Welcome business ladies of Perth!

When it comes to business coaching for women in Perth it has to be local wise woman, award winning, international impact creator, Shannon Dunn. That’s me in the pic!


In 2021 I realised it was time for a fresh start and decided that rebranding was the right, bold move to make. I said farewell to my previous business and brand, Creative Possibility. A huge welcome to Thrive Factor Co.


I continue to offer the same high quality business coaching and education as I have been delivering for over 15 years to business owners worldwide, just a fresh vibe and name reflective of the cornerstone of my work, The Thrive Factor Framework®.


If you’re looking for a proven business coach, who is actually qualified as a coach, worked extensively with service businesses who are coaches, creatives and impact makers and who will truly meet you where you are at and journey with you to where you desire to be then let’s connect.


I have been actively involved in business coaching for women in Perth since I launched into coaching circa 2006 and while I work with women globally I will always have a soft spot in my heart for local women in small business. The local superstars who are making big waves in their industries every single day light me up as much today as they did when I began working with my first client, a Perth photographer, so many years ago now.


I can’t wait to connect. Email hello@thrivefactorco.com and if you’re super keen, dive in a book a free chat with me here.

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Jodie Gerrard HR Corner Business Coaching Testimonial for Shannon Dunn

“I engaged Shannon after spending six months on my own setting up my consulting business because I was fascinated with the principles that underpin Shannon’s female centric Archetypes, The Thrive Factor Framework®.


I had done some work with Shannon previously but never the full VIP 1:1 coaching package. I knew nothing about marketing and found it very difficult to navigate through the endless books and online marketing material that exists. It felt like I needed someone who just understood what I needed and also would be able to help me with my jumbled-up thoughts and unstructured approach. The thought of writing content on social media filled me with fear! 


Exploring my Thrive Factor Archetypes was one of the best things I have done for my self awareness and understanding. The best part for me is that Shannon works with your Archetypes to activate and amplify thriving in every area of your business. 


We focused on the marketing strategies that are tailored to you and how you work best!


I was sat at home trying to create a business and Shannon kindly pointed out that I should be leveraging my Networker Connector and getting out there and in front of people. It was so simple but I wasn’t doing it and that’s when I started to really find my effortless success zone and feel like I really was thriving as a business woman.


I was connecting with people 3-4 times per week and my website, which I discovered was not the primary focus, went on hold whilst I leveraged those things that came naturally to me.


Shannon helped me with how to write exceptional content, and within a few weeks I was consistently writing my own content on various social media platforms.


I also joined many of Shannon’s programs and masterclasses. They were brilliant and contained some very powerful and important processes for any business owner to work through to understand their business growth and marketing strategies and where their current thought patterns may be holding them back. I learned useful information, processes and strategies I can use for a lifetime. 


The biggest benefit for me working with Shannon was the empowerment. I now feel confident to be able to manage my own marketing for my business using my unique strengths.

If you told me this time last year that I would be blogging regularly, have my own website that I created, have a positive money and marketing mindset, and able to talk about myself in a way that makes sales, I would not have believed you! 


I would recommend anyone with their own business, at whatever stage, to invest in the full VIP 1:1 coaching experience with Shannon so you can go on the same journey as I have.


Shannon truly cares and has a passion for growing others through her own wisdom and vast experiences.   

Thank you so much for all your brilliant support this year – it’s been truly amazing working with you Shannon.”


Jodie Gerrard, HR Consultant at HR Corner

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