Effortless Success Framework – She Leads She Thrives Podcast Episode 11

Effortless Success Framework_She Leads She Thrives Podcast | Shannon Dunn | Business Coach | Business planning
Effortless Success Framework_She Leads She Thrives Podcast | Shannon Dunn | Business Coach | Business planning

In this new episode, Shannon introduces you to her Effortless Success Framework. Born out of the terrible business planning templates she discovered and even more boring and disengaging business plan examples available online, Shannon decided to create her own.


Shannon walks you through the key aspects of the framework to create your own Effortless Success Map. But don’t think you are in for “planning” in any way. This is an experience of dreaming, visioning, creating motivation and momentum, and also spaciousness to take action on those unforeseen and exciting opportunities that come our way each year. 


This is an episode you will want to get some paper and markers for. The bigger the better so you can get some fabulous ideas captured and the foundations set for a Thriving 2023. This framework can be used for your annual vision, is ideal for quarterly focusing, and even works for a monthly approach.


Speaking of a thriving year next year, check the show notes to join Shannon live for her final program of 2022. There is also a code to save $200.


This 3 masterclass plus live Q&A and coaching experience begins on 5th December. Join live until 11th December, or invest in the self paced experience once this live round is done.

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I’m Shannon Dunn, a true OG of the business coaching space, with an obsession with thriving. You are so welcome here. Let’s dive into today’s episode.


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Shannon  01:58

Business Planning is something many of us resist. And you know what I can understand why. The first few times I saw a traditional business plan template, the kind say that like a bank would often want you to have when you apply for a business loan, I honestly wanted to run away. I was horrified of what it looked like. It was boring, it was limiting. It focused a lot on the past and I know you need some review of the background and what has happened. But I also felt it missed one of the most important focuses for any small business owner or entrepreneur, particularly those of us that are working solo, or with a small team. They were missing personality and personalization


Shannon  02:39

I’m Shannon Dunn, your host here at She Leads She Thrives podcast, we have had some phenomenal guests in the recent episodes. And I feel such joy every week when I’m seeing the thousands of you downloading each of the episodes. So thank you. 


Shannon  02:56

Today I’m sharing with you one of my favorite business, so you could call it a system if you like,  something I call the Effortless Success Framework. Now let me be honest with you, I’m a natural planner, a big dreamer – like really big dreamer -clear on my current and my future vision. I’m aware of my strengths and my challenges thanks to knowing my fourth Thrive Factor Archetypes intimately. And I really enjoy reviewing as motivation for forward momentum. 


Shannon  03:24

But I get that I’m often lonely in this planning love affair. But despite my ease with planning, as I said, the options I saw in templates and examples around business plans were the opposite of what I wanted to experience. So I did what I frequently do, and I created my own. We can all think my Liberator Engineer archetype for the Effortless Success Framework. That’s the archetype that sees the big picture, understands all the moving parts. She’s all about making things easier and creating useful solutions. And 100% she’s behind a lot of the best systems frameworks and processes in my business, things I’ve created because what was out there in the marketplace didn’t work for me. 


Shannon  04:05

I wanted to offer something different and always to factor me into the situation of whatever I was creating. Now, just as a side note, before I get in and share with you what this whole Effortless Success Framework is, I want to let you know that I’m hosting one of my favorite annual programs starting the 5th of December. So here we are in 2022. That’s only next week. So I’m like immensely excited for this Thriving 2023 is the name of the program. It’s a three masterclass program with live coaching, Q&A added into there. I’ve hosted it or a version of it every year for at least the last five years. And prior to that, I hosted many masterclasses or webinars focusing on the Effortless Success Framework , because truly it can transform the way you dream your vision and your plan. I am focused on these masterclasses being you doing stuff I’m going to walk you through how to do things so that you’re not having a whole lot of time listening to me talk about something, and don’t have anything to show for that other than, hopefully is a motivation inspiration. So it’s really practical and it’s gonna make such a difference if you join us. 


Shannon  05:11

Now I have plenty to cover in today’s episode, but we go into a lot more depth in Thriving 2023, talking about the Effortless Success Framework  today is really a high level introduction to the framework, so you could understand the magnitude of it, but magnitude in a scale that’s not it’s going to be taking me forever to create, but it allows me to dream into vision into all the possibility and potentiality out there. 


Shannon  05:39

So I really hope if you are inspired by what you listen to today, in this episode, that you come and join me in Thriving 2023. We’ve got a beautiful group of, of incredible women are collecting together. And you know, even if you can’t be there live, there’ll be replays available, plus workbooks and all the really cool things that you can get to really support you. 


Shannon  05:58

So what I want to say is also that you can join access to this live round of Thriving 2023 up until the 12th of December, which is when we have our coaching hotseat or our Q&A session, that’s when that’s scheduled. After that you can still purchase but you’ll get the self-paced version without the added support in the Facebook group and my live coaching opportunity with you. 


Shannon  06:22

Now, I am also, a little bit later, going to let you know about how you can save when you register for Thriving 2023. I actually let’s do it now. So if you want to join me live, use the code 2023. That’s numbers 2023. And you can save $200 on your investment, making this experience almost back to as early bird investment and a crazy affordable rate for the three of my best masterclasses and live coaching. 


Shannon  06:49

So, so the first session starts the fifth of December, and where I walk you through creating your own Effortless Success Map using the Effortless Success Framework  to map out the possibility and potentiality for your next year. Okay, now let’s talk about the framework and how you can use it to create more confidence, more clarity, focus, momentum, and effortlessness in your business. 


Shannon  07:11

Notice I said effortless there, or effortlessness is actually what I said, Not effort free. So just let’s be clear about that. I use the word effortless and effortlessness a lot in my teachings, and in my trainings, and in my coaching. And it’s about the space of making things easier. It’s not about things being effort free. One of the key things to understand about being in business, which I have no doubt you already get this is that business takes work, it takes consistent action. It doesn’t have to be hard work, but it does take showing up and doing things on a regular basis.


Shannon  07:42

 So to start with kind of why the Effortless Success Framework , I think I’ve really covered that in many regards, but telling you that when I looked at the traditional business planning templates and frameworks that were out there, and the examples that I saw, they were so dull, and they was so unmotivating, and I was like something’s got to be easier. So that’s where I draw on my natural planning instincts and love of planning, love of dreaming big, love of defining goals, love of using them to motivate me to go, let’s do something different. 


Shannon  08:10

 So the Effortless Success Framework  is around creating guiding intentions and creating intentional growth. And it layers in four key focuses that we’ll talk about in a moment. It’s really about creating momentum and also measurable intention so that you can guide yourself with exactly what you want to create, and more, if that’s possible for you, which I’ve no doubt that it will be. So the four core focus areas are all driven by growth. 


Shannon  08:38

They are business growth, wealth growth, expertise growth, and self growth. Now the reality is you can focus on them in any order that makes sense to you. That’s just the way I tend to teach them because how I map them out initially, but every single one of those business growth, wealth growth, expertise growth and self growth, in my mind in this framework have equal importance. So give every one of them as much love as the next one. 


Shannon  09:04

When we start creating the map that you’re going to define for yourself, it’s about firstly understanding what do each of those things mean for you. So when I’m teaching this in a live environment, I’ll get you off and I’ll give you a template to use. But if you don’t have one and you want to go through this for yourself now you can pause as you go along listen to the episode if you are driving and please don’t do this come back and listen at a later time. But you know, ear mark it download the episode, ear mark it to  come back to and to work through for yourself or join us and Thriving 2023 and I’ll guide you through with more greater depth and detail as to how to do this. 


Shannon  09:41

But I would get a big piece of paper so you have plenty of room to dream and to create. Coloured markers or pens are always fun and it really gets us out of the traditional business head kind of space. I like doing this on paper instead of doing it digitally. You can certainly do it digitally if that works for you. So get a you know a word doc up or something and do it that way. 


Shannon  10:00

 But start by dividing that sheet of paper or space into four, and write the names of those four core focuses one in each of the areas. So you’ve got business growth, wealth growth, expertise growth, and self growth. 


Shannon  10:15

And then underneath, write, Business Growth means to me or means for me. Do that for each of them. So then you have business growth means for me or wealth growth means to me expertise growth means to me and self growth means to me, so you’ve got a sense of what that means, right at the beginning. 


Shannon  10:35

And then, as we go through each of the quadrants, it’s about setting three big high level goals or focuses for each area only. So this gives you a total of 12 goals, to drive your plan forward to drive momentum to create inspiration and action in whatever it is you’re doing. Now, I’m Thriving 2023, I’m going to be teaching this with an annual vision, like with a look at the whole year. But I personally use this quarterly and I have used it at a monthly level of both for myself and clients. You can work out whatever timeframe works for you. 


Shannon  11:09

So while I said in Thiving 2023, we’re going to be looking at it big picture, you can do this for a smaller timeframe, if that’s going to work for you. Now, what I tend to do around this sort of November, December time every year is I do one of these for myself, I’ve already done a draft of mine ahead of the program, but I’m going to shore it up and do it live with everybody during the Thriving 2023 program.


Shannon  11:34

 And then I use that as my like annual map for “What’s the year have in store for me.” And then when we come to probably late December or early January, I will do one for the first quarter of the year. And that’s how I work through the year. 


Shannon  11:49

So once you’ve got those three big high level goals or focuses, then it’s about making sure that there is measurable as possible. Make sure that once you have written those high level goals or focuses that you then add as a starting point three measurable time driven action steps for each of your three goals in each of those four quadrants. These are your actions for your unique pathways to success. You could ask yourself, like what feels exciting, what’s the first step to take? What motivates me forward, what feels easier, or what feels easy in this moment. To get yourself some some momentum created. They’re not the only actions you’re going to take not at all, but it’s a starting point. And they can be your guide. And from each of those actions, you could then break it down into smaller actions. 


Shannon  12:36

In fact, I actually teach a process of how to break it down into smaller bite size actions to take in right down to you know, what are the weekly goals you’re going to focus on towards achieving those total of those 12 goals over the course of the course of the month, the quarter or the year. 


Shannon  12:55

But let me just share something with you one key question that I know helps me and has helped so many people that I’ve shared it with. The question to ask yourself, as you’re considering what are the actions I’m going to take in whatever timeframe you’re focusing on is, “What one thing can I do today or this week, that will take me one or more steps closer to achieving my goal for that the week, the month, the quarter the year?”


Shannon  13:19

 So let me repeat that. So you can get this one. 


Shannon  13:21

 What one thing can I do today or this week, that will take me one or more steps closer to achieving my goal for the week or month, quarter year, whatever your timeframe is. 


Shannon  13:31

Yeah, focus it on the little bite sized things. So often, when we’re in business, we have a big vision or a goal or something we’re working towards, and it feels so far away. And we get stuck in I don’t know all the how like all the moving parts that need to happen between now in this moment in time. And when I believe that thing could become a reality. Let go of the how. Focus in on one step at a time. 


Shannon  13:53

The little steps are the things that create the big achievements over time. Okay, so let’s have a look at each of the four quadrants in a little bit more detail. So business growth. As I said, this tends to be where I start just because it’s how I wrote out the framework originally, but it is definitely not the most important each of the quadrants or the focus areas have equal importance. Like business growth, though, is a thing that we all know we kind of have to focus on. But that doesn’t necessarily make it an easy thing to do. So you focused motivating goals, visions, dreams intentions, doesn’t matter what words you use, can help you to know where to prioritize your attention, your efforts and your actions.


Shannon  14:33

 Now, when we go into the Thriving 2023 program, we will also talk about some of the business growth blocks the common things that I’ve seen in my 17 plus years coaching business owners, the ambitious, you know, women who know a lot have a lot to offer, have opinions want to create an impact in the world. But let me just share a couple of them with you. I think we’ll probably cover about 10 of them at high level in the the whole Thriving 2023 a program. 


Shannon  15:01

But lacking ideal client clarity is a massive one. If you don’t know who your ideal clients are, it’s going to be more challenging for you to get clear on your marketing, your message, the outcomes that your clients achieve, the challenges that they have the desires that they have. So ideal client clarity is a huge potential block to business growth. What else do I have on my list to share with you….


Shannon  15:28

Business model messiness. So this is kind of like what I would think of “throw spaghetti at the wall and hope something sticks” approach to business model. Your business model is the way that you share what you do in your business. It’s the way you work with your clients, it’s the way you guide your clients to achieve certain outcomes and results. Now, this goes mostly for, you know, the way that I just described that for me, I say, coaches, online service providers, those kinds of business owners, but the same can be applied to a product business as well. It’s not unique to just a service based business. 


Shannon  16:06

Let me think of a third one I can share with you in terms of that business growth blocks. Feeling trapped and stuck by things like cashflow problems, like you know, the money thing. Sometimes we can have such incredible dreams of what we want to do. And then when we examine all the moving parts of them, and we understand, say that we need to invest in help, we might need to invest in a graphic designer or a you know, someone to do some enhancements on our website, or someone to build a sales funnel for us or someone to write copy for us. Or we might need a new photoshoot to get upgraded, you know, brand and personal imagery to use in our marketing for, you know, the next foreseeable period of time. But we don’t have the cash flow right here and now to do that.  That can feel like a huge brake has been put on to our business growth. 


Shannon  16:55

But there are so many ways that you can move forward, still, while you’re waiting for and working towards not waiting for working towards changing the realities of your actual cash flow. Okay, so to give you some ideas about business growth goals, I find that this quadrant is one that most people find really easy to create to write out goals for. This isn’t one where I find  there tends to be any resistance. I find, too, that people often want to put goals related to money or numbers in this quadrant. And get confused about whether to put it here or whether to put it in the wealth growth quadrant, I’ll talk about that when it comes to wealth growth. But really, the reality is it can go in either wherever it feels right for you.This is your map or your Effortless Success Framework, you do what works for you. 


Shannon  17:41

So some of the business growth ideas could be, you know, creating traction in the marketplace. And that could look anything like you know, refining your marketing messaging, changing the imagery that you’re using, enhancing your brand, all of those kinds of things, it could be developing a bigger personal profile, depending on what the work is that you do in the world. So maybe you’ve been promoting your business with a business name. And now you want to step into speaking and teaching or doing more things in that kind of capacity. And you really want to build your personal brand and profile. That could be a business growth idea, increasing client numbers, or decreasing client numbers. 


Shannon  18:21

If you are no longer offering a certain service, because it is no longer aligned for you or a certain product, it could be actually about decreasing client numbers, increasing referrals or increasing your profit margins in your business. And working with less people. It’s not always about more clients, that is not always a solution to growth. So there’s two some of the ideas that I often find come up, it could also be about growing your team, removing outdated products and services from your offers, launching new things that are more exciting and aligned and more in line with what you can achieve. Goodness me there’s a lot of different things there. Implement you know, rewards or things for your team implement a client referral or reward program, any of those things and anything else that’s that’s kind of gone into your brain is an idea for your business growth is a value. 


Shannon  19:07

So let me move on to wealth growth. This is the second quadrant of these four focuses that we’ll talk about. And I see it as literally the growth of the things that make you feel wealthy, rich and abundant. Now I personally see it as money and other things. And this is the one quadrant where I kind of have more parameter around what to focus on. I have found in the past before I used to talk about this piece that sometimes people would put a lot of things in here around what would make them feel wealthy, rich and abundant, but they would never include money.


Shannon  19:39

 But let’s like have a reality check here for a moment. You are a small business owner and entrepreneur, whatever you call yourself, you have a business to earn money to earn income. So making sure that you have money related goals or focuses in this quadrant one or more of the three is incredibly important. So please don’t shy away from that, you know, if you are struggling to put something in there around the money coming into your business or what you’re going to do with it, then perhaps you need to look at getting some support or say from a money mindset perspective. And if you want that, please reach out to me, I’d be more than happy to help you with that. 


Shannon  20:18

So blocks to wealth growth, a lot of different things I’ve just talked about one of them, which is money mindset. It’s not the only block sometimes our limiting beliefs which can feed into our money mindset. But it can also be things love, like having no systems, no consistent way for you to actually earn money in your business. You know, having erratic, you know, ways that you reconcile your accounts that you, you’re not having a bookkeeper or an accountant, you actually really do need one. Those kinds of things, fears and uncertainty about money and wealth going to scarcity does kind of relate to money mindset as well. 


Shannon  20:52

But ignoring anything to do with money is a huge block to wealth growth. So don’t ignore it, make friends with money, something a big thing we focus on in my Thriving Money program, which will be running again in 2023. So wealth growth, goal ideas, I’ve seen so many incredible things added into this quadrant. And some that I got so motivated about from that clients have shared or in these kinds of programs, like Thriving 2023, that people have created and shared with me that I’ve added them into my own effortless success map. 


Shannon  21:23

So things like you know, having a mini-retirement or a sabbatical from your business. So having the money to actually support you to do that or to take a longer than usual like holiday or vacation, you’re having financial freedom, time, freedom are things that we often see great holidays, a certain lifestyle, maybe you want to purchase a particular something as a reward for achieving a certain income goal or a profit goal in your business. And it’s something that you feel would be such a like a real true reward for yourself for the the work you’ve done, the effort you’ve put in and the results you’ve achieved. So that could be an incredible goal that you could put in here. Acquiring new business or personal assets, reducing your expenses is a good one to have a look at, maybe a new office or workspace or an environment upgrade, you know, changing doing a makeover in the space where you work, doesn’t have to be overly expensive, but that could make you feel really wealthy, rich and abundant.


Shannon  22:26

 So the third of the four quadrants, now we’re moving on to is expertise growth. And I look at this as literally the growth of your knowledge, your skills, and your attributes, your experience and more. But it is also the recognition of all of that. Often we focus on, what more can I learn. Particularly, if we have the Mentor Teacher archetype, and we don’t actually acknowledge and recognize and celebrate and use what we already know. So keep that in mind as you go through here as well. 


Shannon  22:50

So expertise growth blocks are some real key ones that often show up with this, this quadrant. And sometimes I find that this quadrant has for some people been a bit more of a challenge to write out three goals. Now I did say is a maximum write out three goals, if you can only get two, that’s fine. But try and make sure you’ve got minimum two to two to three kind of goals, big, big focus goals for each of these quadrants. 


Shannon  23:13

So from an expertise growth block perspective, the mindset aspect of “I’m not enough”, which can lead to playing small to hiding to invisibility problems, to not actually acknowledging recognizing celebrating using what you know, all the skills that you have. One thing I see happen a lot in business is that, particularly when we’re newer in business, or we might change what we’re focusing on business or offering in our business all we acquire a new skill. It’s like I’m new to this, I’m new to business or this thing I’ve just learned, I’m new to this. So we downplay the fact that we’re actually bringing usually decades of lived and learned experience, all the things you didn’t either past businesses or past employment, or in your life experiences are of value and add to this knowledge and what I refer to often as wisdom, so don’t downplay those and ignore them. 


Shannon  24:03

That can lead to you know, not recognizing your past, not owning your value, dismissing something as not for me because of whatever maybe it feels too hard to overwhelming, or you’ve tried it before and it didn’t work, but you didn’t really stick at it, all of those kinds of things. So keep in mind those as well. Not asking for testimonials is a block to your expertise growth, not sharing those testimonials, when you have them. Avoiding networking and networking doesn’t have to be going to those boring, dull kind of, you know, events that we’ve all been to at some point in time. Networking happens a lot online these days with business so you know, there’s lots of different things here. Another expertise growth block that I see happen a lot is signing up to lots of training and not actually doing anything with it, not implementing it. You know, having oodles of unfinished courses or even unstarted courses, programs, whatever, and doing nothing with it. That’s a huge block I should say to your expertise growth.


Shannon  25:01

 Some ideas though, about expertise, growth, developing new skills, if those skills are actually useful for what you’re doing in your business, improving your personal brands so really stamping your personal brand out there in the world  with visibility and whatever works for you. Having up to date photos, and you know, and a website or or any marketing assets, hiring a coach,  investing in coaching and working with a coach that really knows what they’re doing and is able to work with you confidently, ethically, and in a way that is safe for you to be able to grow. Writing and publishing books or you know, co-authoring a chapter in a book I’ve just announced recently that I am going to be doing my first co-authored book next year, as you know, a long term author, I have published three solo books and been in five or six co-authored books, honestly I’ve lost count, right back to 2009 guided many of my clients, and even one of the individuals who is hosting a co-authored book to achieve Amazon bestseller status. So I’m really excited to offer that in for next year. 


Shannon  26:02

So sidenote, if you want to be an author, reach out to me and I can let you know about that incredible opportunity. The title of the book will be Self Led and Thriving. So yeah, very excited for that one year. If one on one coaching is not right for you join a mastermind group. I know for me, I’ve got masterminds happen a couple of times a year, Profitable Wisdom is happening in January 2023. So excited to see who joins that. So lots of opportunities there. 


Shannon  26:26

But you could do joint ventures and partnerships with others. So collaborations generating social proof, you know developing a referral network, there’s so many different things that you could do in relation to your expertise growth, and really positioning you as a wisdom woman, as an individual who has a lot of knowledge and a lot of expertise and a willingness and a desire and enthusiasm to share that. Because I’m pretty sure that that’s what you do have. 


Shannon  26:52

Okay, the final quadrant to talk about is self growth. Now, why is this important? And why did I include it. As I said right at the beginning or much earlier on, the traditional business planning templates and examples that you will see if you do a search on Google and you’ll get a bazillion results come up, they very rarely focus on considering you as an individual. 


Shannon  27:13

I am sure you’ve been in business long enough or thought about being in business long enough that you are already aware that when you are in business, there is more of a direct relationship or direct impact if you like influence on your personal world, then there may be when you’re an employee. Likewise, your personal life, what’s happening in your personal world can more directly impact your business than it would if you were in a job. So it’s got to be looked at it’s got to be considered. 


Shannon  27:40

So I look at self growth and self care is the you know, the things that I see suffering too much in many of the business women that I have coached and worked with over such a long time now. So without the blend of self and business or the business can take over or without the blend of business and self, the self can take over. So I find is either one of two options that happens when I when we come to this quadrant. And we’re filling this out in an effortless success framework session, you’re creating an Effortless Success Map, either this is really easy to do and you have more than three goals, I’m trying to get you back into just focus on three things or you are stuck because self care and looking after self focusing on you is just not something that you do regularly, because it’s been all business business business, hustle, hustle, hustle, that kind of thing. So it doesn’t matter either way, this is your opportunity to change that. But these are goals specifically for you as an individual, not for you as a business woman or business leader. So they’re not about you finishing a program to help you in your business, they are about you on a personal level. 


Shannon  28:42

So when it comes to lacking self growth, the symptoms to look for is the things like there’s not enough me time, you know, there’s a lack of fun and joy in what you do or work, no play that kind of thing. limited or no celebration, I wrote a whole book on celebration. You know, Braggaudacious is such a joy for me, it was such a joy to create that. And I created because I wanted to see more women in the world celebrating. 


Shannon  29:07

Feeling resentful, tired, frustrated, overwhelmed, hopeless, you know, the passion dies, you think about walking away from your businesses, there’s massive sudden changes all those kinds of things. That is a sign to me that there’s often a lack of self growth in the form of self care and actually nurturing who you are as an individual. But self growth goal ideas that said this is something that’s often very easy for individuals to write. And sometimes it’s not so much so easy, but I know for me, it’s an easy one and I have to consciously pare myself back to three big focuses what are the three main things that are going to really support me to feel more ease and effortlessness and feel like I’m thriving throughout the year, but it could be a family related to things so being a good parent or being available to your family, particularly if you’ve not been. 


Shannon  29:53

Years ago, I used to coach men and women in business I’d really only coach women these days. And I used to find that was is a big one for a lot of the men that I was coaching, they were telling me about the complaints that were coming from home from their partner, their wife, their significant other, about the fact that they weren’t there enough, that they weren’t helping out, that they weren’t present and that, you know, the kids were suffering in their eyes because of that. That can happen for women in business as well. 


Shannon  30:19

So being mindful of that, if that’s something that’s important to you to have more family time, then put that in as a goal. It could be doing more of the things that you love, whatever they are, it doesn’t matter what they are, if it makes you feel great, it makes you feel like you’re thriving, do more of it, factor that in. So sometimes we actually have to make that a goal. So we schedule it and we focus in on it. And could be actually having a holiday, or having a time away from your business. I know for me my time away, which is inclusion of definitely some holiday time. But I am back to for 2023 I’m back to running retreats internationally, I’m also back to attending a retreat for myself and doing a trip later in the year for one of the destinations we will be getting to go to for a retreat in 2024. So jumping ahead to right to then, which feels so exciting to be thinking that far ahead. 


Shannon  31:10

Travel is a big thing for me having time away from my home. I love where I live, I am very blessed to live in incredible part of the world. But I know that I’m nourished and my soul is just ignited with inspiration and creativity and all the things that I love. When I spend time traveling and interacting with other cultures and being in different places, of my three solo books, and most of them were written in places outside of Australia. 


Shannon  31:34

So you know, it’s just where my creativity kind of gets a huge boost. So that’s something that’s important for me, and I factor those things into beginning of the year and work everything else around it. You could also look at taking time out from your business say once a quarter. And it might just be having an extended long weekend, but where you have the actual weekend days, and if that’s relevant for you for your work, and the Friday and the Monday either side of that as just no social media, no content, no time doing anything in my business, just having a little break. So mini breaks are great and having space whatever that looks like finding new authors to read that have nothing to do with business. I don’t know about you, but I love reading business books, and books around mindset and psychology. So choosing an author, that is not me learning something new in that kind of business context is actually has been a challenge for me. 


Shannon  32:24

So finding new authors to read, you know, engaging in personal development, just do something for you going and doing our creative course, I went to an amazing workshop just recently to learn to make earrings with polymer clay I’d never done that before. And I’ve done just about every crafts course you could ever come across. But it was so fun that it just opened up, you know my creativity and my sense of joy and adventure and curiosity. So you never know what you do. It could be around your health and well being like changing your diet moving more or moving differently, going on retreat, you know, it could be going out and starting the day in nature, deep breathing, meditating, doesn’t matter what it is. But if it’s going to nourish you and support you to thrive, then that’s the thing to really focus on. 


Shannon  33:03

What you also want to be mindful of is how can I keep this simple? So much of the time what I find is people try to overcomplicate when they’re using the Effortless Success Framework, keep it simple, have fun, dare to dream dreaming fun, and simplicity are all forms of motivation. 


Shannon  33:20

But I really do hope to see you in next week Thriving 2023 program. If you’ve listened to the podcast episode, and you’re like, Yeah, I want to do that I want to be part of it. As I said earlier, to join me use the code 2023. That’s to 2023  to save $200 on your investment, which really brings it back to almost the earlybird investment in such a fabulously affordable rate for three of really my best masterclasses. We will start the first session on the December the 5th and I’ll walk you through creating your own effortless success map using the Effortless Success Framework to map out the possibility potentiality for the year and then we’ll follow up with those other fabulous masterclasses. 


Shannon  33:58

Now the link to register, I will make sure it is in the show notes. So it’s easy to find. So wherever you’re listening to this episode of She Leads She Thrives, you should be able to see that link and I’ll put the code in there as well. But really, thanks for tuning in today. I hope this was useful. In my past podcasts that I’ve had, I’ve always done an episode on the Effortless Success Framework and it’s been so well received. So I hope it equally is today. I completely trust that it will be. 


Shannon  34:22

A lot of people like the idea of of having a plan but they don’t actually do anything with it. They don’t you know, it doesn’t become a living thing or living document in their business in their life. But this is a way to really make that one. As I said I create mine on a sheet of paper. It’s usually an A3, so quite a large size. And I stick it on the wall next to me in my office so I can see it. It helps me make decisions. It keeps me motivated. It reminds me what the bigger picture was and what I’m working towards. 


Shannon  34:50

So yeah, thanks for tuning in today. I know this framework really is so easy to use and I have completely faith that you will love it and exactly what you’ve created. So keep it do keep it as a living part of your business. To use it to guide decision making and to soundtrack in support of your dreams and your visions. And when you share your plan or your picture, if you’re creating it, and you do that on social media, please tag me like tag me in your stories or wherever you’re sharing. I’m at @Shannon_thethrivefactor on Instagram. And you should easily be able to find me when on Facebook if you search Shannon Dunn Thrive Factor Co. And I’ve just done a complete refresh of my Facebook group for ambitious ingenious women in business. And it’s now called She Leads She Thrives community. So you’re listening to the podcast, you should have no problem finding that. We add that to the show notes as well.


Shannon  35:32

So you can come and join us there. We’ve got free masterclasses and all sorts of things happening moving forward. But you know, as always, if you ever have take action on anything you learn about in the podcast, whether it’s from me or one of our guests, please if you’re sharing it on social media, which I’d love you to please tag me because I love to cheer you forward in momentum and effortlessness. So for now, though, let’s wrap up. Thank you for listening in. I hope you do feel greater ease and excitement about creating some kind of a plan for next year. And I’ll be back next week with a brand new episode. It’s going to be a really important topic that I have to share with you so it’ll be another solo episode something I’ve been sharing a lot more in my social media content, particularly on Instagram, and just some things that need to be said. So I look forward to sharing those to you and hopefully seeing you in Thriving 2023. Have an amazing day and remember – you were born to thrive.

Thank you

Thanks for tuning into today’s episode. You are so valued and appreciated.


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