Becoming an Author was Inevitable

Author Shannon Dunn | The Thrive Factor | Bragaudacious | Business coach for women Perth | Australia | Business psychology
Author Shannon Dunn | The Thrive Factor | Bragaudacious | Business coach for women Perth | Australia | Business psychology

Becoming an author was something I always knew was in my path.


I turned many of my school projects at primary school into books. If the teacher brief didn’t say how the work had to be displayed I was going to make a book to share my young wisdom.


As a true Mentor Teacher I focused on ensuring the content was the best I could convey.


As a true Liberator Engineer I focused on a construction that was as book like as I could make it with the tools I had available (glue sticks, stapler, tape, needle and thread all got a look in 😆).


As a true Visionary Creator I focused on the design and illustration to showcase my work.


As a true Inspirer Believer I focused on my creation being inviting and interesting and threw myself enthusiastically into every aspect.


I self published my first book in 2013. It was the first introduction to the 12 Thrive Factor Archetypes. Called Personal Leadership Style it was a first experience in the world of authorship and I loved.


My next self publishing foray was exactly 3 years ago when The Thrive Factor book came to life in Jan 2019! So much fun with that lil lady who’s made a big impact in the world.


I’ve also been a contributor to about 4-5 collaboration books over the years.


Now here we are on the verge of my next installment becoming a real life book. It never feels real till I am holding her in my hands 📚


I didn’t imagine it’d be a 3 year gap between these 2 books. But then no one imagined the world would experience what it has the last 2 years.


I have 2 other manuscripts in progress right now. One has a tight deadline that feels pressured in the right way. Let’s see how I go with that one based on my self imposed timeline.


Being an author and knowing my words are being read in book form by people all over the world is still a spin out.


A huge thing to celebrate and that’s exactly what I do. Regularly.


Excited to tell you more about the why behind Bragaudacious over time!


Big love
Shannon 💖


Pics of me holding the first copies of each of books 😉


p.s. have you ever wanted to be an author? What would your book be about?


Oh and if authorship is in your future know I will be leading a self publishing focused program later in 2022. Effortless Author will be a reality! If you want to know about that the best thing to do is to subscribe to get my updates. My MVPs always hear what’s coming up first. You can join the community here.

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