Thriving in Business and Life – Therapists Rising Podcast w/ Dr Hayley Kelly

Therapists Rising Podcast with Dr Hayley Kelly Shannon Dunn Business Coach Perth Australia Thrive Factor Archetypes
Therapists Rising Podcast w/ Dr Hayley Kelly | Shannon Dunn Business Coach Perth Australia | Thrive Factor Archetypes

I had the incredible opportunity to connect with Dr Hayley Kelly to create a conversation for her Therapists Rising podcast.

We had such a great time connecting and chatting and I loved every  moment of the time we spent together.

A highlight of creating this episode was how easily I was able to introduce Dr Hayley to some of her potential Thrive Factor Archetypes.

Here’s what her team shared in the show notes about the episode;


“Welcome to another AWESOME episode of the Therapists Rising Podcast! Today I’m here to challenge the one-size-fits-all approach to business that might not align with your true potential.


Life’s too short not to thrive, especially for therapists and therapist entrepreneurs. That’s why I’ve invited Shannon Dunn from The Thrive Factor Co to guide us through her powerful archetypal framework.


Understanding yourself on a deep level is the key to intentional living and working. Shannon, a former nurse turned seasoned Business and Self Leadership Coach, podcaster, and author, is here to show ambitious and impact-driven business owners how to deepen their self-understanding and achieve effortless success.


In this episode, we dive into Shannon’s Thrive Factor Archetype Framework®, and you might want to grab a pen and paper, because this conversation gets deep – you’ll even get a glimpse of Shannon nailing my archetypes!


Here’s a sneak peek of what Shannon and I discuss:


– How your experiences and intuition make you a natural leader

– No need for endless studies, you already have what it takes to grow

– Exploring the gifts, opportunities, and shadow sides of Shannon’s archetypes

– Each archetype has its unique strengths and potential challenges

– Utilising the archetypes in business, marketing, content creation, and relationships – Discover how to thrive in all aspects of your professional and personal life

– Diversifying your income as a therapist

– Shannon shares her inspiring journey from nursing to coaching and entrepreneurship, with a side of counselling and transpersonal art therapy along the way

– The significance of profitability in business

– Learn from Shannon’s 18 years of experience in the field


And so much more. We hope you enjoy this episode!”

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