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Here we are in 2022 and over the past couple of decades I have seen the coaching world revolutionise its language.


In the early 2020’s in particular I have seen the rise of key words, phrases and concepts that I rarely saw before this new decade.


Interestingly I often have women in my community puzzled at what these words mean and over the past couple of years I have had many curious “can you tell me what ______ means because I saw ___________ [insert name of some coach] use it and I don’t know what they’re talking about…”


So here you go my friends – coaches, clients of coaches, anyone who is curious about understanding this language that can often feel like some secret coach only language. Here are my understandings of these terms through the lens of my coach persona. With a little humour thrown in where relevant!


I am sure I’ve missed some, so if there’s something you’d like me to add, let me know.

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Activation is the transfer of information via a masterclass, program, mastermind or 1:1. Can also mean what happens to you when you become activated (see below)
Activated seems to be a new version of the word trigger and is used to describe some kind of emotional response to something shared
Alignment to describe adopting a learning that changes how you do things in your business or life. Could also describe being more authentic. Could also be about things lining up in favour of a desired outcome, mindset, belief or experience
Calibration is when you take on or embody attributes of the coach or mentor you’re working with/aspire to achieve like. Can also mean rising to a new level of understanding and awareness
Code/s to describe information about the how of what you do/did
Container to describe a space or group. Implies that there are boundaries and the space is safe. Has nothing to do with Tupperware like one of my clients wondered about #truth
Download to describe receiving information that’s likely inspired
__D (example 3D, 5D, 100D, any kind of D!) to describe alternate dimensions seemingly essential for success
Frequency to describe the energetic aspect or aspects of something and is often referring to the energy you are emitting! Probably needs an energetics upgrade to be in alignment
Energetics to describe the energy you have and can include things like emotional intelligence, how you feel, how you show up, how you balance rest and work, how you attract what you want
Hustle to describe working hard. Frequently glorified. Unnecessarily so in my opinion!
Inner work describes going within to create understanding and to evolve personally. Often about accessing your intuition and connecting to your self
Manifest to describe to turn from concept into reality with intention. Hint, also requires action
Masterclass used to be called a webinar, is simply an online class
Mastermind to describe a group coaching experience. Not always honouring of a true mastermind framework that draws on the lived and learned experience of all group members. Often just focuses on what a coach tells you to do which could be more advice giving than coaching
_______mind any word you like in front of mind to create what is essentially a type of mastermind which if authentic, is collaborative group coaching
Portal to describe a channel or gateway to something. Could be learning, a shift, an achievement, a change. Anything that is the gateway or space between present and future
Potent a version of intense and powerful
Potentiality is the potential of something or someone
Proximity to describe investing to spend time close to someone you want to learn from or emulate
Quantum to describe moving at a faster than expected rate. Could be in relation to learning and/or achievement
Quantum Leap to describe when you seemingly and perhaps magically transcended across time and space to achieve something very fast compared to what the majority achieve
Side hustle to describe your business if it’s part time and you also work. Could also be to describe part time work done to top up income while building a business
Transmission to describe the sharing of information
Trauma to describe a response to an experience in the past that was harmful. A word associated with psychological principles but not always used with psychological understanding
Trigger the word previously used to describe some kind of emotional response to something shared. Often used in the phrase ‘trigger warning’ to suggest some people may have an emotional response, that could also be negative or create harm as the response could be linked to past trauma they have experienced
Up level describes your advancement, evolution, learning and growth
Up leveling is when you’re doing the above
Vibration is another way to describe the energy you emit. Could also be the result of many of the above things and on a bad day in your life and business it’ll definitely be a bad or low vibing day
Vortex to describe an intense experience such as a private or group program or mastermind

If you have another term you use, have seen or want to understand then please leave a comment and let me know what you’d like me to include in this list!

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