Your exclusive invite to feature as a guest in conversation with Shannon

Thank you for being a guest on the She Leads She Thrives (SLST) Podcast! 

It is important you read the information on this page, as there is key information, including specific information we need from you prior to your recording session with me. This session will be conducted via Zoom using audio and video.


If you have any specific questions please feel free to email them through to team Thrive Factor before hand so we can answer them for you –


My “all things pod” superstar manager Serena may liaise with you before we record to ensure you’re all ready for our chat.


There are a few things we like to share so you’re feeling comfortable and ready to shine on the SLST podcast soon.


Please note this is an unpaid invitation to appear as a guest on the podcast. This goes for all guests. Team Thrive Factor will invest an abundance of time promoting you and your featured episode both when it launches and at other times.


Your episode will be shared across our key social media channels, to our email community, in a blog on our website, on our YouTube channel and any other place we can find to shout about how amazing you are.


If you are interested in recording a sponsorship advertisement to feature as part of your episode, please reach out to and Team Thrive Factor can share more about our sponsorship opportunities for guests.

She Leads She Thrives Podcast Guest

First up, a bit about the whole concept of She Leads She Thrives (SLST) and it’s purpose in the world.


As the podcast intro says…


SLST is the home of inspired conversations, practical and creative wisdom, expansive leadership and business insights, abundant Bragaudacious moments of celebration and useful info you can actually do something with 


You’ll hear about mindset, marketing, money, magnetism, self awareness and the Thrive Factor Framework, its Archetypes and more.


Amplify your role as a leader, a self led soul. Tap into your effortless success zone. Turn your ingeniousness and wisdom into profitable income streams. 


From solo shows to guests you’ll definitely want more from, there’s something for every ambitious, ingenious soul.


SLST is hosted by me, Shannon Dunn, a true OG of the business coaching space with an obsession with thriving.


You are so welcome here and I can’t wait to chat with you to record your SLST Podcast appearance very soon.

Booking your recording session

  • please book your session to record with Shannon here after receiving confirmation of your invitation to be a guest at
  • if for some reason you need to change this time, please note that it may be sometime before another session is available as I am focusing recording in blocks of time each month
  • if you are unable to find a suitable time available that works with your timezone, please reach out to Team Thrive Factor via email – and they’ll support you to get a time booked to record your SLST podcast epiode
  • when you book your time you will be asked to share the following in the booking form – you will be able to upload images as requested
    • your professional bio (approx 150 words)
    • a professional headshot
    • your logo
    • up to 3 social media links – please note, no Facebook group links will be shared but you are welcome to mention your group during the podcast appearance if you have one
    • your website and/or a key link you want people to be directed to
    • up to 4 questions you’d like me to ask you – please note they may not all be asked as you share them, or asked at all if they don’t flow with the conversation we have

Before our recording session

  • listen to episodes by following She Leads She Thrives on your favourite podcast listening platform and rate and share the podcast while you are there – it’s time to get excited before we chat
  • when sharing on Instagram or Facebook be sure to tag me so I can share your post or story and get excited with you – the best place to connect with me is Instagram
  • ensure you are in a quiet space and ideally somewhere without hard flooring as it can make the audio echo a lot.  Carpeted floors or flooring with a rug are great if you can manage it!
  • have your phone on silent so we don’t have any interruptions
  • when we connect on Zoom, we will be using both audio and video
  • ensure you have good lighting
  • to capture the best version of you, we recommend using a computer, rather than a phone or tablet for our recording
  • please try not to have too many files open on your computer and have things like Facebook logged out so we don’t get any noise distraction from notifications. The little chime isn’t so cute if we have to re-record your episode!

Recording session

  • the actual recording will be around 40-50 mins, but we allow 60 mins so we can have a chat before and after the actual recording time
  • if we are in the middle of a fab conversation point around the half hour mark I’m not going to wrap it up right there, so leave yourself additional time for us to chat in the event this happens
  • you don’t need to think about the time at all – that’s my role to take care of timing

Preparing your topic for the recording session

  • familiarise yourself with the questions or topic ideas you submitted, but understand they may not be asked – it all depends on where our conversation goes
  • think about your tip for being a thriving leader as I’ll ask you to share this as a wrap up
  • consider what key ways you want to share about how people can connect with you – everything you share with Team Thrive Factor when you book your session will be included in the show notes so don’t worry if you don’t have everything to share when we connect

After the recording session

  • please understand that your episode recording time and when your episode goes live could be weeks to months apart as episodes are recorded across a 2-3 week period every few months. So our preference is for you not to promote anything that is time specific in case we can’t accommodate your schedule
  • if you have an upcoming program you want to talk about that’s fine, but understand that we cannot promise that your episode will go live in time for the episode to be part of your launch strategy
  • it is highly likely that when we record I will be able to give you an estimate in terms of when your episode will go live, so please ask if this is something you would like to know
  • when the episode has gone live, Team Thrive Factor will share the link with you and a reminder about ways to share and promote your experience
  • they will also provide you with images for use on social media!

Expectations of you as a guest

  • when you are invited to be a guest on She Leads She Thrives podcast, this is because host Shannon has recognised something of incredible value in your story and experience that she believes positively contributes to the global female conversation for women in business and leadership
  • Shannon has a pre existing priority guest list with names on it that can provide us with episodes for about 2 years, not including the solo episodes she will create and share, so it is a genuine privileged to be invited to appear on the podcast
  • in our first 12+ months since launch, the podcast has seen consistent, high volume growth in terms of episode downloads and this is in large, due to the contribution of our guests when it comes to promoting your appearance
  • whilst you may get invited to a lot of podcasts, please know that in this situation the expectation will be for you to proactively contribute to the promotion of your appearance on She Leads She Thrives – and that the contribution from you is expected to go above and beyond re-sharing when we share on Shannon’s social media channels
  • significant effort is put into showcasing you and providing you with a platform to be a part of a world class conversation that highlights your brilliance and positions you as an expert and leader
  • by booking a time to record a guest conversation episode with Shannon you also agree to proactively promote the episode and your appearance and to do this more beyond when your episode first goes live
  • for examples of promotional ideas, download a copy of this resource >> Making the Most of your Podcast appearance – a copy will also be emailed to you, or your team, once your episode goes live

Podcast stats & facts

She Leads She Thrives Milestones

This podcast has been so fun to track in her first year+ and it felt important to provide some context in terms of achievement.

For reference, according to a number of sites referenced as homes of online podcast expertise, we have discovered the following. January 2023 podcast success measures according to Buzzsprout, one of the biggest podcast hosts in the world, based on downloads per episode within the first seven days

  • Top 1% of Podcasts > 3994
  • Top 5% of Podcasts > 795
  • Top 10% of Podcasts > 335
  • Top 25% of Podcasts > 93
  • Top 50% of Podcasts > 30

She Leads She Thrives episodes consistently achieve between 800 and 1000+ downloads in the first 7 days after an episode goes live, so this technically places us in the top 5% of podcasts globally. More detailed  milestones are included below if you are interested.

Celebrating that in the first few days after launch on 6th October 2022

  • 688 unique downloads
  • listened to in 9 countries
  • countries with most downloads are USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada
  • ranked #16 in entrepreneurship in Apple Podcasts in Australia and #45 in business on the same charts!

Week 2 celebrations

  • total of 1800+ unique downloads
  • listened to in 11 countries
  • ranked #7 in entrepreneurship in Apple Podcasts in New Zealand and still ranking in top 20 in same category in Australia

Week 3 celebrations

  • 2800+ unique  downloads
  • first guest episode with Stasha Washburn live and in 1 week, achieves 800+ downloads in 7 days!

3 month celebrations

  • guest episodes are achieving between 800 and 1000 unique downloads – that is a lot of new ears our guest episodes are getting heard by! solo episodes are in the same league
  • top 5 countries based on downloads remain as USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and France
  • listened to in 16 countries
  • 8 guest episodes, 9 solo episodes
  • guests represent 11 different countries when you consider where they are from and where they are based, supporting our vision to create a global conversation and ensure inclusive representation
  • at our 13th episode, we have crossed the 9000 downloads milestone, in under 11 weeks since launch
  • at our 3 month since launch, on 6th January 2023, we achieved 11,621 downloads
  • on 9th January we crossed 12,000 downloads – for context, the podcast experts say most podcasts achieve about 150-200 downloads in the first 7 days for an episode, and on average less than 15,000 in a 12 month period
  • charted on Apple Podcasts in Australia at #40 in entrepreneurship

4 month celebrations

  • on 6th February 2023 our combined downloads for 20 episodes was 16,636!
  • 10 episodes with 900+ downloads, 1 episode with 1000+ and 1 with 1100+ downloads in total
  • listeners are in 23 countries, with top countries remaining as USA, Australia, Canada and NZ
6 month celebrations
  • 25,000+ unique downloads
  • 30 episodes published
  • 25 episodes with 800+ downloads, 16 episodes with 900+ downloads, 4 episodes with 1000+ downloads, 2 episodes with 1200+ downloads
  • listeners in 23 countries, with top countries being USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and United Kingdom
  • top 10 episodes featured 3 solo episodes, 7 guests, and represented women from 10 different countries taking into account their country of origin and current location – truly meeting our global voice representation vision
  • top 10 episodes total 10,096 downloads
8 month celebrations
  • 34,000+ unique downloads
  • 37 episodes published
  • 31 episodes with 800+ downloads, 23 episodes with 900+ downloads, 9 episodes with 1000+ downloads, 3 episodes with 1200+ downloads
  • listeners in 25 countries, with top countries continuing to be USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and United Kingdom
  • top 10 episodes total 11,526 downloads
12 month celebrations @ 6th Oct 2023
  • 49,000+ unique downloads
  • 55 episodes published
  • 28 guests shared incredible conversations
  • 15 individual countries represented by guests when you take into account where they are from and where they currently live, creating a truly global conversation
  • 42 episodes with 800+ downloads, 30 episodes with 900+ downloads, 13 episodes with 1000+ downloads, 5 episodes with 1200+ downloads
  • listeners in 35 countries, with top 10 countries – USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Finland, Singapore and Denmark
  • top 10 episodes total 13,094 downloads as of 6th October 2023, exactly one year since launch

13 month celebrations @ 6th Nov 2023

  • 55,000+ unique downloads
  • 60 episodes published
  • 46 episodes with 800+ downloads, 34 episodes with 900+ downloads, 20 episodes with 1000+ downloads, 8 episodes with 1200+ downloads
  • listeners in 36 countries
  • top 10 episodes total 15,000+ downloads

2023 vision

  • our goal by the end of 2023 is to have exceeded a total of 70K downloads
  • publish a minimum weekly episode

2024 Vision

  • total of 150K downloads by end of year 2 in October
  • continue episode frequency
  • paid sponsors
  • podcast awards

Past podcast statistics

  • My last podcast, retired mid 2019, reached listeners in 60+ countries across it’s 100+ episodes
  • Countries with the biggest audiences included Australia and USA

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