s episode. So if you want to embrace the celebration style of each of the archetypes, get yourself a copy of Bragaudacious. If you’re in Australia you can buy a copy direct from me. And I’ll make sure there’s a link in the show notes for that. If you’re elsewhere in the world and head to your preferred online book retailer to grab a copy. And whilst there is a Kindle version because I’d like to make it as accessible as possible. Know that my books were created to be enjoyed as books in print, because they are full colour and full of energy. And that translates in print, it doesn’t translate so well in the digital options. 


Shannon Dunn  34:41

Now it’s been fab ahead of my birthday at the end of this month, as I said to talk about celebration with you all today. I hope it’s inspired you to consider how you celebrate, when you celebrate, and to celebrate more. One of my favourite things to do in my group programs for years, has been to start our live coaching sessions with ask everyone to share what they’re celebrating. I mentioned that earlier. It’s not uncommon for some resistance to rise up at the beginning, but in no time, it’s something people say they really look forward to. 


Shannon Dunn  35:10

I started this to open the conversation about celebration, to normalize talking about it whilst redefining what it means and when to celebrate. So reach out and let me know about your celebration style and vibe, I really would love to know. And you know how to reach out to me on social media, I’m very easy to find. And tell me what your favorite kind of way to celebrate is. I really love the diversity of answers I receive, when I reached out to my business community for their feedback and being able to share some of it in Bragaudacious was so fun. I think we included contributions from nearly 50 women around the world. Now, I did say that I would share more about my birthday extravaganza offers, so I have so much fun each year, each time we get to the end of February deciding what to offer and what the savings will actually be.


Shannon Dunn  35:55

 This year, there’s five things available for a 51% off savings. As I said earlier, it’s only for about a 72 hour window from the 25th to the 28th. But I’m going to extend that a little bit for us, for you as podcast listeners, or perhaps some of the offers will be sold out because they some of them do have limits on them. I’m going to tell you more about next week’s also superstar guests in a moment, and why you want to be excited about that episode coming up at the beginning of March. 


Shannon Dunn  36:22

But let me give you a very brief overview of the five birthday extravaganza offers available right now. If you’re listening to this sometime after the end of February 2023 know that I do this every year and get yourself in my email community so you don’t miss out next time. Its often the only time I offer significant savings on multiple things. Okay, offer share time. I feel like I need a bit of a drumroll or confetti toss to coincide with this. But you know, we’re doing an audio share here so it’s not going to happen. 


Shannon Dunn  36:53

Now first up, you can choose from a Thrive Factor Experience. So this is either a single session or a three session package where you’ll get to access to the Thrive Factor, a personalized detailed report capturing all of your Thrive Factor Archetypes. And initially if you choose a single session option, a one on one session with me to meet your archetypes. If you take the three session option, in session two will look at your business or career through the lens of your Archetypes. And then in the third session explore the points of harmony and potential disharmony between your Archetypes. This kind of insight into exactly who you are is a next level experience in self awareness, self understanding and self leadership. And I think this is the only time that it’s had such a discount 51% off a Thrive Factor Experience is phenomenal. And I feel so excited to share it with you. 


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Okay, there’s also VIP one on one coaching day where we can dive into whatever is most helpful for you and your business right now. I’ve had clients use it to map out customer journeys, launch plans, profit pathways, realign their brand and offerings and so much more. You choose what you want most in terms of coaching and experience on the day. And I will bring my decades of business expertise, and we will create something phenomenal for you.


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Now there’s also a thriving birthday program bundle featuring five of my favorite live programs still to be hosted throughout this year. This one comes with a bonus one on one strategy session and access to this Thrive Factor assessment and your own personalized, detailed report. It’s valued at more than $2,500, so with 51% off, it’s an absolute bargain. 


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There is also a Voxer messaging coaching for 1 or 3 months and this could be an ideal way to get business expertise and guidance and tap into my couple of decades of business and leadership experience, anytime, Monday to Friday. I love using the Voxer messenger app to communicate with my clients. It’s so effortless as a way to coach you when getting on calls every couple of weeks doesn’t work for you. 


Shannon Dunn  38:53

And lastly, you can book a single or three session package for one of my newest one on one services, the Energetic Release and Reset. This is an ideal opportunity to shift through limiting beliefs, frustrations, unhealthy and unwanted patterns of emotion and behavior. As I said, there’s a range of different ways to work meet all kinds of different price points and all at 51% off. As I said until probably for you guys listening on the podcast the first of March 2023. 


Shannon Dunn  39:18

If you have any questions, reach out to hello@thrivefactorco.com and Team Thrive Factor will be happy to answer them. There’s going to be a link in the show notes to access the birthday extravaganza offer page, where you can read more about everything in detail and access to savings code. But really thanks for celebrating with me superstars even in a virtual way. It really means so much. 


Shannon Dunn  39:40

Okay, next week, you’re in for a real treat. One of my incredible clients joins me to share her wisdom on the topic of hormones. We’re keeping it real, talking about all things that are going to support you as a woman founder in your business, as a leader, all the things. So yes, this new episode out early March is where Lou Carbone, live will advocate from The Peppermint Tree, and I chat about her own hormone adventure that led her to becoming a qualified health coach with an additional hormone coaching specialty certification. 


Shannon Dunn  40:10

I’ve been working with Lou for some time and I’ve learned so much about the often mysterious world of hormones. So I was excited to get her in the hot seat and to dive into conversation about women’s hormones perimenopause and menopause. Yeah, we’re going there, and all the good things Lou shared recently. Yeah, she shared this fact and I am sure most women are unaware of it. But in reality, we spend more than 50% of our lives in either perimenopause or menopause as females. Yeah 50%.  Does that shock you because it certainly shocks me I hadn’t done the sums. Whether you are in one of those phases of life, or younger soul know that it’s something we can all go through at some stage. The wise souls like Lou and are here to educate us, guide us and support us to make the experiences as easeful as possible. 


Shannon Dunn  40:58

As a woman in menopause myself, I will say this, and the kinds of things previous guests Stasha Washburn, founder of Period Coach  school and Laura Dick certified Period Coach and Queen of Cycle thinking, you know, with next week’s guest the live well advocate Lou Carbone, teaches the kind of things I wish I’d known since before I began menstruating. And then wish I’d been taught over and over in my 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond. So hope you tune in because you really don’t want to miss a moment of this next episode with Lou. 


Shannon Dunn  41:30

So for now, though, it’s time to sign off. I managed to get through the episode. I was so excited about sharing this so we’ve got there, husky voice and all. As always super star soul, dare to choose you, celebrate how phenomenal you are, keep shining. And always remember you were born to thrive.

Thank you

Thanks for tuning into today’s episode. You are so valued and appreciated.


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