Are you stuck thinking something is missing? [Mindset Reset]

Mindset Hack | Nothing is missing | Shannon Dunn Business coaching for women | Leadership Coaching Certification
Shannon Dunn | Business Coaching for women | Mindset Reset

Sometimes all you need is a mindset reset to see things from a different perspective and recognise exactly what you have within!

I started today with a guided visualisation that was a reminder that we can change the story – our story – at any point we choose.


I then read a message from a friend sharing some good news and a realisation that she had what she was looking for externally, within her all along.


And YES that’s the gift in this thing called life.
And the aspect of choosing to lead a business.


We do have everything we need within us. There are times we may genuinely seek support and guidance to connect to those resources, strengths and gifts within. To have someone show us what’s within. Show us that we can trust and believe in what we discover and remember.


It’s not uncommon to be unsure about trusting yourself. Particularly if you’ve tuned into the collective messages of “you don’t know” and “you need someone to show you the way”. It’s easy to understand how the self belief, self love, self compassion, self trust we are born with; how these innate and unquestioned qualities get eroded away over time.


I’m sharing more about the difference between believing you need something or someone and conscious, intentional choice, in this weeks episode of She Leads She Thrives podcast. It’ll be out on Friday.


Today though, this is your invitation to connect within and remember you have what you need. It’s an inside job, this success thing.


Entwining the belief in your potentiality and trusting so deeply in yourself that it is embedded in your soul and very being so that it can’t be dislodged or forgotten. That’s something you can 100% gift to yourself.💗


Mindset Reset: ask yourself

  • “what do I think is missing?”
  • “why do I think something is missing?”
  • “what wisdom, resources, knowledge or skills do I have that can meet the need I believe I have?”


Wishing you the most incredible month this November!

There is so much goodness to share with you with new articles, mindset resets, podcast episodes and a new program, Leverage. Check it out here.


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Mindset Hack | Nothing is missing | Shannon Dunn Business coaching for women | Leadership Coaching Certification

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