Self awareness amplified + Silent Counselling w/ Sam Evans – She Leads She Thrives Podcast Episode 009

Sam Evans | She Leads She Thrives Podcast | silent counseling | Shannon Dunn | Thrive Factor Archetypes | Cognitive Switch
Sam Evans | She Leads She Thrives Podcast | silent counseling | Shannon Dunn | Thrive Factor Archetypes | Cognitive Switch

In this episode Sam and I talk about

Sam Evans is an enthusiastic soul with a determination to authentically share ways for others to deepen their self awareness, meet their limits, and transform their challenges.


As a highly qualified coach, she has a lot to share and has taken her experience and expertise and launched a range of professional training certifications in the last couple of years. Sam is also the author of the much loved book, Cognitive Switch.


In this conversation, we chat about Sam’s own personal evolution and one of her favourite modalities she uses and teaches, silent counseling. You will find this episode inspiring, motivating, and real. An episode you’ll love.


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Sam Evans | She Leads She Thrives Podcast | silent counseling | Shannon Dunn | Thrive Factor Archetypes | Cognitive Switch | quote

Meet guest Sam Evans, author of Cognitive Switch

Sam Evans the founder, creator and the CEO of The Cognitive Switch®, has helped hundreds of women and now men, across the globe, defeat self-sabotage, confidently go from start up to six figure business in a year, increase revenues up to £500k, create an online presence, by teaching entrepreneurs how to be decisive in action, clear in message, and overcome their worst enemy: themselves.


Sam is an accredited Master Coach in NLP, Timeline Therapy™, and Hypnotherapy, a UK approved TTi® Emotional Quotient Practitioner specialising in Emotional Intelligence, Human Design and Silent Counselling.


She is now the head trainer of the Cognitive Switch Training Academy teaching coaches the true art of subconscious healing using several different techniques – from Hypnosis, silent counselling, energetic healing, and her own groundbreaking technique, Subconscious Healing Therapy.


Connect with Sam here

Episode Transcript


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Shannon  01:45

A huge hello everybody and delighted to welcome you to another episode of She Leads She Thrives podcast, I’m Shannon Dunn and as a long term leadership and business coach, I am so happy to be here hosting conversations with women from around the world. Today we moved to another continent. So I think so far, we’ve they all of the interviews are recorded with our incredible guests, we’ve covered about six or seven different countries. So Sam, you’re like another one new new place we’re going today, which is what I wansted this to be really – a global conversation, which is very cool. 


Shannon  02:32

Before I officially introduce you to Sam Evans as our guest today, by sharing her bio, I’m just want to let you know, like I’m doing with all of the guests that we have, how I got to know Sam, so we were in a program together with a coach we were working with. And it was March 2021. And right and like Sam’s world has changed so much in that time. And I’m really excited to hear, you know, to talk to you about that today. 


Shannon  02:56

Because at that time I remember you sharing an image of yourself and remember which one it wasn’t necessarily but you kind of there’s definitely some energy in the photo and I remember commenting on it. And you kind of saying, you know, thanking me and appreciating the comment, the positive comment, but kind of also at the same time saying this is not how I feel like what you’re seeing and what you’re picking up is not who or how I am in the reality right now. You’re in a kind of a in a say a low but like in a real space of almost like evolution but stuckness at that time Yeah, so we’re gonna talk about that today as well and we how you’ve kind of shifted things to where you are now but it’s been such a fun thing for me kind of watching and observing your evolution from afar because he you are in the UK, I’m in Australia but you know still being able to connect enough to go okay what Sam up to and like what you’re doing and see the genuine change in you to kind of grow into I feel like what I could sense in you back then. But later like you kind of it’s it’s really authentic now. Gorgeous.


Sam Evans  04:02

Crazy when you’re just like, oh my gosh, I looking forward to this even more.


Shannon  04:07

Yeah, good. So let me do the kind of official bio so we can let everyone know good stuff about Sam Evans. So Sam is the founder, creator and CEO of The Cognitive Switch. She has helped hundreds of women and now men across the globe defeat self sabotage, confidently go from startup to six figure businesses in a year, increase yet revenues to up to 500K pounds I will add so for those who are seeing in Australia or US you do the conversion that’s a lot of money and create an online presence by teaching entrepreneurs how to be decisive in action, clear in message and overcome their worst enemy themselves. Like how true is that right. 


Shannon  04:46

Sam is an accredited master coach and NLP timeline therapy and hypnotherapy, a UK approved TTI emotional quotient practitioner now that’s a mouthful, specializing in emotional intelligence, Human Design and silent counseling. And she is now the head trainer of The Cognitive Switch Training Academy. 


Shannon  05:03

I love that. I created my own school as well. So like I love when we do stuff like that in our businesses. And she’s teaching coaches the true art of subconscious healing using several different techniques from hypnosis, silent counselling, energetic healing, and her own ground breaking technique – subconscious healing therapy. She’s the number one best selling author and member when you’re when your Cognitive Switch book came out, of  to monetize your message in the Cognitive Switch available on Kindle and all the good places. Sam’s purpose and mission is to empower and activate the lives of millions by diminishing the inner critic and embodying deep self trust to lead themselves in their own unique and authentic way. And as we’ve already said, she’s based in the UK with her husband and two kids. Yeah. official welcome, beautiful woman. Well, here we are. 


Sam Evans  05:54

That was a bit of a mouthful, I did try to make the bio as cool as possible.


Shannon  05:59

Sometimes we’ve just got a lot to say no, when sometimes, and I you know, I’ve done this with all of the guests is like a bio that’s about this many words. And when I see that I’m like, How can I fit 17 years of business, which is where I’m at, into that many words like how like you fit anyway, we do the best we can.


Shannon  06:16

 So tell me, before I get into kind of some specific questions about things like silent counseling and energy healing. How did you go from like how I described, you know, that March of last year where you were not feeling your, you know, vibrant, Sam, to where you are now? Like, what kind of what changed? What’s what’s been the evolution?


Sam Evans  06:37

It was crazy. When you said that post I was like, Whoa, that’s when I was deep in my self sabotage.  Yes. What happened was because it was that whole month of March, and prior to all of that, I had just booked into silent counseling. I think I let me explain that first, and then I’ll explain. Good, because what happens is when we make a decision, we go into major self sabotage. So our unconscious mind will do everything to pull us back. And in October, the previous year, I had literally just had 28K in sales. I was burned out what but the thing was, I charge a very low amount for a long amount of work. And I was exhausted. 


Sam Evans  07:24

And then I decided to launch a program. And I invested everything I made into this launch with literally minus whatever the return, and i was very distraught, and I didn’t know how to run a group program and it ended up being like a one to one package. But because I was so you know, you have the launch hangover, but I went into launch depression. I got so depressed from this launch. And I thought to myself, You know what? I keep doing what everyone is telling me to do. But I’m not trusting myself. I’m not believing in myself. I’m not believing in the results. I’m hanging on to the outcome and putting on yes or no, there’s no ifs, buts or maybes, there’s no, let’s just see what happens. Let’s just have fun. I didn’t have the fun. Because I was obsessed with the outcome. Everybody does it. 


Sam Evans  08:16

So my friend at the time, she said, Sam, I don’t know what’s wrong with you. But you are the mindset queen. I am. My brain was constantly going, my mind was positive. I released work with my one to one coach for 19 months. I’ve just become a qualified master coach. Everything’s going well. Why do I feel like this? Oh, my sorry. Yes. So what what is going? No,


Sam Evans  08:44

And I was like this up and down and up and down. So when I had that initial launch, and I had the sales come in, my gut went, Oh my God, what if I don’t do it again. So I panicked, and I threw every penny I had onto 21 different coaching programs, in six weeks. 


Sam Evans  09:05

I was left with zero. I was exhausted. I was burnt out it overwhelmed. I had my head felt like it was going to explode. I just found this silent counseling. I went what is that? And I felt like I had an out of body experience. Where my spirit took over my humanness. And it just went book it now. Okay, now, Google silent counseling, what is it? Pay, emailed her. I don’t know who you are. I don’t know who you are. But I need to do this program. When do you begin – it was crazy. It was crazy. 


Sam Evans  09:42

At this particular point, I’d really focusing on Human Design and it was very intense training, and some other things I was doing and I was doing everything and everything that everyone was telling me because I’m a great student. I’m a great client. But what I wasn’t doing I was I wasn’t taking my leadership. I wasn’t fully embodying my work I was too busy being a learning geek and not an embodiment queen.


Shannon  10:06

Which is now so that everybody who’s listening that you’ve probably picked up every now and again, I will talk about some of the guests that I have they know their Thrive Factor archetypes. Sam doesn’t yet know her archetypes. But what you’re talking about Sam is classic patterning of mindset, behavior and belief of the Mentor Teacher archetype, which is one of my four. There’s 12, in the fruit framework, and every any one of us will have between three and six in our own profile. And the Mentor Teacher, when she feels uncertain, lost, or questioning herself. She binge learns. So she did like what you said, throws herself into a need to learn all these things, to kind of prove that I know something. Yeah. 


Shannon  10:47

Doesn’t take into account the fact that she already has incredible depth of knowledge, wisdom, expertise, she wants to prove things. And she gets really lost in that. And as you said, she’s really good at learning, learning, learning, take it on board, but not doing anything with it. So not there’s not the integration. There’s not the embodiment. So you just talked classic example of that.


Sam Evans  11:07

Yeah. So it’s because obviously, I didn’t trust myself. And I didn’t know this, of course, I trust myself. I trust everything I do. Otherwise, I wouldn’t do the things on what I do, or wouldn’t I and I was in a real confused state. And I was in the middle of my Human Design training. And I said, I’m tired. I don’t know what’s wrong, but I need to rest. 


Sam Evans  11:30

So all of March, I just went down, down, down, and depressed and crying and overweight and sluggish. My income went down. My business went down. And I went, I’m done. Literally I was wallowing in, I was very depressed. I felt so exhausted, I went, do you know what F it. ? I am. So I didn’t, I didn’t know whether I could swear or not. And I said, I’m not doing this no more. I quit. I literally said, I quit. I’m not doing the coaching no more. 


Sam Evans  12:01

But I’ve just paid the silent counselling. Oh, well, we’ll just see what happens. And I actually started looking for work. And I literally gave the coach that we met on my last 100 pounds. I said What have I got to lose. And I started realizing money doesn’t just come from our business. It comes from other ways. So then I began my silent counseling training, and I had this five weeks of intense emotional breakdown, burn out exhaustion, and I just went “This is not life”. I did not decide to work for myself to be a 60-70  hours a week. No, this is not life. I was obsessed. So that’s when I met obviously the coach that we worked with , and then silent counseling. So silent counseling came up. So I was like, okay, cool. I did the first training. And if I’ll be honest, I only did it because I wanted the certificate. But there was some


Shannon  12:55

That’s another Mentor Teacher thing.


Sam Evans  13:11

So I just thought, you know, I know what I’m doing. I am the queen of mindset. I love I cannot be, Oh, you’re such a nob what you doing. So I learned everything. But the thing that really grabbed my attention was the word timeframe as timeline therapy master coach. By removing the root causes of self sabotage, I went, I think I want this this that was the only word that got me. 


Sam Evans  13:41

It was a very laid back training. And I was a little bit like, I don’t really know what I’m supposed to be doing here. And so I was like, okay, cool, done it anyway, came to the next session, which was a month after doing some little bits of what training, trying to find a job at the same time. And during that time, the coach said to me, Sam, so tell me about your future vision. What is it? And I said, Oh, yeah, it’s this, this, this, this and this. 


Sam Evans  14:07

And she’s like, okay, great. What part of that future version of you are you doing now and I went, I’m not, I’m holding myself on a pedestal. At this point, I started to do the second level of silent counseling. And I jumped on the call and I was really angry. So as a manifester, when I’m not myself, I’m angry. And I also know it’s a sign of something that needs to be released. 


Sam Evans  14:33

So my mentor at the time said, What’s wrong, Sam? And I went, I don’t know. I just feel really angry. I’m just so fed up. I’ve just had enough. So she went, Okay, cool. And she asked one of the guys to practice on me live in front of everybody. So as we’re doing the silent counseling, obviously, we’re going to talk more about the actual process. One of the meridian points that we had to release was here which is on the collarbone, just underneath collarbone, and this is where we carry flight or fight.  A lack of security lack of comfort or stuck in a comfort zone. 


Sam Evans  15:05

And as I released it, my eyes closed. I burst into tears. I went oh my god, I know what’s wrong. I’m working hard doing all the things because I don’t trust myself to be the best version of me. And I’m holding myself on a pedestal. I’m scared to move forward because I don’t know how to be when I’m successful. And I had the biggest breakthrough ever. 


Sam Evans  15:34

But it wasn’t just that I had a pain here on my right side, this is the masculine side, from September 2020 prior the launch. After all the one to ones. Osteopath couldn’t help me. Doctors, chiro practitioner, natural remedies, no one could help me. But when I released that my masculine energy just healed went oh my god, I’m doing too much I need to be. And the pain went away in four days. Oh, my goodness. So it changed my life. Yeah, obviously. Did Yeah. And then I realized, I think the best way to describe it was, is like this is me. And I’m like, hustle, hustle to work hard. And every time I went to go, ping, no, stay where you are. Yes. I was like, this is very weird. I can’t go backwards. I can’t go forward. I’m just in the moment. 


Sam Evans  16:25

Not stuck in limbo. I was in flow, I was able to BE. Without being weighed down by the past, without being in anxiety of the future. Just be, enjoy it, presence, alignment, it was phenomenal. And then as soon as I’d done that, and I use silent counseling to release my trust blocks, everything began to flow. I  cleared all of my outstanding courses that I owed for in three months. And it’s everything flowed, everything made sense. It was the best three months of my life.


Shannon  17:03

I know it was it do remember at that kind of time having, as I said met you in the March, and looking at what you were sharing about how you the reality of how you were feeling with the position that you found yourself in. And then it did feel kind of from the outside looking in, like things were changing quickly. And they did. 


Shannon  17:24

So it’s so beautiful to hear the story. So that’s very, very cool. So you’ve to achieve so much with that. Where are you now though? Like what what’s kind of this positioning now you are doing? You’re working with your clients that feels like in a in a different way and evolved way from what you were back then. We shared in your bio, you’ve got lots of amazing qualifications and expertise as a coach. Yeah. And I feel like you talked, you’re talking more these days about energy healing, then you have previously right? So tell me, how does that fit into coaching and the work you’re doing now? And what is so kind of a – magical is a word that comes to mind – about this as a modality and how it works with really supporting people to shift out of their life, their s**t, really into a whole new person.


Sam Evans  18:16

Well, I think I was so obsessed about the mind work, and I still am yeah, I still stand by my words that you know, every self sabotaging block can be eliminated through rapport and trust with the client, which is why I’ve got my training academy. 


Sam Evans  18:35

But one of the things that I thought was so important is not only the emotional intelligence, and also energetic healing, why all of a sudden am I obsessed with it? Because when I work with a client, I’m going to share a story with you is such an incredible story. I had my framework. And one of the things I’ve realized is that you can have a framework, but you’ve also got to be flexible, because a client is not going to go the way that you want it to be. A client has to be you have to be ready with your toolbox. 


Right? I’ve got an idea what I want to do. Let’s see what’s going to come up today. Oh, not that today. To do that. I’ll do this instead. So I adding silent counseling has been a complete game changer. Now, as most people know, hopefully they do is that our limiting beliefs and limitations have all been formed in the unconscious mind between birth to seven in the womb, generational and some even past lives. Some people believe in it. Some people don’t.


Shannon  19:31

Yeah, no, I get that.


Sam Evans  19:33

What happens is, is that if our body is unconscious behavior, so our responses are based on our own unconscious beliefs, thoughts, feelings and behaviors, why are we not working with the body first? 


Sam Evans  19:47

Because what I now do is I clear the energy from the body first. So then the unconscious goes, Oh my God, I want to work on this, this, this, this and this. It’s quick. It’s easy, and it’s also a great way to connect with the client. So this particular client I’m going to talk about right now she jumped on a call. And I did my usual – understanding the client, grabbing a personal history. Great second session, she couldn’t stop crying. And she was sobbing. She went, Sam, I can’t talk today. I don’t want to talk today. I can’t, I’m bawling. Okay, so you don’t need to talk today. This is why silent counseling is called silent counseling. Because you don’t have to talk. You just got to follow instructions.


Shannon  20:31

Which is the opposite to any traditional counseling, having counseling qualifications in my professional background, where it’s called a “talk therapy”.


Sam Evans  20:40

Exactly. And there’s only so much talking a person can do. I just want this to go away. I just want to go away, please help me. I’ve talked about this a million times, I just want it to go away. And I get that because I’ve been that person. So I gave her a full body clearing. I released the self sabotaging energies because there are different meridians in the head, the body and the hand. I gave her a full clearing. And she went Sam I feel really calm. I’ll tell you what’s happened. 


Sam Evans  21:12

Now she wants to talk. The doctors have just told me I’ve got to have a major operation on my stomach. And I’m absolutely petrified. So not only was she instantly calm, but she was able to talk. So even though it’s called silent counseling, it’s silent in the method, but it allows you to speak up. Yeah, because you’re listening to your body. It’s not disconnected. You’re not your thoughts, feelings or behaviors are like, you get into alignment, basically. 


Sam Evans  21:39

Yes. So she was told she had to go to the doctor. So this is session two. I said, okay, cool. Now we’ve done the energy clearing, following week. So guess what the doctor told me I can go and have a second opinion. Great. Week four. Oh my god, Sam, I’ve just had a second opinion. And they said that I can naturally heal. Perfect, great. By week six, I’d given her a timeline therapy clearing, okay, so  eliminate the root causes of emotional self sabotage. 


Sam Evans  22:10

The week after, San, the doctors have told me all healed I can’t believe it. Now I’m not a medical woowoo type of person. I’m not making any disclaimers. But we cannot deny that we have a natural blueprint to heal. Broken arm in a cast can heal by itself with nothing, then we can do that emotionally, mentally, or physically, energetically and spiritually. And when that happened, I was like, this is why I do silent counseling first. Because it instantly builds rapport with the client. It clears any Oh my God, who is this person because pay and they go, I don’t trust her, I don’t trust that you could do this myself. Leave her alone,make excuses. Every cell in the human body make her ill quick, grab her back. 


Sam Evans  23:05

And so sabotage pulls you back. And they got off. Do you know what, I can’t make today’s call? So I understand. You’ve got one extra week and you have to do your call next week. So I don’t have I have non-negotiables because I know what self sabotage is like, but by helping people with silent counseling in the first session – mind blowing.


Shannon  23:23

Yeah, love to do your work. Love it. So what a cool story. And I imagine that you you’re at this point, Sam, now that you’re also teaching silent counseling that you’re gathering more and more cool stories all the time of people that are having such fabulous and fascinating experiences using it on themselves and with their clients. Am I right?


Sam Evans  23:43

Absolutely. I just got a message from someone today. She says, oh my god, Sam. yesterday, I gave myself a full body healing session. She’s a practitioner, with a fear of going to the dentist. She says Sam, I was in there 19 minutes and I came out confident as anything.


Shannon  23:58

Yeah. Yeah. Say so can also clearly be used on anything. Isn’t so great when you find a modality that is so versatile, that it’s useful for whatever the client needs it for. Yeah, yeah. 100% Yeah, it’s it’s got this kind of limitlessness to it, which is yeah, very, very cool. I love it. 


Shannon  24:19

I love hearing stories like this all the time. And, and particularly when, like your personal experience where things weren’t going well, they weren’t flowing, and you were living that sabotage, that result of sabotage, which is such a horrible place to find yourself in. And when you’ve got, you know, the training like you have in the understanding of how the mind works, and how the emotions work and how the belief systems work. And yet you’re still stuck in it. I know for me when I’ve been there, it’s like, well, I’m so frustrated because like, I kind of know what to do, but I don’t, because you said the sabotage can be so big and so powerful that you can’t move out of it without some kind of support. 


Sam Evans  24:58

Well,  that was Another annoying thing, I couldn’t understand why I felt that way when I actually had a coach for nearly two years. Yeah. So I was the client, I was the student, I was the coach. But you know what it was I wasn’t embodying my work, because I was too afraid of owning my power. Because I was afraid of what people may think of me, which made so much sense. Yeah,


Sam Evans  25:21

I was afraid “Yeah, what do people judge me?” What if people do that? Well, I’ll tell you what, as soon as I add the silent counseling, I let go of everything I possibly could.


Shannon  25:31

Those kind of thoughts and, you know, the worries that you just talked about Sam is so common in so many people, not just in business, like just existing in the world. So all of us have had some experience where maybe we have whether we actually have a we’ve perceived that we’ve been judged or criticized, or told we’re too much or too loud, or too, there’s so you can’t do that. You can’t say that, or you can’t talk about that. And I can easily understand how over our lifetime, all of that just keeps adding up to the point where we have this real fear of what if or worry, what would people say, What will people think? What will they say about me? What well I’ll have no clients. because people will think and we rattle off all these kind of weird things. Yeah, reality, but we’ve made them so much a reality. Yeah.


Sam Evans  25:33

And people do do that. And that’s why I when I realized that I could actually use this with Human Design, I was like, Whoa, this is really powerful. So then that’s silent counseling has now been a big catalyst for my energetic activation method. So it allows you to deeply touch in to what your motors are telling you. In your unique blueprint. Like, for example, I had no idea that some people enjoy working with pressure and hustle, going, you shouldn’t work with hustle or pressure, it was something like. It’s not my way or the highway. So it’s really even to this day, it’s strengthening me in being more open and aware to other people’s uniqueness. 


Sam Evans  27:03

And I think that’s where the Human Design and the energy is, is so important. So I do the emotional intelligence, Human Design and the energy because once you have that foundation of a human being, you can then do so much with them. And most importantly, you have the clients trust, because there are so many people that are being let down by people and feeling worse off because they’re opening Pandora’s box, and then leaving it open and not knowing how to close it, which is why I started my training academy because people, this is my mission. I just I’m not judging anyone. But I just want to help people.


Shannon  27:35

I understand completely Sam, it is very much underpins why I turned the Thrive Factor framework in the profiling experience into a certification and then realized that it could actually be a coaching certification because I developed coaching methodology in line with a profiling experience. 


Shannon  27:54

And because I you know, there was I had some resistance to that, because it’s like, I don’t like what I’m seeing happening in the coaching industry, I don’t like the way it’s going. And I had a bit of an epiphany moment and where this is kind of early part of last year, probably around the time I met you. And it was like wait a second, I could actually have a positive influence on this if I create a coaching certification and teach professional coaching methodology with that mechanism of the coaching probably the way you and I understand it, unlike a lot of the different ways that people are coaching, using that label, but not really in a safe, professional, ethical way supporting individuals, then I can make a different impact and one that I wanted to make but it’s sometimes it’s a challenge, isn’t it when you go like I’m gonna have the academy or like me, I call mine the Thrive Factor School. I’m gonna do this and I and you know, because I believe in what I do so much and I, I want to make an impact in a different way.


Sam Evans  28:49

Totally. But if it wasn’t for silent counseling, I would not have my training academy right now. I wouldn’t, because just before the March I went, I’m gonna open a training academy. But actually, you know what, no one’s coming. I was going to listen again. Forget, I won’t even both. But when I had the silent counseling session on myself, all of a sudden the downloads started coming. like, oh my god, like I was sitting watching television, and the word subconscious feeling therapy came into my head. I went it’s 10 to midnight, my husband said what are you doing? I said, I need to just double check. Anybody have it? Is it on a trademark. Ping.


Shannon  29:26

Yeah, that’s very convenient


Sam Evans  29:27

The Training Academy and silent counseling is just the most gorgeous gift in the world is basically EFT on steroids.


Shannon  29:34

Yeah, love it. Big fan of EFT. I look forward to finding out more about this with youo, again, because I watch some of the coaches that we know, come and do this with you, and one of them more recently. So it’s like let’s see where she goes with that. And then someone else sort of probably in your last sort of training and just listening to them, share what they’ve learned and how valuable it’s been for a personal thing and how excited they are about working with their clients and I’m all for adding you as a Mentor Teacher Archetype, for adding more great tools to the toolbox, so we have an, you know, a beautiful, rich environment to draw from when we’re supporting our clients, because as you said, no two people are the same. And no two want to be treated like a blueprint of the same thing over and over. And I very much a believer in the one of the greatest gifts of coaching is when a coach can meet their clients where they’re at and work with them, to where they truly want to go.


Sam Evans  30:29

Which is the foundation of my coaching, got to meet them where they might not just assume and say right actually this is what’s wrong with you. This is what’s wrong. Who wants to be told that!?


Shannon  30:35

No, no, no, I definitely not. We’re on the same page about this for sure. Now, before we do an official wrap up for today, I’ve got a set of questions that I’m asking every one of our guests. A bit of a vibe different people’s ideas about these different topics that relate back to the kind of energy of She Leads She Thrives podcast. So the first one, what role does a leadership play for you in your life in your business?


Sam Evans  31:09

What role does leadership play in my life? Leadership is just me leading myself. 

Leading myself without, but not just in a “follow me people” no, lead in a way as this is where I’m going, you can walk with me. Or if you don’t, then that’s okay. I’ll be here walking, and you can come join me whenever you want. 


Sam Evans  31:29

I think leadership is very, this is where emotional intelligence comes in. You’ve got to work on your emotional intelligence. And people may think well, how do you do that, then? Well, you have to know where you are right now. Yeah. I did a post yesterday that people say, everybody in the workplace needs to have high EQ. Yeah, but what if they are higher, and you’re saying that they’re really poop? Someone said that to one of my clients to assessment was 95 out of 100. Her bosses are telling her she’s got low EQ, she went I don’t understand. And all her  self sabotage was pulling her back and she literally had, she went from $25,000 to $150,000, in three months in earnings, because she took back her power. So when you when you trust in your power, and you trust in people’s power, you lead the way and everyone can just go Yeah, I’m just a leader in my own way.


Shannon  32:25

Love it, love it, love it, love it. I’m a big believer in self leadership. In fact, there are underpinned the whole creation of the Thrive Factor Framework was around looking at well, what does it mean to lead? And how do we better know who we are, from a perspective of looking at through the lens of psychology, rather than anything else? So makes complete sense to me. So the next question, how do you know you’re thriving?


Sam Evans  32:46

How do I know I’m thriving?

 Yeah, I’m gonna be honest, sometimes I don’t think I am. Yeah. Sometimes I’m gonna be honest, if I say, oh, yeah, I’m thriving every single day, I’m gonna say no, I’m not always thriving. The days that I am thriving, I feel this ball of energy in my soul. And I’m like, This is my piece. And you know, when that is, it’s when I have my family sitting at the dinner table, eating. That’s when I feel like I’m thriving. But then other days, it feels like I’m surviving. And those are the days when things are difficult and hard. And I don’t want to do it, and I want to stay in bed. So if I do feel like that, then I will just listen to my body. And just be. Because at the end of the day, I’m not meant to be buzzing every single minute.


Shannon  33:33

And I love your honesty there, Sam because I do think while I talk about thriving a lot, I don’t profess it to be some pinnacle to be at all the time. And you can be in a situation or a space where you can honor what you really need in that moment. That’s a form of thriving, even though it might feel like you are surviving. That again, is another form of emotional intelligence, being able to assess where you’re at with compassion and kindness. And, you know, and curiosity even, not judgment and criticism and just go, You know what, today I just need or right now, I just need this. I think that is also a form of thriving, it’s no longer you know, the big outward glorious, kind of, you know, flashing all over Instagram.


Sam Evans  34:18

Yeah, this is what people make it out to me. That’s right. This is what people make it out to be. And this is what’s causing a lot of humans to not want to build their businesses and to burn and crash because they’re holding the world on a pedestal. 


Shannon  34:35

I love every one of you beautiful women that I’ve talked to so far that we’re gonna release all of your episodes and share you all with the world are so impassioned about the things that matter to you, which is no doubt in my mind, one of the many reasons why I’ve been drawn to each of you. And, you know, it doesn’t matter where we all are in the world, just to be able to connect and have conversations in DM’s or, you know, follow each other and what we’re doing way, because of that there’s a fire in everyone’s belly of some sort that gets revved up and shared, which is so so cool. So I’ve got one more question to ask you, but only after this next important one, which is when people connect with you like where’s the best place to find you?


Sam Evans  35:14

Well, you can find me on Facebook. My user name is SanpreetKaurEvans, because what I realized was is I wasn’t living my true self this year. I wasn’t using my birth name, and my birth name is actually Sanpreet, which means sun goddess. So you find me on Facebook, or you go to my website, which is And all my tags and everything is on there.


Shannon  35:17

And we’ll make sure like we do for every one of our guests that all of your links, anything you’ve shared with us to share with our audience. Plus a full transcript of the show will be available on my website. So there’ll be very easy for you to find and they’ll be links to that from wherever you’re listening from if you’re listening to the podcast. So Sam, final piece of wisdom for the you know, ambitious and ingeniousness souls that are tuning in and listening to our conversation today final piece of wisdom for them.


Sam Evans  36:11

Final piece of wisdom. I know right now things may feel difficult or challenging. And you could be watching loads of people succeeding and making a bucket loads of money. But I want you to know that sometimes it may feel like “will this ever happened to me”. I want you to not think like that. 


Sam Evans  36:36

I want you to start thinking this is a sign it’s coming for me. I know we may think and feel that these quantum leaps and magic hoop jumps are going to get us to where we need to be. But those aren’t gonna work until you start becoming YOU which means you’ve got to work on yourself, release the self sabotaging thoughts feelings and behaviors and I don’t mean turning a belief from “I’m good enough” to I’m not answering “I’m not” to “I am”. It means go and do the deep unconscious work find someone who can help you and know that if you build it, it will come but you have to build you first. Build you, build it, it will come and just have fun. Just trust and have fun. And that’s what I want to say.


Shannon  37:23

Beautiful, thank you so much. It’s been good to finally chat to you and to yeah to go deeper in our conversation because we’ve DM’s a bit and we’ve kind of done voice noting and things but there’s nothing beats actually having a good piece of the you know chunk of time to actually have a conversation and find out more so I love it love it love it.


Shannon  37:42

 Thank you to anyone who was listening to us and you know took the time to tune in and listen to Sam and I know whether you know me or you know Sam or you’re new to us. If anything about what Sam has has kind of shared today’s piqued your interest and please follow up with her and make sure that you go and find out more about all the things she’s talking about. She does teach her silent counselling so look out you know when you following Sam online you’ll be able to see when she’s got training in all the magical things that she does coming up so that’s another thing to think about too. And that I think that’s really about it for today beautiful woman. Thank you so much for your time from I don’t know is it sunny in London today never know.


Shannon  38:28

It’s October, it’s gonna be more gray for a while it’s alright it’s getting later in the day here because we’re you know a few hours apart but you know so grateful to talk to you today and thank you to everyone as I said for listening in remember to go and you know follow She Leads She Thrives,  share the episode with your your friends, your community, your clients if you’ve loved what you’ve learned today and heard today and make sure you interact with Sam and I we would love to hear what you think as well. So wherever you are have a beautiful day keep thriving everyone. Bye

Thank you

Thanks for tuning into today’s episode. You are so valued and appreciated.


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