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TFCo Advocate Rescuer Thrive Factor Archetype | Archetypes for women in business

Meet the Advocate Rescuer – A Compassionate Warrior for Causes!

The Advocate Rescuer is one of the 12 Archetypes found in the Thrive Factor Framework TM, a permission activating psychology system created for women in business to activate your innate potential, build confidence, accelerate effortlessness and create genuine resilience.


She has a heart of gold, a big mission in the world, gives so much of herself (sometimes to her detriment), and once she finds her big voice, we all better watch out for she is a force like no other as a truly genuine advocate for herself and others.


The Advocate Rescuer loves to help. She’s the first one of your friends to turn up in a crisis like she sensed you might need her.


She’s caring and deep feeling, sensitive, and loves to donate her precious resources to support causes she believes in. They might be related to people, animals, the environment or all three.


At times her boundaries can be lacking and she wears herself out with all that giving back. Giving to herself first is key. Empowering others is what an Advocate Rescuer wants to do, but doing for others is not the way to do that. Instead leading by example, and showing others the way is the most powerful and genuinely supportive way to be of service.


The Advocate Rescuer energy is like that of the Goddess of compassion, Kwan Yin, or Mother Theresa. Her strengths are abundant and valued but until she values herself and her sensitive heart she may miss seeing and knowing that.

Does this Archetype resonate with you?


Perhaps you already know you’re an Advocate Rescuer and can celebrate all you have to offer yourself and your world.

If you are an Advocate Rescuer leave a comment below to share what this archetype means for you as an Ingenious Business Woman.

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