Pioneer Seeker & Mediator Diplomat, Thrive Factor Archetype Business Insights series part 3 – She Leads She Thrives Podcast Episode 47

Thrive Factor Archetypes Business Insights_Pioneer Seeker_Mediator Diplomat_She Leads She Thrives Podcast Episode 47 | business coaching for women Perth Australia | |
Thrive Factor Archetypes Business Insights_Pioneer Seeker_Mediator Diplomat_She Leads She Thrives Podcast Episode 47 | business coaching for women Perth Australia | |

The Thrive Factor Archetypes Business Insights series explores key business wisdom related to two of the 12 Thrive Factor Archetypes in each episode. 


In today’s episode, part 3 of the series, we get to know the Pioneer Seeker and the Mediator Diplomat Thrive Factor Archetypes. 


The Pioneer Seeker is the Archetype of innovation. A natural disruptor, she’s at the forefront of things and creating a shift in the status quo at every opportunity. She can feel like a lone wolf roaming in the world and transforms everything when she focuses on the treasure within, instead of feeding her constant external quest as a seeker, looking to find her value in the world.


The Mediator Diplomat is the truth-teller of the Archetypes. She is driven by things needing to be fair, right, just, and equitable for all. When things are not in harmony she has a range of innate strengths that help to create a sense of balance and alignment. She’s an incredible listener and is appreciated for her clear, pragmatic, and practical view of everything. Sharing from the heart of her truth is her greatest superpower.


Resources & Links:

  • Tune into episode 16 to hear a high level introduction to all 12 Thrive Factor Archetypes here
  • Part 1 of the series featuring the Mentor Teacher and Shapeshifter Alchemist Archetypes can be listened to here
  • Part 2 of the series featuring Advocate Rescuer and Inspirer Believer Archetypes can be listened to here
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5:05 Resources to get to know your Thrive Factor


7:39 Pioneer Seeker (PS)

10:48 Mindset
11:38 Marketing
12:32 Money
13:44 Magnetism

14:20 Activation question for PSs
14:31 Profitable Wisdom Focus
15:27 Potential challenges for PSs
17:34 Strengths of the PS
20:52 Afformations for PSs
22:11 Archetypal Success Pathway of PSs
23:24 Do more of, do less of.

25:08 Mediator Diplomat (MD)

27:45 Mindset
29:14 Marketing
30:06 Money
31:18 Magnetism

32:33 Activation question for MDs
32:56 Profitable Wisdom Focus
33:59 Potential challenges for MDs
36:00 Strengths of the MD
39:24 Afformations for MDs
41:06 Archetypal Success Pathway of MDs
41:57 Do more of, do less of.

Episode Transcript


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