An Introduction to She Leads She Thrives Podcast – Episode 000

SLST 000 She Leads She Thrives Podcast Introduction | Shannon Dunn | Thrive Factor Archetypes
SLST 000 She Leads She Thrives Podcast Introduction | Shannon Dunn | Thrive Factor Archetypes

Welcome to She Leads She Thrives, the new podcast for ambitious, ingenious souls hosted by Shannon Dunn of Thrive Factor Co.


In this introductory episode, Shannon shares more about what to expect from She Leads She Thrives.


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Episode Transcript

Welcome  00:11

She Lead She Thrives, the home of inspired conversations, practical and creative wisdom, expansive leadership and business insights, abundant Bragaudacious moments of celebration and useful info you can actually do something with.


You’ll hear about mindset marketing, money, magnetism, self awareness and the Thrive Factor Framework, it’s Archetypes and more. Amplify your role as a leader, a self led soul. Tap into your effortless success zone. Turn your ingeniousness and wisdom into profitable income streams.


From solo shows to guests you’ll definitely want more from, there’s something for every ambitious ingenious soul.


I’m Shannon Dunn, a true OG of the business coaching space, with an obsession with thriving. You are so welcome here. Let’s dive into today’s episode.


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Shannon  01:15

Welcome to Episode 000 of the She Leads She Thrives podcast that a podcast lovers you know this episode is an introduction and sets the scene for what’s to come. I’m Shannon Dunn leadership and business coach and your host here and I’m so delighted and excited to welcome you to She Leads She Thrives. So let’s set the scene. 


Shannon  01:39

Now I believe thriving is a birthright every individual and in my space with my focus every woman deserves to experience when you know what it means to thrive on your terms. You can activate a ripple effect that impacts you and the world around you. In fact the world at large. I 100% believe this and know my purpose is to do what I can to activate thriving in others as many people as possible. 


Shannon  02:11

Drawing on multiple decades, which kind of makes me laugh, sometimes now of gathering lived and learned experience and layering that with my innate wisdom. Like as a side note, a lot of my clients have referred to me over the years as Biz Yoda. I’m sure I’ll share that story in a upcoming episode somewhere. But as host of the She Leads She Thrives podcast. I’m here to share thriving from every perspective. This is actually my third podcast. And I am really so happy and excited in true Inspirer Believer style. You’ll hear about the Inspirer Believer Archetype many times over in our upcoming episodes. But I’m so really happy and excited to be back in this space and sharing with you by one of my favorite mediums podcasting. Right back to the time of being a little girl I used to get told I was a chatterbox. I spent my entire life at school being told to stop talking. So I was clearly made for podcasting. 


Shannon  03:11

From solo episodes, sharing the kind of insights and inspiration that my clients and community adore, to conversations with guests who are world class business superstars, through to up and coming impact makers and everything in between. I can guarantee you I know how to draw the best out of others. I’ve had so many guests of the hundreds of people that I have interviewed over the years, say to me, I have never shared that out loud with anyone before. And I totally want to get pom poms out and wave them around when that happens. 


Shannon  03:44

So I’ve reached out to some of the most incredible inspiring guests. They come from all parts of the globe. They’ve all said a big big, big excitable, yes, in fact, some of actually use some exclusive expletives as well. I won’t be sharing those with you. I will be sharing those people were not there expletives and I can’t wait to share them with you. 


Shannon  04:05

So a bit more about me, I’m an award winning businesswoman, best selling author of multiple books, international keynote speaker, enthusiastic teacher of business and leadership wisdom, I lead retreats and do all sorts of very cool things. I’m also the creator of the Thrive Factor Framework and her 12 unique female centric Archetypes. You will hear a lot about the Thrive Factor. Many of my guests will have been profiled and know their archetypes, others there’ll be new to but there’s a lot of, so much and a big abundance of wisdom to come from talking Thrive Factor but that’s definitely not all you’re going to hear. 


Shannon  04:43

These days, increasingly I find I’m referred to as an OG in the global coaching space and I find that really amusing. I’ve been a business and leadership coach and mentor since around 2006 In my own business, hosting transformational programs, as I said before retreats, and I also lead a Thrive Factor Coach certification for women who desire to genuinely and expansively activate thriving in others. I first began coaching over two decades ago in a corporate space, before deciding my own business was actually where my soul was being called. 


Shannon  05:20

And I know that I’ve gone from strength to strength, focusing on core principles and belief. Things like your wisdom, which is all you know, from your lived and learned experience is an untapped asset filled with potential for profit. That hustle has its place in a well defined strategy, but unhealthy hustle will undo you and your business, draining your energy and distracting you from your ingeniousness. I also know that leading a business is a fabulous way to activate thriving for you for those you love and the community you’re in, and for the world. That win you back yourself from a place of compassion, curiosity, trust, belief, and creativity -and I’m sure we could add a whole lot more things in there, – but when you do that anything is possible.


Shannon  06:09

I believe that investing in support and mentorship is a fast track to amplified effortlessness. And it’s so much better doing business and community, sharing with others learning from others. collaborating with others is so much more fun and rewarding. I believe there is no one way to create success. It’s kind of along the vibe of you do you. I love meeting my clients where they’re at and working collaboratively with them so that they can find the right path the right way the right solution for them and let go of the “but I’ve been told I have to must do, should do” and the list goes on. And I also believe there’s a rebel in every woman and unleashing yours takes you to a place of unbothered inner embodied peace. 


Shannon  07:00

So tuning into She Leads She Thrives as a podcast experience, I promise you inspired conversations, practical and creative wisdom, foundational business Insights, lots of effortlessness a abundance of bragaudacious moments of celebration, and you’ll definitely hear more about what bragaudacious is in upcoming episodes. It’s actually a name of one of my books. And most importantly, I plan to share with you from my own experience, and through the guests that I invite to join me on She Leads She Thrives. You will get access to useful information that you can actually do something with to amplify your business. amplify your success amplify your life. I am so happy that you are here and joining, listening, tuning in whatever you’re doing. However you’re connecting with me and I look forward to the episodes that are to flow to follow everything we have planned for She Leads She Thrives.


Thank you

Thanks for tuning into today’s episode. You are so valued and appreciated.

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Meet host Shannon Dunn

Shannon Dunn, CEO here at Thrive Factor Co is your host of the brand new She Leads She Thrives podcast.
Having hosted two podcasts previously, Shannon loves an opportunity to share her musings, wisdom and lived and learned experiences about a whole range of topics to support the ambitious, ingenious souls of the world to thrive in business, leadership and life.
An OG of the coaching world, Shannon believes thriving is a birthright and with the creation of the Thrive Factor Framework® and it’s 12 distinctive and female centric Archetypes, she’s on a mission to ripple as much thriving as possible across the world.

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