The value of business coaching for allied health professionals

Shannon Dunn Cliniko Article_business coaching for allied health professionals

Cliniko recently completed a survey of allied health professionals.

The resounding responses showed significant support for business coaching.

I was so delighted to receive an out of the blue email asking me to contribute to an article to be published by the team at Cliniko.


They had received such positive feedback during their 2021 survey of allied health professionals, in support of business coaching and decided they wanted to share the insights from top business coaches around the world.


They asked their community to nominate business coaches for them to reach out to an interview for the article. My name made that list! #socool

I was happy to interact with the Cliniko team and share my responses to their list of questions. Having coached a large number of allied health professionals, I was honoured to support this initiative.


The responses they received from business coaches was overwhelming in value so the original article became two.


The first one was published early October 2022.  Entitled “Can business coaching help your allied health practice?”, I am quoted alongside business coaches from around the world. You can read the article here.

Shannon Dunn Cliniko Article_business coaching for allied health professionals

The second article, expanding on the valuable information included in the first publication, has just been published.


Entitled Advice from business coaches on your top 5 practice challenges” this article takes a different focus and includes a lot of solutions to what they determined were the top 5 business challenges for an allied health practice.


You will find me quoted under challenge 3 that looks at what to do when you cannot mean client demand.


Shannon Dunn, founder of Thrive Factor Co, suggests increasing your fees: “Put your prices up! Seriously, this is so overlooked. It won’t change your demand necessarily, but it means you can be better positioned to afford help for all the things you are doing that are likely not the best use of your time and resources.” 


It certainly wasn’t the only suggestion I shared, but one that is definitely worth actioning for any business who cannot meet client demand.


You can read the entire second article here. I found them to be great to read and there is information included that would be relevant for any business owner, including those working in fields other than allied health.


If you read, be sure to let me know what you find most helpful by sharing in a comment below.

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