Believing in the Infinite w/ Jo Naughton – She Leads She Thrives Podcast Ep 46

Jo Naughton_She Leads She Thrives Podcast Insta Episode 46
Jo Naughton_She Leads She Thrives Podcast Insta Episode 46

In this episode Jo and I talk about

Something fresh for this week’s episode is a conversation with the incredible Jo Naughton. When I first connected with Jo she came across as a serious kind of coach, but getting to know her I now know she’s actually serious about honouring her soul gifts and co-creating alignment in as many ways as possible. 

She is a deeply intuitive, spiritual soul with a plethora of gifts her coaching clients appreciate and benefit from over and over. Our conversation covered many interesting topics and through the stories, wisdom, and insights Jo shares I have no doubt you’ll have a new appreciation and understanding of magic, alignment, the chakras, and more.

In this episode, we talk through the following key topics

  • 08:29 Alignment vs misalignment
  • 15:41 Pulling on the thread of misalignment
  • 30:09 The power of intuition and wisdom
  • 37:52 The musical note of the chakras
  • 41:38 Manifestation – a different perspective
  • 53:54 What role does leadership play in your life and business?
  • 55:36 How do you know when you’re thriving?
  • 1:04:05 What’s a final piece of wisdom that you’d like to share?
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Connect with guest Joanna (Jo) Naughton

Joanna Naughton (Jo to her friends!) is an Alignment Activator, Spiritual-Embodiment Mentor, and Intuitive Channel. She helps light-workers and heart-led leaders to feel the abundance and expansion of tuning into their limitless soul wisdom and calling this home to the pleasure and power of their body – so that they can create and allow more joy, more freedom, and more impact, inside and out.


Through her 1:1 work (only carried out with contracted soul sisters), Jo uses her unique blend of Mentoring, Coaching, Energy Activation, and Intuitive Hypnosis to guide people to activate the remembrance of their soul’s truest vibration. This total Mind-Body-Soul alignment sees her clients loving life in the now AND creating and allowing everything that is truly meant for them in this lifetime, with more ease and flow.


Jo lives in a lovely old cottage in an English village, with “The Husband” (yes – that’s genuinely what she calls him around the house), their three gorgeous cats, and lots of beautiful William Morris wallpaper. She is always open to new (and soul-remembered) friends, so never hesitate to connect with her and say hello. She will be ready to walk side-by-side with you, and to light the world together.


Connect with Jo on Facebook.

Episode Transcript


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Shannon Dunn  01:57

Great big hello everyone. I am delighted to welcome you back to another episode of She Leads She Thrives Podcast. I’m Shannon Dunn, your host and a long term business and leadership coach with an obsession of bringing you interesting conversations like guts to say that and I know today’s is definitely gonna be there. 


Shannon Dunn  02:15

So I’m not putting any pressure on you, Jo, but like there’s the expectation, right? So beautiful Jo Naughton and I want to know, I can’t even remember how long ago it was. It’s probably a good three or maybe even more years ago, right that we connected. We were in a program together online with a coach that was in the UK where Jo’s based. And I don’t know there was something about you I fascinated with and like what you were doing and then having stayed connected to you since then… there’s so much we’re going to talk about today, but like your personal evolution and shift and growth has been so interesting, from this side of the world to watch and to witness. So I’m really excited.


Jo Naughton  02:54

Interesting from this side of the world as well.


Shannon Dunn  02:58

So I’m gonna let Jo introduce herself. Some of the guests I have, they’ve got bio’s and things, but this is how much of an evolutionary soul Jo is. She’s just like I can’t pin it down to anything. So give us a bit of an intro about maybe where you’ve come from, the things that you were doing, because you were very much focused on mindset when we first connected and I know that still a part of what you do. But yeah, where are you at now?. So just for context, we’re recording this in the kind of early part of February in 2022. When you’re listening live, it will be at some later date. So let’s hear where Jo’s at right now.


Jo Naughton  03:32

Yes, so who knows? I might say stuff now and then when people come to it – they’re like no she’s doing something different now. I love how we think it’s such an easy question to ask someone right at the start. Come on, just tell tell us about yourself. Tell us about yourself. Tell us about what you do. And it’s the hardest question of the whole thing, right? It’s the hardest question to answer, because, particularly, and we were just chatting about this pre recording, particularly, when we come to a place where we deeply recognize and remember that we are multi-dimensional beings, that we are more than just our personality, right, that we are more than just this identity, this personality, this ego, this kind of mind-lead sense of self, then actually the idea of putting labels on ourselves in any way. You know, even me, you know, I could say, I’m a wife, I could say I live here, I do this thing. And all of those things absolutely can be true and are true. And also there is so much more on this multi-dimensional level that it feels like sometimes we’re missing off. 


Jo Naughton  04:41

So the way I suppose I like to describe what I do. And you just said actually, Shannon, that when you first met me specifically, it was the mindset work that I was working in. Which is absolutely true. So basically, I’d come into that. I’d been coaching and mentoring for a long time within education. I’d been a primary school teacher, and then actually, and ended up coaching and mentoring teachers. 


Jo Naughton  05:04

So I’ve been coaching and mentoring for, you know, kind of 15 plus years, right. And then just over five years ago, I banged my head really badly, I suffered a brain injury. And from that, it just kind of totally changed the trajectory of my life. And it really gave me the gift of what I refer to as waking up, it gave me that gift are literally like banging, you know, banging the head, and it was like, “Whoa, I’ve woken up”, not all in one moment, of course, like unfolding bit by bit. A year of recovery of what was kind of going on with my own mind. Then, when I started that the business that I’m running now,  it was specifically about the mind, it was specifically leading in with the mind, because that had been the thing that within me had felt like I’d had the challenges with. And so when I started working with people, it was much more mind focused, much more on a mindset kind of level. And of course, that is beautiful work to do, us delving into what is going on in our minds, and how the minds are bringing us thoughts that serve, don’t serve, all of that sort of stuff, is such a powerful thing to be able to look at. 


Jo Naughton  06:22

The interesting thing that then happens though, is when we delve into the world of mind, we start to realize that in order to observe the mind and notice what’s going on in the mind, we can’t be the mind anymore, because as soon as we start to have to observe the mind, we’ve stepped out of the mind to be the observer of it, right. And so then we start to go hang on, if I’m no longer the mind, because we cannot solve mind from mind. And a lot of people are trying to solve mind from the mind, they’re trying to release ego from more levels of ego, and it just doesn’t work like that. 


Jo Naughton  07:00

So we really do have to step out. And when we realize where we’ve stepped out to, that’s where this word I suppose for me “soul” comes in. Because as we realize, we are now the awareness of the mind, not the mind itself, and certainly not the thoughts the minds thinking. We are the consciousness, we are the soul of self, being that witness, being that observer, being that noticer, and that really led me down that path for quite a while of that beautiful soul awakening, spiritual awakening. And so a lot of the work I do is on that very spiritual level, you know, lots of people refer to it as spiritual. It is that real multi-dimensional kind of aspect and leaning into what I refer to as the magic, that magic of non-physical, where we’ve got the kind of physical stuff, it’s the magic of the non-physical. 


Jo Naughton  07:57

And then of course, as I continue down that road, and I’ve got mind now and now we’re working in soul as well, suddenly, the body’s going “Hi, see me, see me”. And so then we start to realize that body is so important on so many levels, yes, of course, the physical nature of the body and how we are nurturing it, how we are feeding it, how we are moving it. And obviously the energetic nature of the body in terms of our emotions, the energy and emotion that flows through our bodies.


Shannon Dunn  08:29

Emotional aspects of the body, I love that it gets talked about so much now because it hasn’t always been something that people have realized is worth investing time and energy to understand. So good.


Jo Naughton  08:44

And so I will often refer to the body as being that portal between mind and soul. Because we’ve got the mind bringing the thoughts and then we’ve got the soul that is there just as the awareness, the consciousness, the beautiful, neutral observer, actually, and being able to connect into the magic of that. And then we have the body which  is feeling the energetic emotions that show whether what our mind is thinking is in alignment with our soul. And that’s what every emotion simply is, every feeling, every vibration in our body, is simply showing us how much our mind and soul are in alignment or in misalignment.


Shannon Dunn  09:31

Something we’re definitely gonna dive into more because I totally get where you’re at Jo. And as I said, I love that people are talking more about their body but also like looking at my background with counseling and therapy and coaching and business, like the whole aspect of the mind and the obsession, particularly in the business world with mindset. And just about the actual mind, which is very much the ego stuff, was missing a whole lot. 


Shannon Dunn  09:57

So it’s like, more people are doing work like you are and like I am like the whole aspect of me using the Thrive Factor Archetype Framework that I created is again looking at how do we go beyond that ego part of ourselves to look at other aspects of who we are and how we might express ourselves. It’s not a definitive labeling. But yeah, so good to see the work  coming out. But yeah, alignment and misalignment. I find like alignment, or being aligned, they’re phrases, they’re words that get used a lot, right. In the coaching space, in the health space, you see it showing up in lots of different industries. And I think probably most of us have some awareness or understanding of what we think it means- whether we’re correct or not is another thing. But you know, I’d love to know your take on and when you work with clients, your alignment and probably more importantly misalignment and how do we actually pay attention, and even recognize misalignment? Pay attention to it and do something about it if we truly want to be in alignment with whatever that is for us?


Jo Naughton  11:03

Yeah, such a beautiful question, right? Because we often overlook that and we just jump straight into, yeah, come on, then let’s do the alignment work. Let’s look at that. But fundamentally, if we don’t actually understand what we’re talking about, when we’re talking about alignment and misalignment, then we’re really kind of doing ourselves a disservice. And particularly, we’re doing the mind a disservice, because the mind in order to be able to get on board with something needs to feel familiar with it. It needs to go “Oh, I understand that, I kind of get that. I can put it in this box”, and then the mind will get on board. 


Jo Naughton  11:33

And so what I refer to, as what I do is it is mind body and soul alignment. And so when I talk about alignment, and misalignment, the first thing I will always want to make totally clear is – and it sounds crazy, because I’m talking about alignment or misalignment, – I want to make it totally clear, there is no such thing as misalignment. The first thing I want to say, right, there is no such thing as misalignment. 


Jo Naughton  11:59

Now, that sounds silly for me to say, because I will often refer to misalignment, I’ll often do the air quotes around it, because I’m wanting just to show that it’s actually just a made up thing. Because fundamentally, what we’re trying to do is we are trying to talk about something that is non-physical energy, and we’re trying to put human words around it. Ultimately, in terms of the non-physical energy, there is no separation. There is no separation, there is actually no duality. That’s a mind lead construct. And everything is one energy. Everything is one energy. Fundamentally, I am you and you are me, and we are all one, we’re all one energy. But in order to be able to describe things in this human 3D realm, we’ve got to be able to put corners and words around it and split things out to be able to experience right.


Shannon Dunn  12:48

We’re not going to go into it in great detail now, but I think there’s moments in time where I think about how we got to be where we are as human beings in this time and space, and all of the things that we have created to make sense of things that we don’t really understand. And like you said, labels, words,  the science, the study, all of the theories, all these things are trying to create understanding. But really how much of it’s even a truth? We don’t know, like, we don’t know, right?


Jo Naughton  13:21

And the beauty of that is that how much if it’s the truth, we don’t know, that means we get to choose, we get to choose what is true for us.  So that idea, right. That idea of misalignment then is useful for us to talk about as long as we do understand the context of where we’re talking about it from. And so a lot of people will talk about this idea of misalignment. And they’ll say, oh, yeah, you know, I’ve got a block, I’ve got an upper limit problem, I’ve got a block, I’m self sabotaging and do all of this stuff. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that if it actually gives you some sort of release in the moment, but it generally is quite a quick release and it’s not a sustainable kind of idea when we’re labeling ourselves in that way. 


Jo Naughton  14:02

The idea when I talk about misalignment, what I will say or anything where we think we’ve got a block, we think we’ve got a problem, we think there’s something wrong, I will always just remind us, that is simply a misperception of the mind. That is the mind looking at something and saying there is something wrong. And the only thing that is ever wrong is we believe there’s something wrong. On the absolute basis level, everything is totally perfect. You are in total alignment, I am in total alignment, everything is in total alignment, because that is a natural state of the universe. 


Jo Naughton  14:38

The only misalignment is when the mind goes, “There’s something wrong with that because I should be over there. And I’m still here, and so I’m splitting apart from who I truly am”. And so we experience it as misalignment. What I love to remind people,  basically, that’s what I suppose I help people to do is to remember the truth of who they are. Remember that absolute alignment that is so inherent within them, so natural within them, that absolute power, that limitlessness, the magic of them. Because when they can remember that, they go, “Oh, it’s been here all along, I’ve been totally whole all along. I’ve been totally perfect”. Not in a perfectionist mind lead, like trying to put corners around way. But I’ve been totally whole and perfect all along. What I see also a lot in our industry, is what I refer to people pulling on the thread of misalignment.


Shannon Dunn  15:41

I know I remember reading that term. And I thought that’s curious. So I’m definitely curious why person? So tell us more about that,  that actual phrase of pulling on the thread of misalignment? Because I agree that there is so much in the coaching, self development, self help, kind of big industries now like they’re all over the world. And a lot of people contributing, I guess through a lot of time, misunderstanding.  I can see why there are so many people out there that talk about I’m blocked, I’m sabotaging, I’m stuck, it’s a mindset issue, because they’re being told that.  I hope that are coming from a good place, just they don’t know the bigger picture of it all. So yeah, so talk about us about that, pulling up the thread of misalignment.


Shannon Dunn  16:31

Not so long ago. It depends on what you’ve done, I think you’re probably similar to me, I think it’s not making assumption, I think, from what I know of you, that we’re as curious individuals, we have been open to and sought out personal development, personal learning, that kind of stuff for quite some time. But I know that some close friends of mine, even people in the business world that I have conversations with, it’s still very new to them to even consider personal development and themselves and their own place in the world and their understanding and awareness. 


Jo Naughton  16:31

And the reason why a lot of people are talking about it is because there has been a part of our human unfolding expansion evolution as part of the collective consciousness. Where actually what I refer to now as “pulling the thread of misalignment” was serving us at one point, as a collective, as humanity, it was serving us. If you imagine going back not even that long ago, the idea of people even just talking about their feelings, talking about things that have occurred and happened to them in their past, just wasn’t a done thing. It wasn’t heard of thing, right.


Shannon Dunn  17:43

And I have to remind myself that I started doing it so long ago when it was really, no one did stuff like that. Talking about I don’t think it was the word wasn’t mindset. But I remember listening to tapes that my Dad had, he used to call them mind opening kind of things. There was literally cassette tapes in the 1980s – aging myself here – but they were about thoughts become things. That was the underlying energy of it. And he used to talk to me about what he was listening to and how what you think influences what you get. what you think influences how you feel. I don’t think he told many people about that. He had a very curious youngster at home. I can’t imagine him telling his friends, going to the footy or something that he was listening to things like that. And even, as you said, not that long ago, it still was kind of a novelty to be so curious about things.


Jo Naughton  18:40

 Exactly. And so from that place, almost coming into it cold, the idea of just even talking about how you feel, talking about your emotions to somebody, being able to share the fact that this thing happened to you when you were five years old, that actually is still affecting you, that can be a really powerful release. As I said, though, there’s only so long that talking about those things, that talking about the things that actually and repeating those stories of the things that actually don’t feel good to us, there’s only so long that can give you a release and a relief. And when we get to that point, which is where obviously you and I are at that point, way past that point, and most of the people we work with are exactly that as well. Sometimes they’re still trying to pull on that thread of misalignment. And a lot of the time  within our industry, coaches, mentors,  healers, whatever else it is, are also still trapped in that world of thinking we have to pull on that thread. 


Jo Naughton  19:40

So the idea of pulling on that thread for me is noticing some misalignment coming up, so noticing some sort of feeling coming up that doesn’t feel quite good inside us, noticing like something that’s happened that we don’t like, an argument with somebody or noticing that as we talk about this one thing, something is triggered and activated within us that gives us a memory of something that happened when we were younger, whatever it is, right? Almost, if you imagine that like that’s a thread of alignment popping up and saying, hello, hello, see me. 


Jo Naughton  20:11

And what we then often do is we literally try and pull on that thread. We’re tugging on that thread. We’re trying to pull it. We’re trying to find what’s on the other end of that thread. I need to work out what’s on the other end. Why did that happen? And why am I feeling like this? And oh, what’s the problem? And how often do I feel like this? And what’s going on here? And what’s the block? And shall I label myself as sabotaging myself? Is it past trauma? Is it narcissistic abuse? Is it bla bla bla bla bla bla, is it all these things? 


Jo Naughton  20:38

Right, as we pull the thread of misalignment, the only thing we are meeting on the other end of that thread of misalignment is more misalignment. Energy flows in its own vibration, and it unfolds and expands in its own vibration. So as we focus on misalignment and pull that thread we are finding and creating more misalignment right? Now, I am never saying to ignore the thread of misalignment. I’m never gonna say that because that is not useful, either. All I’m saying is, allow the thread of misalignment to come up, allow it to pop up and go. Hi, I just want to be seen. Notice the thread of misalignment. Notice it Oh, hello, yeah, you want to be seen, I can notice you that’s okay. Hold space for it as much as possible in the energy of neutrality, just being able to be the consciousness, the observer of it, just noticing Hi, you’re there. I’m okay. It’s okay. You can be there. I see you, I hear you. I forgive you, I thank you, I love you. It’s okay, you can be there. But try not to pull on it. Because when we simply hold enough space for it, it’s just something within us that wants our attention. It’s like the little three year old child tugging on our trouser leg going see me see me see me. And as soon as we go, Oh, hello, my love. It goes oh, oh, yeah, I’m kind of okay. Now, that’s it.


Shannon Dunn  22:00

So interesting, just what you described, then Joe is something that I would refer to and I talk a lot with my clients and community about is tapping into the lens of curiosity. So when something comes up that in the past, you may have responded to with judgment, criticism, labeling, meaning, comparison, deciding something is wrong with you, all of those kind of things, to stop yourself, to pause before you go down the path of the thinking, the feeling, that is attached to all of that and go, “Well, that’s interesting that came up. I wonder what that’s about?”


Shannon Dunn  22:33

 And like you said, give it space, and not follow through with the rest of all the crap that can often come after that. Because it’s happening. And I think we’ve all no matter, you and I in different parts of the world, but so many people I’ve talked to irrelevant of where we are, we have been brought up in a world that’s reinforcing that we’re not whole, that we have things wrong with us, that we have to go and get things fixed. So it’s no surprise that there’s confusion, and there are people out there that just decide that they are broken, and I can’t stand that phrasing. And that they need to go and sort things out, fix things, make understanding of it, make meaning of it, where I think there’s a lot of energy goes into that that doesn’t need to be and that I feel exactly what you’ve been saying.


Jo Naughton  23:20

I mean, even for a long time, the word “healing” to me and talking about people doing healing and healing themselves. For a long time I struggled a bit even with that, because there’s sometimes can, within the energy of that, there can be a vibration of this idea that I’m broken in some way, I need to fix myself in some way,  I need to heal myself. And sometimes if anyone comes to me to start to work and work with me, and they come from that place of almost saying I kind of need you to help me fix myself, I’m like  this isn’t where we’re starting when we’re not, we’re not doing this, we’re not jumping in from that place. 


Jo Naughton  23:57

But what I’ve come to kind of also then be able to feel into around healing, it’s all about intention, and perspective. And so if we actually then look at that and say, all that healing fundamentally is, is just a perspective shift. It is this idea as I said earlier, it’s this idea that we are looking at something and saying there’s something wrong, when there’s nothing wrong. And so it’s just a perspective shift. So we’re not actually healing anything. We’re not making anyone whole because they weren’t whole. We are just realigning and shifting their perspective. So they see their own wholeness. So they remember their own wholeness, like that’s the power. One of the words I tend to use over and over again when talking to clients or in my teachings, or whatever else it is, in sharing posts online is the word “remember”.


Jo Naughton  24:53

Because that’s the soul energy, where the mind has learning.  Right, the mind in this human incarnation is actually to learn, to take information in, to take knowledge in, a beautiful thing. I absolutely love learning. And then on the same level, we’ve got the soul, where it’s not about learning for the soul, actually, it’s about remembering, because we have so much within our soul memory that we can tap into, if we choose to tap into. If we can get the mind on board enough. and we can then settle that in the body, we can tap into so much from our soul memory, most of the work I do is extremely intuitive lead work. It is work where, through having come to a place where I have worked on my mindset to enough of a degree, and continue to do that, where I am allowing the emotions and vibrations and sensations in my body to flow through without judging them, just being the observer of them. I now, in so many ways, tap into, tune into so much of that soul wisdom. And so most of the time, most of the time when I’m talking to clients or answering questions they’ve asked, mind Jo is going what you don’t know the answer to this, what are you talking about? And yet my mouth opens and  it just flows out. It just flows out because it’s soul memory, its soul wisdom, right?


Shannon Dunn  26:27

The epitome Jo, of the Mentor Teacher Archetype. In the Thrive Factor  framework, their Mentor Teacher Archetype has an obsession, like a compulsion to learn. They focus on their learned experience, sometimes get to the space of understanding the value of their lived experience as well, which brings another richness in. But the real gift of the Mentor Teacher in the world, its one of my Archetypes too, is to really tap into our wisdom, our innate knowing that we were born with, that we don’t have to go and do courses and programs and talk to people and read books and listen to things and get qualifications, which a lot of Mentor Teachers think they do. Because they can’t explain the knowing, they can’t explain the wisdom. So let me go and get a thing, a piece of paper to prove, so that if someone ever asks me, and I can’t say how I know. Yes, it’s exactly what you’re talking about.

But that real gift of the Mentor Teacher and our real purpose here is to be, I call it the Wisdom Woman, like to really be in that space of knowing that we have wisdom, firstly, but sharing it. Vibrantly, abundantly, with abandon kind of thing. It’s just, it’s such an incredible thing. And you and I’m sure, we’ll have no doubt both experienced the kinds of teachers that are very much in that ego mindspace of teaching, and they’re like you proving in the show you this, show you that, and those that actually tap into that beautiful wisdom that is infinite and available at any point in time. Which as you said, which is remembering who you are. 


Jo Naughton  28:06

Yes, that’s it. It is infinite and available anytime like, yeah, that’s exactly it. With my VIP one to one clients, they get full access to me in messages, all of that in between any kind of sessions that we’re doing, and the conversations we are having there, I will always say to them, Look, there is nothing off the table. If it is about mind, body or soul, which everything is, then let’s go there, you can ask me a question. You can share anything with me right about any of those things, we have those conversations? And that is not me saying I am an expert in everything. It is me absolutely recognizing that almost there are three things I can call upon. 


Jo Naughton  28:56

The first one and often the most empowering one is that even though I’m not expert in you, I know that on even at least on a subconscious level, you are an expert in you. And so I can then reflect back and ask the questions that are going to allow that wisdom from your subconscious mind, then into your superconscious – the soul memory wisdom to be able to flow through. 


Jo Naughton  29:20

Then on another level, sometimes clients might be sharing something with me that actually then utilizes my more mind led knowledge, the learning I’ve had, the qualifications I do have, hypnotherapy and neurolinguistic programming and coaching and energy healing from a mind led knowledge perspective, and I can share with them what comes through there. 


Jo Naughton  29:41

But often the most powerful thing that will always flow through is actually that soul led wisdom. It will just channel and flow through and so actually, as I said, even when the mind Jo is saying we don’t know the answer to that, the answer will just flow through. And of course, I would always say up from that place from any place, take what resonates and leave what doesn’t. Don’t just make anything fit, right? 


Shannon Dunn  30:11

It was the latter part of last year, because I remember listening to it. And I had Covid, which was in December 2022. And you put that kind of invitation out there for people to say, yes, kind of do a reading or something. You remember that? And you had, like, ridiculous numbers of them to do. 


Jo Naughton  30:30

I had 150 people. 


Shannon Dunn  30:31

But also, it was like, of course, like, of course, that many people jumped on to get some insight from Jo’s wisdom, because they still don’t trust their own. I was curious, just because knowing you, and I know how much you, as I said, have kind of evolved in really owning that space of  your intuition and your wisdom now, in a different way to what you did previously, when we first met. And I’ve listened to that recording from you more than once. It was so accurate. And it’s not because you know all the ins and outs of everything I do or who I am, it was just I could feel… like my wisdom, could feel your wisdom talking to it. Like, that’s how it felt to me, right. 


Jo Naughton  31:12

And that’s the beauty of basically what we’re doing is we’re expressing something that then is going to resonate with the right people, with the people it’s meant to resonate with, we’re creating a vibration of resonance. And literally, when I tune into somebody else through the collective consciousness, when I tune into somebody else, it really is, I mean, to some people it like it sounds mad to say, but it’s such an easy thing, it just comes through, it just flows through, it’s like, oh, there’s this going on for you. And you’re probably feeling a bit of this, and your mind is looking here, and I can see you doing this. And it just kind of comes through as its absolute flow. 


Jo Naughton  31:53

Because, as we were saying before, fundamentally, we are all one, we are all one. And so when I go into this space of the collective, then my soul and your soul, my higher self, your higher self, all of it on one level as it comes up, is one. So I can get the messages for you just as I can get the messages for me. And it’s a really beautiful thing. The one thing I will always say to people, and I probably did say to it to you at the beginning of the message, is that I do know that I’m not here in this lifetime, actually to be peoples psychic, to be people seer, although I absolutely do see, hear, know,  sense, even smell, taste, definitely feel, a lot of a lot of things for other people. And some really specific messages from the non-physical. 


Jo Naughton  32:46

I am actually shown in my mind’s eye by their higher self, what to share and what not to share. I probably only share about 5% of what I’m shown because I’m not actually here to tell people stuff about themselves.  Its actually just not empowering them. I’m here to activate energy within people, I’m here to activate the remembering within you of who you truly are in your own magic, right. And so actually, if I tell you too much, then it’s going to disempower you, you’re going to believe that you need to look outside of yourself for those messages, and you don’t. 


Jo Naughton  33:24

So what I tend to share is actually more of the kind of more open stuff, the stuff that’s more open to interpretation from you, so you can take the power and wisdom. And a lot of people then say to me, yeah, but Jo, you know, surely like, then it’s very easy for you to say you see this other 95% of specific stuff that you don’t share, like how do we know that? I don’t care whether you believe me or not, I don’t need you to validate me, right? I have gone past that egoic point of needing to be validated,  of needing to be believed on something, because I value your personal empowerment and expansion, more than I value me being held up there going, Whoa, Jo’s such a good psychic, she knows all this stuff – I really couldn’t care less.


Shannon Dunn  34:14

Again, which I think brings a richness to that whole experience. But I’m curious to know, psychic is a word that a lot of people would use to describe what you’ve shared, what you can do. How long have you been aware of that?  I’ve got a lot of psychic friends, clients, colleagues, and some of them will say it’s been something I have some awareness of all of my life, whereas others are like, no, there’s a specific kind of time where I suddenly became aware  and then others are the story of “I kind of knew, but I tried to deny it”. And you know, it’s all these different. I’m curious to know kind of your story about that, then we’re going to talk about manifesting because I definitely want to talk to you about that.


Jo Naughton  34:58

Yeah, so the fun thing with the kind of really tuning into the these non-physical abilities, right  the intuitive, the psychic stuff, the way I like to describe these things is I like to remove the smoke and mirrors from stuff. I don’t like the idea that people are disempowered in believing there’s any sort of fancy special thing that I have that you don’t have, or that I’m doing that you’re not doing. And that, therefore you need someone or something outside yourself in order to get that experience or have that thing. And so actually, in removing the smoke and mirrors from this idea of psychic, the thing I will always say is we all absolutely are doing this, are being this, every single moment of every single day. It is just an innate thing in all of us. 


Jo Naughton  35:44

All it means is that we can tune into that non- physical part, and potentially with some of some people, we’ve practiced tuning into that non-physical part. And then with some people, almost they don’t need to do the practice as much. And it just seems to kind of be this thing that comes through quite strong. So for me personally, I wouldn’t have said that it was something that was always in me until I actually look back and then go hang on. Oh, of course. Of course. Right. I now see it there. I see it there, I see it when I was this age and that thing happened that I tried to just dismiss or that someone else tried to dismiss, I see it there, I see it there, I see it in just feeling with that person that I just Oh, what is it about this person that I can’t seem to get on with them, or I just can’t oh, it just feels like this weird energy. 


Jo Naughton  36:35

Like, actually, when I look back, I go it was always there, it was always there. And so to me, that is really powerful to remind ourselves that it really is always there and it’s always there in all of us. The thing that I love now is it really is about the intention of it. Because I have really done the work and continue to do the work to activate my own energy of alignment, to come to a place where I really can be such a safe place for myself and for others, in such a place of authenticity and integrity and openness. It’s almost like that has allowed me then to be gifted the perspective, even more clearly of those intuitive abilities, right? It’s not because they weren’t there. It’s like oh, Jo, now you’re ready to be able to shift your focus to be able to see that even more. And of course, then the more that I use it, the more stuff I do share, that I’ve shown and literally I know I’m meant to share, and the more it then of course does resonate with people it’s meant to resonate with, it’s like, oh, okay, cool. Yeah, we’ll kind of keep going with this.


Shannon Dunn  37:52

I find it such a fascinating thing, just that you, we sort of both said, that we have all of these gifts, these abilities. There’s whatever words we want to use to describe them. Again, those very human ego driven words within us, but some people do expand their awareness, or have firstly have the awareness and then expand their awareness of them, and others choose not to. We’re all different.  But it’s I think that the real key thing is that, as you’ve said more than once Jo, we have this within us, we all do. And it’s there is a big choice aspect of what you do with it. 


Shannon Dunn  38:33

Which I think really leads beautifully to talking about manifesting which I love the stories that you share, like looking at Facebook, like what stories am I going to share about what she’s manifested or what someone she’s in communication with has manifested recently. And you sort of said, what, when you shared some kind of ideas for us to talk about today, that you put the thing that like how lifeforce energy does and doesn’t work. Like let’s talk about that, because you also link that that then has a, I guess an influence on how we can manifest or create what we desire. So let’s talk about that for a bit.


Jo Naughton  39:08

Yeah. So when we talk about lifeforce energy, almost  if we imagine and I’m gonna say if we imagine it is actually the truth of how things work. But if we just imagine for a moment that each of us is a specific frequency or vibration, almost like a musical note, so if we imagine right that you are a musical note, and I have a musical note, a vibration, a frequency, right? And so this, this lifeforce energy basically is our musical note being played in its absolute crystal clearest form, right. 


Jo Naughton  39:39

And the lifeforce energy is that specific note, but often, maybe we’re a musical notes C, but often we’ve been kind of expressing ourselves or being or living in the confines of like trying to play the D note and thinking why don’t I feel right, why don’t I feel like aligned right? Or even like the C sharp and we just kind of feel a little bit like, oh, it just doesn’t feel quite right. 


Shannon Dunn  40:04

Out of tune.


Jo Naughton  40:05

It’s out of tune, it is out of tune. And so often I’ll talk about helping people to tune in right, to tune in, to tune in fully to the purest essence of them, their own specific musical note, their own specific vibration. And if we then imagine that vibration, being something that flows through us, flows through us and around us our lifeforce energy. So a lot of the work I do, I will use what we refer to as the energy centers, or the chakras, to be able to describe how that works, because it’s such an easy model to hang things off.


Shannon Dunn  40:39

And I think it’s become a model that is far more accessible in the kind of everyday world. Now, I don’t know about you, but I remember first hearing about chakras, it made sense to me. And with a love of color and being an art therapist as part of my background, it made complete sense to me, what a cool way to talk about the energy and the different kind of spaces and places within our body. But I know other people will say that chakra things weird.


Jo Naughton  41:08

But you can literally, however you want it, you can actually go into it and really kind of be like, this is the truth of what’s going on. Or you can simply use it as a model just to kind of have you know, an idea of the way of being able to talk about something. Because actually, everything, as we’ve said is one energy. And so the idea of separating anything out into different chakras, different energy centers, is just a mind construct that’s useful for us to be able to talk about things. It helps us to be able to understand an experience. 


Jo Naughton  41:38

But most of the work I do, therefore, I use the energy of and the kind of wisdom and the information of the energy centers to be able to describe it. And so in terms of manifestation, here’s what we’ve got to understand about manifestation. In order to manifest something, people will often say that simply by asking, it is done. And so it is right. And that is completely true in energy, simply by putting a thought out there of what we want, then it is given to us automatically in energy. But of course, a lot of us aren’t happy about only getting in energy, a lot of us wanted it in the tangible physical realm, right. 


Jo Naughton  42:20

So basically, what’s happening there is in the other dimensions, in the higher dimensions, it is automatically given. But in order to get it back into this 3D kind of place, this 3D realm, in the physical tangible, then some certain stuff has to happen. And often we will derail ourselves with doubt before that happens. So a good way to describe it is, in order to even be at a place where we can ask for what we want, we have to first feel totally safe, right. Until we feel totally safe., then the idea of having a desire, if we’re not safe, the idea of desiring something more is like it’s not even going to come in, right because the whole system is just going, you’re not safe, you’re not safe. Just focus on survival. 


Shannon Dunn  43:08

The phrase that comes to mind is dead in the water. But that’s it, it’s stopped. It’s arrested.


Jo Naughton  43:16

Exactly that. So so many people are saying this whole manifestation things not working for me, everything that everyone’s teaching, it’s not working for me. And it’s because you are saying it’s not working for me. And as soon as you say it’s not working for me, then  your system is saying, therefore I’m not safe. Like I’m not completely safe. It’s not okay, there’s a problem. And so when we are totally safe – now safety is the energy of our root energy center, that kind of. 


Jo Naughton  43:42

I tend to just talk about the main seven, although there are a lot that we can talk about. But if you just talk about the main seven, that root energy center, really there in and around the physical body will often talk about it being around the base of our spine, our legs, our feet, the very roots of us. That’s where we’ve got to get really safe, grounded, rooted, remembering our absolute safety, our own self trust, our own being able to literally lean on Mother Earth, be able to stand on her and feel like I am okay, I’m safe here. 


Jo Naughton  44:14

When we feel fully safe. What happens is our energy then travels up naturally into our sacral, our sacral, that beautiful feminine womb space, right, which is all to do with desire and pleasure and passion and vibrancy and creativity and all of that right? In that beautiful sacral womb space, that’s where the desire comes in. That’s where suddenly we go, I can ask for what I want. In that sacral as the energy is traveling up, automatically it is given in terms of the energy in the quantum in other dimensions, it is given, it’s just you are not going to physically see it for a while because what then has to happen is the energy travels up into your solar plexus, this more masculine energy center of power, of autonomy, of choice, of taking aligned action, and we start to energetically start to notice the sorts of actions we could take, we might take. We don’t actually start taking action at that point, we just start to call in energetically, the actions we might take. 


Shannon Dunn  45:13

Awareness of the possibility that exists.


Jo Naughton  45:17

Exactly that. Then as the energy travels up, as the energy then feels like, Oh, good, you know, so far, we’re all good. Like, she’s kind of she’s on board, it’s all nice, then the energy can travel up into our heart. As soon as it travels up into a heart, we can really connect in with that desire that we want, that thing that we want, right? We start to connect in and in the heart, it is that beautiful place of remembering our oneness, of our remembering that actually everything is already given, its perfect, we already are everything, we are in the present moment. And so that is, again, building that beautiful energy of the manifestation. 


Jo Naughton  45:53

Then it has to come up into our throat, the energy of expression, the energy of communication, when we start to get almost just as a vibration, we kind of breathe in and out this energy of the desire, we just start to energetically breathe in and out, maybe expressing in some words, maybe just listening, because the ears are part of that throat energy center as well. Maybe just listening in and kind of tuning in to what’s coming up inside us. And also anything useful outside. 


Jo Naughton  46:21

Then it comes up into our third eye, it connects into our third eye suddenly, the intuition, the inner wisdom is starts to be sparked around it. And we start to see the image of us having it oh my gosh, in my mind’s eye and see me having it. There I am, Oh, wow. And this and this person is around me and that, Oh, wonderful. And then it comes up into the crown. And as it connects to the crown, it literally can burst up as a beautiful channel of light connecting us, reconnecting us, with source, with the divine, with the universe itself, right with that beautiful, limitless expansion of consciousness. 


Jo Naughton  46:57

Here’s what then has to happen, because this is where a lot of people go, Oh, great. It’s travelled, the energies traveled up, the manifestation must be there. No, it is not yet here tangibly in the physical until that energy is then come all the way back down. Because as it comes back down, then the inspiration literally comes back in through your crown, it connects with the third eye, and suddenly, you’re literally seeing it. And you’re starting to get the intuitive nudges of like, oh, okay, right, there’s some action to take. 


Jo Naughton  47:32

Now this is where as the energy comes back down, we start taking action. Because those intuitive nudges filter down into our throat, suddenly, I’m speaking, I’m phoned that person up, I’m asking them about, right? Where can I get that thing? Or how can that work? The energy then comes down into my heart, and suddenly I’m connecting with all the right people, I’m reaching out to all my connections, all the right people. And I’m saying this and that to get it all sorted, to get it into the world, then the energy comes back down into our solar plexus. 


Jo Naughton  48:00

As soon as it starts to come back down into our solar plexus, which is part of the human energy centers, those lower three of the very human energy centers. This is where you start to see the physical, tangible manifestations, just start to see right. Because in that solar plexus in the human that is basically you could relate that to the third dimension, the third energy center coming up, it is the third dimension, that energy of now suddenly I am tangibly physically taking action. I am doing the steps that get me there. But I haven’t had to conceive those steps from the mind and my limited perspective of mind. I’m just suddenly taking action. Here I am, it’s aligned action, it’s just happening. 


Jo Naughton  48:43

Right, then that energy naturally now travels back down to my sacral. It remixes with that desire of it. And I’m like, oh, here it is. Here it is, wow, it’s happening. And as soon as the energy then re-hits your root, and you are totally grounded in the safety of it, there it is. There is the physical, tangible manifestation. There is suddenly, here’s the keys to your dream home, here’s that money in your bank, here’s that whatever else you know, here’s that dream partner that you’ve been manifesting, whatever it is, suddenly they are there, right in front of you in the physical. But what tends to happen is we start to allow the energy to come up. And at some point, the doubt creeps in and we start to say it’s not working, it’s not working, not working. And that doubt brings the energy right back down to the root. Have to kind of start again. If we can truly allow ourselves to be in the energy of trust and trust is a choice just literally choosing to trust. I just choose to trust that this is working out and this is all happening. If we can be in that energy as it travels up and back down again. Then it is inevitable that you will get exactly what you have asked for. 


Shannon Dunn  49:59

Love it. I have a feeling that what you’ve just shared will have blown some people’s minds. Those who’ve ever tried. You possibly hear this as well Jo but I tried manifesting and it’s a bit crappy, like it doesn’t work or there’s one Archetype that I would refer to as the master manifester in the Thrive Factor Framework because we call her the Shapeshifter Alchemist, you know that whole energy of the alchemy. And a lot of Shapeshifter Alchemist have over the years said to me, I hate having that Archetype, it’s horrible, because all I manifest is crappy stuff in my life. And I love to illuminate the reality that but you understand how you manifested, so imagine if your thoughts, if your feelings, if those kinds of things that you were putting forward, were more considered, were more intentional, were more whatever you want it to be…


Jo Naughton  50:48

If you’re a good manifester, you’re a good manifester. 


Shannon Dunn  50:53

They’ll say things like they believe me, but they don’t believe me. I was like, you can’t deny this because you’ve just told me you know that you manifest like, effortlessly. But just because of the what you put in, you got that out, like, you know,  put unhealthy, purposeless thoughts and feelings in, that’s what you’re gonna get in the end, right? But yes, agree, everyone can manifest it’s just that particular Archetype, it’s at a lightning speed – very, very fast compared to the rest of us.


Jo Naughton  51:24

Yeah. And so that personally, for me, I am an absolute lightning speed manifester. I was always, but for a lot of my life, I was manifesting all the crap, I was manifesting all the things that I didn’t want, based on the thoughts that I was having, I was manifesting more stress,  all of this sort of stuff, right. And now, it literally is, I can often literally just have a thought, like, let’s say something simple. Oh, I love a cup of tea, or I’d love a cup of tea right now. And suddenly my husband walks in. Okay, great. Thanks. 


Jo Naughton  51:59

You know, it is such a beautiful thing when you truly understand how this stuff works, you don’t have to understand how it works in order for it to work, it’s working for all of us, whether you understand it or not. But when we do understand it, and we can do what I refer to as “manifesting on purpose”, then suddenly, you can just get to play in it, you can get to play in it. 


Jo Naughton  52:22

And so what I definitely say to people is, if it’s the first time they’ve kind of had that, that awareness or understanding of how the energy centers have to work, almost the energy has to flow in order to get things to manifest in the physical, in the tangible, just start to see if you can notice, at what point do I tend to bring the doubt in? Is it as the energies coming up? And it starts to come up into this? Even just the visioning it, I seem to then start to doubt there, or is it as it’s coming back down and I’m about to like, express and share? Like, where is it that the doubts want to creep in because it tends to be for people, with each manifestation, it’s the same sort of points where the doubts start to creep in. And then they can really look at that, right? They can look at what’s going on around that energy center, and start to actually go, oh, okay, well, then I can start to expand this energy center and open this energy center.


Shannon Dunn  53:18

So interesting, so interesting. We could talk for hours, I said it to most of my guests. And that’s why I have all of you incredible souls here. But we are going to get to wrapping up very soon. I though, have been asking all of the guests as same series of questions just to tie us back into the whole theme of She Leads She Thrives is about leadership and thriving, and providing an opportunity for women around the world so that we could hear the global voice of wisdom, yeah, and all the things that everyone is doing, and sharing and creating and teaching, which is very, very cool. So I’m going to ask you those questions now. The first one, what role does leadership play in your life and business?


Jo Naughton  54:00

What role does leadership play my life and business – I love that. The first thing that automatically comes to me is I will tend to refer to myself as a side by side guide, a side by side leader. And that’s not to say  that leading is something that automatically has any sort of hierarchy idea to it. But I love the expansiveness of recognizing that the most powerful place that we can lead from is truly truly remembering that we are all one. Is truly truly remembering that yes, of course, there are some of us who have experienced certain things maybe before others or who have this knowledge or this wisdom and the other people don’t have and therefore can lead in that space. 


Jo Naughton  54:55

Leadership to me, is a collective energy. Leadership to me is actually a collaborative energy. Leadership to me is about deeply remembering that we are all side by side in this. And the most powerful leaders are the ones who don’t bring any above or below, in front or behind. The most powerful leaders are the ones who remember that we are all side by side. And in that side by side, we get to lead and rise together. And you might lead in this one thing, like for me, and I might then lead in this other thing for you. And to me, that’s such a beautiful energy of leadership. 


Shannon Dunn  55:36

Yes, it’s I am loving, certainly the answers, I’m getting to these questions, and the diversity of them, but also the thread that’s tying them all together. But also that I feel compared to my view of leadership growing up, that leadership has been redefined in a much more holistic, inclusive way. About time. I think we can all just benefit from that. So thank you for your answer to that one. So the next one. How do you know when you’re thriving?


Jo Naughton  56:08

How do I know when I’m thriving. Interestingly, for me, the most beautiful state for me to be in, which is when I truly know when I’m thriving, is when my train is at the station is the metaphor I use. When my train is at the station. Because lots of us have this idea that we would love our train to be going 90 miles an hour in the right direction, right? We want that high vibe all the time. Oh, my God. Yeah, amazing. I know, right? As if it’s going 90 miles an hour in that direction of alignment, and everything’s perfect. Oh my god. Wow. And it’s all buzzy. It’s all totally on track totally on track. 


Jo Naughton  56:48

But what a lot of us experience a lot of the time is our trains going 90 miles an hour, in what we might refer to as the wrong direction, in a direction that doesn’t feel good to us. And the thing is, we often think that we’re meant to turn that train around from going 90 miles an hour one way to 90 miles an hour another way, in one swift move. I mean, we’d killed all the people on the train, just imagine doing that – it just doesn’t work. 


Jo Naughton  57:11

And so what I will always talk about is, this is the idea of that thread of misalignment. Notice your train is going 90 miles an hour in the direction that you don’t want it to go. Just notice it. You don’t need to know why or like where it’s headed or what where it’s coming from, notice that it is going potentially in a direction that you’re not enjoying, and then just start to slow it down simply by noticing it, it will start to slow itself down. And it slows itself down you know, to 89…88, etc, until eventually it will come to a standstill at the station. That is the energy of neutrality, where it just comes to that stance to the station. And then I don’t know turn the train around or get the driver to go out to the other end. So literally, we are train at the station facing the direction we know we want to be in. 


Jo Naughton  57:59

And I know a lot of people then want me to start ramping up that train. And of course, we can ramp up that train, we can go in that direction, whatever miles an hour you want to go. But my favorite place and the place I know I am thriving is when my train is at an absolute beautiful rest, pause, calmness, neutral place of being at the station facing in the direction of alignment. And just feeling into the delicious possibilities that are coming. Able to be so present in the moment that I feel that absolute calm and peace and balance within myself. And yet also being able to look out and go wow, look at what is to come. That to me is pure thriving. 


Jo Naughton  58:45

Its bringing up so many visual metaphors to me. I love the train metaphor, but even that like standing on the edge of a cliff, where you just see the most incredible vista in front of you and that is your potential. All of the possibility is just they’re ready for you to take the leap or to you know, to whatever that looks like for you. 


Jo Naughton  59:05

I talk about that, the standing on the cliff a lot with people because a lot of people in our industry talk about this idea of leaping,  taking this massive leap,  flying off the cliff. And of course yeah, beautiful, if you choose to but actually, I’ll tell you if you want to, my favorite place to be is stood on the edge of that cliff where I can see everything. I am literally one with everything. I can see all, If I want to I can turn around and see where I’ve been for some learning. I can look around I can see the sky, I can see below, I can see it all. This idea that I’ve got to force myself to take this huge leap doesn’t actually, for me, it doesn’t serve me if I choose to. But the most beautiful places for me are always those places of the journey, of the moment, of the anticipation maybe, of what’s to come. But I don’t need actually to leap into the whats to come to be able to enjoy it. I can enjoy it in the present moment, just being within my own energy,


Shannon Dunn  1:00:08

Thats an incredible gift to be able to be that space. Because again, I see examples all the time of that being in that precipice of whatever that is for you and that and yet until you’re at the whatever the thing you’re focused on attaining, then are you really where you’re going? Like  are you successful? Are you this, are you that, like all of the different again, minds driven human 3D constructs around  those kinds of things. So, what a great reminder to stop where you are, and not have to leap if that’s not what you want to do, ready to do, whatever that looks like. Love it. Couple more questions to wrap up. How can people connect with you? Like, where’s the best place? 


Jo Naughton  1:00:54

How can people connect with me? Do you know the place that basically I am just there, sharing me, being me totally, is literally my own personal Facebook page. So it is Jo Naughton, right, it is just Jo Naughton. That is Jo Naughton. That is who I be. And over the years of, talking about the evolution of my business and the work I do and how I work with people,  over the years, I had all the things.  When I started the business, I had all the different ways and all the different platforms and all the different things. And actually now, that is the place where I be who I be, and I share who I be, that is the place. And at some point, might there be other kind of things coming in, right? I mean, oh, there’s always a new website launch on the horizon for all of us, right? There’s always a you look at your website, you go yeah, that’s not really reflecting the multi-dimensional being that I’ve stepped into in this now moment. 


Shannon Dunn  1:01:52

Again, a whole other podcast episode of like,  how do you capture in those ways, a lot of people are still very much, I want to see a website, I want to see a page explaining what I’m gonna get, I want to see. And I have some of those things, because I like to have them. But they get reflected on and evolved over time as we evolve. And I think that’s the important thing. Because there are people out there in the world who may be ideal clients, for people like you and I and others listening in to work with no matter what kind of online service business you run, or what you do, that want more, not evidence and proof necessarily, but they want more tangible. It’s just again them learning to trust themselves, right turning to let go of the doubts, and I need to know more, I need to have extra, whatever – whatever they want. And so when they might find a website that is years out of date, they might take that the wrong way. 


Jo Naughton  1:02:49

I mean, what I love, what I love about the people who I who work with me is literally the way I describe it is we have soul contracts, we have soul contracts, literally, we have soul contracts to work together. And so it doesn’t even necessarily matter like how I present myself or where I present myself, it’s just inevitable. So as long as I give them some way of actually finding me in this 3D world, then they do. 


Jo Naughton  1:03:13

And most of the people, when they start working with me, we sit there in our very first session, and they basically just kind of go, Jo, I don’t even really know what we’re about to do, or why I’m here or I don’t have any sort of goals or outcomes. And I’m like, Yeah, perfect. They just say they just know they’re meant to be doing this, they just know they’re meant to be with me side by side in my energy, with this unfolding, with this expansion. And so what I love is they really are the people who they couldn’t care less what qualifications I have, even though I’ve got a hell of a lot of them. Like that’s not the thing. They’re not  here for that. They are here because they are choosing to step up for themselves. And they’ve absolutely seen something in me that has resonated on a soul level. That goes yeah, she’s the person to walk side by side with me for this part of the journey.


Shannon Dunn  1:04:04

That’s it, and how delicious those people are to walk with. They don’t want all of the information. If you’re an information person, that’s okay too,  there are certain Archetypes that do need a lot more information and a lot more pieces of a puzzle in their mind, to be able to trust themselves and to make decisions and take action. And there are others that don’t need that, and we all have a place, a purpose. You know, what’s it like, the kaleidoscope of being human. So, don’t take what we’ve just said is, there’s something wrong with you. If you are trust jump in,  I don’t know why but I’m doing it. Great. If you need more information, that’s okay, too. So love it. 


Shannon Dunn  1:04:45

Alright. Last question. What’s a final piece of wisdom? Yeah, that you can share. I tend to describe the listeners as a kind of extension of my client community. They’re ambitious. They want to make impact in the world with whatever they do. So you know, what’s the final piece of wisdom, based on what you’ve talked about, and all of your incredible wisdom, your soul wisdom, to share with those ambitious kind of curious, gonna make an impact in the world souls that are listening into us today.


Jo Naughton  1:05:16

I think it’s something I’ve already said. But just to kind of really hit home on that on that point. If you don’t already kind of know anything about, if you’re kind of listening to this, and you don’t already know anything about the energy centers, the chakras, or even if you do, but hearing this, you’re kind of going oh, yeah, there’s some power in that, to lean into it even more – just start to play and explore in that realm. Just start to play and explore. 


Jo Naughton  1:05:43

Look it up online, watch a video of someone talking about it, read a book about it. Or even as I’ve done, technically, I’ve had no training at all on any of the energy centers, the chakras, it’s been something that literally there has been a total soul download for me. All the information I know about it just literally just channeled through from soul, because it is energy. And it’s about energy. And that’s how it comes in. 


Jo Naughton  1:06:07

But definitely, if you can notice, as I said earlier, if you can start to notice, through understanding the basics of the energy centers, where you are doubting yourself, where the doubts are creeping in, where you’re kind of stopping that flow of energy, then that is a super, super powerful thing that you can do for yourself. Because simply by noticing that, it means you then can start to look for the tools and whether that be through working with someone like me or someone like you, Shannon, or  whatever else it is, to be able to work through that, and not to work through that by pulling that thread of misalignment, to work through that by noticing that the thread of misalignment wants to show up, holding space for it in the energy of love. And then following your thread of alignment, which is always there,  always whole and always totally perfect.



Yeah, there you go. Perfect thing to finish with.


Shannon Dunn  1:07:04

So cool, thank you so much for joining me, Jo. I’m glad we were able to make this happen. As I said, I’ve said often to the guests, you know, there’s a reason I reached out to each of you. And I don’t do it with a expectation of a certain thing that we’re going to talk about necessarily, or even being this is what has to be shared. It’s just to co-create the space for the conversation and let the magic do its thing. So it’s always cool and I go back and listen to my own podcast, because then I can actually be more tuned into the conversation than when I’m sitting here in this role. So I’ll always look forward to listening and begin listening to see what we what will you do we actually talk about. That was so cool. 


Jo Naughton  1:07:51

I mean, we went down so many beautiful, different places, I going to look forward to listening to it too. It’s been so beautiful to talk to you. Seriously. Thank you so much. 


Shannon Dunn  1:07:59

My pleasure. And listeners, thank you for listening, like tuning in and listening to what Jo and I talked about today. Please reach out to her if you’re curious. And if you want to know more. And she said, Facebook’s her kind of jam. Some of our guests have got lots of places you can connect with them. Some of them are like Jo and they’ve just distilled that down to “this is where you can find me”.


Shannon Dunn  1:08:20

We’ll make sure the link for you to connect with Jo is available through the show notes. Make it easy for you. Go and check the show notes. Make sure you go and follow through there on the things that we share in those so that you can connect easily with our guests and everything else that’s going on in the whole world of Thrive Factor Co. 


Shannon Dunn  1:08:38

But thank you too just for being a listener on the podcast, please make sure you go and follow, subscribe, like all of the different platforms or different words for everything. Jo’s a podcaster. So she knows what that’s all about. But if you share, if you are interested and you think I know someone who would love to hear what you heard today, share that episode with somebody. Be the person who is the conduit that shares that wisdom out there in the world. It’s such a gift for all of us. We all benefit when that happens. But thank you for tuning in everybody. Thank you Jo again for being here. And just remember everyone you were born to thrive, so go out there and claim it right. Have an amazing day. Thanks everyone.

Thank you

Thanks for tuning into today’s episode. You are so valued and appreciated.


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